tagLoving WivesThe Fallout Ch. 04

The Fallout Ch. 04


If waiting for Jade to email me that picture was bad, Monday morning at work was unbearable.

It was made worse by the fact that Paul could technically wait a week if he wanted to send me the Photo album. He might even wait until his actual birthday!

By lunchtime, I had to call him.

"Hey Paul. What's up?"

"Ha! I am surprised you got to lunchtime! You must be in turmoil!"

"Very fucking funny," I said, playing it cool, "Take all the time you need. I will be fucking her tonight."

"Next month then?"

"Whatever. I know you wouldn't do that."

"So you are bursting to see them, then? Just admit it, and I might take pity on you."

"Of course I want to see them."

"How badly?"

"Fuck off."

"Come on, don't be like that."

"Okay, okay, yes, I really want to see them. Happy?"

"I knew it. Great to have the day off today just to spend some real time picking out my favourites. It might take a few days." He laughed again.

"Funny guy. Okay, well enjoy, I have to go."

"Cool. Luke, seriously, I won't torture you for long. Last night was awesome, thanks."

"My pleasure Paul. Laters."

I was overtaken all afternoon by feelings of frustration, distraction and straight forward horniness, but I was happy that I had levelled things with my friend, so I resigned myself to wait as long as I had to, and that change of attitude made the evening more bearable, although I did try to get Jade to tell me more, but sober she was not for persuading, even when I brought her to the point of cuming in bed with my tongue, before telling her I wanted a little bit of the story, or I wouldn't finish the job.

"Fine, I will use my hand. A promise is a promise, so your call."

Needless to say I finished the deed, and her slow blow job that followed was more a wank, as Jade kept emptying her mouth to tease me...

"If only you knew baby... I want to tell you but I can't... This one picture, he, well, you will see... I think Adele was a little embarrassed when we took one picture... did we make too much noise?..."

Yet again, I was in a state of lust and exasperation, but also of love and trust, which made it all bearable, despite her leading comments!

Tuesday at work was fine, as I had realised there was nothing I could do to influence Paul. I actually forgot about it and set about catching up on some work. At around five o'clock, I signed for my fourth dull brown parcel of the day, and set it with the others, as I knew it would just mean more work. As it was, I didn't leave the office until seven, and by the time I got home, Jade was engrossed in some terrible television programme about restaurants, so I kissed her forehead and made a beeline for the shower.

Jade had endured a difficult day today, thanks to an idiot colleague who had been not doing her job properly, meaning Jade had to pick up the slack. All fairly mundane stuff but I always enjoy hearing about her day. Tonight was a rare occasion, as I headed to bed first for a change, at around ten o'clock, and crawled between the sheets, flicking through a few pages of a book I had been meaning to read for ages. My text pinged. It was Paul.

"Dude, I am dying here! What did you think? Don't tell me you are upset!"

"What are you talking about you prick? I didn't get it. Stop messing."

"I had it couriered to your office today, late afternoon."

"Brown envelope? Padded?"

"The very same! Did you not open it?"

"I had no idea. I get a bucketload of those everyday. Well, I suppose I should thank you. Early to bed, early to rise for me!"

"Text me when you are through looking. I am up early too!"

I cursed myself for not opening the delivery, but why would I? I wasn't expecting him to send it to my work special delivery! The book was quickly tossed aside, as I set my alarm for six and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, I got dressed in double quick time and enjoyed the drive to the office without the usual traffic. I was at my desk long before anybody else was due to surface, and I locked the door behind me and drew the blinds. Quickly, I ripped open the parcel I signed for late afternoon, yesterday. And there it was, the very same photo album I had bought for my friend, now full of Jade in all her glory. A letter was half poking out, so I removed it fully, careful not to open the album itself. The white envelope simply said, 'Open after viewing'.

Okay, here goes nothing...

Wow. The first picture was not, as mine was with Adele, fully clothed. Instead, Jade was already in her thong and bra, standing at the end of the bed, and staring deeply into the camera with hazed eyes. The shot was printed so it filled the entire frame, and the quality was excellent. I turned over, knowing that each flick would now reveal two pictures.

On the left, a shot from the belly button up, topless, her hands cupping her tits from underneath and her fingers pinching at her nipples, extending them a little. To the right, the same position, only widened to revealed Jade knelt on the mattress, body upright, and her panties pulled down halfway towards her knees, staying in place because of her partly spread legs. She was sticking her pelvis bone out slightly, with her familiar patch of brown pubic hair showing off, and her clit sticking out slightly, swollen from the thrill. I paused to take in as much in as I could, before turning once more.

Shit, this was only pictures four and five! On the left, jade was on her back, her legs upright, together, and sticking into the air. Her tilted head was in shot, but my eyes stared at her pussy at the forefront of the picture, her bald lips the centre-point of the entire image. On the right, the same position, only with her feet back on the mattress, her knees bent, and her legs spread as wide open as possible. That in itself was graphic enough, but I could hardly breath as I saw her hand between her legs, two fingers either side of her cunt, and pulling back to spread her lips.

Five pictures, and all I wanted to do was pull my cock out and cum all over my desk. I was shaking a little as I turned once more...

On the left, Jade is now on all fours, just like Adele was in my living room at roughly the same time, but as suggested, her hand is reaching back and making sure her ass is spread just as wide as her pussy was, pulling her left cheek fully apart from her right, her tight hole open a few millimetres as it strained to stay closed. On the right, she remains on all fours, only with her ass abandoned and her hand now pulling her pussy apart again, much like she did on her back, but this was a little more graphic due to the position. In simple terms, her hole gaped. Onto pictures eight and nine.

Fuck. Two close ups. On the left, jades pussy. I think this may have been taken when she was on her back, or maybe he ordered her to return to the same position. Her legs were open with her right one lifted slightly, allowing her hand to snake round to her pussy. Two of her fingers tips were out of sight of the lens, instead teasing just beyond her outer lips. On the right, just her face, nothing else. Her mouth was open slightly, her tongue was jutting out an inch, and resting on it were the same two fingers.

I started to ask myself, how far is too far, but I shamed myself for even having such a thought, knowing that I had total trust in both Paul and Jade. However, this was only picture nine, so you can't blame me! Another turn, another dizzy head for me.

On the left, Jade has now acrobatically lifted her legs and almost flipped backwards, resting her toes behind her head. I could see a pillow underneath her to give her support, as she reaches her hands through and uses every available digit to pull apart her pussy and ass. She is entirely open, both holes unguarded, in the type of pose usually reserved for cheap, hardcore porn stars. Paul must be standing on the bed, directly above her, or on his knees in front of her, to get the shot. The wicked smile on her face said everything about her drunken state of mind, as did the accompanying picture on the right, which saw her squatting down, as somebody might if peeing outside, only between her and the bed was her favourite vibrator, which was tickling the outer barrier of her pussy.

By this stage, my photo album of Adele was nearly finished, but as I turned over to pictures 14 and 15, Adele hadn't even appeared. Instead, Jade was now handcuffed to the bed, as Paul took us back to where we all started, only he had added a blindfold. Her legs were spread wide, and the picture was actually magnificent, and classy, which is not how I would describe the one on the right...

Paul had taken to kneeling between her legs, staring up from her pussy to her face. The blindfold had been ripped back, as Jade played the part of a troubled captive, mouth open and protesting at her predicament. At the bottom of the picture, just in shot, was the head of Paul's dick. Still, I reminded myself of our unique bond and knew I was on safe ground, but boy was my friend taking it right to the limit. I tried to turn over but I found myself taking in this picture, and had to free my cock from its restraints, kneading the head slowly in my hand, trying to relieve a little of the pressure. I let go of my thick manhood and used the same hand to turn over once more. Ah, company...

Picture sixteen showed Jade and Adele on the bed together, in exactly the same pose they had struck for me. Paul must have played along innocently, remembering they didn't know he had already seen my version of the picture. On the right, he had gone one better than me, as Adele laid on her back, and Jade climbed over her, a leg either side, leaving about six inches clearance between their pussies, with Jade sticking her ass in the air, and both of them look back, smiling. Paul captured both their excited slits in one jaw-dropping picture. Surely that must be it! Ah, no...

Two more, at least! On the left, Adele was still on her back, spread open, legs upright in the air, and facing away from her, a leg either side of her waist, was my darling temptress. pulling her legs apart with a cheeky grin. I knew Jade was drunk, but Adele? Fuck me, my opinion of her was changing dramatically.

And on the right, surely the last picture, was both girls on their knees on the floor, with Paul's hard dick just above their faces, as they both stared into the camera lens. I had to applaud him, although maybe I made the contents of that punchbowl just a little too strong!

I turned once more, and there it was, his final hurrah. The left page lay empty, but on the right was the very same picture as the last, only this time Adele had the head of his cock in her mouth, as Jade looked longingly at his length, and inch away with her open mouth, as if waiting to receive a lashing of cum. I quickly checked that there were no more surprises left for me in remaining pages, but that was indeed the last shot, which I looked at as I reached down between my legs and began to tug at my meat, reaching only for a tissue thirty seconds later to unload with a suppressed, heavy grunt. I quickly cleaned up, unlocked my door and headed for a coffee, returning through a still empty office a couple of minutes later, where I sat back in the chair and opened the white envelope...


I hope you didn't open this letter before looking at the pictures, and I hope you shot your load immediately after seeing them all. Speaking from experience with Adele's photo album, you will need to relieve yourself again very soon.

I didn't bother including the striptease part, and on seeing the pictures you already know why! I look forward to hearing all about your highlights!

I know these pictures went a bit further but, it goes without saying, the most risqué ones are all in the album. I didn't leave anything worth seeing out!

I did ask Jade to slip her vibrator into her pussy. In fact, I asked her about five times, but she said inserting something beyond a fingertip for me was too far without your permission, and she was probably right. I thought you would have been alright with it, and told her so, but she was having none of my bullshit!

The shot of her handcuffed to the bed, with my cock shadowing over her, was done just after Adele came upstairs. I wouldn't have got it out otherwise, but I must report that the whole hostage idea was Jade's! I do have another picture of me closer to her face, but I preferred the other one. Still, it might be worth me showing you at a later date.

As for the last picture, you know full well that Jade's lips never touched my cock, although I could feel her breath on my balls, and I begged for Adele to suck it properly but by then they were both in giggling mode and enjoying my weakness!

So, I hope I have delivered the goods and here's to a future of helping each other with our sex lives! Text me or email me later with your thoughts.


I knew full well that nothing else happened but the letter was thoughtful, and open, just like Jade's cunt and ass a couple of night's previously as she performed like a real slut for him. And he was right, I did need to cum again before lunch, and again before heading home, locking my door each time and keeping the blinds down all day, telling my secretary I had a headache and wanted an undisturbed day. Paul texted me at lunch, but I told him to be patient, and I would send my response later.

I returned home a little late, thanks to traffic, tired but hellbent on getting my hands on Jade. I found her in the living room, and I immediately kissed her deeply and passionately.

"So, you got the album then?"

"No teasing, Jade, upstairs now. I want you spread naked on the bed in five minutes."

"But, shall I not tell you all about the..."

I interrupted her. "Not a word. Upstairs, now."

She did as she was told, and quickly. I grabbed a beer, took a few refreshing gulps, removed my clothes, then headed up to our bedroom. There she was, like a good girl, in position.

I immediately moved between her legs, slipping my fingers into her opening that, it seemed, was permanently wet and ready these days! She tried to talk and again I stopped her, instead telling her that I had enjoyed the album very much, and that I had wanked three times today in the office, with the door locked and my secretary just outside. She groaned and bucked again at my hand, and after a minute or two I withdrew my now three soaking fingers, and left the bed, only briefly to grab my phone and her favourite vibrator. I moved back into position, and began to work the head of the vibrator into the same pussy she had all too eagerly spread for my best friend just 48 hours ago.

"Listen carefully," I said firmly, reaching for my phone and activating the camera, all the while losing inch by inch of the toy inside her.

"The next time my friend tells you I will be okay with something, listen, and don't disobey him. He knows me well, and if he says it is okay to fill your pussy with your vibrator in front of him, then it is okay."

She nodded, her face full of sexual lust and need, and loving her man taking a dominant role once more. I was now pumping her hard, and she knew not to protest when I took control. Jade, Adele and Paul had all been teasing me for two days, and now it was time to get a grip once more.

She reached down and started rubbing her clit furiously, as her insides tightened around the vibrator. I snapped a perfect picture just as her hips lifted upwards and she came with a scream and a whole barrage of bad language.

Before even removing the vibrator, using my other hand, I clicked 'send to contact' on the side of the picture, put in Paul's name, and typed 'Sorry. I have told her not to be disobedient next time'. And off it went, hot off the press.

I told Jade to clean herself up and returned to the living room without getting dressed. My firm words were a turn on for her, as long as I timed them right and it suited the moment, and after her seemingly endless teasing, the role -reversal was perfect timing!

"I will be using you in whatever way I fancy tonight, as punishment for being such a tease recently. Now come down soon without any clothes on. I need someone to lick my cock and balls while I revisit my new photo album, which I may or may not let you see."

She smile as I unfilled her cunt, and sent her to the bathroom.

"Leave the door open, I called after her."

My text buzzed.

"Shit! Now I think I owe you one! Luke."

Indeed you do, Paul. Indeed you do.

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