The Falls


You receive a call from me, laying out my plans. The limo will be waiting for you after work. You are not to pack anything, all is taken care of. Just get in the limo, no questions asked. You trust me and comply. I can hear the excitement in your voice as you confirm my plans.

The limo is not what you expected. A black Ford Expedition, super stretched. Plasma TV, DVD, pillows and blankets, even a small refrigerator loaded with liquor. The driver tells you the destination... Niagara Falls.

Hours later you finally see the falls. Your excitement builds nearing the cascading waters. You weave through traffic, stopping in front of a beautiful hotel, down the street from the sparkling casino. A tall valet opens the door for you, holding your delicate hand as you descend from the limo. Walking into the hotel, a bellboy is waiting, holding a sign with your name scripted on it. With a smile he hands you a pass card, whispering our room number to you.

The staccato beating of your heart is pounding in your ears as you ride the elevator up to our floor. Soft music is playing, the car racing upwards. You step into the hallway and find a trail of rose petals leading down the hall. You follow the flowery path, trembling in excitement. The roses stop in front of an ornate door. From inside you can just hear music playing. You sum up all of your courage and hold your breath. You scan your card, and the door opens for you.

You are presented with an absolutely stunning view of the Canadian Falls. Multi-colored lights are dancing on the water cascading over the brink. Looking out over the crest of the falls you see a powerful storm rolling in. Large purplish-black clouds with lightning flashing in the distance.

I watch you for a few moments from the shadows. You are beautiful, blonde hair tied up, your sexily full butt stretching the tight black dress you are wearing. Black high heeled leather boots that shape your calves into the beautiful diamond shape I love so much.

I walk over and approach you from behind. My hands encircle your waist and you lean into me. I kiss your neck and hear you murmur in appreciation. You try to turn, but I don't let you. I continue to kiss your neck and shoulders. My hands lightly stroke your hips and your stomach. I feel your whole body moan softly. My touch has always excited you.

As I kiss and touch you, I feel you pushing back against me. I know you can feel the hardness in my pants. Slowly, I begin to caress your breasts, large and heavy, the way I remember them. I feel your nipples harden under my gentle touch. You moan again softly as I pinch and squeeze them. Finally, I allow you to turn and face me.

We look deep into each others eyes and smile. No words are said, only hot, grinding kisses are exchanged. Our mouths meet and tongues start their dance. Your tongue snakes past my teeth and taste mint on your breath. I smile again, remember your vice. I steal your gum, and feel you searching for it.

Your hands slide down my back and grab my butt and pull me in to you. You have become much more aggressive over the long years and I like it. You begin to unbutton my shirt and kiss my chest, slowly working your way down.

You kneel down in front of me and unzip my pants. You pull my cock out into the cool air. I feel your tongue on the tip, and then lick up and down the shaft and massage my balls. Finally, you open your mouth wide and take my cock into it. It feels so good, warm and wet. I push forward, pushing more into your mouth, and feel you moan around my flesh. You take it all and look at me with your beautiful eyes as my cock fills your mouth.

I know that I can not stand your murderous attentions much longer. I stand you up and turn you around. I unzip your tight dress, letting it fall to the floor. As you turn around, I admire your beautiful breasts. Large, pink nipples... so hard, begging to be licked and sucked. My eyes travel down your stomach and to the black lace panties you are wearing. I slip a hand down your stomach, between your legs and feel the heat and wetness there. I feel your anticipation.

You slide the panties down, showing me your pussy. I see how wet you are. You take a finger and slide it up and down your slit and then offer it to me for a taste... delicious.

I scoop you up and carry you over to the waiting king sized bed. I lay you down on the bed and spread your legs. Your pussy is so wet; it glistens in the dull light cast by the lights of the Falls. I lean down and begin to lick the soft folds between your legs. You moan and squirm and grind into my face. I just love getting your juices all over my face. I just love the taste. I look up and watch you playing with your breasts, moaning and pinching your nipples; eyes closed, your face in ecstasy. You begin to buck and moan loudly as you have your first orgasm. You drench my face and lie back, exhausted

I rub my hands up and down your thighs, not giving you a chance to come down from your bliss. You push my hands away and climb off the bed and pull me to my feet and help me undress. You push me back on the bed and straddle me. You rub the head of my cock against your pussy, getting it wet. You lean down and kiss me and push my cock inside of you. You are so tight, I feel you gripping me and slide up and down my hard dick.

You lean back and I slide in deeper. I feel your hips grinding into me. You lean forward and dangle your large breasts in my face, inviting me to suck them. I take a nipple into my mouth and feel it harden. You moan and grind harder into me. You place your hands on my chest and slam your pussy onto my cock. It feels so good. You pound into me harder and harder. Finally, you let out a scream and come again.

I feel your pussy flooding and it drives me over the edge. I come inside you in one thrust and you moan again as my orgasm triggers another of yours. You collapse down on top of me and kiss me hard.

Our eyes meet as you feel my cock hardening, still inside of you. "I've missed this too much." I hear you mutter, as you start to bounce hard on my lap, your tight pussy almost sliding entirely off of my rock hard cock.

This is going to be a long night.

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