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He couldn't believe what he was hearing! The police officer was talking but his mind was reeling and there was a loud ringing in his ears. He was just told that his wife, Marge, and her father had been killed on the freeway by a runaway car driven by a drunk driver who was also killed in the accident. She was only 18 years old and they had only been married about 6 months and now she was gone. After the officer left, he sat there in shock for what seemed like an eternity until the phone rang and a tearful voice asked him if he had heard the news. His mother in law, Trudy, was devastated and could hardly control herself.

She had been visited by the police a short while ago and told what happened to her husband and daughter. Frank told her that he had promised the police that he would drive downtown to identify the bodies and would come over to her place as soon as he finished. He pulled himself together and drove downtown to the address he was given for the unpleasant task. It only took a few minutes after he got there to complete the identification and he headed uptown right afterwards a little shaken from the experience.

His mother in law was like a zombie when he got there and he comforted her as best he could under the circumstances. It took a few days for her to start functioning normally again and then the reality of her situation set in. She was 38 years old, had never worked a day in her life since she got married and was completely alone since her husband had met and married her on a visit to her home country of Italy and she had no relatives in the U.S. Frank felt very sorry for her and suggested that she move in with him as he was her only relative. She agreed and moved in with him a month or so after the accident. After about four months, Frank started to realize that he was very attracted to her. She was a very striking woman with a gorgeous body and they got along very well in their day to day contact.

He thought about the fact that she was 18 years older than him but decided to take the bull by the horns and tell her how he felt about her. It turned out that she was also attracted to him and so they started having sex. They had been sleeping together for about 2 years when George Adams, who was about her age and a former friend of her husband's, asked Frank if he thought that Trudy would like to go out with him. Frank asked her one night while they were having sex and she replied that she had often fantasized about having two men at once and maybe they should try it.

George and Trudy dated and had sex for about two weeks before she told him about her relationship with Frank and asked if he would like to join them. George had surmised that something was going on between them and immediately agreed. They set it up for a Saturday night and Frank and Trudy had great sex all during the week just talking about the coming event. On the appointed night, George rang their bell promptly at 8 and walked in to find both Trudy and Frank wearing their robes. After settling down for a drink and some small talk in the living room, Trudy got up and loosened the belt of her robe with a mischievous smile on her face and stood and faced them as she opened it wide revealing a black garter belt, black net stockings and a black cut out bra which showed her erect nipples and large rosettes.

She walked over to George and asked, "Do you see anything that you would like to play with?"

Without hesitation, he pressed his face to her crotch and began licking her pussy. Frank came over and started licking her breasts and nipples and both of them had her moaning in passion in a very short time.

Then Frank said, "Let's go into the bedroom and make ourselves comfortable."

On the way inside, George started to strip and by the time Trudy lay back on the bed, he was naked and ready and got down between her legs and resumed licking and sucking her pussy. Frank removed his robe and straddled her face as he began sucking her erect nipples into his mouth while she covered his organ with her lips.

Trudy was moaning and sensuously moving her hips as George's tongue investigated every part of her crotch and she sucked deeply on Frank's thick penis as he moved it back and forth in her mouth. After some time, Frank asked her if she would like to have both their cocks inside her at the same time and she pulled her mouth from his organ saying,

"Now that's a great idea! I've always wondered what two cocks would feel like inside me. Let's do it!" and with that, she got out from underneath him as George sat up.

"Whose cock would you like where?" he asked her and she looked at both their erect organs before choosing Frank's for her cunt and George's for her ass and Frank lay down on his back as she straddled his body and lowered her cunt to his quivering pole.

When she had his crown inside her pussy, she lowered herself down on it with a series of gasps and moans as his thickness filled her cunt. When she had all that she could handle, she told George that she was ready for him and he rubbed some precum over her anus and popped his thick, swollen crown inside as she described to them how wonderful it felt to have two cocks inside her. As George fed more and more of his thickness into her ass, she told them that she was in another world and never wanted them to remove their beautiful organs from inside her.

Both Frank and George could feel their cocks through her membrane as they stroked into her and both kept remarking about how good it felt. Then Trudy cried out and asked them to bury themselves deep inside her as she went into orgasm and shuddered with each spasm until finally, she finished and stopped shaking and moaning. They kept their organs deep inside her all through her cumming and as soon as she came back to life again, George slowly withdrew his cock and asked Trudy to get up as he had something he just had to do. When she lifted her cunt off Frank's thick erection which was covered with her juices, George's eyes locked on the throbbing organ and he lay down and quickly covered the swollen head with his mouth before Frank had a chance to react.

Frank was startled for a moment as he never expected it but George's mouth felt wonderful around his cock so he let him suck it and then noticed that Trudy's eyes were bugging out as she watched and her fingers automatically flew to her pussy as she jilled herself. George was good and had him going in no time at all so he grasped his head in his hands and began fucking the voracious mouth sucking his cock while Trudy watched and played with her erect clit.

He was close to cumming when Trudy was fucking his pole earlier so it wasn't long before he cried out and started spurting ropes of hot cum into George's greedy mouth. George moaned as he swallowed load after load of Frank's offering and kept sucking deeply on the thick penis until he was sure he got every drop out of his balls. When he pulled his mouth from the slowly receding organ, he looked at Frank to find him smiling at him.

"That was a wonderful blowjob George. I never realized a guy could be so good" and George smiled back and told him that he had wanted to do that ever since he first laid eyes on his cock earlier that evening.

Trudy told them that it was the most exciting sight she had ever seen and that she almost had another orgasm when Frank started to cum in George's mouth. Frank looked down at George's thick, throbbing penis and said,

"I've never done this before but have thought about it for some time, so let me go down and break my virginity while I return the compliment."

And, with that he got down between George's legs and looked at the thick, pulsating organ close up and then noticed his full, tight balls and leaned forward to lick the taut sac and suck gently on each ball while he lightly stroked the thick pole.

Frank then began running the flat of his tongue from the big balls up the shaft of the beautiful erection to the wonderfully sculptured crown that just invited sucking. He found that he couldn't wait to take that gorgeous penis in his mouth and, just as he was about to do so, he noticed a large drop of precum sitting in the slit. He covered the crown with his lips and tasted the nectar and found it absolutely delicious. He nursed on the beautiful penis to coax out more and looked up to see Trudy lowering her crotch to George's face as she watched her lover sucking cock. She was mesmerized by the sight of Frank's mouth worshipping the beautiful penis and moved sensuously as she fed George various parts of her crotch to suck.

Frank found that he loved sucking cock, at least this one anyway, and was totally lost in deep throating the thick organ when he felt it swell deep down his throat and begin shooting jets of cum. He gulped down the first couple of loads and backed off a bit so he could taste the cum before he swallowed it and found that he liked it so he kept sucking firmly on the crown to make sure he got every drop. As he was squeezing up the last of the nectar, Trudy cried out in orgasm and wet George's face with her juices. She looked at him when she returned to normalcy

"I've never seen anything as sexy as watching you suck a cock", she said.

He looked at her "Even better than watching George suck me?" and she had to admit that as sexy as it was watching her lover being sucked by a guy, she was even more turned on watching him suck George.

George spent the night with them and they awoke more than once during the night to have sex.

After that night, George became a regular with them and came over after work every night to have dinner and sex. One night, during a rest period between sex sessions, Frank looked at George and said,

"Trudy and I have discussed this at length and we both decided that we would like you to come and live with us. Would you consider it?"

George smiled and told them that he had been planning to ask them the very same question but they beat him to it.

"Of course I would" he said. "We three get along fabulously well both socially and sexually so why not live together and enjoy each other all the time? Frank, if you'll give me a hand, I can start moving my things in this weekend."

Trudy said that he could put his things in the spare bedroom but that he would be sleeping in their bed so that she could have both of them handy whenever she had an urge.

Frank added, "I'm looking forward to having both a cock and a pussy whenever the urge strikes, and I can't wait. Even though you've been spending every night with us, George, somehow it's going to be different once you move in and we become a family. Trudy, you lucky girl, you're going to have two husbands to take care of you."

She smiled at them and agreed that, indeed, she was a very lucky girl.

Both Frank and Trudy helped George move his things in on Saturday and once everything was moved over, George told them that he wanted to take them out to dinner and celebrate their new relationship so he called and made reservations at their favorite Italian restaurant for eight o'clock.

Trudy impishly asked, "Do we have time for a quickie before getting ready for dinner? I would love to have you two as an appetizer before dinner."

George told her that her wish was his command and looked at Frank who fully agreed with him and the three of them headed for the bedroom.

As they were stripping off their clothes, Frank looked at both of them and marveled at their physical beauty which turned him on tremendously every time he saw them nude. He didn't know which one to reach for first as he wanted both of them equally. Trudy solved his problem immediately by lying back on the bed and asking him to please suck her pussy and crotch while she munches on George's delicious cock.

After some time, after taking each other up on one high after another, Trudy asked them to change places so that she could finish her appetizer completely and, as they passed each other, George grasped his thick erection and told him to be patient as he wanted an appetizer also besides the one Trudy was offering them. Frank straddled his woman's head and lowered his throbbing penis to her waiting mouth as he watched George orally worship her delicious crotch. After her second orgasm, she asked them to suck each other so that she could get off watching them and, as soon as they got in position her fingers flew to her crotch and she began pulling on her labia lips and teasing her clit as she watched her men eating each other.

Both of them were totally lost in sucking each other and both were moaning sexily. Each time Frank sucked George's cock, he went off into another world and lost himself in the beautiful sensations. He realized that he wanted George's penis as much as he wanted Trudy's pussy and that he was the luckiest guy in the world to have both of them in his life. He not only loved the pleasure he got from sucking the gorgeous organ but having George's talented mouth around his cock at the same time was heaven.

While he sucked deeply on the thick shaft and licked precum off the slit whenever it oozed out, he watched Trudy play with herself as she raptly watched them 69. Her eyes were glazed and she was moaning but she managed a smile when she saw him watching her and then started to cajole them to make each other cum so she could watch them drink each others juices.

They didn't really need any prodding as both were very close to orgasm. Suddenly Frank moaned and his cock began jerking in spasms as he shot rope after rope of cum into George's hungry mouth. This was all George needed and, as the second spurt shot onto his tongue, he moaned and started feeding Frank's voracious mouth jets of his delicious cum also

After resting awhile, they cleaned up and got dressed and headed for Mario's which was only a few blocks away. They were seated in a quiet booth in the back with Trudy between them and, as they were having their pre-dinner drinks, she would put her hands over both their cocks and squeeze them every once in a while since the tablecloth covered her actions. She kept saying things like,

"If I could use both your cocks like swizzle sticks, it would improve my drink tremendously" and then while they were having their appetizers, "These clams are delicious but they can't compare to the appetizers you fed me just a short while ago."

Frank agreed with her and said that he couldn't wait to get back home after dinner so he could have both of them for desert.

"I never knew that cum was as delicious as what you've been feeding me" he said to George, "I could easily become addicted to it".

George smiled and told him he hopes he does become an addict so that he feeds on his organ all the time. All through dinner they discussed every aspect of their sexual relationship and by the time they finished their coffee the three of them were horny and couldn't wait to get back into bed.

When they got back to their place, they stripped off their clothes and Frank told them that he would like to fuck Trudy while George fucks him so Trudy lay back on the bed and he got into position on top of her. He rubbed his cockhead between her labia and into her opening to get it wet with the precum which had started oozing in the restaurant and found her already wet from her own secretions. He fed the crown inside and, as she moaned in passion, he fed the rest in slowly until he was buried deep inside her. When George saw that he was ready, he rubbed his precum over the puckered anus and thrust the crown inside as Frank moaned in ecstasy and waited for the thick organ to fill his ass.

Holding his throbbing penis deep inside Trudy, he felt the thick cock slowly working its way inside him and the fabulous sensations of Trudy's cunt contracting around his shaft while George's thickness filled his anus had him in another world and he wanted the feelings to last forever. The beautiful penis inside him started moving in and out and he reacted by thrusting back and forth in rhythm so that each time he buried his cock deep inside her wet cunt George's penis withdrew to the ridge around his crown only to move back deep on his outstroke. The three of them were taking each other up on a beautiful high as each of them experienced the wonderful sensations they were giving one another.

George was moaning and telling Frank how good his asshole felt around his cock and Trudy looked up and saw the passionate expressions on both their faces as George fucked Frank and Frank fucked her. Frank's penis felt fantastic moving around inside her and watching the ecstasy reflected in his eyes as George's cock filled his ass, sent her over the edge and she gasped as her orgasm overcame her and she started shaking in one spasm after another as she wet his cock with her juices. When Frank felt her cunt contract around his shaft, he couldn't hold back any longer and his penis began jerking inside her as it shot load after load of cum deep inside her hole. George felt his spasms since Frank's asshole tightened around his pole when he came and it caused him to empty his balls also and his organ began spurting hot cum deep inside Frank's receptive hole.

They all stayed locked together for quite some time afterwards until George slowly withdrew his receding penis from Frank's ass and Frank was able to withdraw his from Trudy's comfortable pussy. As they lay back to rest with Trudy between them, Frank told them that he loved being fucked while he was inside her and George told him that he loved fucking him also and would be doing it quite often from now on.

Trudy added, "I absolutely loved the expressions on both your faces as we were fucking. It was a tremendous turn on and I'm looking forward to seeing it more often."

The way it actually worked out was that George was a natural top and he became the husband to both of them. Frank found that he loved being George's "wife" and he looked forward to being fucked often whether he was inside Trudy or not. He loved George's penis and worshipped it every chance he got. Trudy was in her own heaven as she had two cocks to play with and the sight of the two of them sucking each other was the biggest turn on she could imagine so the three of them assumed their natural positions in the relationship and it turned out beautifully...

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