tagIncest/TabooThe Family Business Ch. 02

The Family Business Ch. 02


Hey all, based on feedback from Chapter one, I've limited each chapter henceforth to a single perspective. Hope you like better! All feedback welcome via my contacts page!


Despite my tough words, we weren't done teasing the shit out of the boys yet. They'd waited a whole year for this orgy, they could wait a little longer. Besides, if you're going to brag about your stamina all the time there's no excuse to spunk off before the ladies are ready, now is there? We all made our way to the huge bed where the studs had already stripped and were waiting for us, each sporting his own MONSTROUS hard-on.

Johnny's in particular made me lose my breath a moment; I knew he was big, but I had no idea that he'd caught up to Evan, and might even have him edged out by a half-inch or so, though it was tough to tell. I'd have to let all my holes figure that out later...

But for now, we formed a massive pile of writhing limbs, swaying tits and bucking asses, pretty much ignoring the studs as we attacked each other. It was chaos!

I was making out with Maria while Andrea kissed mom, then Lexi floated in and gave each of us a turn in her cleavage. As the undisputed biggest tits in the orgy, she had fun rubbing her massive J-cups all over us, swallowing our make-out sessions between her tits in turn, letting those big boobs get nice and slobbery from our juicy, fierce kisses.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to grope mom, seizing big greedy handfuls of her big heavy tits, groping and mauling the flesh around like a horny teenage boy might when confronted with such abundance. I could feel Andrea reach around me from behind, giving my own tits the same treatment while hers rested heavy on my back. Of course her sister couldn't resist attacking her exposed ass, slapping and groping it lustily, even moving down to lick a long and slobbery path up one butt-cheek and down the other, showing the world what a delicious peach she was enjoying.

I looked over and saw mom sucking Lexi's nipples then, her expression was one of perfect lust and devotion, and maybe a tiny hint of jealousy. Lexi is the only woman to ever knock my mom out in the cup-size arena probably in the whole world, and I think she was always a bit resigned to how the superior-titted slut had seduced her brother out of the family when she and Randy had been fucking since they were teenagers first.

But no envy could do anything to erase the sheer love and adulation she was showing her sister-in-law's huge hooters.

Then I was feeling up Andrea, letting Maria do the same reach-around fondle she had before. I moved in to suck Andrea's tits so I could get close enough to grope her still-wet ass for myself, I got messy, really slobbering all over those big breasts. They weren't as large as mine, but I was sure they were equally tasty and oh so young and firm. Mom molested my ass in turn, digging her fingers in, kneading my flesh like bread dough, the same hands that fixed my breakfast all those years now devoted to mauling my buns with horny abandon.

After this show you could almost hear the boy's boners they were getting so unbelievably stiff. Their cocks resembled a thick trio of trees and if they could creek the same way, they would have been. Of course they were trying to play it stoically despite their obvious lust, but there was no hiding the aching throb of those six massive balls, Evan's like a pair of navel oranges, Johnny's hanging low like mangos, and Randy johnson's famous jaw-breaking grape-fruit nuts. Lesser men might have come multiple times over already.

It was mom who finally clucked her tongue in an almost pitying way, "Oh come on girls, let's let the poor guys get one off. They look like they're about to BURST!"

We made similar sympathetic cooing noises and I moved in on Uncle Randy, noting that his wife joined me as we both crawled to him. Meanwhile Mom sashayed over to Johnny (she was very well-practiced at walking on beds!) and then knelt before him, grazing her enormous breasts on his body as she sunk down, putting herself face-to-face with his awe-inspiring 18-inch cock. The twins didn't want to horn-in on anyone else's action and spiraled around Evan, circling him like a pair of predatory wolves; while my brother has grown into a big strong man there was clearly a little fear in his playfully sparkling eyes at being sized up this way. As individuals, the twins are fucking super freaks, but when they get together it's like multiplied, Evan was fucking in for it... but I didn't think he'd be complaining.

As mom wrapped both hands around Johnny's big prick, he exchanged a look with his mom, "Don't worry, I'll keep my promise" he mouthed with a wink. I don't know what he had promised, but I'd be curious to find out. Then his attention was on mom, who was jacking him up and down, her tits bouncing and rolling with each long stroke, her face a mask of lusty determination as she worked him.

"Mmm you grew up so BIG, Johnny!" She cooed as she reared back and leaned in, swallowing most of his stupendous cock between her monsterous tits, dancing herself around him so that they slapped and swung his cock every which way. While his cock was still reeling from the pillowy softness she had to offer she leaned in to kiss the underside of his head with her big fat lips, puckering up into slow slutty kisses over every inch of that head, craning her head to get as much of him as she could, each kiss claiming new territory.

The twins had managed to close in on Evan fully, and to my surprise Maria had seized his attention by grabbing his wrists to put his hands on her tits, keeping him fully distracted while Andrea got on her hands and knees behind him. Just as he was starting to get into full-fledged groping Maria suddenly gave him a push, tripping him over her sister. An unintended consequence of this however was that as he fell his great staff of a dick went flying down with him, whapping Andrea across the back of her head with an audible thwack. Maria laughed so hard she fell down, tits jiggling in fits of rippling amusement, which made her an easy victim for Andrea who angrily grabbed her sister's hair and dragged her over to give her two punishing slaps across the cheeks from my brother's huge club of a cock.

I thought for sure that the dick-stung Maria would retaliate by trying to slap her back, but instead she just shoved her sister aside, hungrily plunging Evan's dick right into her mouth. She made a nasty GLORK noise as she railed him deep, instantly coughing out a wet wad of slobber the size of her fist as his sheer length and girth essentially took her by surprise. The twins had clearly been spending too much time in the industry lately, working with co-stars who could only offer a meager nine-to-twelve inches at best, not even a challenge for pros like us. Andrea looked on jealously for a few moments, but then moved in, feeding Evan both her big tits while her sister worked his cock messily down below.

Randy, Lexi and I were taking things at a much more leisurely pace to start compared the frantic coupling and tripling around us. I think this was due to it being my first Family film; don't get me wrong, I could appreciate the sweetness behind it but I was tired of everyone underestimating me. This was going to be my chance to prove that I was more than worthy of the Cooper name. It didn't help when Aunt Lexi gave my tits a comforting little massage as we kneeled before Randy's legendary twenty inches and said, "Now I want you to prepare yourself honey. I know you've taken on some really big boys before, but I promise if you don't show your Uncle's size proper respect, you're going to hurt yourself."

"Oh Auntie," I said, fixing her with the most penetrating gaze my big brown eyes could manage, "but what if I WANT to hurt myself?"

And then I did. I didn't give a fuck. I ram-jammed my face right down on that insane rod and felt my jaw creak as my throat lurched. HOLY FUCK HE WAS HUGE! I kind of wasn't ready for it, but I was also way too stubborn a slut to admit my Aunt was right, so I just closed my tearing eyes and stayed down, fighting to breathe through a nose that was semi-obstructed by slobber that had been knocked into places it shouldn't be, a big mess of drool rolling from my lips. Aunt Lexi started to say something that was probably going to be a "see, I told you so," or whatever, but I didn't give her a chance, grabbing the back of her head and shoving her down beneath me, face-first right into Uncle

Randy's humongous ball-bag. That would shut her up!

But through my bleary eyes, all the way down that epic shaft (jesus, was I only throating the first eight inches? This was humiliating!) I could see Lexi displaying a love rarely seen in a long-married couple. She was just worshipping those big fat balls, chasing her own tongue all over them, covering them in big slutty kisses, and even opening wide to suck in huge mouthfuls of his huge monster-nuts. To my shock, she even lifted them up in her palms, staining her face with the slobber she'd left on them as she slicked her tongue down his taint and disappeared into his ass. That made his cock throb in my mouth (oh how my poor jaw throbbed too!) and he let out a soft, sighing moan, a man in heaven.

Speaking of moans, Johnny was putting out more than a few now. All that confidence and swagger before, but now Roxy was making just utter meat of him, still using her prodigious tits as she fed herself more, and more, and more of his giant cock, throating so much of him that her whole neck was visibly bulging with thick, her lips a mask of endlessly flowing silver and white, precum and slobber spilling out in equal measure like some torrential weather even localized to Johnny's huge cock. I watched her closely, trying to learn a little from how she worked her head, the way she seemed to be pressing her gag-spots into him HARDER rather than away.

Predictably, the twins had devolved into yet another shoving match, acting like Evan was barely even there as they fought over his huge cock. The battle seemed to have many tactics: In one moment, Maria was forcing her sister's head down on Evan's cock, making her gag and GLORCH loudly, his size challenging to even a gentle blowjob. Maybe Maria was winning when she did that, but it was unclear because Andrea responded by pushed her sister back and forcing herself to gag and GLURGH even louder. Was Maria winning when she jealously pulled Andrea's head free of the titanic cock, a huge tsunami of trapped drool and precum finally spilling free in a nasty bomb that exploded all over both twin's tits? Was she winning when she forced her head down where Andrea's had been, only pinwheeling her arms desperately as Andrea forced that head down even harder than Maria had? It was an odd fight where the goals weren't clear, but Evan's face was a hilarious mix of utter confusion, complete bliss, and maybe just a little cruelty. He'd never admit it, but I knew that my brother loved the sound and feel of a woman gagging on his cock.

Speaking of gagging, I was doing at least a little less of it. Mom's trick was interesting. Sure there was an immediate response to lose my lunch even harder at first, but there was something about steering into the crash so to speak that made it much easier to handle once you got past that initial impact. Now locking my eyes to Uncle Randy's I managed to get more and more of him in, swallowing at least three quarters of his cock by the time I had to stop and catch little bits of my breath between slobbery wet coughs and gargling noises. Lexi smiled up at me when she'd withdrawn from her rimjob, returning her attention to the adoring ball-sucking, really getting her mouth around the impossibly big nuts this time. Her eyes beamed a serious note of pride up at me as we worked the world's biggest cock together.

I heard applause and it took me a second to swivel my cock-impaled head to the right angle to where I could see what the fuss was about. Mom had achieved the first full-deepthroat of the night and everyone else whether they were stuffing a face or getting their face stuffed clapped her own for a few moments, Johnny's huge balls were being cradled against her chin as she a looked around with a twinkle in her eye. I'd missed some of her blowjob while I focused on my own, but it had gotten SLOBBERY! Her tits were now almost entirely coated in a spattery layer of precum and slobber, as were the nuts she was now buried in. There was an old family story that Uncle Randy had put a girl in the hospital once. It wasn't his fault, it was just that he was used to fucking at home where the girls around him could take it all, so when he moved into professional fucking it didn't occur to him he had to be any gentler. In the end his co-starlet was fine and they were still good friends and fuck-buddies, but it had been a real low point for him to find out not every woman is up to swallowing almost two feet of thick cock.

Randy pulled me up off of his cock and kissed me, seeming to take the "first deepthroat" as a good milestone to change things up a bit. He pulled back into the bed and nudged others to do the same so that all three boys were standing with their backs to each other, three gigantic cocks on offer in a circle like some sort of fucked up maypole. Lexi went left, I went right and I found myself in front of Evan with the twins. Getting in the middle of them could be dangerous, but I managed , to find a comfortable spot worshipping, licking and sucking Evan's huge nuts while the girls fought over his cock-top, making out around it ferociously, kiss each other with his head protruding from between their four huge lips, their hands caressing his slobber-slick shaft. Andrea snuck in a grope of my heavy tits; it was no secret as the least busty of the women in our family that the twins were a little jealous of me. Genetics could be so cruel! They were the daughters of the biggest titted Johnson-Cooper family member, yet separated by three cup sizes from me, the second smallest. Of course, they were twins, that was something most people couldn't bring to the table and together packed more titflesh than any one woman (except possibly their mother.) Of course Evan clearly loved them, and was using his strong arms to sweep them together around his cock, not only making out around it but lazily titfucking it too.

Mom had moved on to Randy and was attempting to replicate her feat with his giant dick, gagging a little as she cleared the eighteen-inch mark to try and conquer his last two. Randy was helping her, cooing helpful "come on...you can do it...it's just been a while..." encouragement as he held her head steady and fed dick into her mouth, gaining just a little ground with each lewd bob of her head. His balls were literally dripping with juices now, the fat orbs swinging around as mom and him worked diligently to introduce them to her face.

Lexi was going surprisingly light on her own son, mostly painting him with long lusty licks, ball-sucking kisses, and what seemed to be some very gentle wanking.

"Now?" Johnny groaned as she slavishly serviced his meat.

She shook her head, "You've held out this long, big boy, you can hold out a little longer." I really wondered what was going on there.

"Alright girls, break it up!" Evan said as he drew me up with his hands, his balls leaving my mouth with a wet loud POP noise. He then pulled Andrea and Maria apart and had them curled into his huge, beefy arms (god I loved how hard my brother hit the gym) each one facing out and away from him, unable to escape his loving grasp. His big meaty paws were all over their slobbery tits, groping and weighing them, tugging the nipples a bit as he looked down at me.

"All yours sis, these brats need a fucking time out." He held the girls, struggling a little but mostly melting into the wonderfully calming grasp of his strength and the insistent curiosity of his groping palms.

His cock was so long I didn't have to kneel to suck it easily, I simply bent a little, tits hanging like a pair of over-ripe fruits as I started out by going to town on his head, really polishing it, lewd bursts of slobber dripping from my mouth, coating his shaft in a sheen of gleaming saliva that I worked over with my hands as I sucked and worshipped his cock-crown, really getting the most out of my brother's big fat dickhead.

"Still the biggest balls you ever sucked?" Randy asked my mom as he playfully teabagged her, alternating between dunking his huge boys against her overflowing mouth and rubbing them just all over her face, marking his sister with her own nastiness.

"Byou Bknow Bthey Bware" She managed between mouthfuls of wrinkled sack bursting with nutmeat. Her hands gathered them, cinching him up so she could really worship his meaty balls, taking charge of the action in her own way, making his titanic testicals a prisoner of her domineering oral worship.

Lexi was getting a little more aggressive with her son, sucking him faster and faster, starting to make little *GLUCK* noises in the depths of her famously deep throat. I was jealous of how easily she seemed to swallow him. Randy had prepared me for more than I had ever swallowed, but I still had tons to learn if I wanted to match my mom or my aunt.

Still, I had tricks up my cocksleeve. For one thing, I didn't like that my brother was still dominating the twins; don't get me wrong, it's kind of hot, but what's the use in triple-teaming a guy if he's only going to waste it on showing off his (admittedly sexy) strength? I titty-clapped on his cockhead to get his attention, then licked my way up his perfect abs and chest, face to face with him.

"Grab my tits." I commanded, "I want to titfuck you and I want my hands free!"

How could he refuse? The poor rube reached out and exerted his massive power on lifting the massive weight of my massive tits, the flesh overflowing his fingers as he playfully shook them about and then squeezed them together into a perfect canyon for his cum-cannon. The twins winked a wink of thanks at my and then slipped around and under him.

As I bent my head to let him saw his huge dick up between my tits to between my lips with loud slobbery POPS at every thrust, they wasted no time seizing targets of their own. Andrea knelt direct underneath him between his legs and began to tongue-punish his pendulous balls while Maria crawled herself right to his rim, tonguing his sensitive pucker with such sudden force that had to fling out an arm and catch himself on the headboard to avoid his legs buckling entirely. The three of us were lewdly turning every part of his anatomy into a vast sea of drool, dripping strands of our lust rolling off every part of his cock, nuts and taint, the three of us totally smeared in our nasty sheen of wetness that only got nastier with each passing moment.

The boys might be studs, and the five of us might be the sluts in the room, but we were about to make those giant-cocked men our bitches.

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