tagIncest/TabooThe Family Fortune Ch. 10

The Family Fortune Ch. 10


CHAPTER 10 Dad shares the origin of the fortune.

All of that got put on hold. Monday dad called. His mom had cancer. My grandmother is in her 70's but she is still a very gracious and attractive woman. She was the typical Grandmother, in every way. This was tough. My Grandfather had passed two years ago and mom's parents lived on the other side of the country. Mom called to give me the news and, of course, all our fun was put on hold, for now.

I went home the next weekend after I got off work. Mom kissed me hello and didn't stick her tongue in my mouth. She told me that it isn't looking good. I settled in, grabbed a beer and went out on the deck with dad.

I just let him talk. He rambled around about grandma and how great a mom she was. After a few minutes of this he paused and looked at me.

"Let me tell you about your Grandmother."

Dad went on for an hour. He told me a lot about his parents. I'd known them growing up but he told me more about his growing up. He made two more trips to the Scotch bottle and his tongue was getting loser.

"Gene, did you know my family were nudists too?"

By now he was beginning to nod in and out but he had really piqued my interest.

"No, dad, never. So, tell me."

He smiled, took a sip.

"I was eighteen. Mom and dad told me we were going to a naturalist resort for a weekend. I was shocked and nervous. They were cool, like they always were. I'd seen both of them naked once or twice and nobody seemed to mind. But I was apprehensive. Mom told me nudity is not required and if I got totally creeped out I could go back to the cabin. I said okay."

"Well, Gene, it was interesting. We had a cabin for the day. It was at the edge of the woods and had a back porch and door. I didn't have a boner all day and after an hour or so I was comfortable. I even talked to some girls. Of course I was still a virgin. I noticed that mom and dad spent most of the day hanging out with another couple, the Simpsons. Later in the afternoon my dad found me.

'Gene' he said. 'It's time.'

'For what dad?' He walked towards our cabin and I followed.

'Gene it's time for you to learn of women. We brought you here so you'd get comfortable being naked and now you need to be schooled.'

Of course I was jazzed and perplexed at the same time. But I followed, hey, who wouldn't, right? Well, as we approached the cabin, my mom was out front. She saw us coming from a distance and walked off into the woods. I thought that was odd and figured maybe mom wasn't all in on this idea. Now I was wondering what my dad had planned. I assumed an older woman and dad had chatted up a few very good looking ones. We stopped in front and dad shook my hand and pointed in.

"your life will change today, enjoy.' And he walked away."

Dad had passed out but I wanted the rest of this story before he sobered up and got cold feet. I nudged him. He opened his eyes.

"Dad? You in front of the cabin?"

He smiled and patted my arm.

"Oh yeah, so I walk in and on the bed is this older woman. Gene, she was a damn good looking lady. She had hair on her pussy, nobody shaved em back then, and she was masturbating. Son I was hard in a second. For two hours she schooled me in loving. It was amazing."

He nodded off again. Mom was at the door now and we got him upstairs. She looked concerned and smiled that he had passed out. I helped her undress him. She did the last bit, and got him into bed. As we tucked him in he opened his eyes.

"Gene, you know who that woman was?'

Mrs. Simpson right? The one your dad talked to all day?"

He laughed.

"It was my mother, Gene, I had sex with my mother."

His eyes were closing now as mine shot open. He mumbled.

"Just like you."

And he was out cold.

I looked right at my mother, who had this 'who me?' kinda look on her face. I walked out of the room and down to the living room. I dropped on the couch and she sat next to me. I said nothing. Finally she spoke.

"I knew about your father and his mother. He told me a few years ago. It was just that one time. Really. He met me soon after that and I'll tell you I made sure he got plenty, you know how I am."

Well, I was sure that was true. I had no plan to share any of my secrets right now.

"Do the girls know?"

Mom rubbed my arm.

"No and you wouldn't have if all this hadn't of happened. We had kept that as our secret. Though based on what's happened..."

And, I thought to myself, what else is happening with mom and dad...

"It's probably a good time to get all this in the open. We just don't know how to approach it."

I looked at my mother.

"And what about that other thing dad said, just as he passed out?"

My sexpot mother actually blushed.

"I haven't told him, yet. What actually occurred was that maybe three years ago we got into a role play thing and, among other people, you were the focus. Gene it was all a kinky with us. We'd done it before but never with family. Well, I knew about your dad so I got into it and he loved it. When he found out he was going to have to travel he knew I had a problem. As he went out the door the first time he kissed me and said, 'You do what you need to do and what you want to do, it's okay with me.' Well, as you know that was easier said than done. I haven't told him. But he knows I'd kill myself before I cheated on him, well, outside this house and I'm okay when he comes home so he must just assume I'm having sex with you."

I thought to myself-'and your youngest daughter.'

I sat and thought. Well, this was weird,

"Okay mom, so now what?"

Mom fidgeted around a bit.

"Well, I see no reason we should stop. I'll have to tell him soon, it's the right thing to do. You can tell he won't be surprised and I'll warn you he may want to join in. Your father has a kinky side like you wouldn't believe."

'Try me'-I thought.

"Mom, I'm beat. This has been a very big night and I need to sleep on this."

She got up and we kissed lightly. I went off to bed and she slipped into their room.

A few hours later I felt her slip in beside me. I had boxers and a tee on. She had something on. She snuggled up to me and whispered.

"I just want to sleep here for now. Your old man is snoring like a freight train. Let's just sleep."

And we did.

I woke up with a boner, as usual. Mom had stripped off during the night. I'm not sure she was even aware. I lay there next to her, as I have on many nights now. My body wanted hers. I reached out and began to caress her, she stirred and purred quietly.

"You think your father is awake yet?"

She said as she rolled onto her back taking the covers off as she went.

"Hey, did you strip your mother during the night?"

I smiled.

"No mom, I think you did, knowing you were with me."

She smiled.

"That is a distinct possibility. I was dreaming about this."

My mother reached out, pulled the front of my boxers down and fondled my rigid member.

"Gene, I want to fuck you but we can't. I simply cannot be quiet. But I will put my son's hard penis in my mouth and suck you till you cum."

And she did. I lay back and closed my eyes as my mom sucked my cock. Oh she is so good and she loves it so much. She blew me for five minutes, toying with me to keep it going, until I warned her.

"I'm cumming mom. I'm going to cum in your mouth."

She groaned quietly as my cock rocketed cum all over her tongue. She cleaned my shrinking pole and then cuddled up to me.

"I love you Gene."

I hugged her hard.

"I love you too mom."

She began to climb out of bed.

"And now you owe me fucker!"

I reached for her but she was too quick.

"I'm going to shower, I'll be a while."

She said as she slipped her hand over her pussy.

I got up and threw on some shorts and a tee and headed down to start the coffee. At the bottom of the stairs I smelled it. Dad must be up already. I stopped for a second. He said a lot last night, I was wondering what, if any of it, he'd remember. Well, can't put it off, here we go.

He was sitting at the small table in our kitchen in a robe and reading the paper. The coffee was in the carafe and cups had been laid on the table. He looked up and smiled as I entered. I threw some toast in and sat down to fill a cup. He said nothing and his face was a mystery.

My toast was done so I sat and began my breakfast. He looked up at me, smiling and finally spoke.

"I guess you've never seen me that stewed, have you?"

I laughed, lightly.

"Well, no dad. You were pretty gone. But I understand. It's your mother."

He smiled.

"Yeah, I'm calling later. They are running tests, I hope it's good news."

His phone went off. I thought it was awfully early for a call but I saw it was already nine. I watched his face. Slowly the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. His eyes got brighter. After a minute he put the phone down.

"It's over. The procedure was successful. Grandma's going to be okay."

"What great news!"

Mom said as she sailed in the door in her robe. She had heard us from down the hall. Well, boring toast gave way to pancakes and bacon. We all cooked and enjoyed the good news. Of course I intentionally kept bumping into mom and she mock glared at me while shooting her eyes at dad. I actually groped her pussy once. She was gloriously naked under that robe.

We were all sitting and enjoying our feast. Mom had texted Sarah and Pixie with the news. There was a pause in the conversation. Dad took a sip of coffee and looked at us both, he had a wry smile. I had a bad feeling.

"I saw you two this morning."

I got a chill of fear. I don't care what mom said. We were sneaking around. But what did he see? Us sleeping or...? I looked at mom. She didn't seem fazed at all. Her hand went to her lap, she took a sip of coffee and looked at dad.

"Yes, bob, I slept with Gene. You were snoring and farting up a storm and I wanted somebody to be next to."

Was I the only one that felt the tension in that room? Dad was still smiling and sipping coffee. I watch too much TV. I had this vision of him pulling out a pistol. I was half right. He got up and I saw it, not a pistol, it was a rigid cock sticking out of the folds of his robe. He moved over next to my mom, his cock right next to her face. As he shucked to robe off his naked body he spoke.

"No, baby, what I saw was my fucking hot sex crazed lover sucking the cum out of her son's cock."

Mom was fucking with him now. She completely ignored his dick. My feelings went from relief to lusty anticipation.

"Oh that. Yeah we've been doing that for a while. You did offer, you know. Besides, you know how I can't stand an empty house."

Dad was brushing his cock along her cheek. She had a grin but she still was ignoring him. My cock had come to life now. I was seeing the future here. Dad gave a little laugh.

"Uh huh, an empty house, an empty pussy or an empty mouth."

Mom grinned and turned.

"True lover, I think I need to fix that."

I sat and watched my mother put her mouth over my dad's cock and take him right to the base. His eyes rolled back and he groaned.

"Best hangover cure ever!"

Mom turned in her chair and her robe slid off her shoulders. I saw one of her firm breasts from the side. I was just sitting, trying not to have my mouth gaping open. The only live sex I've ever seen was these two and now I was ringside. Dad opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Gene, is this woman a great lover, or what? I'm glad you're okay with this. I know mom has appreciated it even though she has not shared her little secret."

Mom smacked his hip and took her mouth off his prick.

"I was going to this time but your mom's stuff kinda put that off."

Then her mouth went right back to work. Dad had his hands on her head now and was fucking her mouth. It should have been quite weird for me to get turned on watching my parents have sex but the incest thing seems to have a hereditary component. I was fucking turned on. Dad spoke again, panting as he did so.

"Gene, I'm going to cum soon. I'm gonna fill your mother's mouth with cum. I remember what I told you last night, about me and grandma. I've wanted to tell you all for years but I wasn't sure how you'd take it. Nice to know you're cool......Ohhhhhhhfuck baby! Here I cum!"

He held her head steady and I watched his firm ass clench and my mom's mouth flex. After a minute, mom let his wilting tool slip out. He just stood there naked and smling.

"I want this to be a nudist home."

Mom smiled and looked at him.

"You weasel, why wouldn't you? Three good looking women running around naked. Ha, good luck. I'm not so sure your daughter's would embrace that enthusiastically."

I disagreed. In fact I loved the idea, but now was not the time to disclose my secrets. I had a careful plan to slowly unfold my information, dragging it out. I was going to enjoy this. Dad laughed. It looked like they shared a look but I was probably dreaming.

"Eh, who cares. We'll do it here today. Now, I need something."

Mom fondled dad's limp cock.

"Looks like he got all he needs, for now."

Dad was heading for the door.

"No babe, what I need is to see my son fuck the crap out of his mother."

Believe it or not, I was not hard. I was living a sort of dream but the idea of fucking mom while dad watched sounded a lot better as a story, not as fact. I followed mom and dad up stairs. They were naked. I still had my shorts and tee. Mom looked at me as dad pulled the blankets off their bed. The blinds were still down so the only light was coming in from the door. She moved closer and smiled at me.

"A little nervous?"

I just smiled. Mom hugged me. I hugged back. She made no move to kiss me but began to pull off my tee.

"Well, first I need to get my lover naked."

The tee was gone and mom was kneeling down. She slowly slid my shorts down and I stepped out. Dad had settled into one of the two arm chairs. He was in the darkest part of the room and if he didn't move I wouldn't notice him. He was silent, letting mom run the show. I liked that. If I tried I might be able to forget he was there. Mom turned me so I wasn't looking his way.

"Remember our first time Gene? The first time you put this cock inside your mother?"

She was gently fondling my cock. I was feeling life. She stood and moved to me.

"Remember the first time we really kissed? I wanted that Gene, I wanted to kiss my son, but I felt guilty, guilty and needy."

Mom moved closer and my arms naturally went around her, pulling her tight as our mouth's met. I was falling under my mother's spell, again. Our tongues wrestled as my hands cupped my mother's firm ass and ran up and down her back. Her breasts pressed into my chest and I felt my cock growing hard against her abdomen. Father? What father?" Mom pulled her face back.

"Remember what you told me? When you scolded me so severely about being so guilty? Anything mother, you said, I'll do anything. And what did I say the next time we were together?"

I was panting a bit by now. I was ready.

"My mother lay next to me in bed and told her son she wanted some anything."

She was rubbing her body against mine now. I was so ready to fuck my mother, I would have done it on the front yard.

"And what did you do that night, my son?"

I was pushing mom back and she felt the bed. She climbed up on, lay back and spread her legs wide, showing me her gaping pussy, red with excitement and running with wetness. I moved between her legs. I had forgotten we weren't alone. As I loomed over my mother and put the head of my rigid penis at the cusp of her blossom I growled.

"I fucked my mother. I put my cock in her cunt and fucked her hard."

I rammed home.

"Ohhhhhh baby!"

Mom sighed."

"And I fucked her till cum shot out of her pussy!"

I was lying full on her now, plowing her like a wheat field. She was gyrating under me, trying to get more of me inside her.

"And I've been fucking her ever since, because I LOVE my mom and I love having sex with her!"

All talk stopped and we just grooved on fucking. We didn't change positons and mom was cumming every few minutes. She groaned and howled the whole time. I wasn't going to last long. I was getting into the idea of dad watching.

"I'm going to cum soon mom!"

She just groaned. I felt the surge and just let loose in her pussy. She rammed her hips up to meet mine as I shot. I felt motion on the bed. I rolled off and ran into dad climbing between his wife's legs. Being in contact with another naked man, my dad, actually didn't feel as off as I thought it would.

"That is the hottest thing I've ever seen. Now it's your turn to watch, for the second time."

I just sat on the corner of the bed and watched my parents fuck the crap out of each other. Mom was talking now.

"Oh fuck oh fuck, harder baby! Gene, we can do it anytime now. Ohhhhhhhhyeeessss! We can't tell the girls,......ahhhhhhhhhh! Just yet.........ohhhhhhhhhyeeeeesss!"

They kept fucking and between mom's noises and dad's my cock was up again. I moved next to mom's face. She turned and just swallowed me. It wasn't easy for her to suck me while dad pounded her but she tried. I finally gave up and just started jacking off. Her eyes caught mine.

"ooof ooof, gonna cum on mom's face baby? Ahhhhhhh! Do it, I've never had two men. Ohhhhhhfffuuucckkk!"

Dad was getting close so I began edging. As he went deep the last time I let go. A fat bolt of giz creamed mom's face, the second landed in her open mouth and the third all over her hair. We were all panting. Mom looked at us.

"Fuck! Life around here is gonna get real good."

We laughed.

We spent the rest of the day naked. Dad watched me and mom some more and I watched them. We did a tag team thing too. I had to leave that night.

The next week dad sent out a family text. He was buying us all a vacation.

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