The Family Jackson Ch. 06


"Dillon." She whispered. Searching his eyes before smiling at him. Her hand lifted to touch the back of his hand still caressing her cheek.

"I love you, Mom."

She sighed and pursed her lips. Backing away, she turned to go. Dillon watched her for a moment before sliding the card in and opening the door. Jane had turned from staring out the window at the noise. Her arms were wrapped around her body. She was wearing a simply floral cotton dress. The sunlight streaming in from the window allowing Dillon to see her figure. She was slightly thinner than his mother was. Her hips were a little narrower. Dillon closed his eyes and cursed himself for comparing the two. It wasn't fair to Jane. To either of them, really.

"Hey, Janie."

"Hey, Dillon."

They met at the foot of the bed. His arms finding her hips and pulling her against him as their lips collided. Her arms wrapped around him as he lifted her off her feet. With her legs locked around his waist, he crawled onto the bed. Their bodies crashing to the mattress. Her sharp laughter was cut off as soon as his lips returned to hers. His hand pulled at her hair as her legs still gripped him.

Dillon could feel her taut nipples through the fabric as he gripped her breast tightly. Pushing up, he tugged at his sweatshirt while she worked at his jeans. Her legs coming apart briefly. Bare chested, he looked for her buttons but didn't see any. With a grunt of desperation, he ran his hands up her dress until her panties came into view. He could see the tiny dot of hair, the moisture of her arousal, and the delicate crease of her labia. His entire world shrunk to a single pair sheer baby blue panties.

His mouth was already watering before his lips even tasted her. Dillon's head dropped, as he lay prone beneath her legs. His lips tugging at hers through the fabric. Her sharp groan vibrated through her entire body. He rolled his head and ground his face into her as his hands slid up under the dress to take possession of her breasts. His nose wiggling more and more forcefully across her clit. He could feel her kicking at him as he licked and sucked her.

Jane's moans grew to savage grunts of pleasure when Dillon pushed her panties to the side and captured her clit between his lips. Two fingers slid into her and began to tease and rub as fast as he could work them. Without his arms holding, Jane's body twisted and turned under him. Her hips were driving into him.

"Dillon. Oh, fuck me. Please."

Pushing up, he slid of the bed and struggled to get undressed. Jane was having the same trouble with her dress as she worked at the buttons behind her back. Dillon won the race and started chuckling when he saw her face as she bit her lip in aggravation. She gasped when he took hold of her ankles and pulled her down the bed. Her dress riding up her body as she neared.

"Roll over."

Dillon said as he let go of her legs. She obeyed instantly, rising up on her hands and knees and crawling back towards him. He pulled her panties sideways as he stepped up and ran the tip of his cock between her legs. When she felt the heat of his cock, she pushed back at him instinctively.

"Does somebody need me?" Dillon teased.

"Yes. Oh God, yes."

"Say it Janie. Tell me you need me." He pulled away from her and ran his hand between her legs. His palm flattening her lips as he teased her clit.

"I need you. I need you, Dillon."

"Do you?" His finger slid into her and twisted. "Do you need me here?"

"Yes." She was panting. Her body tensed as she pushed against his fingers.

Dillon ran a hand up her back and unbuttoned her dress. He hands were frantic as she pulled it over her head and threw it across the room. His finger slid out and circled the tight little pucker of her ass.

"Oh, fuck me." Jane groaned in a husky lust filled voice. She pushed back at him as his finger increased its pressure. His finger sliding past the resistance.

"Are you sure you don't want me here?"

"Oh, God." Her head shook back and forth as she pushed and pulled against his finger. "I don't...I don't know."

Reaching down, Dillon fished a small tube out of his pants pocket and quickly unscrewed the cap. Jane was whimpering at the loss of contact with his fingers. Her head came around as he was smearing his finger with lube. He saw her eyes go wide in shock and apprehension.

"Don't worry Janie. I have an idea you'll love this. I'll be slow and gentle. Just my fingers until we find out."

She scowled and then nodded. Dropping her head, she tensed as his finger began to slowly circle her asshole. With the lube, he slid beyond the muscles without much resistance. Moving it in and out as his other hand reached around and slowly stimulated her clit. Within a minute, she was flexing into his finger. His second finger joined the first. Pushing and twisting as he got her used to the added width.

Beads of sweat appeared on her back. He could hear her breath ragged and disjointed. He slowed his fingers over her clitoris. It brought a whimper of disapproval from her.

"Please, Dillon." She was shaking. "I'm so close."

"Shh, Honey. I know you are. I promise. Just relax and let me take care of you. Just rub it slow and easy. Don't rush this. Let it build"

Her hand slid down and pushed his away and began to rub forcefully until Dillon stopped her.

"Honey. Slow and easy. I'll tell you when."

She couldn't speak. Her fingers slowed and she nodded.

Reaching down, Dillon grabbed the tube of lube and coated his cock. Rubbing it along the tip and shaft before he squirted a bit more on his fingers. Pushing down on his cock with one hand, he spread his fingers and stretched her a bit more before pulling his finger out of her. When the tip of his cock brushed against her asshole, she tensed.

"Trust me. It'll just be a little bit at a time. Just push back at me."

All she could do was grunt as she nodded her head. Her hand had fallen to the bed to brace for what was about to happen.

Slowly but surely, Dillon pushed forward. With one hand on the shaft of his cock, he pulled her backward with the other. She let out a dozen huffing grunts as her body fought against the intrusion. Dillon could feel the muscles give way a little at a time. The tip disappeared with two more inches of his cock. He could feel her body go rigid. With his hands on her hips, he pushed and pulled her gently.

Her huffing breaths turned to moans as she took more of him. Two dozen strokes and he slid deeper. As the minutes passed, he worked more and more of his cock inside her ass. When he felt his Aunt pushing back to meet his gentle movements, he slid a hand up her back and back down. His nails teasing her sweat glazed skin.

"Oh, Dillon. You're in my ass." Her body shook with the giddy laughter.

"Not all the way, Janie. Do you want it all?"

"Yes. Please." She pushed back at him as he pushed until her ass was pressed against his hips.

"Damn, woman." He groaned from the tight heat he found himself in. "Tell me when you're ready."

"I like this. Just keep doing it like this."

Closing his eyes, Dillon began to flex his hips. Aunt Jane was the first to increase the tempo. Each time he sunk as deep as he could, her ass flexed. Pulling at his cock.

"Dillon. Oh fuck, Dillon. Fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Fuck my ass." She panted as her hand went between her legs.

Dillon complied. Tightening his grip on her hips, he started to pull her backward into his driving hips. The air left her lungs in one giant grunting, "Yes."

Over and over, he drove into her. The wooden headboard slamming against the wall. As she cried out for more. Dillon felt her ass pinch down hard as she began to quake and shudder. Her head falling to the mattress as her arms gave out. Dillon slipped out of her as she straightened and her legs kicked slightly as she rode out her orgasm.

"Yes. Oh, yes." She wailed.

Crawling over top of her, Dillon leaned down and kissed her sweaty neck after brushing her hair away. His tongue sliding across her skin. "Scoot up, Baby." His thumb rubbed circles just behind her ear. "Scoot up."

Jane inched up the bed so her legs weren't dangling uncomfortable off the end. Dillon kissed his way down her body. His tongue diverting every so often to run back up her spine. He could feel the tiny hairs standing at attention. He nibbled lightly at the small love handle as his hands massaged her ass. With both hands gripping her ass, he spread her cheeks to see he anus tightening back down. Guiding himself back in, he pressed down and sunk back into her ass.

She tensed and then relaxed. "Dillon. Again?"

Lowering himself down, he put all his weight on her. His lips were at her ear. His heavy warm breath stirred her hair. "I didn't get mine yet, Sweetie." He lifted his hips and drove them down quickly.

Her hand shot up above her head as she tore at the covers of the bed. "Oh, yes. Dillon." She whined. "Again. Again."

Dillon reached up and found her hands. His lips kissing her temple as she turned her head. His voice was low and husky. "Am I the first in your ass, Aunt Jane?"


His ass lifted and fell harder. "Do you love my cock in your ass, Aunt Jane?" Dillon licked a salty tear from the corner of her eyes.


His ass rose and fell again. "Do you want your nephew to cum in your ass, Aunt Jane?"

She nodded frantically. "Yes. Dillon. Cum in my ass."

"I don't know, Aunt Jane." He teased. This time he flexed his hips slow. "I think you need to beg me."

"Dillon." She whined. "Why?"

"I love to hear you beg for it, Aunt Jane. I love knowing I make you feel so good. Tell me how I make you feel."

"Wonderful. I've never felt anything like you. Your voice makes me wet. I can't stop thinking about your cock sliding into me. Oh God, Dillon. Please. Please, fuck my ass."

"Aunt Jane." His started a slow rhythm as he teased. "Such naughty words. I'm just a sweet little boy. I'm your nephew."

Her fingers tightened in his. "Dillon. I'm gonna spank your ass if you don't stop screwing around." His warm chuckle was caused her to growl at him. It was a low, almost angry, growl. Her head turned to glare at him. "I hate you, you little shit."

Dillon nuzzled his nose into her hair. Breathing in her perfume, her shampoo, her sweat. "Ah, Janie. I love when you say that."

He moved up her body a bit further. When he sunk down, it brought a startled groan out of her. He wiggled his ass a bit and slid up and down.

"Oh shit, Dillon."

"Did I find something?" His voice was innocent.

Her eyes were wide as she craned her neck to look at him. "How do you know how to do this?"

"A dirty little girl that loved to experiment and the Internet. Can I make you cum again?"

"Keep doing that."

He pushed her legs together with his own. His ass rising up and driving his cock deep into her ass over and over as she buried her face in the bed. He felt ever inch as he slid in and out of her ass. Sweat dripped off the tip of his nose as he thrust with more urgency. His own release gathering. His grunts of pleasure joined hers. Her hand pulled out of his and she stretched them out further. Jane's toes curled. When Dillon gripped her hair and drove into her, she began to tremble.

"Dillon. I'm cumming. Oh, God. I'm cumming."

Her desperate voice drove him over the edge. He felt his cock swell as he shot into her. His hips convulsing as he arched his back. Twenty tiny thrusts later, he stopped. His body spent. He knew she'd orgasmed. Dillon had heard her cries and throes of passion. It had been a distant buzzing sound amidst the rush of blood in his ears. Pulling out of her, he rolled to his side beside her. His hand ran up and down her back.

"My sweet beautiful, Aunt Jane. What naughty words you have."

"Not my fault. I have an evil little nephew with the most wonderful cock in the world. He makes me do all sorts of bad things."

He kissed her lightly on the cheek and then the lips. "I think we found out a few new things about you, today."

"Yea. Where did that come from?"

"How should I know." His hand moved down and slid her panties back to their original position. "I'm gonna have to confiscate these. This one goes in my Hall of Fame. Top thirty at least."

"Thirty? How many have you been with?"

"You're my first, Janie. I swear." Dillon rolled off the bed after slapping her ass playfully. "When you can stand up, come join me in the shower. I'm not done with you, yet."

Dillon was lathering up his cock, making sure it was bright and shiny when Jane slid in behind him. Her hands ran down his back as she planted kisses across his shoulder. He felt her nails tease down his spine and then wrap around to run across he chest and stomach.

"Aunt Jane? What are you doing here? Why are you touching me like that?" He said as innocent as he could.

"Shh, Sweetie. Let Aunt Jane get you nice and clean. Little boys need to be really really clean." Her hands slid down and began to stroke him. His cock reacting instantly.

"Hmm. Nobody's ever touched me there, Aunt Jane. I feel all tingly."

"So do I. Would you like to feel where I feel tingly?"

"I don't know, Aunt Jane. Are we supposed to be doing this?"

"Shh." Jane nipped at his shoulder as she giggled. "This is our little secret. Nobody has to know. This is how Aunts are supposed to take care of their nephews, Sweetie." Her hand worked at his cock a little faster. "This is nice. Why don't you turn around so your aunt can clean it properly."

Dillon turned around as she knelt before him. She trailed her nails down his body and sent a chill up his spine.

"Such a beautiful little boy. Does my baby boy like the way his Auntie touches him?"

"Oh yes, Auntie. I'm feeling all warm inside."

Jane rinsed off his cock. Her hand moved down his shaft to graze his balls. Dillon saw her tongue dart out and run across the tip of his cock slowly. Her eyes looked up as he groaned from the sensation.

"Would you like your Auntie to make sure you're really really clean?"

Dillon nodded as his eyes closed. "Your nephew is really dirty."

"I know. My nephew is a really bad boy. I should spank him for all his dirty thoughts. All the things he's thought about doing to his poor little Aunt."

Jane took him inside her mouth. Her tongue sliding underneath as she gently scratched his balls. Dillon let out a little chuckle of surprise at how quickly she devoured him. Her head moving at a rapid pace. Her tongue and fingers worked him over expertly. Her lips molded to his cock as she suckled and teased him.

Dillon was groaning with every exhale. His hand moved down to run through her wet hair. His fingers teased the back of her neck. She cupped his balls and began to slowly run her nails down them. Pulling slightly. "Oh, Janie. You're about to make your nephew cum. If you don't stop, I'm going to cum."

Her mouth came off his cock as her eyes looked up at him. She was smiling. "My nephew wouldn't do that. Not in his Auntie's mouth. My nephew is a good boy. Only dirty boys do that."

As soon as she was done speaking, she descended on his cock once more. This time, increasing the speed and suction. Her nails caressed his balls and the other hand teased his stomach.

Dillon's grip on her hair tightened. His hips began to thrust in need. It only caused Jane to groan in pleasure and bob faster.

"I'm cumming," was all Dillon had time to say before his cock erupted in her mouth. He felt her cheeks suck in as she swallowed each silky jet as it collided with the back of her throat. He let out a giant breath of air, unaware he'd been holding it. Releasing his grip on her hair, he looked down to see her still sucking at him. Her tongue was still gliding down his shaft.

"If my Auntie keeps doing that, it'll get big and hard again."

"Your Auntie needs it to be nice and hard. She needs to have her tingling go away. Would my nephew like to help his poor little Aunt?"

"I don't know, Aunt Jane. I feel naughty. I don't know what just happened to me. You're going to have to tell me what to do."

"You're such a sick little boy." She finally had to laugh at the game. "Get your ass on the bed."

Stepping from the shower, she led him by the hand to the bed and pushed him onto his back. She quickly straddled his stomach and leaned down to kiss him. Her tongue diving deep into Dillon's mouth as she began to slid up and down his body. Jane's hand gripped his hair tightly as she lured his tongue into her mouth.

Dillon pulled her hair to break the kiss. "Give me a taste. You want me hard. Give me a taste."

He pulled her head back down. Their lips pulling and crashing against each other. Dillon felt her hand leave his hair and slide down between them. Her tongue was replace by two fingers coated with her juices. Dillon sucked greedily at them as Jane slid up and down his stomach. He could already feel the difference from the water of the shower and her arousal. Her other hand reached behind her to stroke his cock.

Her eyes stared down at him as he continued to clean her fingers. "You are a beautiful freak of nature."

Dillon chuckled as he pushed her up and rose with her. "You don't know half the shit I've done."

"Lie back down. Nephews are supposed lie there and let their Aunties make them feel all tingly and warm."

"Yes, Auntie. Can I touch your boobies?"

"That's what dirty boys do. Are you a dirty boy?"

"A very dirty boy."

His hands found her breasts as she slid down and positioned herself on his cock. Sliding up and down the shaft as it grew. He could feel her coating his cock. Feel her lips sliding against his shaft. In a fluid motion, she reached down and lifted his cock and sat down on it. Her pussy gripping greedily at him.

"Oh, shit." Dillon flexed his hips into her.

"Such a lovely boy. Keep playing with my tits. Aunt Jane need to cum."

Dillon massaged and teased and toyed with her breasts. Running his thumbs across her nipples, pressing down and flexing his hands. Tracing lines around each and every curve.

Jane leaned down and dug her fingers into his chest as she ground her pelvis into him. Her body was taut. With her eyes shut tight, she worked her hips faster and faster.

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Dillon. Oh fuck, Dillon." She pushed back as her body shivered. Her stomach rolled as her hand streaked to her clit and rubbed at it.

He watched as she twitched and moaned before relaxing her entire body. Dillon shook his head as he chuckled. Rising up, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down. "My beautiful, Aunt Jane. They way you cum is so beautiful."

Her head dropped to his shoulder as her breath collided with his wet skin. "Damn you. The things you do to me."

"What? You mean you don't let your nieces do this to you?"

"Not a chance. I'm gonna miss you, Baby Boy."

"I'm gonna miss you. You're going to have to visit more often. Maybe I'll become Kyle's chauffeur. I'd love to see you all naked on a blanket in the middle of a field."

"Oh. That's a nice thought. Was that one of your fantasizes?"

"One of a thousand. The hayloft, the lake, bent over every single hay bale. I even banged you in the garden. Right there between the corn rows."

"Wow. That'd work. I wish I'd have known you were such a pervert earlier. I could have used a few itchy nights."

"Don't worry. I plan to make up for lost time. I might need a replacement to keep me in shape. Mom's putting up some resistance to the idea. It's either Lex or Sammy if I want the family theme to continue."

"Dillon." Her head came up as she narrowed her eyes and glared a little. "You're not doing this to your sister."

"So, Mom and Sammy are okay?" Dillon gave her his best smile.


"I'll let you choose which one. Give me a month and I think I can get into Mom's pants. Sammy might be easier. She's a bit of a tramp. Always has been. I'm pretty sure she isn't a virgin."

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