The Family Pet


WOW!! I thought.

I was sneaking stares over the fence from the corner. I always gardened along the fence whenever my new neighbors daughter was out back in their pool. Yes the plants along this fence get lots of attention I thought to myself with a chuckle. Actually I don't do much to them at all unless watering them with cum is a good thing. All I do is sneak long stares at the eye candy on the other side.

Although I knew she went to the local Junior College, she could easily pass for a much younger girl. Although I'm sure she thought it was a curse to have a body that didn't represent her age, it was a delicious dream for me. Her body was softly tanned with no lines. Her breasts were firm and large. She was 5'2" and oozing sexuality whenever she wore that suit. It is so skimpy I don't know if it is even classified as a bathing suit? I can't believe her parents let her wear it but I'm not complaining, it's a nice addition to the Internet to have the real thing next door.

The top was made of very thin straps with just patches to cover her nipples. I could see almost all of the baby soft, smooth, new skin of each breast. The top was fully designed to showoff breasts I assume. The bottom was a g-string with a string disappearing up into the crack of her beautiful ass and two other strings curving high over her hips. They met in the front by another patch that had to be no more than a few inches of material designed to cover the pussy lips only leaving a sharply defined camel toe.

OH MY GOD!! MY HARDON RAGED! as I thought of just how hard I'd like to fuck her.

Then one day I was busted.

"You want to fuck her don't you?" Came a woman's stern voice.

I snapped around quickly to see her mother standing on the walkway on my side of the fence. I was in the middle of a long stare and stroking my cock, which easily slides out of the side of this particular pair of shorts. I was dead! CAUGHT! Cock in hand! I immediately turned white.

"Oh my god I am so sorry," I said standing pulling myself back in my shorts, which was useless since I had an obscenely large cock.

"I promise never to do it again, I am so sorry."

"Bullshit, you'll just do it more carefully."

She took 3 steps towards me.

"Were you daydreaming of fucking her in the pussy or ass?"

I was dumbfounded and unsure what to do or say.

"Answer me!" she said sternly.

She seemed to be holding back a lot of anger.

"Look I am so sorr........."

"SHUT UP! And answer me before I call the Police!"

I was in a shear state of panic now, "The pussy" I said.

"You have daydreamed about fucking her in the ass too haven't you?"

"Look I'll do anything just don't call.........."

"SHUT UP and answer me."

"Yes I have."

"Have you cum in the plants looking at her," she said motioning to the plants by the fence.


"Do it for me."

My expression of shock and fear said it all.

"No wait! Cum on the sidewalk for me only tell me what is going through that dirty mind in graphic detail. Do it now or I will call the Police. Get on your knees and look at her." She said pointing to the ground at her feet.

I got on my knees.

"Take it out and begin," she said.

I slide my cock out the side. She kneeled behind me, "Whisper your raunchy desires for my little girl, I don't want her to hear the filth that is about to come from your mouth. I warn you not to hold back it better be very dirty, raunchy and nasty just like you think or the police will be here within 30 minutes. I know men are really animals when it comes to young girls so I want to hear it."

Shaking like crazy:

".... Uh. Well she looks so pretty lying there on her back... I'd...go up to her..."

The moms stinging SLAP was immediate. "No you wouldn't liar, what would you do?"

I breathed heavy then she grabbed my cock from my hand and tightened her grip.

"If you tell the truth I stroke you, if you lie I squeeze and next time it will hurt more."

"Ok, ok" I begged quietly. "I would sneak up on her while her eyes are closed and kneel down putting a hand over her mouth while grabbing her pussy with 2 fingers pushing one deep into her."

"That's it, what next?"

"I'll hold her down with my arms and tell her to be quiet"

"Go on"

"I'd rip her pussy patch off and start finger fucking her stopping briefly to pull her thighs apart. I'd slide the string patch off her breasts, than I'd suck her nipple into my mouth."

"You dirty hor of a man" she said "You would do this to my daughter if I wasn't home, I know you would. You would prey on her like an animal."

"No I wouldn't I never have and would not," I begged, which was quickly met by a hard squeeze.

"OK, OK I'd prey on her like a wild dog in heat."

She started stroking my hard erection with an obviously experienced hand.

"I sighed nervously, her hand was very soft yet firm at just the right moments and it felt good.

"You like that?" She whispered.


"What would you do next to my daughter?

My hard-on throbbed from her gentle stroke but her next words made it throb wildly.

"She would be scared to death and not struggle she is gentle and innocent. What would you do next Bastard?"

Her hand stopping suddenly with fingers that squeezed into my girth in a firm hold that hurt.

"I would work both breasts with my mouth while working 2 fingers into her pussy. I'd do it gently," I said nervously (wondering if the word gently would get my cock squeezed).

"Of course you would, you want to keep her quiet and still while you prepare her. You don't want your fuck to be squirming around trying to get away, making noise. That's what you are thinking isn't it?" she said repositioning her hand just to remind me.


"Bitch!" she muttered.

"GO ON!"

"I'd Put my right arm under her knees and lift both legs up laying them against my chest as I straddle the chaise lounge she's lying on."

"And your hard cock would be pointing right at my baby now wouldn't it?" she said

"You'd have her legs up and pussy in a position to penetrate her. She would have no idea you are getting ready to enter her isn't that right?"

"I don't know if she would kno...... ahhhhh" the squeeze came swiftly.

"You know she's young and sweet and doesn't know that when you put her legs up and tilt them towards her that it tilts her hips and her pussy is easily accessed."

"Ahhhhhhhh" a second squeeze.

"OK I guess she wouldn't know."

"So she wouldn't have a chance to panic and fight you right?"

My balls were sore so I didn't argue, "Yes I guess so".

"Go on!"

She repositioned herself against my back; kneeling behind me her left hand was under my arm, firmly holding my chest firmly. Her legs wide with me firmly between her open thighs so she could get real close, leaning over my back her hand between my legs with a firm grip and her mouth right by my ear to speak. She seemed very muscular and strong.

"Then I'd move my hips towards her nudging between her legs until my cock finds her hole. Then I'd sink into her as I held her mouth shut. I'd start stroking into her gently to open her up and get her wet and lubricated."

"Bastard!" she said

"Then I'd cum, pull out of her and m........ Ahhhhhhh!"


This squeeze made me lean forward in pain on the ground.

"You'd pound the fucking shit out of my baby's tender pussy ripping her open, admit it!"

I would say anything to get her grip released

"OK I would."

"You'd pound harder and harder, deeper and deeper, tell me you'd impregnate her, TELL ME!"

"Yes I'd impregnate her"

"Would you keep pumping hard and deep as your balls emptied into my little girl?"

"YES" I said trying to hold back a whimper.

She let go but stayed on my back her legs spread like a wrestler who had just taken down his opponent.

"You'd enjoy that fuck wouldn't you?"

"Yes I whispered but I'd never really do it, you have to believe me".

MOM! IS HE MINE YET! Came a sweet but demanding voice from above us.

"Yes dear," she said getting off me. She pulled my cock and I turned on the ground.

"Here dear," her mother said gently as if nothing happened.

In front of me was her daughter who reached down and took my cock from her Mom's hand.

"Stand up please," she said in a dainty voice as she pulled firmly on my cock.

I got up looking back and forth at both of them. They both started smiling very evil smiles then I realized they were looking at the ground. I looked down to see a fairly large puddle of cum on the walkway.

"Niiiiiiice Mom," said the girl.

The Mom licked some cum off her fingers and said "now take him up to your room and have your way with him dear."

I couldn't believe what I just heard as the girls small body now perched on 6" heels pulled me out my gate through theirs and in a side door.

"Wait...." I began to object

"SHUTUP!" She said and squeezed my cock harder as she pulled me upstairs.

She closed her door and locked it.

She let go of my cock and put both hands on my face gently, "I want you to make me a woman. You will give me anything I want. If you don't my Mom will call the police. Here look." She played a tape and I saw myself crouching and looking through the fence jacking off. The camera panned to show the girl. They taped the whole masturbation scene from a different day.

"I love watching this but that's not what we will tell the Police. Worries you doesn't it? Yes we have set you up, now FUCK ME! You want it bad too so just fuck me."

"First on your knees, I want my pussy licked. Down boy!" she said pointing to the carpet.

What am I going to do I thought.

"The police will never believe you over my Mom and I. You will be arrested, thrown in prison, be disgraced and become a sex toy for the inmates."

Being playful she put her hands up imitating a scale.

"Let's see lick and fuck a tight juicy little pussy on a petite girl or arrested, prison, fuck toy, hmmmm it's such a hard decision isn't it?"

"Look, we need to..."

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she said with fingers to my lips.

"I don't want you to talk unless it is to tell me how nasty you are going to fuck me. If I hear anything else from your mouth then it's the police."

She pointed, "Down on your knees, good boy, now tilt your head back."

I did as told. She walked up to me straddling me standing over my chest and eased herself over my face lowering her pussy onto it.

"LICK BABY!" came the command

I started licking..................oh my god she tasted good. OK Damn I give up. I grabbed her small hips and buried my tongue up in her lapping and licking feverishly. She moaned as her hands grabbed the back of my head pulling me up into her. I began to get deeper and as her clit and pussy lips filled with blood they grew. She began to have a very large clit easily found and worked by my lips and tongue. Now she started shaking and grinding her pussy up and down my face hard. I tried to pull back but we ended up on the floor as she rode my face down into a straddle and kept humping my face hands pulling me up into her until she orgasmed. The juices soaked my face and hair to my surprise. I had never had anything like this done to me before.

She immediately climbed on her bed on all fours ass towards me legs spread her shiny wet pussy WIIIIIDE open, she looked so obscenely erotic. She gave a couple small whistles and said "here boy!" patting her ass. She was treating me like a dog and telling me to climb on and fuck her.

"Come on boy!" She whistled. "Crawl to me, climb on and fuck me like a dog, I know you want to."

"I quickly crawled over and up on the bed and mounted her just like she said and without hesitation pushed my engorged flesh deep into her. She chirped and moaned over and over hard into the pillow as both hands reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me into her and holding me.

GOD I couldn't believe this. She just tugged at my ass whimpering and chirping face buried in the pillow. I could tell she was hurting because I am not small. She let go after 15-20 seconds and got her elbows and arms under her and panting said

"That felt good, now finish me off."

I fucked her hard and fast making sure not to go in too far for fear of injuring her. Her body was very light and she was the toy I had dreamed she would be. She screamed moaned and almost cried. I didn't know if I was beginning to hurt her but she didn't do anything to indicate that she wanted me to stop and I was horny! After a couple minutes of intense jabs into her tightness I exploded into her fiercely hard, my balls spasmed huge loads into her wet snatch. I collapsed on her back further leaning my cock into her. She panted and whimpered the most sensuous satisfied sound, as she was forced flat. It made me excited to hear a little hurt in her moans. I want her to remember what it feels like to be opened up by a big cock. I hope she is sore for days. The thought of her not being able to handle me turned me on and stroked my ego.

After many moments she exhaled a deep breath and said "I have wanted that for sooo long."

"You did good baby," came a voice from directly behind us.

My head snapped around to see the mother.

"Do we have him mother?"

"Yes baby we do," she said as she walked over to us. She put both hands on my ass before I could pull out of the girl's pussy.

"Straddle her legs," she said.

Leaning on me she pushed hard at my ass, which pushed me into her daughter even more. As her daughter's body stiffened she whimpered sharply in pain.

"Feels good to be in so deep doesn't it?" she whispered into my ear.

"I recorded you fucking my daughter," the law would consider you a very naughty boy once my daughter tells them she told you no. It's time to talk about how you will be used around here."

(I hope you liked the story. If you have comments how horny this made you and what you did about it, tell me. Any other naughty comments are welcomed as well and may be responded to.)

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