tagLesbian SexThe Family Pet Ch. 01

The Family Pet Ch. 01


Author's Note -- This story contains many taboo themes, the main one being possible incest in later stories and some others although I don't want to give the surprises away. This opening chapter is more romantic and set up for a much longer story, so if you're looking for instant sex, this might not be your cup of tea. It is my first proper long story and it is very ambitious so forgive me if doesn't quite come off. The structure is slightly odd, skipping back in time often and tonally, the flashbacks may feel more romantic than the more taboo/sex driven present. It is a very romantic story and it is written with a very special friend in mine, but there will also be filth so please bear in mind and I hope you like.

P.S The character of Amy is an English girl in America, hence why English words may be used.

*** December 1, 2015 ***

Poised elegantly and upright, hands clamping tight around Amy hips, Taylor was gunning hard into the back of Amy. Her beautiful, big, fat black strap on was tearing her wife's arse in two and the moans of pain and pleasure coming from Amy's mouth were testament to this, but she didn't let up and her partner's squeals only spurred her on. She pumped her toy into her with vigour and zeal, almost mindless, her lust sending her to state of oblivion where everything else was drowned out. She was oblivious to Amy, on all fours and panting hard, calling for her to slow down and ease up but such trifling matter were of no concern to her. Amy was her wife but Taylor was her mistress and she would suit the pace that she dictated.

'Please ... a bit slower .. and a little more lube.'

Taylor continued to fuck her hard, but begrudgingly slid out and rolled over off the bed and grabbed the lube on the side of the her dresser. Amy collapsed, head down into the pillow, her hair in her face but turned and looked round at her wife, giving a quick look of thanks. She knew it frustrated Taylor when she had to stop halfway through, she did so love to fuck her pet's ass but it was getting too much. Taylor generously lubed up her cock then walked over to the bed, then had an idea. She walked over to the pile of clothes that had been discarded by the door, as soon as Amy had got back from her shift at the hospital and foraged out for her dirty knickers. A grubby red thong that she had had for years, with little black dots on, but she loved it anyway. Taylor held it up to her nose. It smelt of her partner and was clearly wet.

'Got a little excited at work did we babygirl?'

Amy heaved herself up from her slump and nodded, her face flushed red but Taylor knew this coy embarrassment was turning her on more than she would ever admit. She slowly walked over to her sub and bent down so she was face to face with her. She brushed the hair out of her eye. She was unkempt and sweaty, having been fucked anally for nearly an hour now. Stroking her face and in a soft and loving voice, she spoke.

'Mommy's not finished yet. So keep quiet, babygirl.'

And on that, she grabbed a ball of her hair in a bunch and yanked Amy's head upwards, nearly snapping her neck and stuffed the thong in her mouth. Amy was half surprised by the speed and force, but this was nothing new to her. This rough use of her body, a body that didn't even belong to her in her mind anymore, had characterised their marriage and she had come to expect Taylor's dominant ways ... it was why she had married her in the first place. Taylor slapped her face gently, checking her cheeks were full.

'That ought to shut you up. Now get back in position.'

Eager to obey, Amy got back on her hands and knees and stuck her ass out like the good girl she definitely wasn't. Taylor positioned herself behind her and added a tiny bit more lube around her partner's tight brown rosebud. Again, a change of mind came to her and she reached forward and gripped Amy's neck hard, pushing her down into the pillow so her ass came up higher. She admired her handiwork and chuckled. Amy did not .. could not .. complain. She gripped her hips again with her left hand, and with the right guided the big black cock into Amy's anus. She heard sighs coming from the pillow, but they were muffled out by the panties in her mouth. She didn't want to hear Amy's cries. She just wanted to fuck her.

'Moms! Are you awake?'

A door had suddenly opened then slammed, and a teary voice, the voice of Karen their daughter, was calling out for them, getting nearer and nearer moving up the stairs. Taylor swore under her breath, and slid out of Amy, unbuckling the strap on as fast as she could.

'Shit. What's she doing back? She's meant to be at Danny's all night. Shit, fuck, shit. Get in the shower.'

Without thinking Amy obeyed, jumping off the bed and running into the en-suite. Taylor heard the sound of the shower flick on and hurried over to the door where Amy had discarded her clothes in a crazed lust earlier, kicking them out of sight. She quickly threw a kimono over herself to cover her nudity and just hoped her daughter couldn't detect the smell of sex ... did she even know what sex smelt like at eighteen years old?

Her train of thought was interrupted by a petite brunette coming crashing in through the wall and wrapping her arms around her. The door slammed hard open and bounded into the walls. The hard pinewood frame bounced back and hit the wall so hard that the picture frame over the mantelpiece loosened and came crashing down. The glass smashed and the blown-up photo inside ballooned out. Karen hugged her mother hard but jumped in shock when the picture crashed to the floor and the glass scattered around her feet. She broke away and wiped the tears away from her eyes.

'Mom, I'm so sorry!'

Taylor bit her lip. That photo was very precious to her and she nearly flew off the handle. But then she saw her daughter's wet face, mascara running and clearly upset. It could wait. She tiptoed amongst the glass and picked out the photo, laying it flat on the bed. It showed a Taylor, nearly twenty years ago standing outside a snow-covered bar on her college campus, arm in arm with her one life love, Amy, on their first date.

*** December, 21, 1995 ***

It was nearly Christmas and campus was deserted. Snow had descended and settled, a white blanket as far as the eye could see. Nearly everyone had gone home for vacation and besides, no-one was walking around in this cold anyway at this time of morning. The sun had only just risen, the birds were still singing and a robin could be seen. The sky was still a little dark, it was not long after 6am. No-one had any cause to be up this early, no-one that is apart from the young woman who had just emerged from her block, wrapped up warmly in a thousand layers in hat, scarf, two coats and snow boots. Her hat, home-knitted by her Mom with a yellow A-M-Y stitched in held her hair in place but the faintest tinge of brown locks could be glimpsed hiding underneath. She had pale skin with full red lips, a petite face in general to match her body but pretty ... very pretty, cute rather than sexy. Her tiny nose met in the middle of her two sparkling blue eyes. Her lips always seemed to be on the cusp of a sweet smile, but never really opening wide enough, always on the verge but never really allowing that joy to flood her face, a veneer of insecurity and holding back. She had no reason to be insecure yet she looked like she was hiding something and had been for a long time. She wasn't very tall, and looked faintly comical in such big clothes to keep warm but even with all those layers, she clearly had a great body. Her frame was slight, her feet dainty and nimble. She had a dancer's body with incredible legs to more than make up for her rather flat chest.

Leaving her block and locking the door behind her, Amy rubbed her eyes. It was early but she was on a mission. The library had just opened its doors and she wanted to get there before anyone else. The book she was going to get was rather embarrassing. She had phoned ahead yesterday to see if they had it in stock and even though she had phoned anonymously from her block's payphone, it was still mortifying. She knew at this time of year and this time in the morning, no-one would be around. The only people around in vacation time were international students like herself. She often frequented the library at this time as well, loving to read more than anyone else in the world and nothing like the feeling of being in an empty library. She had gotten to know the staff in the mornings and knew for a fact that on a Tuesday morning first thing, a lovely old lady by the name of Helen would be on the desk. Helen was coming up to 80, and was nearly completely blind sadly. She could still do her job, but she rarely bothered trying to see what the book was anymore. Sometimes, Amy would sit and read to her early of a morning or just tell her of the book she was reading. Today though she was hoping Helen would check this book out for her without taking a second glance.

Campus really was beautiful this time of year, she thought as she trudged through the snow to the library. She pulled out her Walkman CD player and hit play on her Tracy Chapman CD, and ambled on contently. She walked aimlessly, lost in the lulling lyrics, she knew the path off by heart and no-one was around this time of... UMPH!

'Woah! Easy!' She had walked right into someone, bodies clashing and a thick New York accent had called out to her when she suddenly realised the music had stopped. Her earphones had slipped out of the jack and her Walkman had fallen out of her grasp in the fall. She looked around and it was arcing through the air when a hand calmly reached out and caught it with ease. Amy looked up at the source of that accent. A tall blonde girl stood before her, hair flowing long across her shoulders. She was laughing at the frantic expression on the brunette's face. Amy just stared back at her, a little taken aback by this girl's stunning appearance, even with her cheeks puffed out and red from the cold, her blue eyes were still piercing. Her laugh should have been captivating but Amy instead felt a little embarrassed and ashamed. She tailed off and smiled wickedly.

'Here you go!'

She offered out the Walkman and Amy took it, but before she could even stutter back a thank you, the blonde had turned on her heels and headed off through the library door. Amy couldn't help watch her go. Her little ass was so small and cute ... she watched her right until she disappeared through the door, when she snapped to her senses out of her hypnotic trance, put the blonde stranger out of her mind and carried on up to the library. Once inside, the warmth hit her and she pulled her woolly hat off her head, letting her brown hair fall down. She slipped out of her coat and hung it on the coatrack by the door. Just in jeans and a white blouse, she slipped a little slip of paper out of her pocket which had the book name and code scrawled on it. She looked at it, TA69, and knew that code was on the sixth floor the top of the library and began climbing the hundreds of flights of stairs to get to the top. Thankfully, she wouldn't be disturbed up there.

On the sixth floor, she slowly stalked the stacks until finally she found the volume she had been plucking up the courage to check out for weeks ... 'The Poetry of Amy Lovell'. She delicately took it down off the shelf and flipped it open, skimming the foreword. She had heard talk of Lovell in her English Literature classes, knew she was a famous lesbian poet but had never been able to get her hands on it before. Sinking down in a nearby chair and getting comfortable, she couldn't wait. Excitement coursed through her as she let the book fall open at a random page, picked a short poem and began to read.

'A Shower'

'The sputter of rain, flipping the hedgerows And making the highways hiss, How I love it! And the touch of you upon my arm As you press against me that my umbrella May cover you. Tinkle of drops on stretched silk Wet murmur through green branches'

She re-read it again, perhaps not quite as erotic as she had heard or she had been hoping for. She closed her eyes and imagined this faceless poet, seeing her in her head as blonde, tall maybe with a New York accent for some reason.. She let the words dance through her head, trying to let meaning come to her. She imagined it was herself under the umbrella with the faceless beauty she was conjuring up, this poet she knew next to nothing about, in her head. It was she pressing against her and even in the warm, heated library she felt a little tingle. Stretched silk.... What could that be? That could be the silk of pale dainty flesh ... or it could be the silk of black and red lingerie ... stretched out over a beautiful blonde mound... wet murmurs...

Her eyes opened with a jolt and the book snapped shut in her lap as she sat up abruptly. This was not the place for such thoughts in the library... nevertheless she felt a slickness in her knickers and knew it was time to take this particular reading back home to bed, where she would be completely private. She turned the book over in her hands, looking at the picture on the back. How disappointing! The image of Lovell as this blonde beauty was quickly dispelled when she saw the poet's real appearance. It's the words that count though, she thought and headed down the stairs to find Helen and take it out without anyone starting to suspect anything about her. Again she walked a little absentmindedly down the stairs and to the front desk. With an imagination like hers, she could be forgiven for daydreaming a little. Well, constantly. Without looking up, she said,

'Hey Helen,'

'You just really don't notice the world around you, do you?'

A familiar voice taunted playfully and Amy's neck shot up in shock.

'It's you!'

'Ta-da! You expecting me?'

'It's you! But what are you doing here?!'

'I work here ... do you need to sit down and have this explained to you or something, you don't quite seem to be getting it?'

Her tone was sarcastic but her face was smiling. Amy stood there a little agog and for a little too long, and again this blonde's unflinching smile and her stupid gormless face just made her feel embarrassed again. She began to stutter a little.

'But where's Helen?'

'That old dear? She's sick or something so they asked me to cover. I'm Taylor. What you got there?'

She indicated to the book Amy was clutching. Fuck! She was hoping to check this out without anyone picking her up. Now, this demanding blonde beauty ... no, Taylor ... Taylor was eyeballing her waiting for an answer. She felt compelled to obey her though, maybe it was those eyes, and offered up the book. Taylor took it and examined it, a big grin playing across her face.

'Nice. This stuff is OK. But if you want some really good Sapphic poetry, I know exactly where to look in this place. It's kinda my area. Lovell's decent if you want delicate hints at the good shit but it won't really get your juices flowing if you know what I mean.'

She winked at Amy, who abruptly turned a violent shade of red through embarrassment. This girl was certainly very forward. She had no idea what to say. Taylor jumped up from behind her desk and began to head towards the stairs.

'Follow me, I'll show you some more you might like.'

Amy remained rooted to the spot however.

'What if someone comes?'

'Yeah .. its 6am four days before Christmas, like anyone's gonna come in, genius. Come on silly, follow me!'

She waggled a finger, beckoning for Amy to follow and she felt herself powerless to resist this girl's charms. She allowed her legs to carry her up the stairs, following that cute little ass even though she had come here so early with the express intention of keeping this little secret to herself. Before she knew it though, she was back on the sixth floor. Taylor moved swiftly and elegantly over to the lesbian poetry section and instantly slid a book off the shelf. Clearly she knew this section well. She was either a keen Sapphic poetry enthusiast ... or well, a librarian. But perhaps both?

Turning back to Amy, she beamed at her, smile touching both corners of her lips, and handed her, 'Lesbian Juices: Volume I by Leni King'. The front cover depicted two beautiful women, standing just in their black bras, one blonde reaching out and gently stroking the underside of a brunette's chin. Amy looked at it mesmerised. That dampness she had noticed, sitting just in that chair over Taylor's shoulder, was increasingly becoming more of an issue. All of a sudden, she felt a finger stroke the underside of her chin and lift it up to see the face that was slowly approaching her, swarming her vision and bringing her into an unexpected kiss.

Taylor's lips brushed against Amy's, taking her upper lip in between her and gently pulling at it. Amy was stunned but just shut her eyes and let it happen, sinking into it. She felt Taylor place a strong hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair and pulling her deeper into the kiss. She felt Taylor's tongue gently feel its way next to hers, and she tentatively replied with hers. She could have sworn Taylor was smiling when she felt this reciprocation of the kiss and her tongue wrapped around Amy's, swirling around it passionately. The intensity and heat of the kiss soared as Taylor began to move within her, her hand sliding out of Amy's hair, caressing her neck and moving down to her hip, taking Amy in both hands and turning her and shoving her against the wall, kissing her fiercely. Amy was taken aback but felt a rush like nothing she had quite felt before. She had never been kissed before but now she never wanted to stop being kissed ...

Taylor broke away, biting her lip and looking back at Amy, pinned against the wall and breathing shallowly. She giggled and smiled at Amy, who looked like she had gone into a state of shock. Arching an eyebrow, she smirked a little.

'I would say I don't normally take girls up here and make out with them ... but then I'd be lying. I'll see you downstairs. I think you're really going to like that book'.

And with that, she turned and walked back down the stairs. That was it? That was fucking it? One amazing kiss ... her first kiss... then she was gone? She didn't even register what she had said, she was too busy staring at her biting her lip. The book, ah the book! She looked around for it and spotted it on the floor. When Taylor's lip's had crashed into hers, she had lost complete control of her senses and it must have slipped out of her hand onto the floor. She really was clumsy today. No guesses as to why. She picked it up. The cover was eerily reminiscent of just a few seconds now. Flicking through it, it certainly was more erotic than the Lovell ... Jesus Christ. But why had she gone? This was just casual for her, she thought. She does this all the time. It might have been an amazing first experience for me, but that was nothing for her. For the third time today, she had the unshakeable feeling that this girl was far superior to her.

Clearly Taylor wasn't interested in anything more. She would have to go down there and play it cool. Give off the same impression too, not be such a fucking virgin. She gripped King's book tightly and headed off downstairs. Taylor was sat composed behind the desk, now talking to an older male librarian who had just joined her. Amy tried her best not to blush when she walked over to the checkout desk. Taylor politely finished her conversation and turned to Amy, displaying that wide smile again.

'Ah, I see you went with my recommendation then.'

Amy handed it over and mumbled an agreement of sorts. Taylor looked at her and just chuckled a little at her embarrassment. Not knowing where to look, Amy just looked down at her feet. She heard the book snap shut and Taylor handed the closed copy over to her.

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