tagLesbian SexThe Family Pet Ch. 02

The Family Pet Ch. 02


Author's Note – Thank you all so much for the positive feedback the first story got, it means a lot and has inspired me to write more chapters. This one is a little more sexual but I hope the romance is still alive. The taboo themes are still present but haven't really reared their head yet but if you are offended by that kind of thing, please know they are in there and will become a major theme later on. Hope you like and as ever, this is for you Tay.

Ch.02 'Who's Your Mommy'

*** December, 21, 1995 ... later that day ***

Taylor pulled Amy by the hand, running out of the bar giggling with excitement and glee. Amy just let her drag her along, not caring where they went as long as she was with Taylor. The snow was biting cold out and she couldn't wait to get indoors. But the cold wasn't the only reason. Just as they had nearly left the vicinity of the bar, Taylor spotted an old woman wrapped up warmly walking past and dropped Amy's hand, running over to her, slipping on the ice but regaining her balance.

'Excuse me! Hi! Would you mind taking a picture of us?!'

The older lady looked baffled by her exuberance but nodded politely, and Taylor thanked her, gushing, and pulled out a big black camera from her bag. She turned back to Amy, took her by the arm and lined them up.

'Smile Amy!'

And she did, probably more than she had ever done so before. There was a flash then the woman handed back the camera and went on her way. As soon as she had turned the corner, Amy felt a desperate desire to kiss Taylor and threw caution to the wind, spinning on the spot and laying two hands on her cheeks and bringing them down to kiss her with force and passion. Usually the initiator, Taylor was taken aback and wobbled on her tip-toes but sunk into the kiss. Amy let go and pulled away, embarrassed but grinning and Taylor seized her hand, started to jog, giggling and said,

'Come on. Let's go back to mine!'

With that, they both walked as fast as they could in the ice, not saying anything but both knowing that tonight was going to be a special night. As they paced there, butterflies fluttered around in Amy's stomach. Taylor was going to... no, she had commanded that she was going to fuck her tonight. She was excited but nervous, would she have any idea what to do? She had a vague idea but the only pornography she had ever seen was some magazine some boys in her school had hidden in the desk next to hers. Fuck, she was clueless. She hadn't even worn the matching underwear! At that moment when Taylor squeezed her hand though, she thought, you know what it really doesn't matter.

Normally uber-confident as she turned the corner and walked down the last road that led to her building, Taylor was feeling the nerves too. She was shaking a little, which never happened to her of all people. This girl seemed to have a power over her not many had. She was oh so submissive, her dream girl for a domme like her, but at the same time Taylor didn't feel like she was her subordinate. If anything Taylor felt more in thrall to her. She really wanted tonight to go well, but as the more experienced one the pressure was all on her. And she hadn't even worn matching underwear! Shit! But when she shook a little and gave Amy's hand a little involuntary squeeze, Amy squeezed back and smiled at her. Taylor thought to herself, matching or not, it really didn't matter.

They arrived at the door and Taylor rummaged in her bag, looking for her keys, hands trembling now, she found her keys then nearly dropped them. Fuck! Why was she so nervous, get a grip woman! She let them in and held out her hand, beckoning for Amy to go in first. She hopped in and moved slowly up the stairs. Taylor couldn't help admiring that cute tiny ass, but before she could get any more ideas she walked in and shut the door behind her. Amy was waiting for her at the top of the stairs. Taylor strode past her, down to her door and unlocked it. Everyone from her block was gone for the Christmas break. She had the whole compound to herself. Amy walked in slowly and she shut the door behind them.

The room was much bigger than Amy's for a start, and cleaner. The room was framed around a large double bed, with a black throw on it, with black pillows and a white duvet. It was probably queen size, knowing Taylor. Unlike all the various meaningless posters in Amy's room, the walls were free of clutter but had a bare, simple quality to them. There was no mess, no clothes on the floor, no discarded bras hanging off dressers. There was a make-up table in the corner, with shelves above it housing many books, some scientific, presumably for her course, but some of just general interest. There was an old and battered CD-Player on her bedside cabinet, with a half empty bottle of red wine next to it. As Amy was taking it all in, Taylor slipped past her and hung her coat up in the wardrobe. Her voice caught her off guard.

'Would you like a glass?' Taylor asked as she started to wind the top off the bottle of red.

Amy didn't drink much but she just nodded. Maybe it would calm the nerves. Taylor reached into the en suite and pulled out two glasses, pouring them each a generous glass. She hit play on the CD player and gentle lulling music played, 'Pale Blue Eyes' by 'The Velvet Underground'. She dimmed the volume a bit, lit some candles, switched on a lamp and then walked over to the main light and turned that off. Taylor needed the ambience just right. Pleased with her mood, she handed Amy the glass of wine who thanked her shyly and took a few sips. They just stared at each other over the tops of their glasses for a few moments, sipping, before Taylor moved back softly and perched herself on the end of the bed. She patted the bed and Amy put down her glass and came and sat next to her. Both sitting on the end of the bed, Taylor took Amy's hand in hers. Fuck, Amy was shaking nearly as much as she had been before the wine. Her breathing was getting faster now. Taylor squeezed her hand but Amy was clearly on the verge of something. She shut her eyes, breathed out then just went for it.

'Taylor ... I'm a virgin...'

Taylor just ignored the words. She didn't care. And she wanted to show her how much she wanted her, virgin or not. She kissed her cheek softly and whispered in her ear.

'Then I've got a lot to teach you then.'

Her hand let go of Amy's and found her lap, gently caressing her leg and moving up further to her thigh. Amy's breathing got deeper. She was lost, eyes shut, savouring her senses, as Taylor nibbled on her ear lobe. Her ear lobe, why did that feel so good? Her teeth bit a little but then her lips kissed it, soothing it, all the while her hand was softly stroking her thigh. Taylor slowly drew her head back and got onto all fours on the bed, crawling up to the headboard and rising up onto her knees. Amy turned round to see her patting the bed again and she dutifully followed, rising up onto her knees. Both facing each other, upright, Taylor slowly took off her white T-shirt and threw it to the ground. Standing before her in just a blue bra to contain her impressive breasts, she just knelt there silently, letting Amy take her in for the first time. This was probably the first time she had seen another woman this personally up close. She felt vulnerable, exposed but she didn't mind. She liked this part of the thrill before any sexual encounter, the dance of getting to know each other's bodies.

For her part, Amy just ogled. Even through the beautiful blue bra, Taylor clearly had wonderful breasts. Probably three times the size of hers, they seemed to want to spill out without being saggy. Paradoxically, they looked so firm and shapely that they'd stay as big and lovely as they did now without the bra. Just as she was thinking this, Taylor reached around and undid her clasp and let the bra fall, her boobs falling naturally into their right position, her beautiful pink nipples free and pointing up, hard, aroused, needy. They looked even firmer without the bra. Still Taylor, just perched there on her knees, half naked for Amy. Realising she had been staring a little too long, she looked up into Taylor's eyes. Taylor reached out and softly clutched Amy's wrist and brought her left hand up and placed it on her breast, applying pressure and squeezing slightly. She let out the quietest moan as Amy also breathed out, the excitement of the situation overwhelming her.

Feeling a little adventurous, she gave a little squeeze of her own. Taylor moaned, holding Amy's eye contact as she did, encouraging her. Amy let go and crawled closer towards her, rising back to her knees but now leaning down, lips about to take Taylor's nipples in. Taylor arched her back to get closer and Amy kissed a breast for the first time in her life, loving the little nub in her mouth and the sound that a little sucking and biting on it brought from Taylor. In time, she moved onto the right one. She took her time and neither of them said anything, just let the music play, as half naked Taylor just let Amy experience another woman for the first time.

Gently sucking on her right nipple, oblivious to anything else, Amy felt Taylor's two hands tug at her top. She drew back and Taylor looked at her with eyes of questioning patient lifted the red blouse over her head, over Amy's raised arms and she first glimpsed Amy's cute, little set, framed in her yellow lace bra. Unlike Taylor's, they were too small to fit in your hand but Taylor loved them. Two big chests just got in the way of each other, she had found. The blouse at the foot of the bed now, she reached around and undid the clasp, moving the material down and instantly moving down and taking a nipple in her mouth. Never having had her nipples played with before, Amy shuddered and a little squeak escaped her mouth. The lust coming over Taylor now, she grabbed Amy's waist with both hands and spun her around on the bed, laying her down and rising above her, bobbing her head down to kiss her chest though.

Amy lay back on the bed as Taylor nibbled on her nipple. After she had swiftly nuzzled both of them, Taylor looked up at her and moved forward, her blonde hair dangling down over Amy's body, going in for a kiss but with hair in the way. They both giggled and Taylor reached over to the desk for a hair band and tied her hair in a pony tail. Hair out the way, she moved her face down as Amy leaned up and their lips met in the middle for a soft delicate kiss. As they kissed, Taylor fondled her breasts, her fingers tracing circles around her tiny boobs, then fingers moving down, drawing a line down her stomach and stopping just after her navel. Breaking the kiss, she moved to Amy's neck and kissed tenderly before biting, sucking the flesh in and hearing Amy gasp and moan at her first love bite. Amy surprised Taylor when she felt her hand on hers around her navel, pressing down harder and moving down just into the waistband of her jeans.

Taylor came back around and looked into Amy's eyes. They were fuck-me-eyes and she gave a little nod, as if to say I'm ready. Nodding too, she undid the button on the virgin's jeans and tugged them down. That little pink thong was too enticing. Amy hadn't worn matching underwear too, and she grinned at the thought. Through the pink thong, she could see a few little brown hairs but she seemed by and large trimmed. She looked up at Amy who was biting her lip, but her chest was heaving up and down with her nervous breathing. Teasing, Taylor stroked her finger from her navel down to the skin just above the thong then lifted it wildly, landing again on her right inner thigh. When she just stroked there, just millimetres away, Amy shook so violently she felt guilty for teasing her. She decided to get into position.

Scooting back so she'd have room to lie down, she fell flat on her stomach then crawled up so her face was next to Amy's entrance. She was still shaking but when Amy felt Taylor's strong hands grip her thighs firmly to spread her legs, that grip just calmed her and she shut her eyes, ready to experience what all those lonely nights with her hand and some Sapphic poetry had been leading up to. Taylor kissed her lips through the pink material, scanty as it was, and she could feel the mounting wetness through it already. Getting greedy though, she needed to see and tugged the thong to one side, revealing her precious pink little pussy. Her lips were pink but swollen, desperate for Taylor, and the whole thing was glistening with all her juices. Taylor needed to taste those juices and licked deftly, consuming the feminine taste and going in straight away for another long lick. Amy gripped the bed, clutching the sheet with a vice-like grip, moving the sheets underneath her. Soft kisses were being placed on her cunt and that was all she knew, her mind was swimming with colours but no thoughts were coming to her brain, so ecstatic was she. All she could do was let out deep breaths to channel her energy and when that wasn't enough, low moans, When Taylor found her clitoris, that moan became a little yelp. With one hand, she took her little breast in her hand and squeezed hard.

For what felt like hours, Taylor just caringly made love to her clit with her mouth. Then Amy felt the finger just outside her entrance and she stiffened a little and then relaxed. She looked down at Taylor who still had her mouth clamped around her clit and just murmured to her.

'I haven't really used fingers much. Please, be gentle.'

Taylor understood and kept slowly sucking on her clit to keep the pleasure going, taking it in and out with the lightest pressure, while her middle finger pushed into her new pet. She met some resistance and she didn't push fully, and just let Amy get used to her a few inches in. After a pause, she looked back up, Amy nodded and she pushed a little further, a little harder. Amy gasped suddenly as her finger slipped in faster, and she was worried she had hurt for a moment and though there was a slight grimace on her face, when Taylor drew a circle with her tongue around her little nub, she moaned again. Her finger all the way in now, she just held it there, letting her settle.

Finger and hand still kept in place, Taylor delicately shifted her body around and moved herself next to Amy, so they were lying side by side facing each other, Amy naked with Taylor's finger filling her cunt and Taylor naked but for her jeans. They looked into each other's eyes and kissed briefly, before Taylor took one of Amy's hands and placed it around her own wrist next to her crotch, so that Amy could guide the pace of the fucking.

'Fuck yourself, pet.'

There it was again, that word 'pet'. It should have been demeaning and humiliating but when she heard it, Amy gripped Taylor's hand down there hard and forced it into herself. She gasped again at the little pain and discomfort but the tremors of pleasure from her pussy walls quickly overrode that. The discomfort was fading faster as the pleasure increased, and she guided Taylor's finger in and out of her faster and faster. She took Taylor's lips in hers and their tongue's met as she got fingered in this girl's bed she had literally met this morning. Not that she regretted it any of it. After who knows how long, she felt the pressure in her heart and mind build up to near unbearable levels, and there was a rhythm beating in her head that seemed like it was about to come to climax. Her eyes nearly glazed over and Taylor recognised that look. Her finger slamming in and out of Amy now, Taylor whispered,

'Cum for me, pet...'

Her finger curled back to skim her rough patch, and Amy lost it. She shut her eyes and gave the cutest, quietest whimper as the orgasm hit her like a train. She gripped Taylor's fingering hand so hard and forced it as far in her as she could go, screaming expletives at the top of her voice and arching her back. Ripples of pleasure came over her, her mind went blank and her toes stretched out. She fell flat back on the bed, still feeling complete with the finger inside her. Taylor slowly slid it out, sticky and wet, and sucked a little from the top, grinning down at her pet devilishly.

'Would you like to taste yourself, Amy?' Amy awoke from her daze surprised and confused. She had never tasted herself before. It seemed out of character and slutty, but right now she was loving feeling like a slut so much. Why be innocent when you can be a whore for this girl, she thought. Hesitantly, she moved up to Taylor's extended fingers, took the plunge and sucked them into her mouth. She tasted ... like nothing she had tasted before for a start. This was all new to her. It wasn't sweet or sour like she expected, there was a definite taste of sweat and excitement after all the build up but when she cleaned herself off Taylor's fingers, she reckoned to herself it was definitely a taste she wanted to experience again. Taylor patted her hair.

'Good girl. You're going to be such a good pet.'

'Why do you call me that? Pet?' She asked but then added quickly, '...not that I mind. At all. I quite like it.'

She was so cute when she gabbled her words like that. Such a submissive.

'Do you know about domination and submission, Amy?' When she nodded, she continued. 'Well, I'm a domme. I always have been. It's my nature. I can be bossy and domineering but I care for all my subs and pets fiercely. It's not in my nature to put up with shit, I do what I want. I take control. Whereas you ... from the moment, we met I could tell you were submissive. That you needed someone to take control of you. To lead you. To own you ... like a pet. I may be wrong but I think someone loves the idea of being owned by someone like me. Do you want to be my pet, Amy?'

Amy didn't know what to say. She was a grown woman. She was very independent. And she had met this woman literally hours earlier. But now she was being asked if she wanted to give everything she had over to this goddess, to literally give over her rights, to be owned. And she felt no compulsion to resist. Of course she wanted Taylor to own her. Everything before this day seemed irrelevant now and her answer was the only important thing.

'Yes Miss Taylor. I want to be your pet. You own me.'

At that moment, Taylor gripped her waist with such force and pulled her in so tight to kiss her that Amy thought she would squeeze the life of her. She kissed her with everything she had and didn't want to let go. Eventually, she let go and Amy fell back smiling, feeling a sense of relief she had never felt before. Her cares were gone while she was in this room. She was no longer in control in here, she didn't have to think about how badly her studying was going or big decisions she needed to make. When she was in here, she was just Taylor's to command now. Taylor, delighted at her reply, jumped off the bed and went over to the wardrobe. Amy lay in just her knickers on the bed curious when she was given her first command.

'On your knees in the middle of the floor. Shut your eyes.'

Amy complied instantly, slipping off the bed onto her knees and keeping her eyes shut, eager for the surprise. Taylor could be heard rummaging around then she heard her walk closer to her, standing above her. When she told her to open her eyes, Amy loved what she saw. In Taylor's outstretched palms was a pink collar. It looked like it would just fit tightly around her neck and knew that was where it was going. She was actually going to be her pet for real. The pink collar had a silver tag on it as well, where in white writing it said, 'I belong to Tay'.

Amy looked at the gift and then back up with Taylor with so much emotion in her eyes. Her mistress looked down proudly at her. She took the collar and clipped it round her neck, both of them wordless but knowing the huge symbolism of the act. Amy remained on her knees as Taylor undid her jeans and let them fall down, standing now in just black knickers. Hey, she hadn't gone matching either. Even through the black fabric, she was clearly soaking.

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