tagIncest/TabooThe Family Pet Ch. 03

The Family Pet Ch. 03


Author's Note - Thanks again for all the positive feedback, it really has been a joy to write knowing people actually enjoy it. A warning straight up, this part contains nearly no sex or erotic material until the very end and most of it is back story and drama for future instalments and to build up character development, so if you want sex, probably find another story, there'll be much more in later chapters.

I would strongly recommend reading the first two parts as I won't be recapping anything, like previously mentioned characters, in this story. This series is half based on truth but this part is almost entirely fictional. Hope you enjoy and this one makes you cry rather than gets you in the mood!


'Playing House'

*** December, 1, 2015 ***

'Not this again! You always accuse me of this and like it's just me! You act all innocent Amy and make out like it's me always leading you, but back when we first met, I remember the things you used to tell me you wanted...'

Amy felt guilty about that first time she had opened up to Taylor about her incestuous fantasies and knew it had come back to bite her on the ass. Taylor was getting confrontational and ready for an argument now, an argument Amy would probably lose. She was worried about the way things were going though and it was now or never.

'I know I said all these things in the past. I said I liked the fantasy. I love the idea of it and I can't help it. But that doesn't mean I could go through it with my own daughter. Surely you can understand that?'

Her voice was begging and Taylor huffed, not looking at her.

'I can understand that. I can. I don't want to pressure you. What I don't like Amy is this holier-than-thou approach from you, as if it's always me guiding you. You've always been the one that pushed this... So I don't get why you're giving me a hard time now. Karen's an adult and she can make her own decisions. Besides if she's your daughter, then she's going to want to be fucked by her mom. You've never said no when the incest stuff got "more real". Need I remind you about England?'

Amy sighed in defeat. She had got her there. She had really tumbled further than she would have liked with her incest fantasies back in England.

*** June, 6, 1996 ***

It was around noon as they walked out of Heathrow airport, the English summer sun out for once. Taylor clutched Amy's arm and said.

'Hey did you know it's the 52nd anniversary of D-Day today? Americans landing on European soil. Very apt, don't you think?'

Amy chuckled at the little historical joke and continued wheeling her suitcase, arm in arm with her lover.

'Well let's just hope the inevitable conflict later doesn't get as bad.' They both laughed again, but this time with a hint of nerves detectable. Taylor spied a phone booth and headed over to it, Amy following confused.

'Hey Amy, can't you call your folks and tell them we're gonna be late? We're in London, I wanna see the sights and get a tour from my English girl.'

'I can't! They're expecting us for lunch. I don't like lying to my parents, they can always tell, the bastards.'

'Oh, yes you can, look.' Taylor put on what was meant to sound like Amy's London accent but it just came out silly. 'Oh hello mama dearest, papa dearest, one is going to be late for supper, our plane was delayed.'

Amy looked at her mock indignation, pouting.

'I don't speak like that. You speak like this... "HI! I'm Taaaaaaaaaaaylor, I'm from New York. I'm from upstate."' But she couldn't even finish speaking in that ridiciously over the top New York jokey accent and she was laughing hard now.

'Just call them... please. I want a nice day if tonight's going to be as horrible as you think it is.' She gave Amy a puppy dog look and her heart melted, relenting. She pulled out a 50p from her purse and stepped into the phone booth. Taylor observed her curiously. Her voice seemed to go different when she was speaking to her mother, higher and more unsure of herself.

'Hi Mum... yeah the flight was delayed. We're just about to leave New York now, so... yeah... we're gonna miss lunch... well I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about it.' She sighed and continued, even though it seemed like an uphill struggle.

'It'll probably come in about 7o'clock so we could have dinner around 8. Yes I'm sorry. I know you spent all day cooking. Well I'm sorry... OK... OK... See you tonight. Bye...' She looked at the phone expectantly but her mother had seemingly hung up. Her face was glum at first, but she put it to the back of her mind and beamed at Taylor.

'Let's go explore London, baby!'

The afternoon sailed by. For Amy, after a whole year away, it felt so good to be home, in reassuring ways that she hadn't even realised she'd missed. Walking around hand in hand with Taylor through the capital, she hadn't realised how much she'd missed the old buildings which never seemed out of place in such a fresh, vibrant city. She missed the red buses and when she looked right at a crossing, it was nice to not have to correct herself for once.

Taylor, for her part, was loving being a tourist. This was her first time out of the States and the slight differences seemed fascinating if a little bemusing to each other. Luckily, the sun was out for a change, though it was June. They took a train into Central London and stopped off for a little day's detour. Both women were in sundresses that floated in the breeze, Amy's a sky blue and Taylor's a yellow that matched the light that was dancing off the Thames.

They took a stroll along the South Bank, Amy pointing out all the different landmarks along the way. When a statue jumped up and screamed at Taylor, she screamed and clutched Amy's hand for dear life, but when she realised it was a street entertainer, she was admittedly impressed and gave him a few quid. They stopped to get some lunch in a café near the Globe Theatre over looking St. Pauls to grab some lunch.

'I've got to hand it to you, this is a beautiful place. No New York, but beautiful all the same.'

'Thanks, babe. It's nice being back, truth be told.'

'Are you looking forward to seeing your parents?'

'Yes and no. Initially, they'll be all nice and welcoming. When they hear my... news, however, I think things could turn sour. And the delaying lunch to dinner thing will have pissed my mom off, as well. Let's hope she doesn't realise.'

'It's worth it for this day out. Come on, let's keep exploring!' Taylor jumped up and ran off, leaving Amy to pay, rolling her eyes.

'It's not exploring for me, I live here!'

'Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge, come on!' She grabbed Amy's hand and pulled them off into a run, and Amy couldn't help but smile. They walked hand in hand over Westminster Bridge and over to the Houses of Parliament. Taylor reached into her bag for her big camera and handed it to Amy.

'Take a picture of me outside Big Ben! Hey, that could be a new name for my strap on!'

Amy blushed ridiculously and shushed her quickly. A few good people probably heard, but of course this being England, no-one said anything. The day was running into the afternoon now but Taylor wanted to do some more sight seeing. When it came to late evening, they hopped onto the tube down from the Thames into South London, and got off around Croydon. After the majesty of the City, Taylor looked distinctly unimpressed. The buildings were more run-down, boring streets of terrace housing with no distinguishable features whatsoever.

'What can I say this is Croydon. Did you think I lived in Buckingham Palace or something?'

They were finally here. Amy dropped Taylor's hand and went up to the front porch and rang the doorbell. The ring on her finger glistened in the late summer evening sun. Footsteps could be heard bounding towards the door, which promptly swung open. A plump, blonde woman in her mid fifties, with her hair up in a bun and a black dinner dress that looked a few years old came hurtling out, grabbing Amy in a hug.

'Amy, my little ballerina! Oh come here, give your mum a hug! Oh I've missed you so much! And you, you must be Taylor, my your pretty, I've heard so much about you, come in, come in, both of you! David, they're here!'

She released Amy and beckoned them both inside. A tall, dark haired. smiling man in a black suit came to meet them, offering out his arms and Amy ran over and hugged him.

'Dad! It's so good to see you!'

'And you, pet.' Taylor couldn't help chuckle at that, to Amy's mom's confusion. 'My American girl back home!'

Amy gripped him tight then released him, walking back towards Taylor.

'Mum, Dad, this is my... friend Taylor. Taylor, this is Joanna and David.' Her parents weren't quite sure how to greet her, but David offered out a hand which Taylor shook hesitantly, smiling all the same.

'So your plane was delayed honey? What time did you get in?' David asked politely.

'About an hour ago, Dad. Yeah it was a nightmare.' Taylor thought she saw Joanna scrutinising Amy's face as she lied. She felt guilty now for pressuring her earlier. Joanna replied curtly.

'Well, I've managed to salvage some of the food from earlier to eat now, no thanks to British Airways. It's on the table so let's go eat. And I want to hear all about you, Taylor, Amy never stops speaking about you. I can't believe my little ballerina is home.' That made both girls blush.

'Oh wow, there's not much to tell...'

'Nonsense, nonsense, come on sit down, can I get anyone some drinks?'

Taylor started to feel a bit more comfortable. The welcome had been very warm, if a little awkward so far. David and Joanna seemed to be a little unsure why Amy had brought a friend back on her first time seeing them in over a year, but if there was any feeling of resentment, it wasn't very clear. They were perfectly friendly, maybe Amy had just got her over-worried. But then again, how would they react when Amy told them?

'What's with the fancy dress mum? You could have told us, we would have made an effort.'

'Oh its silly really, I'm just excited my little ballerina is home.' Amy rolled her eyes.

'Mum, would you stop calling me that, I'm not five anymore.'

'Sorry, old habits die hard. Come on, tuck in, tuck in.'

Dinner went swimmingly though. Taylor had some wine and began to feel much more at rest. She got on particularly well with Amy's dad, who seemed really interested about her life in America while Joanna bombarded Amy with questions, who was answering back happily. She was obviously loving being home. She forgot how hard it must be for her some time. The food was delicious, but when she praised Joanna she just waved her away as if it were nothing.

When all three courses had been served and the plates had been cleaned off, they all helped take them out into the kitchen. Amy's childhood home was small and a little cramped, but it felt homely. She could imagine Amy as a teenager here and the thought made her giggle.

This was where she'd learnt her first words, her bedroom was where she'd first realised that maybe she wasn't into guys, where she'd touched herself for the first time. Joanna and David were doing the immense washing up. They had both offered to help but been shooed away.

'Give your friend the tour, Amy, we'll be done in about twenty minutes.' Amy took her by the hand and led her up to her old bedroom. It was just as she'd remembered it. A small box room with purple walls and a single bed crammed into one corner. There were posters of ballerinas and bands she didn't even really know on the walls as well as polaroid pictures of days out with friends. A massive bookshelf filled one corner of the room, with a desk wedged next to it, cluttered with papers and old essays even though she'd moved out over a year ago.

The room still smelt faintly of the cheap perfume she used to use back at school. Taylor took it all in, imagining what the teenage Amy would have been like. She skipped over to the wardrobe and pulled out what she was looking for.

'Hey, Amy, would you model this for me sometime?' She pouted, holding up a girl's school -uniform outfit, white blouse, black pleat skirt and red tie all on one hanger. Amy laughed and bid her to put it away, for fear of her parents over hearing. She hung it back up in the wardrobe and they both sat on the bed, Taylor clasping Amy's hand between hers.

'This is going a lot better than I thought.'

'Well we haven't told them anything yet.'

'True, how do you think they're gonna react?'

'I don't know... even if I thought they were OK with one element of it, all three? That's too much for the most reasonable of people and that's not my mum.' Feeling naughty, Taylor tried to change the subject.

'So is this bed where you first... found yourself?'

'You mean masturbate? Not in here, but I can show you where...' Intrigued, Taylor followed her out into the adjacent bedroom, a bland beige room with a double bed in the middle.

'Your parents bed, really? Kinky, I like it.' Amy hovered on telling her the truth, then figured Taylor knew just how perverted she was anyway.

'The first time I did it, I used to get a pair of my mum's dirty knickers and put on her clothes, mainly her underwear. And I would lick them and taste her, and imagine it was her fingers on me... and I'd come straight away.' She lost herself in the fantasy for a minute there and when she came around, Taylor was smirking.

'You really do want to get fucked by mommy, don't you?' Amy didn't know what to say.

'I guess I've always wanted to... a bit. I've always craved her approval. It's probably why I'm so submissive. We used to have arguments and I'd lose of course. Something about the confrontation though, just got me so... wet. She used to spank me as a child and I remember... enjoying it... am I fucked up?'

'Yes... but I love you for it. Come here.' Taylor pulled her in for a kiss. Just then, Joanna called for them to come back downstairs. Taylor gave her hand a squeeze and a peck on the cheek for good luck. She said she just needed the bathroom and she'd join her downstairs. When she filed into the living room, Amy's parents were both sitting perched on the sofa, each holding a glass of wine. Her girlfriend sat on the opposite sofa and she went over and joined her. Amy braced herself.

'Mum, Dad. I have a few announcements. This might take a while and I'm not sure what you're gonna say but please hear me out.' Their faces changed to ones of concern and they waited on Amy to spill it out. She took a deep breath and went for it.

'OK so I guess I have three things to say. Oh, boy. OK, number one... I'm getting married...'

Joanna gasped loudly, squeaking, her face lit up with pleasure. Concern still played across David's face however, and when he made eye contact with Taylor who was conspicuously silent, he knew. Before Joanna could say anything, Amy continued.

'But the second thing is that I should say... we're getting married. Me and Taylor. Mum, Dad, I'm gay...'

SMASH! Joanna's wine glass dropped to the floor, her fingers just frozen in incredulity, much like her face. David just seemed to nod silently. Taylor couldn't read his face. Did he know already? Was he fine, disappointed, angry? Joanna's face was easier to read. She was flustered and far from happy, just staring at Amy with no discernible expression on her face, just a face of shock.

Amy seemed to recoil slightly. Just noticing the broken glass, David stood up to go to the kitchen for something to clean it up, trying to get some space for a minute but Amy launched into the third and final point.

'It's a little quick but the reason I'm getting married is because... I'm pregnant.'

THUMP! Taylor looked around in shock, to see David had fainted as he stood up. If Joanna's mouth had been ajar learning her daughter was a lesbian, her jaw practically hit the floor. She had just learnt her daughter was gay, pregnant and engaged to be married. A little shock was overdue, Taylor assumed. Still Joanna didn't say anything. Amy looked panicked, and Taylor reached out and held her hand. That caught Joanna's attention, her nostrils flaring up. David picked himself up and glared at his daughter.

'Pregnant? Well who's the father?'

*** May, 14, 1996 ***

'And where did she take you? I bet it was somewhere expensive... or a trip... or what? Oh do tell!'

Some woman Amy had only met about ten minutes ago was clutching both her hands, squealing in girlish delight, asking for details of the amazing date Taylor had taken her on last Sunday. She seemed fake and insincere, just like her clearly dyed peroxide hair. Taylor was a natural blonde but this woman just seemed hollow. Still, she kept pressing for details.

She met Taylor's eyes across the corner of the room, who apologetically shrugged as if it to say 'sorry about my friends'. This girl was Taylor's friend Dan's latest bimbo, Taylor didn't know her that well, but here she was at their party, acting as if she was one of the gang. Dan saw Amy stuttering and walked over, beer in hand.

'Britney, come on now, Amy is meant to be hosting, let her catch her breath. This is a cute place you got here, Amy.'

Amy was grateful for his intervention but politely answered the question.

'Erm... Taylor took me for a picnic in Central Park, then we went for a meal at Tavern on the Green.'

'TAVERN ON THE GREEN! Wow! You must have booked way in advance! Dan tried a while back but they were completely full!'

Dan made a face behind her back and winked. She liked Dan, he was funny. Amy was forced to suppress her giggle, not that Britney noticed. Her voice was too high pitched and screechy for Amy's liking, and she got excited by nearly everything. Amy put on a straight face and replied.

'Yeah, I think Taylor booked it about a month ago', she said blushing. 'She takes good care of me.'

'Say what now?' Taylor had sauntered up behind her and kissed her on the cheek, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her a little closer. Amy smiled back and said in a sweet voice.

'I was just saying how you take great care of me.' Taylor beamed and leaned in, their noses touching and nuzzling, a wonderful cute moment before it was broken by Britney squeaking loudly again.

'And then what did you do after that? Ooh, ooh, is one of you the man and the other...?'

Dan coughed loudly and pulled her by the hand away, looking over his shoulder apologetically at the girls.

'OK Britney, that's enough chatting now. Have you met Ted?' And with that, he wheeled her off somewhere else to bore another one of their guests. Taylor looked at Amy with nervous, questioning eyes.

'How do you think it's going?'

Amy looked around the room, judging the housewarming party she was throwing. All Taylor's friends were here in their new apartment, drinking and all seemingly having a great time. There were about twenty stuffed into this tiny room, kitchen living room and dining room all in one, with a tiny bedroom crammed with a double bed and nothing else, and a toilet and shower just off that. After graduating, Amy had decided to extend her stay across the pond for Taylor. It had seemed a no-brainer for the two of them to move in.

After a few weeks staying in hostels while Taylor had gone back to her hometown to scrape the money together, they had bought this place. It wasn't much but it was theirs. It had looked a bit drab at first but after a Saturday of decorating while power singing to a Take That CD, some cheesy English boy band Amy liked, they had got the place looking like somewhere someone actually lived. Somewhere they could call a home. Seeing all these people, all Taylor's friends in here made her feel like they had done a good job. She just wished she had a few more friends in this country now all of her college friends had dispersed but no matter. She grinned back at her lover reassuringly.

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