tagIncest/TabooThe Family Pet Ch. 07

The Family Pet Ch. 07


Author's Note – This is a long series which aimed to create a romantic, incestuous, lesbian family in a realistic way. Therefore, the process has been very long but hopefully it will be worth it. Having said that, this story is all sex so for once if you're looking for a quick one-handed scroll down tale, this might be for you. I'd strongly advise reading the previous chapters but here is a little recap.

The Family Pet – Taylor and Amy are in the midst of some anal lovemaking when their daughter, Karen, comes home early, interrupting them. We also travel back in time and meet Amy on her college campus bumping into Taylor for the first time and their first date.

Who's Your Mommy? – While in the present day, Taylor seems to be eyeing up her daughter to Amy's discomfort, we see in the past Amy losing her virginity with Taylor, being collared by her Mistress and later confiding in her that she loves the image of breastfeeding from Taylor, calling her her Mommy. Taylor tells her incestuous fantasies turn her on too ...

Playing House – We learn of the time Taylor and Amy travelled to England to meet Amy's parents where she hit them with the triple confession that she was gay, pregnant and marrying Taylor. When they ask who the father is, the harrowing tale comes out of a huge argument the two lovers had which ended in Amy drunkenly letting a stranger fuck her in an alley. Eventually, they get back together and Taylor forgives her, offering to raise her baby with her. Meanwhile, the couple gets more adventurous with their incestuous roleplay.

Past Karen's Bedtime – Karen dreams of her mother fucking her after she interrupts her masturbating. Later that night when Amy and Tay are just climbing into bed, Karen starts sleepwalking naked towards their room, masturbating in her sleep. The two mothers watch their daughter and play with each other, all three sharing an orgasm unbeknownst to Karen.

Where Else but Lesbos? – After the night time antics, it becomes clear Amy is starting to warm to the idea of seducing their daughter. The parents invite their daughter to a lesbian bar that they own, somewhere they have always distanced her from. Meanwhile, we hear about their lesbian wedding back in the day and their romantic honeymoon on the isle of Lesbos.

It's Showtime! – Karen goes shopping with family friend Sarah for a dress to wear at the gay club that evening. Shop assistant Jaz flirts with her and tells her she will be there too. Little does she know Taylor has paid Jaz to engineer it so her daughter gets to the Basement show, her club's private sex party. Jaz takes her to the Basement and they both strip off awaiting the show. Taylor comes out naked and the show begins ...


Ch.07 – 'Like A Rainbow'

Karen lay back in the cushion facing the stage, naked as the day she was born, with around fifty other naked women around her, most rubbing their crotches sensually, or indeed the girl's next to them. On stage, the focus of all this touching, illuminated by the sultry red lights was her own mother, Taylor ...

'Are you already for the filthiest show in the dirtiest sex dungeon in town?' Her mom roared. Her own mom ... she couldn't comprehend it.

'YES!' The audience cried in unison.

Karen gawped at her mother's body. Coming up to forty, she had kept her figure remarkably well, looking for all the world like the volleyball high school star Karen knew she had been. But to see her in this environment... it was wrong. This was her mother. It wasn't natural for a daughter to be staring at her mother's breasts, clad with nipple tassles, and so longingly as well... and if that was wrong, how much worse was it that all Karen could think of was ripping those tassles off?

Her mind raced back guiltily to the dream she had had, only last night, of her mother taking her, fucking her, owning her. She had tried to put away those dark thoughts then, she knew she had to banish them but now here in this sex basement, a secret Sapphic underworld that her own mother had created ... well that was going to be impossible.

She hoped to God that her mother would not look out into the audience and see her. Thankfully, the room was very darkly lit apart from the brightness of the stage, and she knew from acting in school that the person up front can barely see anything apart from the white shining in their face. She was probably safe for now but would there be audience participation? It was a sex show after all.

Would she wander into the crowd, looking for an eager slut to involve and stumble upon her own darling daughter? The shame it would bring her, to know that her daughter had become a little slut too and what's more that her daughter had seen her naked and on show like this and just sat there, enjoying it. She wanted to fuck her own mother, twisted and perverted as it was. Maybe she should leave, she couldn't bear the life changing consequences if her mom caught her.

But her panicky thought process was interrupted by a wonderful jolt of tingling eroticism that started in her clitoris and flooded up through her body, finishing with a pulse in her head. Jaz's hand had begun to slowly tease her clit through her knickers, even though she had not invited her to. But she didn't say no. She faced Jaz who was looking at her with loving eyes, and the two young women kissed, chocolate skin contrasting with white. She saw Jaz had stripped totally naked and decided she must do the same as soon as possible.

The pressure on Karen's clit increased, causing her to moan into Jaz's mouth. Her own hands remained still on the cushion beside her. She felt she should touch Jaz too but she was scared. If it was a nice man's cock waiting, she could give the best handjobs in town. But even though she knew how to please herself, she was worried about doing it wrong. Just as she was about to pluck up the courage to go for it, to touch her special place, Jaz broke away.

'It's about to start. That's my boss, isn't she amazing?'

Well Jaz clearly didn't know that was her mother! Her hand remained on her clit, gently stimulating it, making her heart flutter and in that super turned on state, how could she lie?

'Yeah ... she's fucking gorgeous...'

That fucking gorgeous mother of hers clapped her hands loudly and the whole room fell silent. Couples who had been making out and fingering each other snapped to attention, all eyes on Taylor.

'The theme of tonight's show is .... RAINBOW!' The audience gave a little 'oooh' of appreciation, like the gasp a crowd makes watching the fireworks blaze on the 4th of July. 'So will you please welcome our girls tonight ... first up, it's RED ROSA!'

From the wing to the stage's left, a red headed woman sidled out seductively, sashaying her hips, dressed in a red Venetian mask, red bra, red thong, red fishnets and finally red high heels. And if that wasn't enough rouge, to complete the whole red ensemble, a red nine inch strap-on hung from her waist, thick and covered in plastic veins. The sight of that made Karen's mouth water. Her mother continued.


She threw her arm to the right, welcoming a woman of an Indian complexion in exactly the same garb as Red Rosa, although inevitably this time in orange. And yes, she too packed an impressive strap on. This act went on until seven women of different looks and nationality had strolled onto the stage to join her mother. As she announced all the names, her mother walked round them, inspecting them, spanking an ass every now and there. Karen hated herself for how much this was turning her on.

After Orange Olivia came Yellow Yasmine, a Japanese beauty, then Green Gemma, a pale skinned girl with jet black hair, possibly Irish. A blonde by the name of Blue Beth followed, then dark skinned Indigo Imogen and finally Violet Vicki, a staggering brunette. Her mom had clearly gone for ethnic diversity, Karen mused, all the colours of the beautiful lesbian rainbow.

'What do you think of my foxy rainbow, ladies?' Taylor asked and the audience hollered back their approval. 'And now time for the final piece in the jigsaw ... bring out the pet, Rosa!'

Red nodded and stepped behind the curtain. When she reappeared seconds later, in her red nail-polished fingers was a dog's lead. Karen's eyes travelled down the lead to the collar, attached to the aforementioned pet. The pet was obviously not a dog, but a naked slave. By the slight sag and plumpness of her body, Karen would have guessed she was about her moms' age, the little tits she had drooping down as she crawled forward on all fours.

Her hair or her facial features however, Karen did not have a clue about. Held in place by the tight dog's collar round her neck, the pet's whole head was obscured a black sack, the sort you carry your sneakers to the gym in. A mouthpiece for breathing had been cut out where the lips were, but no eyeholes. Instead, where the brow was, it read in pink capital letters, crudely painted on, PET WHORE.

The pet crawled forward to centre stage, the rainbow girls parting to allow her to come through. Rosa handed over the lead to Taylor, who thanked her with a full kiss on the lips. For a moment, Karen's heart went out to her other mom, Amy, but then surely she knew about this. Was she going to see her naked later as well? Wrong as it was, she hoped so.

Her mother unclipped the lead, the pet remaining motionless on all fours. Taylor took the leash in her hand and straightened it, looping it back on itself, forming a tight rope and without warning, brought it firmly down like a whip on the pet's offered ass. It connected with a loud 'CRACK' and the naked slave shot forward, rocketed by the impact.

Karen thought she heard her whimper. The audience cheered as the brutal punishment was inflicted on the slave's ever so slightly flabby cheeks, still wobbling now. Taylor picked up on this and called out, looking deliciously evil in full dominatrix mode. She held up the makeshift whip.

'Does she need another one, ladies?'


'Do you deserve another one?'

'YES!' Karen cried.

Karen didn't even notice the word leave her mouth, it was an instinctive shout but when she realised she was the only one who had yelled, she immediately felt ridiculous, blushing, hoping no one could make her out in the darkness. Jaz must have sensed her embarrassment, as her still hand sandwiched between her wet thighs gave an encouraging stroke. Taylor smiled.

'I was just talking to the pet but nice to know we have some enthusiastic whores in tonight. So my pet, do you deserve it?'

Karen watched intently. She couldn't make out the face for the black bag but she could see the slave's head held low begin to move in a submissive nodding motion.

'Next question. Do you want to be hurt, pet?'

To Karen's surprise, the pet nodded and more eagerly that time. And it was that point that Karen understood. Her mom might be playing the role of the evil dominatrix but this was all done with the utmost attention for the sub's needs. Whoever this slave was, she clearly loved submission, loved being hurt, wanting to feel the sting of the whip on her asscheeks more than anything else right then. And being watched only intensified the feeling, Karen would imagine anyway. In many ways, she would love being that sub she thought. But more than that, she wished she was the one holding the whip...

CRACK! The dog's leash came flying through the air again, connecting hard, the sound ringing through the air. As it hit the ass, Jaz pinched her clit hard, making Karen let out a tiny cry just as the slave moaned with pain, though the bag muffled her yelp. She turned to Jaz who was watching her and not the show again. The kiss was inevitable.

Slowly though, Karen moved her hand and gently rested it on Jaz's flat stomach, unsure how to proceed. With her free hand, Jaz gripped that wrist tightly and gingerly nudged it down until Karen landed on her heat. That, as well as the immense wetness, was the first thing that struck her about touching another woman's vagina for the first time in all her eighteen years. The sheer heat of that cunt, a sexual flame burning in her, a cunt that was as hot as its owner's body was hot.

She let the hand just rest there, breaking away from the kiss and turned her attention back to her mom on stage. Taylor paused expertly, teasing the crowd, the whole room turned up to eleven with sexual tension. She threw the whip out into the crowd and two naked butch women scrabbled for it.

'OK, you've met the performers, so let the performance begin! Enjoy the night ladies, have a wonderful time, remember, you can approach anyone in the Basement but respect each other's wishes. No means no. Happy fucking!'

With that, she hopped the two feet or so off the stage onto the floor and settled onto a cushion that was free in between two other ladies she seemed to know intimately, kissing them both on the cheek and one even going for a cheeky grab of her boob, which she slapped away playfully. She was married, Karen reminded herself. Her mom settled into the cushion, sinking her back fully into it then spread her legs, interweaving them with the spread legs of the women either side of her and began to caress herself through the material of the red underwear she was wearing.

Many of the women now had begun to stand up and walk around, looking for sex partners. Karen figured with her mom's departure the orgy had begun, and the show on the stage was meant for background entertainment and inspiration. Karen was still glued to what was happening though. The pet remained on her hands and knees but now Red Rosa was slowly coming up behind her, slapping her big dildo against the slave's ass and getting in position to begin fucking her. Meanwhile, the other six rainbow girls had formed pairs and were making out and fondling each other in all the right places. Karen couldn't look away though.

To her disappointment, the hand on her clit had disappeared but then Jaz filled her vision, now looming over her, moving in for the kiss. Karen opened her lips and Jaz's tongue filled that space as soon as possible, her own tongue exploring Jaz too ... but the slave had captivated her and she wanted to continue watching. Somewhere in her, some dominatrix sadistic streak had been activated and all she wanted was to see this submissive whore get fucked.

When the black girl pulled back slowly from the kiss, fluttering her eyelashes, Jaz noticed the lesbian virgin peeking over her shoulder to get a glimpse of the show. She chuckled to herself, these newbies were always overwhelmed by the basement. She decided to give her her wish, moving out of her line of sight, moving her head further down to Karen's nape. She found a sweet spot of flesh, licking it, triggering an erogenous zone Karen had never really experienced with rough men before. But this woman's ever so soft touch on her neck had her pussy gushing.

Karen felt the love bite being given, the flesh sucked into the gorgeous black girl's mouth but her eyes never left the stage. Rosa was gunning into the nameless pet with a lust filled intensity, and although she was no doubt enjoying it, the faceless slut was being fucked hard enough that screams of pain were emanating from the breathing hole. Her small tits swung in the air as she was doggy fucked, and she moaned like a beast, a bitch to be used.

Karen ran her fingers through the black frizzy hair, pushing Jaz closer to her, feeling their connection. How had she never done this with a woman before? She had been missing out on so much, why had her moms never tempted her till now? Sarah was absolutely right, a woman's touch was out of this world!

Her eye's left the slave fucking for one second to glance around the room and what she saw got the cushion her cunt was resting on even stickier. While about half the room were still engrossed in the rainbow antics, the rest had got the orgy going. To her left, what could only be described as a cunnilingus chain had commenced, five women linked only by their wet cunts and eager, greedy, lapping tongues. Their licking was noisier but their breathless pants and moans were even louder.

One huge butch women, who looked about fifty had a fair-haired girl, who looked no older than Karen and little taller than five feet, up against a wall with her whole fist moving through her insides, pummelling her and Karen couldn't make out whether the tiny blonde was screaming in pleasure ... or not ...

Two Asian women who looked scarily like twins were 69-ing, paying no attention to the show, exclaiming in a language didn't understand, but Karen understood the universal language of orgasm. And there sat her mom still, watching the show she had orchestrated intently although now her hand was tucked inside her knickers, stroking her labia while her cool gaze fell on her slave.

Rosa slid out of the pet now, standing up and embracing Beth and Olivia who had been fingering each other whilst standing. When Rosa grabbed Beth's ass and kissed her neck from behind, Olivia took that as her signal, wanking off the fake cock, lubing it up with her own juices she imagined and bent down to the waiting pet, still on all fours like a dog.

Her head was held low but when Olivia roughly thrust herself into her, that dog threw its head back and howled. Olivia's hands grabbed her hips and started thrusting forward in a relentless rhythm while the slave's body looked weak, only supported by her flimsy paws. Its body looked lifeless as the Asian woman used her like a fucktoy.

Jaz moved her attention away from Karen's sweet spot of neck to lovingly suck an erect nipple into her mouth. Karen gasped although the noise was lost among all the other gasps and moans that were now filling the sordid basement. Some were low and guttural, some were high pitched uncontrolled screams and some just sounded like raw animal mating. Her nipples were as hard as stone now, Jaz noted as she pursed one between her front teeth and nibbled gingerly. The fingers laced through Jaz's hair pushed her down harder, Karen taking control for once, moving Jaz's body to her whim.

Jaz went to kiss the other boob now, kissing as much as she could then sucking the nipple in. Karen had extremely sensitive nipples, knowing that she could bring herself near the point of orgasm just by fondling them when she masturbated. Guys said they were interested in boobs but most of them just wanted to shove their cocks into her as fast as possible. Not that she was complaining but it was nice to have someone just ... make love to her breasts for the sake of their own enjoyment.

The sensations coming from her twin peaks were so overwhelming that she just shut her eyes and went with it, managing to tear her eyes away from the pet. Jaz was an expert, swirling her tongue around them then gently easing them into the mouth to apply pressure just at the right moment, in a way only a fellow woman could. Colours danced in her head, moans escaped her mouth with no control over them and she found herself moaning Jaz's sweet name.

Jaz had never ravished a virgin before but the experience was wondrous. Every slight touch produced ecstatic little moans from Karen, and everything must be so new and exciting. Wait till she tastes pussy, she thought excitedly. Still kissing her chest, Jaz waved her fingers in the air then brought them down on her cunt again, soothing Karen with two fingers along her wet entrance.

'Ooooooh Jasmine, fuck me!'

It was almost like she was begging but Jaz was only too happy to obey. She didn't need telling twice. She slid two fingers up her gaping slit, not pausing for a moment and Karen swallowed them up, her pussy desperate for them, clawing to be filled. Her walls felt tight without being resistant, the sheer wetness of her cunt providing more than enough lubrication and so Jaz began a rhythm with her wrist, gently finger fucking the brunette while again she chewed softly on a nipple.

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