tagBDSMThe Family Ritual Ch. 18

The Family Ritual Ch. 18


(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the main characters:

The Cassidy's
Matthew: The Patriarch
Helen: His wife
Hayley: Their youngest daughter
Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell
Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth
Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn
Lance:Elder brother to Matthew
Miriam: Lance's wife.

Son in law's
Brandon Mitchell - Actor
Daniel Worth –Sports agent
Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah
* Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, being considered as possible husband for Daniela
Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley
*Isabel Cassidy Smythe – Daughter of Matthew's Sister Maxine, suitor to Daniela
*Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, Matthew's brother suitor to Daniela
Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board
Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

*Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley
*Brian West – Assistant to Jake
Daniela –Frederick's daughter and now submissive to Hayley
Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

* New main character's

Daniela was very surprised with the room that Mason had arranged for her. Mason had the room redone in Daniela's favorite colors with a canopy bed, beautiful furniture and a chaise lounge.

"I've done this for you. Why don't you rest and I'll make us some lunch." Mason told her.

"I can help." Daniela said to him.

"No, you will rest or I'll swat your butt. I will come and get you when lunch is ready." Mason kissed her cheek.

Daniela unpacked and got into bed. She was very tired and soon fell asleep.

Mason knocked on the door and went in. She was sound asleep. He kissed her face, stroked her cheek, and left her to sleep.

He had lunch alone and did some bookkeeping before leaving for the restaurant.


Margo had a modeling assignment. She arranged everything at the house in upstate New York. She purchased groceries for at least a few months, chains, drugs to knock Miss Daniela out but would not hurt the baby, ropes, a flogger and books. The books and the computer taught her everything she knew about how to deliver a baby.

Wilson had managed to convince Margo to take him to the house since he was supposed to be helping her. Wilson took photographs unbeknownst to Margo and sent them to Blake. Blake laughed at the sheer immaturity of this plot. Miss Margo would pay and Blake couldn't wait until January 3rd. She would be the one who would be a captive.


Hayley and Jake were planning a party to bring in the New Year. Brandon and Samantha were coming, Mason and Daniela, Daniel and Denise, Quinn and Jonah, Stephen and Mary plus two more couples that were friends of Jake.

Mary was invited to spend the night. Stephen returned from Maine. He had his father's blessing to pursue Mary and he was glad. He was in love with this young woman. Dent and Sally were coming after the New Year. They were excited to meet Mary. Dent especially wanted to see Jake's sister. He hoped he would get to deflower her.


Hayley worked with Marvina diligently over the menu and decorations for the party. Hayley wanted it to be festive and fun. Jake helped Hayley when he wasn't busy at work. Marvina left early New Year's Eve, since she had her own party to attend and told Hayley that she would be fine. The catering service arrived and set everything up just the way Hayley wanted. As she walked around the house, she was pleased.

Just before the guests were set to arrive, Brian came to the apartment building to receive two envelopes from Hayley for Lance's punishment. Hayley handed them to him. One would go to Matthew and the other to Kenneth. No one but Hayley, not even Jake, knew what she had decided.


Daniela slept the entire day and woke up just in time for dinner. Mason had gone out to check on the restaurant leaving his housekeeper to look after her. He returned to find Daniela changing her clothes for dinner.

Mason took her to the restaurant. He introduced her to the staff and they were seated in one of the private rooms. "This is my world that I want you a part of. I want to know what you'd like to do. I know that we will have a baby so I think you'll be home with the child, but other than that, do you want to do something special with your time."

"You know I'm going to school." Daniela said, "I'm just in my senior year and I'd like to finish. If we are together then I can transfer here. I would have to travel back and forth until the school year ended."

"I understand and I can come to Boston. My staff is quite capable of handling things here." Mason said. He bit his lip, "My parents are coming on January 2nd. They'd like to meet you."

"Oh my, what do I say to royalty?" Daniela laughed.

Mason laughed loudly, "They are very down to earth, don't worry about that. It is my sister, Claudia who has her nose stuck up her ass, but you won't meet her for quite some time. She's in South Africa with her husband who is a diplomat."

"Tomorrow, I would like to spend time with you until we go to Hayley and Jake's for the party. Would you like to do anything special? Mason asked.

"No. I think that I'd like to spend the day with you at home." Daniela said.

"All right, let's have dinner and then go home." Mason said feeling flustered.

Daniela reached over the table and took Mason's hand. He trembled and she smiled at him. "Do I make you nervous?" She said as she took his hand and kissed his palm.

Mason said nothing as she took his index finger in her mouth and sucked it. "Are you teasing me?" He said his voice horse.

"You didn't answer me Mason, do I make you nervous?" Daniela said watching him.

"You make me nervous and you make me want to spank you for teasing me. I've wanted to take all your clothes off that sexy body since I met you." Mason said seriously.

"I heard you spoke to my father and asked for my hand. I heard you spoke to Jake and asked him how far you could take me." Daniela's voice was soft, flirtatious.

Mason groaned, "Woman you're making me crazy."

"Then let's finish eating and go home." Daniela said.

They finished dinner. Daniela ordered dessert, strawberries with cream and she took her time eating it as Mason watched her his dick growing by the minute.

She was playing with him and he was enjoying every minute of it. They finished and walked hand in hand, back to his home.

Once inside the apartment, the doors closed, Mason pushed Daniela against the wall. He pulled off her coat and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a button down sweater and a short skirt with hose and garter underneath and a push up bra.

Mason unbuttoned the sweater and stared at her breasts in the bra. He licked between her cleavage, and back up to ravage her mouth. Daniela was breathless.

Mason took her hand and pressed it to his crotch. He was steel. "You see what you've done to me. You see how hard you have made me. You see how patient I have been with you. I'm trying, really trying to behave, but you're driving me mad."

Daniela smiled at him. "You want me, then take me. Show me that you are my master. Show me how much you want me Mason."

Mason growled, "Please Daniela I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't, not beyond my endurance, but I need you to be who you are with me, Mason." She said grabbing his cock through his pants, "I am your slave tonight, do as you wish."

Mason grabbed her and kissed her hard. He pushed Daniela to her knees and she unbuttoned his pants. She took his cock in her mouth.

"Did I tell you, you could suck me? I didn't even tell you, you could unbutton my pants. I'll teach you to be what I need." Mason said knowing that he still had to temper his desires.

Daniela looked up at him, her eyes ablaze, "I know I've been bad. I should know better, but I don't think you're man enough to make me behave. I can be very obstinate." Daniela said as she took his cock back in her mouth.

Infuriated Mason grabbed Daniela by her hair, pulling her off his cock. He picked her up and took her into the bedroom. She bit his neck on the way and he dumped her on the bed. Mason pulled the restraints from the bed and secured her hands. "I can't put you in full bondage but I can restrain your hands." He said.

Daniela could see all the lust he was feeling. She could see the self-control he had been keeping slip away. She smiled and Mason slapped her once, twice, not too hard, but to let her know that he was serious. Daniela stopped smiling. A part of Mason wanted to whip her, but another part, the biggest part knew that she wanted to know who he was as a Dom, her Dom and he would show her with love.

Mason stripped Daniela of her skirt. He freed first one hand, then the other so that he could take off her shirt. She lay before him in garter and hose and that damn beautiful black push up bra. "I hope you don't love the bra you're wearing." Mason said as he took a switchblade from his pocket and cut the bra from her body.

Her breasts were magnificent in his eyes and Mason couldn't help but suck them. He suckled her nipples. Mason pushed her breasts together taking both nipples in her mouth. Daniela was in heat and made the decision to tell him that she chose him at the party. Mason felt down her body. Daniela gasped. "Yes Mason, yes."

"You belong to me. I have to give you to Jake for a little while longer, but you belong to me." Mason said feasting on her nipples.

Reluctantly he let the nipple go to get off the bed and undress. She watched him as he took of his clothes slowly, stripping just for her. His dick tented in his underpants. When he removed them, his dick stood up proudly. Daniela licked her lips.

"You see what you've done. You will take care of it with your mouth, your pussy and your ass. You can wait to give me your answer, but I will tell you that from tonight on, you belong to me and if anyone tries to take you away from me, I will kill them.

You are mine, that baby is mine." He said as he got on the bed and opened her legs. Daniela didn't move she watched him as Mason felt up her thighs to her waist and back down. He bent down to smell her pussy. He licked her bare pubic area. He ran his hand across the stubble, "From now on this is to be clean every day. I don't want any hair on it. Do you understand?" He said slapping her pussy.

"Ahhhhh." Daniela said in pain and in pleasure.

Mason hit her there again, "When I ask you a question, answer me."

"Yes Mason." Daniela said a wicked gleam in her eye.

"I'm sure that's not what you call Jake. You will be my wife. Here in this house it is Sir, you can forget that Master crap, but it will always be said with respect." He said slapping her pussy hard.

"Yes Sir!" Daniela said. It felt so damn good.

Mason slid two fingers into her pussy and felt her clinch them. "My little slut is wet. Your cunt is soaking. I'm going to enjoy this. I had planned to wait, to take my time, but you didn't want that. You wanted to tease me, so don't cum until I give you permission."

"Ah, please Sir." Daniela begged.

"I love how you beg; you'll be doing quite a bit of that tonight." Mason said as he moved his fingers in and out. He had to taste her, but first he lay his head on her stomach, "Little baby, you are my child. I will raise you and teach you and take you riding at the castle, I will love your mother and spank her when she is naughty, but I will always take care of her." Mason said and then bent down to worship Daniela's pussy.

Mason took his time. He was a connoisseur at sucking pussy. He had been instructed when he was a teenager by one of his mother's friends, an older woman who showed him exactly what to do. He brought Daniela to heights, then back down, then back up again. She was begging and pleading for release, but Mason refused her. She had teased him to no end and now all he wanted was to feast upon her nectar and make her suffer.

Mason fell into Daniela's pussy. He devoured it. Each taste, each lick made him fall more in love with her. All his frustration disappeared, all his pretend anger vanished and in its place was nothing but love. He would die if she didn't marry him.

Mason stared at her, "Cum Daniela, cum for me." He said and she let go. Daniela creamed into his mouth and Mason drank every bit. She pulled on the tether, she wrapped her legs around his head and still he drank. He loved her taste, her smell, her stocking legs around his head.

Daniela had never felt anything like it. She came through her soul and she knew at that moment that she and Mason would be together forever. Finally, she released him from the lock she had around his head. She was satisfied and tired.

Mason lay on her chest for quite some time as Daniela came down from her orgasm. He untied her and she held him as he lay on her. Mason looked up and kissed her lips. Daniela with a gleam in her eye kissed Mason's lips, then she kissed his throat and down to his chest. He had a light dusting of hair and she sucked his nipples. Mason stroked her hair as she continued down to his cock.

Daniela sucked on his cock gently, reverently, tenderly. He allowed her to take him as she wished. Mason watched her. He felt the love she had for him and Mason was glad. He felt as if his heart would burst from happiness.

"Sir, I know we have to be a little bit careful, but I want you to take my mouth." Daniela said taking her mouth off his cock."

Mason wound his hand in her hair and began using it to move her up and down on his cock that was growing and hardening in her mouth. Mason didn't want to cum like this not the first time, he wanted her pussy to receive his semen. He wanted her pussy to be flooded with his juices, which he would then suck out of her.

Jake was right, Mason thought, her dick sucking was superb. He didn't' want to know who had taught her, but they taught her well. Mason would make very good use of that mouth.

Halfheartedly he pulled Daniela off his cock. He brought her up to lie on top of him and kissed her lips, "I don't want to be my very Dom self, not tonight. Tonight I want to make love to you. I will punish you at some point for all the teasing, but tonight that is not what I want. Tonight I want you to feel what is in my heart. My heart is in love with you." Mason said as he put his cock at her entrance.

Mason moved Daniela's body so she was underneath him. He pushed slowly inside her. Daniela brought her knees up and Mason moved inside her. "God, your pussy is so tight. It is wrapped around my cock like a glove. It fits so perfectly." He breathed as he moved slowly back out, then back in again.

Daniela moaned, she was enjoying his movements. She whispered in his ear, "I love you Mason."

"I adore you Daniela." Mason said as he moved his hips faster and faster. Their mouths met and their tongues danced as he fucked into her. Mason had never felt so much and he didn't' want it to end. He didn't want this moment to end.

Mason held on as long as he could, but her pussy was just too delicious, it was pulling him too tightly as he finally had to cum. Mason held Daniela tightly to him as he thrust inside her body and his cum flooded out of him into her.

His orgasm triggered hers and she came, her fingers digging into his back. They whispered their love as they both held each other not wanting to ever let the other go. Mason finally released and with great love and tenderness he went down to her pussy and sucked their mixed juices savoring it and Daniela knew that this was the perfect man for her.


New Year's Eve and Hayley was dressed in a black and red corseted gown. She looked divine and Jake told her so. He was in a new tuxedo which Brian had ordered hand made for him from London.

Quinn arrived looking stunning in a dark blue gown. Her hair again in long braids, while Jonah dressed in his tuxedo followed behind her. Jake went over to Jonah, "How are you doing? We haven't had time to talk much."

"I'm fine Jake, better than fine. Quinn and I are at a good place. She's always been the strong one and I'm very happy to let her take the reins." Jonah said.

"I'm happy for you." Jake answered.

Mary arrived with Stephen. They were holding hands. Jake had Mary put her bag into the guest bedroom.

Denise and Daniel arrived next. Daniel was in a bad temper. "I'm sorry Jake but Denise has been behaving badly today. I'll be fine, but she will pay for it later."

"Don't worry about it. Just enjoy yourself." Jake said.

They had hired a band and music was playing as the bartender was taking orders for drinks and the servers were passing out hors d'oeuvres. Dinner was a sit down dinner at 10:30.

Daniela and Mason arrived and Hayley was happy to see Daniela who looked radiant in a long silver gown, her baby bump barely visible. She and Mason looked so in love.

Brandon and Samantha had taken a trip to Florida for publicity for Brandon's new movie and they arrived just in time for dinner.

The other friends of Jake and Hayley's arrived. Everyone was talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. Mary and the two couple who were friends were star struck at meeting Brandon, as was Stephen who had not met his cousin-in-law.

After dinner, the band took a break and the television as turned on to Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve for the countdown. Glasses of champagne were handed out, as were hats, confetti and horns. Everyone got ready to watch the ball as it dropped in Times Square. Daniela was given sparkling grape juice.

They all counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year they said as one then kissed their respective mate. Kisses went around the room and pats on the back, horns were blown and confetti thrown in the air.

Hayley with her arm around Jake's waist grinned up at him, "This is going to be a great year."

"Yes, it is. I am marrying my best friend." Jake said and Hayley kissed him again.


The two other couples left soon after and Daniela asked for quiet. The room went into a hushed silence. "Hi everyone." Daniela said, her face all aglow, "You know that I had until April to make my decision, but I've made it already. I want all of you here to know that I have chosen Mason."

Jake yelled out, "We could have told you that."

Everyone laughed. Mason looked around the room. He got down on one knee. Samantha held her breath, as did Mary. Mary held Stephen's hand as Mason took out the ring box from inside his tuxedo jacket pocket that he carried so protectively. "I know that I'm not worthy of you, but you would make me the happiest man if, in front of our family, you would agree to be my wife."

He opened the box to reveal the beautiful diamond ring. Daniela nodded, then found her voice, "Yes, yes, a thousand, no a million times yes, I will marry you."

Mason stood up and kissed her hard as applause erupted around them another round of champagne and a toast. "Wow two weddings in one year." Samantha said.

"My mother wants us to get married in England. We will discuss it and let all of you know." Mason said beaming, "but right now I need to get my bride to be home. She is expecting and I'm sure she's bushed. She gets to meet my parents tomorrow."

Mary looked at Jake and whispered, "A baby too. What did she mean by her choice was Mason?"

Jake looked at Hayley who said, "She had a few suitors and she chose Mason."

Hayley, Samantha, Denise, Quinn and Mary all surrounded Daniela and hugged her. They admired her beautiful ring. She and Mason left soon after.


Samantha and Brandon were staying at the Plaza so they took Stephen with them. Stephen kissed Mary and wished her a good night and a Happy New Year.

The next to leave were Daniel and Denise. Daniel looked in better spirits but Denise looked worried. Daniel held her hand tightly as they left.

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