tagIncest/TabooThe Family That Plays Together...

The Family That Plays Together...


I know that if most people knew what went on in my family, they'd be outraged. They'd call us perverts; they'd call us monsters; they'd call us every name in the book. The truth is I don't give a flying fuck. Everything that goes on is 100% consensual and voluntary. We are not hurting anyone and we are some of the happiest and nicest people around. I've heard many people tell my parents how proud they should be to have raised three of the kindest, friendliest, and most giving children they've met.

So what if we like to have sex with each other. It's nobody's business but ours. We're only having fun. Take last Friday.

I woke up with a raging hard-on. I'd been having a great dream. The last I remember of it I was watching my two sisters in a 69 while I was trying to decide what hole to put my cock in. I sat on the edge of my bed for a few moments to just enjoy the memory. I finally got up and headed to the bathroom. As I entered, I saw the shower door closing. I knew it was my sister Amy.

Amy's the oldest of us three. At 24 she's two years older than me. She's always the first up in the morning as she needs to get to work first. It took me a moment to soften enough, but soon I was able to relieve my over full bladder. When I was done, I got in the shower too.

My sister was just standing there enjoying the feel of the hot water cascading over her body. She'd already wet her hair so I picked up the shampoo and put a big dollop in my hand. I lathered it in, massaging her scalp at the same time. I've always liked her hair. She's a beach blonde with straight hair down to the middle of her back. She usually wears it in a loose pony tail or unfettered.

The other thing I really like about her is her deep blue eyes. She can say more with her eyes than a lot of people can say with words. Her face is a joy to look at no matter what her expression. Her tits are wonderful. I've got big hands but they are more than a handful each. They sit up proudly on her chest with no sag at all. Her sweaters have been known to cause husbands to get in big trouble. Her legs are long and tight. As a cheerleader in high school, she knew they'd be on display so she took pains to make sure they were always in shape.

"Mmmmmm, that feels so good," Amy purred. "You do have magic hands. You're wasting your time studying engineering; you could make a fortune as a masseur."

I just chuckled as I continued to lather the rest of her hair. She picked up the soap and started washing her front. When I'd finished her hair, I took the soap and washed her back. I spent some extra time on her butt before kneeling down to do her legs. When I stood back up, she turned to face me. I reached around her and used my hands to make sure her hair was rinsed thoroughly. While I did this she reached down and started stroking my cock. I'd gotten hard again while washing her, but she made sure it was complete.

My sister pushed me back so we were standing away from the spray. She lifted a leg and put her foot on the side of the tub. I bent my knee slightly so she could line us up, and when I straightened up, she eased her pussy onto my cock.

"That always feels so good," she said. "You fill me up just right."

"Of course I do, we were made for each other," I responded with a smile.

At first we just looked in each others' eyes as I slowly moved in and out. I realized soon that I wouldn't last long. The combination of my dream, the excitement of washing her body, added to the great feeling of her tight pussy was enough to raise my arousal quickly; I started to thrust faster. Amy just closed her eyes and used her muscles to squeeze me. I reached between us to rub her clit, hoping to bring her off before me. It worked because a moment later she let out a loud moan and I felt her pussy muscles ripple. This was enough to set me off and I shot rope after rope deep inside her.

She laid her head on my shoulder and we both stood there for a couple of minutes while our bodies relaxed. Soon she rose up and gave me a sweet kiss. When we broke it she smiled at me as she spoke.

"That was wonderful, thanks. Not only do I start the day with a great orgasm, I get to spend the morning with my pussy full of my brother's cum. How'd I get so lucky?"

"It's nothing more than a sweetheart like you deserves." I said.

She kissed me again and then we disengaged. A quick rinse and she got out to dry off. I stayed there and finished washing myself. When I was done she had gone to her bedroom to dress for work. When I'd dried off and dressed myself, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Mom was there cooking and Amy was eating. Mom only works four days a week so she was still in her robe.

"Morning mom," I said, going up and kissing her cheek.

"Morning honey," she said. "Sit down and I'll have something for you in a moment."

I sat and poured myself a glass of juice. Amy and I chatted about what our day ahead would be like. About the time she had finished eating, mom set down a plate for herself and me. Amy cleared her dishes and left for work. Mom and I just sat and chatted while we ate.

"Amber still sleeping?" I asked.

"Of course," she said with a laugh, "it's Friday isn't it? She always sleeps in on Fridays because her classes start late."

Amber is my younger sister. At 20 she's a sophomore at the same college I'm a senior. She looks very similar to Amy. Her hair is a little longer and her tits are a little smaller though. They both are the same height. While you would say that Amy's face is sultry, Amber's is a cute pixie face. A lot of that is due to her green eyes. I don't remember the last time I saw Amber when she didn't have a huge smile on her face. It's impossible to be upset around her as she is always so happy.

Both my sisters get their looks from mom. While she wears it shorter now, her hair is the same beach blonde. She has Amy's blue eyes; mom's are a little softer. She also has Amy's full figured chest, although they have started to sag just a little. She's a few inches shorter than the girls and that is in her legs. They are still great looking legs however; she has no problem wearing short skirts or dresses.

"Dad coming home tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes, the conference ends late today and there is always a group who stays for drinks. He'll fly home in the morning."

We finished eating and I helped mom with the dishes before heading off to school. Classes were uneventful and I got a lot of studying done at the library. When I got home, my sisters were fixing dinner. Amy was at the stove and Amber was cutting veggies. I walked up to give Amy a hug and she turned to kiss me.

"Hey Ame," I said. "How was work today?"

"It was good, how was school?"

"Good, I got a lot done so I won't need to study very much this weekend."

"Oh goody, more time for fun," she giggled.

"What about me?" whined Amber. "Don't I get a hug?"

"Not while you're holding a knife," I said looking over at her. "I want to get hugged, not stabbed."

She put the knife down and held open her arms. I stepped over to her and gave her a big hug. She plastered her mouth to mine and gave me a huge kiss. I felt her tongue probing so I opened up and let her in. Our tongues dueled until we ran out of breath and had to break the kiss.

"Mmmmm," she said with a smile.

"So, how are you today sweetie?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Horny." she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"You're always horny," I said.

"That's because I have an awesome older brother who is wonderful at using his great cock to bring me tons of pleasure. Anyone would be horny in that case." She said, rubbing me through my pants.

"I'm only as good as my partner."

"Well, this partner can't wait for more."

"I'm sorry but that will have to wait until after dinner," came mom's voice. I looked over and she was standing in the doorway. "You may be horny but the rest of us are hungry. Let go of your brother and finish the salad."

She stuck her tongue out at mom but went back to work as told. I walked over and gave mom a hug and kiss. Mom has this great way of pressing her tits to my chest when we hug.

"How was school today?" she asked me while still pressed tight.

"It was good, but it's even better now that I'm in my sexy mom's arms," I said, pressing back at her.

"You always were such a flirt. It's no wonder your sisters can't keep their hands off of you." she laughed.

I gave her another quick kiss then left to go wash up for dinner. While we ate, we all talked about our day. We all had a good laugh when Amber told how one of her professors kept losing his train of thought because she was constantly playing with the buttons on her blouse. Mom, being the practical adult told her to be very careful as she could get into a lot of trouble if she teased the wrong person. She was laughing along with us, however.

When we finished, mom and I cleaned up as my sisters had done the cooking. When all was neat and tidy we joined the girls in the living room. Amber got up and came to meet me.

"So, now that all the tedious stuff is done, are you ready for some fun?"

As she said this she was rubbing her leg up and down over my crotch.

"If he's not, then I am."

We were all surprised to hear my dad and see him standing in the door with his suitcase.

"DADDY!" shrieked Amber and knocked me over as she rushed towards him. Fortunately dad knew what was coming and managed to set the suitcase down before he was literally jumped by his daughter. She grabbed him around the neck and wrapped her legs around his waist as she showered his face with kisses. Finally she zeroed in on his mouth and tried to stick her tongue down his throat.

It's a good thing dad is a strong person because holding up an excited wiggling woman is a lot of work. He managed it by grabbing her butt and pulling tight. They broke the kiss a couple of times but my sister kept going right back at him. Finally he lowered her down so she stood in front of him. She kept her hold on his neck though.

"Looks like my baby girl is very glad to see me," he said with a big laugh.

"Always daddy, always." she said and laid her head on his shoulder.

Amy had helped me up while this was going on and then moved over next to them. She leaned in for a kiss but only managed to get a quick one as Amber was in the way.

"Welcome home Dad," she said. "We didn't expect you until tomorrow."

"The conference finished up very early this morning and I managed to get my flight changed so I thought I'd surprise you all."

He managed to pry Amber off of him long enough for mom to get her hug and kiss.

"It's a great surprise dear." she said. "I'm so glad you could come home early."

With my sister in tow, dad walked over sat on the couch. Amy joined them and the girls each snuggled up against him. We listened as he told us about the trip and mom brought him over a drink. He tried to keep the conversation going, asking us about our week, but it was obvious that Amber didn't want to talk. She kept reaching down and rubbing his cock through his pants. Soon he gave up trying to talk and let her have her way.

Amber grabbed his belt and soon had it and his pants undone. She slid to the floor between his legs and pulled them off; his boxers soon followed. She had to stop and get his shoes and socks, but that was quickly done. Moving back up, she ran her tongue the full length of his rapidly hardening cock before taking it all in her mouth in one gulp.

While this was going on, dad had been kissing Amy and helping her remove her blouse. She disposed of her bra and held up her tits for his mouth. He sucked strong on one nipple then did the same to the other. Amy ran her hands through dad's hair and moaned while he did this. When he'd gone back and forth a few times, she slid down and joined her sister on dad's cock.

They would take turns sucking him, going up and down his cock several times before giving it back to the other. While one was sucking, the other would be down licking his balls. Occasionally they would break this routine to take him together. They would put their mouths on each side of his cock and move up and down together, licking him as they went. At one point the two girls were giving each other a sloppy tongue kiss with the head of dad's cock in between their mouths. It was very hot to watch.

I hadn't been idle while all of this was happening. I'd pulled mom over to the recliner and had her sit in my lap facing the couch so we could both watch. I got all the buttons of her dress undone and got her to raise up a moment while I took it off her. Her bra followed suit as she sat back down, grinding her butt against my hardening manhood. I reached around and took a tit in each hand, pulling and twisting the nipples just the way I know she likes. Soon they were hard and sticking out quite a ways. Mom had her hand in her panties rubbing her wet pussy.

Over on the couch, the trio had paused a moment in their pleasure to all get naked. Dad then lay down on the couch. Amber took his cock and guided it to her sopping pussy, easing it inside slowly. Amy meanwhile had sat down on his face. She let out a loud groan as his tongue speared up inside her. The two girls took a couple of moments to enjoy the good feelings their father was giving them before leaning forward to kiss each other. They also took the time to rub the other's tits.

About this time, mom got up and pulled me to standing so she could get my clothes off. Together we made short work of them. I sat back down as mom removed her panties. She got on me, facing me this time. She took me in her hand and impaled herself in one quick thrust. She sat still for a moment then began to move up and down slowly. I reached up and once again took her tits in my hand.

Mom leaned forwards a little so I could suck her nipples. As I sucked, I nibbled lightly as I knew she loved that. Mom always liked to talk while we fucked. It turned her on a lot to say out loud the taboo nature of what we were doing.

"Oh yes, suck on mommy's titties," she said softly. "Chew on my nipples baby. Mmmmm yes, just like that. Does mommy's pussy feel good? Mommy likes her baby's cock in her pussy, it feels so great."

"Yes mommy, I love your tight pussy wrapped around my cock. Squeeze me mommy; squeeze my cock with your pussy."

"Yes baby, I'll squeeze you. I'll squeeze all that good cum right out of you. Can you give mommy your cum baby? Can you fill her with her boys cum?

"Yes mommy, you can have my cum. Your boy is going to fill you to over flowing with his sweet cum."

I tried to take her tits back in my mouth to suck them. Mom was moving up and down so fast now that it was hard to get them so I just stuck my tongue out and licked them as they went by. She was groaning load now and I knew she was getting close. In another few moments she shoved down hard, staying there and pressing her clit against the top of my cock. She grabbed me in a kiss and shrieked into my mouth as she came. Her pussy muscles squeezed and relaxed in rapid succession as it tried to milk me.

I managed to ride out her orgasm without cumming, although it was close. Once she got her breathing under control, mom pressed her forehead to mine and looked me in the eyes. She started swiveling her hips, rotating around and using her muscles to squeeze me.

"Your turn sweetie," she said, "cum for mommy. Give me all that sweet cum you've got. Fill mommy's pussy, please."

It didn't take long for me to give her what she wanted. I grunted several times as I shot five or six good squirts deep inside her. When I'd relaxed, mom gave me a long, sweet kiss.

"Thanks honey, that's just what I needed."

We heard a noise from the couch and both looked over. They had repositioned themselves. Amy was sitting on the edge of the couch and Amber was on her hands and knees, licking her pussy. Dad was behind Amber fucking her doggie. The noise we heard was Amy having an orgasm from her sister's tonguing. She moaned loudly and grabbed Amber's head to hold her there while she shook. This was enough to send dad over the edge.

"I'm coming baby girl, I'm coming," he shouted as he thrust one last time and held himself deep.

Amber had been rubbing her clit all along and feeling her dad cum inside her sent her off. She squealed into Amy's pussy as her own orgasm hit her hard. All three shook as their own climax took them, and then they collapsed into a pile. Mom and I just smiled at each other as we heard the rasping of breath while they calmed down.

One by one we untangled ourselves from each other and went to get cleaned up for bed. I was the last one to leave and I made sure all the lights were off. As I passed my parents bedroom I could hear them giggling as the continued their fun in private. The shower was running in the bathroom I shared with my sisters so I just went to my room to wait. Soon I heard two sets of feet walking by my room and the sound of a hair dryer soon followed.

I took a leisurely shower before heading back to my room. Amber was waiting for me wearing some sexy lingerie. It was a red baby-doll with matching panties. Her tits could clearly be seen through the sheer material. She was laid out on the bed and her hair flowed out around her head and the pillow in a very sexy manner. She looked so HOT!

"I'm glad dad came home early. I had such a great time with him, but I missed my big brother," she said in a soft voice.

I dropped the towel I had around me and walked over to her. Her eyes never left my cock.

"I missed you too sweetie but I'm not sure if I have anything left. Mom drained me good."

"In that case," she continued, "I'll just have to sleep her with you tonight so I can have you first thing in the morning."

"I like that idea, and for tonight, I can just use my mouth." I said with a smile.

"I was hoping you'd say that." she responded.

I crawled between her legs and took a hold of the sides of her panties. She lifted her hips so I could pull them off. I gave them a good sniff before tossing them away. She smelled as wonderful as she looked. I ran my hands up her legs as she spread them for me. She had a very small landing strip, pointing the way to my target. I zoomed in and gave her a sweet kiss, right on her clit.

She hissed and spread even wider, almost doing the splits. I moved my tongue all around the outside, circling completely twice before moving in. I reached up with my fingers and spread her lips apart while I ran my tongue all the way from bottom to top. Pointing my tongue, I pushed it as far inside her as I could and wiggled it around. I then went back to the full length licks.

I started the cycle over again, kissing and licking her clit. When licking around the outside this time, I included a few kisses on the tops of her thighs. Again I spread her open and concentrated on the inside. I'd push my tongue in the bottom and lick up to her clit, which I flicked a few times. I did this a number of times as I felt her excitement grow.

I thrust two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed the top inside. At the same time I concentrated on her clit, flicking it rapidly with the tip of my tongue. It only took a couple of minutes of this to bring her off. She let out a huge moan and grabbed my head, pressing it to her. She shook and flooded my face with her pussy juice. I lapped it up as fast as I could. After several big spasms, she relaxed back onto the bed.

I was surprised that despite the earlier activity, eating my sister's pussy had gotten me hard. I slowly kissed my way up her body, pausing briefly at her luscious tits. Looking into her eyes, I propped myself up on one arm and used the other to aim my cock at her hole. As I eased myself inside, her smile got bigger and bigger. When I was fully embedded I just held myself there and leaned down for a kiss. It was soft and tender and felt wonderful.

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