tagIncest/TabooThe Family that Plays Together Ch. 02

The Family that Plays Together Ch. 02


The kids were out for a walk on the beach. The resiliency of youth on full display as their previous exertions showed no residual effects. Other, that is, than Ben being hungry and grabbing some fruit from the refrigerator. Carol chose a bottle of water and they disappeared out the door.

Betty and I headed for the shower. My face felt like a glazed donut and her body was spattered with cum and pre-cum from our recent family affair. I ducked my head under the shower and tasted the faint lingering bit of Carol's juice on my tongue. This brought an involuntary smile to my face.

"A penny for your thoughts?" said Betty. She stepped into the shower brushing her nipples against my back. They immediately sprang to attention until the pounding water soothed them out again.

"I've got a lot of questions," I said.

"Go ahead, I'll try to answer them for you."

"When did this all begin? I mean, I doubt you just woke up one morning and decided to get it on with our kids. What happened?"

"As to when, it started when you went to Cleveland last February. You may recall that we had a bad snow storm that week. School was out, Carol was away and Ben and I were left in the house by ourselves. One thing lead to another and we discovered that our feelings for each other were far more than maternal. The first time we did it, I struggled with the social taboo and the thought that I might be cheating on you. But, ultimately, I realized that mother/son physical love is as old as Oedipus and not as onerous as I was raised to believe. We spent three days fucking our brains out in every possible way and room. At the end of it, I was hopelessly addicted to Ben. I still loved you; more so than ever since you gave me Ben. But I was conflicted. How could I maintain my relationship with you while satiating my craving for Ben?"

"I can see where that might be a problem," I said. She punched me in the arm as I stepped out of the shower.

"Anyhow, Ben and I got together as many times as possible. It was easier than I thought because who questions a mother going places with her son? You never caught on when we went clothes shopping or to after school practices. We used those opportunities to share our physical love as well as our familial bonds. You almost caught us twice, but we were able to gloss over your suspicions."

"I was afraid you were having an affair," I told her. "I could tell you were different, and you seemed more constrained around me. When you suggested this week at the beach, I figured you were going to let me down easy and break us up."

"Quite the contrary," she said. "The kids and I were afraid that once we came out to you, you would toss us to the curb. I've known you for years and I gave it a 50-50 chance that you wouldn't be able to handle the thought of your family in incestuous relationships. The kids were miserable with the thought that they were going to lose their father. That's when we came up with the plan."

"Wait a minute, you're leaving a lot out here," I said. "When did Ben and Carol start fucking each other?"

"According to them, they've been doing each other since Ben turned 18. Carol was confiding in him about some boyfriend who treated her badly. Ben was sympathetic and Carol took the initiative. Carol tells it better so I'll let her tell you."

"And you and Carol?"

"Through Ben of course. He and I were well into fucking each other when Carol walked in on us one day. I found out later that they planned it. But since then, we've been a threesome. Sometimes Ben and I, sometimes Carol and I, sometimes all three of us."

As she spoke I watched Betty toweling off from the shower. She rubbed her hair with the towel, her breasts bobbed and swayed with reaction. The A/C kicked on and the breeze struck her. Again, her nipples popped to immediate attention. From my vantage point I could see goose bumps popping up across her body. Her skin was a lite pink from the heat of the shower and the rubbing of the towel. I looked lower and saw that her sparse red bush covered a darkened pair of lips. Lips that hid her pussy opening. I stepped forward and gently caressed her pussy lips with my forefinger. She stopped drying and closed her eyes with a smile and a small moan.

Her lips clamped on my finger like soft suction pads. I slowly caressed her slit up and down, occasionally stopping the journey to move my finger in a circle. The towel fell to the floor as Betty reached out to me. One hand grabbed my cock, the other my balls. I guided us to the bed and we flopped down into the cool sheets.

I positioned myself to Betty's side. My right hand kept up the caresses on her pussy, never entering, but squeezing, pinching, sliding and stroking her lips. As my hand increased her heat, my mouth fastened on her right breast. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and held it there for a few seconds. The heat of my mouth triggered her nipple to engorge further. I swirled my tongue around and around the fleshy stud while licking her areola occasionally. Her body reached out to me, pressuring my mouth to work harder, lick longer, nip sharper. I could feel the heat coming off her nipple as I lovingly tortured her.

Her hands had a death grip on my cock and balls. She stroked up and down on my shaft while rolling my nuts like Ben-Wa balls. Every so often she would freeze as a spasm of enjoyment passed through her only to return to her caresses.

I slowly entered my index finger into her slippery pussy. The moisture and slipperiness exciting me. A second finger joined the first. I slid them in and out, but at the same time, I moved the fingers individually up and down, spread them out and closed them up inside her. Sweat was forming on her upper lip and belly. I slid down and tongued her navel, always a sensitive spot for her. Her moaning was nearly continuous now, but I had more in mind.

I dropped my right elbow down to the bed. This tipped my fingers up, caressing her G spot easily. I pulled my fingers out of her and replaced them with my little finger and ring finger. Working them in and out, I replaced them with my thumb. Moaning and twitching, Betty looked at me quizzically.

"What are you doing to me Don?" she asked.

Without a word I slipped all five of my fingers into her body. My juice covered fingers sought their appropriate lodgings. My thumb landed on her clit and began gentle, insistent circles. My forefinger and middle finger resumed their place in her pussy, stroking and teasing the insides of her honey hole. My little finger and ring finger slid easily and directly into her anus. With a scream, Betty bore down on my hand and involuntarily began humping my hand in time with my movements. Her belly quivered and shook as I worked her pussy with my fingers.

When I could see she was riding a wave of orgiastic ecstasy, heading for her climatic moment, I removed my hand. He pelvis followed my hand hungrily. I gave her a minute of oral caresses on her breasts and neck, working my way down her body, letting her calm slightly and step back from the edge. As I positioned myself between her quivering legs, I returned my hand to its former position. This time, I replaced my thumb with my tongue. I swirled and licked, I used the tip of my tongue directly on the head of her clit followed by broad strokes around the hood. Betty gave a series of incoherent grunts as I lavished my oral praise on her pussy. As she started climbing the tower of orgasm, I reached my thumb down to her taint and pressed gently. With the lubrication provided by her sopping wet pussy, I slid my thumb side to side.

This was too much for Betty. She shouted inarticulate syllables at the top of her lungs. Her pelvis slammed into my mouth, catching my lower lip between her pelvic bone and my teeth. The taste of blood mixed with her pussy juices as I continued my assault on her sex. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through her like jolts of electricity wringing her body out like a wet towel in a wringer. Finally she pulled herself away from me and curled in a fetal position on the bed. I could see her shaking and spasming as she slowly came down from her sexual high.

I watched her for a moment, reveling in the joy I brought her and the power of my prowess. She calmed slightly and I slid in behind her, spooning with her. My cock was rampant and straining. I dipped the head of my cock into her soaked pussy. Once covered with her slippery cum and juices, I backed up and sank my cock up to the hilt into her ass. The warmth and tightness was amazing. She bent over and opened herself to me. I shifted and put another inch or so into her as the result of better leverage and wider opening of her openings. Lying on my side, I started to slide in and out of the rear opening of my wife. Steadily I increased the pace until she was on her knees and I was pounding her with my engorged dick. It couldn't last long, and it didn't. I felt my orgasm bubbling up from my balls and bursting forth into her tight tunnel. As my sperm bolted forth, her ass clamped down on my dick, increasing the pressure and pleasure to unbearable levels. I let loose a roar as pump after pump flew into her until only tiny jolts of my cock continued.

We lay there, spent. I became aware of a sound behind us. Ben and Carol stood in the doorway clapping.

"Well done, guys," said Carol. "Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?"

"Yeah Dad, you're the dog!" said Ben.

"I've told you all along that your father knew what he was doing in bed," said Betty. "How long were you two watching?"

"Long enough to get horny again," said Carol. "I would love some of that cock, Dad."

"I'd love to give it to you darling girl," I said. "But, it will be a while before I can do you justice."

Carol looked disappointed.

"Maybe I can help you out," said Betty. "Come on over here." She patted the bed beside her.

Carol shucked her top with her first step, and hopped out of her shorts and panties one leg at a time. She nestled onto the bed next to her mom.

"What about me?" asked Ben.

"Sorry son," I said. "I'm not quite ready to take on an incestuous, homosexual relationship."

"Glad to hear that dad," said Ben. "Not my thing either." Ben pulled up a chair and positioned himself at the end of the bed.

"Mom and I don't have that hang up," said Carol.

Betty was slowly caressing Carol. Carol was returning the favor, but I could tell that Betty was exhausted and not as responsive as she should be. I got out of the bed and gave Betty and Carol some room. They spread out and got comfortable as Betty slid between Carol's legs. Carol's face began to flush as her mother's tongue hit all the right places. Betty reached up with both hands and filled them with Carol's breasts. She twirled the nipples with her fingers and squeezed the globes with her hands. Carol flushed a deeper red. Carol motioned me to her side where she took my flaccid cock into her mouth.

"I don't think you'll get much of a response sweetie," I said.

"I don't care," she said. "I love the feel and taste of cock in my mouth. The taste of my mother's cum on you turns me on. I love the smell of your essences in your pubic hair. If you get hard, that's great, if not, that's great too."

Carol sucked and licked my dick, occasionally using her teeth to bite and nip on the head of my cock. As good as her ministrations were, I was flagging for the time being. But, it was a strange feeling. My dick was soft. Carol worked my cock as if it were hard and ready to go. Because of the flaccid nature of my cock, she was able to bend the cock, press the head down into the shaft and manipulate it in ways that a hard cock could never match. You would think that such masterful ministrations would jack up my cock to a standing position, but no luck.

"Oh, that's wonderful," Carol said. "It's completely different from a hard on."

Betty looked up and took interest.

"Honey its always like that when you get started until the dick gets into gear. Haven't you ever sucked a guy up to full extension?"

"No, mom," she said between mouthfuls. She took her mouth away and held my dick in her hand. "Young guys are always hard. There's no foreplay, no increasing passion. They come to the party with a hard on and expect me to suck it like a peppermint stick. This is nice. I know dad will get hard, but until then, I can play with him without worrying about him coming."

Betty nodded her head.

"Ben, why don't you come over here and help your sister out?" said Betty. "I think I've got her warmed up for you."

Ben immediately stripped off his clothes and climbed into the bed. Betty relinquished her position between Carol's legs and his hard cock quickly found it's place in her pussy. I watched as my kids began to lose coherence and focus on their pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Betty shift behind Ben. She inserted her forefinger into Ben's ass. He arched his back and moaned. A second and third finger joined the first. Ben shuddered in his strokes from the pleasure. Carol was climbing her own stairway to heaven while mouthing my cock. Betty was fingering herself with her other hand while giving Ben an anal massage.

It couldn't last. Carol came first. Loud inarticulate sounds came from her as her body stiffened and froze. Ben continued pounding his sister. She started shivering and grabbed his hair, pulling it hard enough that he cried out in pain, which lead to his orgasm. Betty rammed her fingers into Ben's ass and held them there as he jerked and bucked in the throes of his pleasure. Finally, the kids were still. Betty looked over Ben's back at me and smiled. I returned the smile and disengaged from Carol's mouth.

"Let's let them catch their breath," I said. Betty and I gathered clothing and dressed quietly leaving Ben and Carol to recover.

An hour later the four of us were seated on the deck, overlooking the beach and ocean. My mind swirled with the actions and activities of the last twelve hours. Our world had been turned upside down and shaken like a dog with a bone. I needed to try and make sense of it all.

"How did this all begin Ben?" I asked, already knowing Betty's side of it.

"What can I say Dad?" he began. "I've always loved mom. As I grew up she was always there for me picking me up when I was down, advising me on life and love. That's how it started. You remember "Becca? Well, when we broke up it hit me hard. I was sitting in my bedroom during the snow storm and mom came in and found me crying."

"I was wearing my house robe and fuzzy slippers," said Betty.

"She sat down on the bed and put her arms around me," continued Ben. "She pulled my head into her breasts and soothed me. As I recovered I noticed that my tears had wet her robe, and I could see her nipple and areola through the wet fabric. It started to make me hard. I don't know why, but I put my mouth on her breast and began to suck it."

"I felt him latch on to my breast," said Betty and my mind went back to when he was a baby and I breast fed him. That was one of the most peaceful and serene times of my life. I just let him suckle."

"It only took a few minutes," continued Ben. "I was soon sucking one breast, using my hand to tease the other. My cock grew to a size and hardness I'd never experienced before."

"I started getting aroused too," chipped in Betty.

"The next thing I knew, my hand was under her robe touching her breast. The feel was incredible. Soft and silky with a turgid nipple. I pinched it, teased it, caressed it and cupped it in my hand. Mom didn't seem to mind so I moved my hand down her stomach."

"I was getting aroused," said Betty. "So, I didn't stop him. Part of me was wondering how far this was going to go."

"I kept moving my hand down until I reached the band of her panties," continued Ben. "I hesitated and almost lost my nerve. But, just then, she shifted her hips slightly. I took it as a sign that mom was okay with everything so I slid my hand into her panties. The heat and moisture was incredible. It sucked my hand down to the top of her slit and into her pussy lips. I moved my fingers around, exploring and investigating. Soon her pussy was dripping wet, and my hand was coated in her juices."

"When he reached into my pussy, I thought I was going to explode," said Betty. "My son, my baby was returning to from whence he came. He was still sucking on my tit, now he was stimulating and stretching my pussy again. I was dazed with pleasure."

"So hold on a minute," I said. Didn't either of you think about the taboos involved with incest? Did neither of you say, "hey this is wrong, we need to stop?"

"We were both running on pure emotion and sexual energy," said Betty. "I don't know that we could have stopped even if we wanted. Later, I worked through all the conflicts in my mind. It took a while to come to terms with it, but at the time we weren't thinking about that."

"Especially after my thumb found her clitoris," continued Ben. "When I pressed on it for the first time, mom jumped, then ground down on my hand. I slipped a finger into her vagina and began the in/out motion while still caressing her clit."

"Yeah, your mom really loves that," I said. "Go on."

"Her panties were soaked and the fabric was impeding my hand a bit. I slid off the bed and got between her legs. I pulled her panties off and saw her glistening pussy. I was drawn to it. My mouth fastened over her lips and I gently nipped at them. Mom writhed. I'd never actually seen someone writhe before. I split her lips with my tongue and began licking up and down, gathering as much of her delicious nectar as I could. Mom was going nuts now. She was moaning and shaking, her hands were in my hair pulling me closer and urging me on."

"I was well and truly turned on," said Betty. "No one but you had ever made me this crazy before. And, I hate to say it, Ben was actually taking me to places I'd never been before. The idea of fucking my son, in my own house, was driving me crazy."

"I kept licking and sucking," continued Ben. "I wasn't very experienced at that point so I was getting a little jaw sore. Fortunately, I could tell mom was getting close so I just carried on. Twenty seconds or so later she moaned long and loud. Her hands gripped my hair and crushed my face into her pussy as all this fluid spewed out of her. I couldn't keep up with it. I found myself having trouble breathing. It couldn't have been more than thirty seconds without air but my cock got even harder. As my breath died out, my cock grew harder. Mom finally pushed me away as she recovered."

"It was an incredibly intense orgasm, and all I wanted was more," said Betty. "I stripped off the robe and grabbed Ben. I undressed him in record time and fell to my knees. I sucked our son like I've never sucked anyone but you, Don. I fingered myself, took him in my throat, bit the head of his dick and jacked him off with my other hand."

"It didn't take long for me to cum," said Ben. "I felt bad that I didn't last very long, but as usual, mom made it all better."

"When he came in my mouth I thought I was going to drown. It tasted so wonderful, warm, creamy, flavored with sweat. I neared a second orgasm just by sucking him off."

"We spent the rest of the storm in each other's arms, only stopping to get food and water," Ben was silent for a minute. "My life changed that day. I never thought I could find complete contentment, much less in the arms of my mother."

We were all quiet now. Each of us sat alone with their thoughts and feelings. My home and family changed irrevocably while I was out of town on business. And, I never noticed. What did that say about me and the way we'd been living our lives prior to that snow storm. What did it mean for our lives going forward? There was a lot to sort out here before we could figure out the future. Not the least of which was how I missed so many signs.

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