tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Family That Plays Together Ch. 03

The Family That Plays Together Ch. 03


Joe looked down at his wife and daughter, amazed that they had gone ahead with the intruder's orders, even if he was holding a gun to Joe's cock. He had always fantasised about seeing his prim and proper wife with another woman but he had never imagined in his wildest dreams that her first lesbian act would be with their own daughter. He could never have imagined she would attack Sophie's pussy with such relish; he could never have imagined his innocent daughter taking to the role of slut so easily; he could never have imagined that he would have been witness to his family's debauchery; and he could never have imagined just how turned on it made him feel. Now their tormentor was dragging Susan from their daughter's exhausted body and he wondered what the man had in store for them now.

Alex could see how excited Joe was and knew that he was just as turned on himself and his cock was just as hard. When he had planned the evening's events he had thought that he might be lucky to get a blowjob but he had found the family so submissive that he was determined to push them to their limits. Deciding that Sophie couldn't take anything else at the moment he practically dragged her mother off her and brought her over to face her husband.

Susan couldn't believe the emotions running through her body. She should have been as infuriated with the intruder as she was with Joe. She should have felt humiliated but instead she was more turned on than ever and her pussy had never felt so wet. She knew this wasn't only from her daughter's mouth but was due to the copious amount of pussy juices she was dripping. Her nipples were swollen and her whole body seemed to be on fire. She would never admit it to anyone, not even herself, but in her heart of hearts she knew that she had loved performing a 69 with her daughter. The fact that she had done it in front of her husband and this evil stranger had just added to the excitement.

"Now the grown-ups can have some fun together. Do everything I tell you, Susan, and I won't put a bullet through your husband's head."

To emphasise his point Alex put the empty gun to Joe's head and cocked it. Susan nodded her head to show her willingness to comply just as Alex grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to the floor in front of Joe. She was faced by her husband's swollen cock and she glared up at him once again. Poor Joe could only shrug in apology to tell her he had no control over his body's reactions.

"Good. To begin with I want to see you suck your husband's cock."

Susan didn't really want to reward her ineffectual husband by giving him a blowjob but she knew she had no choice. She couldn't allow him to be seriously hurt and she wanted to keep this man's attention away from her precious daughter. Reluctantly she put out her tongue and touched her husband's cock then brought it to her lips. It twitched at her touch and seemed to swell even more when she finally put it in her mouth. She didn't think Joe had ever been so hard as she slid her lips down the hard flesh and swirled her tongue over the swollen helmet on top.

"Don't tease your husband, Susan. You did much better with my cock."

Suddenly she felt him grab her hair and push her head towards Joe, cramming his hard cock into her mouth. Susan instinctively open her throat as she felt her mouth swallow her husband's cock in its entirety for the first time ever. Joe moaned in absolute pleasure as the intruder kept his wife's lips pressed tightly against his pubic hair. He could see her struggling for breath but all he could think about was his own pleasure. When Alex pulled her head back and she gasped for breath, drooling over his balls, he felt no sympathy for her and was delighted when his cock was pushed back down her throat.

"That's more like it, Susan. You're a quick learner."

Joe told himself there was nothing he could do as the other man slammed his wife's head forward repeatedly and he watched his cock sliding in and out but he couldn't deny that he was now thrusting his throbbing meat forward to meet his wife's protesting mouth. The sucking and slurping sounds she was making were simply adding to his pleasure, especially when Alex would shove her forward until his cock was all the way in and hold her there until she was desperate for air. Susan struggled with the lack of air but she was also being driven wild with desire. The harder her mouth was fucked, and she could feel Joe participating in her oral rape, the more her pussy leaked. She told herself it wasn't true but she was loving it when her husband's cock was forced all the way down her throat and made her gag. She couldn't get enough but she still told herself that she was only doing this because she was being forced to.

"Well you guys seem to be getting the swing of things now. Joe, I'm going to fuck your wife now while she sucks your cock. I hope you don't mind because I'm sure she won't."

Alex held Susan's head in place, her husband's cock buried in her throat as he knelt down behind her and guided his cock to her dripping cunt. It easily slipped between her lips and disappeared inside. He began to fuck her with quick powerful strokes. Susan tried to fight him off, wanted nothing more than to fight him off but it was no use. She was going to cum and she knew it. As their captor thrust his hard meat into her cunt again and again and again she felt an explosion ripping through her body and her juices gushing from her pussy.

"I told you she would enjoy it, Joe, but I see she is neglecting you. Susan, put your husband's cock back in your mouth and keep sucking."

Susan's body was still trembling and her legs were still shaking as Alex's cock resumed the assault on her pussy. She knew she was going to cum again soon and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She tried to do as she had been instructed and sucked her husband back into her throat, trying to concentrate on that rather than the pounding her pussy was receiving. It was no use and a muffled scream escaped from her throat as another orgasm consumed her.

"Susan, your cunt is dripping wet; I think I'll try your arse instead."

Both Joe and his frightened wife were stunned by this latest turn of events. He knew better than to even touch her most private place as she had made it perfectly clear from their first date that her arse was out of bounds.

Alex had expected this reaction and leaned down to say quietly but menacingly that it was either his cock or his gun that was about to invade her dirtiest hole but he would let her make the choice. Susan knew she was defeated again and tried to prepare herself for what was about to happen. When she felt his cock press against her virgin hole she tilted her arse in the air to receive him. Alex smiled to himself and smeared her most private spot with her own juices before he rubbed his juice-coated cock up and down between her cheeks. He then fucked her pussy for a few more strokes to lube it better than decided it was time for the main attraction. Lining up the head of his cock with her tiny hole he began to push in.

As Susan felt him enter her she could have sworn she was being ripped in two as she whimpered and prayed it would all be over soon. She would have been horrified to know that Alex had only pushed the head of his cock in and was now looking forward to seeing the rest of it disappear completely up her arse.

Inch by inch he slowly, torturously, impaled her before he looked down to see his cock fully embedded in his latest conquest. Joe could only look on in amazement and jealousy; he couldn't believe his prim and proper wife was being fucked at both ends, especially with a cock buried deep in her arse.After giving the poor woman a few moments to get used to his size Alex began to move in and out, coming almost all the way out before slamming back in, forcing her head further down her husband's cock. He could see from the expression on Joe's face that he was about to cum so he pulled her head back one last time until she was looking up at her husband. Still he continued to hammer her arse.

"Use your hand now, Susan. Make him cum all over your face. Joe, look at your wife's face. She loves having my cock up her arse, don't you Susan? Tell him."

Susan did as she was told and wrapped her hand around her husband's throbbing cock, stroking it only inches from her face. She prayed that Joe wouldn't cum too much because the thought of his cum on her face was just as repellent as the it had been when the intruder did it. But she knew she had to play along.

"I love it, Joe. I love having his hard cock up my arse. I'm sorry but I think I'm going to cum again."

Joe couldn't take it anymore and his cock erupted, a thick shot of cum that splashed off the side of her face before the next one landed in her hair. He was cumming more than he could remember in a long, long time and the next shot splashed across her nose and forehead. As his wife continued to pump his throbbing dick his hot spunk continued to shoot from it in streams that covered her face from top to bottom until it was dripping from her chin. Alex decided to add to the mix and pulled out of her arse, pushed Susan onto her back on the floor, and stood over her stroking himself until a river of cum sprayed from his cock and splashed all over her tits, neck and lips. More and more cum poured out onto her face and into her hair, adding to the mess her husband made.Susan could only lie there in frustration, her own orgasm so near. She knew it would be just too humiliating to bring herself off while these two men who had just used her body for their own pleasure looked down on her but she was so close.

Sophie had opened her eyes to the sight of her father covering her mother's face in cum before the evil intruder pulled his cock out of her arse and did the same. Her mother was dripping with cum and looked like a slut but there was something in her eyes that Sophie almost couldn't believe: she was disappointed that the men had stopped!

"So, Sleeping Beauty has woken up finally. Well, I think it's time for all the family to have fun together. Susan, untie your husband."

Alex hauled the frightened girl to her feet, pointing the gun to her head to ensure her parents co-operated. Susan wiped the cum from her eyes and got to her feet. She was tempted to pay Joe back by wiping her face against his and let him see how it felt to have a stranger's cum smeared across you. Instead, not wanting to risk their tormentor hurting her daughter, she untied him and they both stood waiting for their next instruction.

"Now tie his hands behind his back with your stockings and then, Joe, you can lie on the floor."

Joe's cock had started to stir again when he watched the other man shooting his cum all over his wife but it almost started to deflate again when Susan tied his hands very, very tightly behind his back. He knew that she expected him to save them from this ordeal but he couldn't see what he was supposed to do. Trying to lie down with his hands tied like this was difficult but he didn't even think of asking for help because he knew what Susan's reply would be.

"Now, Susan, sit on his face."

She almost hesitated as she didn't understand what was about to happen but she saw a chance to gain some relief for her pussy and to pay back Joe at the same time. She straddled his head facing down his body and got into position. She had his mouth just where she wanted it, right below her pussy. And she had his nose just where she wanted it, buried deep within her arse cheeks. She thought that this would have been punishment to her husband but, as she looked down his helpless body, she could see his cock growing to almost full length once again.

"What a pervert!" she thought. "Getting off on sniffing my ravaged backside. Well I'll show him!"

She started to grind her pussy against her husband's mouth and was shocked but delighted when Joe began to lap at her juicy lips with his eager tongue.

"Your parents are obviously enjoying themselves, Sophie. Time for you to join in. Climb on board."

Sophie could only look at him in disbelief. She knew what he was telling her to do but she still couldn't believe that he was being serious.

"Susan, help you daughter. Tell her to her get on top and talk her through it."

Susan was filled with a wild variety of emotions. She had never known her husband had such a skilful tongue; she didn't believe he should be allowed any more pleasure by taking his daughter's precious virginity but she knew the only way this nightmare was ever going to end would be to do exactly as they were told.

"It will be all right, sweetheart," she encouraged her daughter. "Straddle daddy's hips and I will help you to guide it in."

Joe's emotions were all over the place too. All he could see was his wife's arse practically smothering him but he was loving the chance to give her pussy a good licking. Savouring her juices already had his cock hard but when he realised his daughter was about to fuck him it seemed to throb in eager anticipation. He could feel Sophie climbing over his body and imagined her lowering her pussy down to meet his cock. Susan reached below her trembling daughter and held her husband still as she watched her poor girl's pussy touch a cock for the first time.

"Take it nice and slow, darling."

Sophie felt the head of her father's cock touch her lips and a shiver ran through her whole body. Even though she did what her mother said it was painful as his head slipped inside her outer lips and she stayed in that position for a couple of seconds. When she tried to push down it was excruciatingly painful yet wonderful at the same time. Slowly, instinctively, she began to rock back and forth, each time taking a little more of her daddy into her pussy. Her eyes had closed but they sprang open when she felt someone sucking on her nipples and looked down to see it was her mother. Losing all control, she forced herself down onto the last few inches of her daddy's cock and screamed out in pleasure and pain.

Joe heard his poor daughter scream but all he could feel was absolute pleasure as he continued to feast on his wife's dripping pussy while his cock was buried in the tightest cunt he had ever known. The fact that it was his daughter's cunt added to the pleasure and filled him with shame in equal measure. He would have loved to have bucked his hips and fuck her hard and fast but he knew she needed time to adjust to his cock. Sophie learned quickly however and started fucking her daddy as well as her mother had ever done. Rising up up until just the head of his cock was still enclosed between her lips she would then plunge her pussy all the way down again. Meanwhile her mother brought her hands up to play with her beautiful tits.

Susan had become lost in her lust and kissed her daughter with a passion she had never known. Sophie simply followed her mother's lead and their mouths embraced in a long kiss. Joe thought he was going to burst as he could hear his wife and daughter making out on top of him. He wished he had the use of his hands to join in but could only roughly thrust his up to meet his daughter's ever more eager downward plunges. It felt amazing as he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could now as she kept banging her pussy down onto his cock. Sophie was as lost as her mother. She had never felt anything like this before, not even when her mother had licked her pussy. Everything seemed so intense; the wonderful feel of her daddy's hard cock in her pussy, the taste of her mother's mouth and the feel of her hands on her breasts. Her body couldn't take it any more as her orgasm washed over her like a wave, every inch of her shaking from her pussy to her breasts. She screamed in absolute pleasure this time and ground her clit as much as she could against her daddy.

She was vaguely aware of her parents still fucking her as the waves washed over her again and again until they finally eased off and her body stopped trembling. It was only when she opened her eyes again that she felt her mother's lips back on her very sensitive nipples and her daddy's cock still sliding in and out of her pussy.

When Joe felt his wife start to grind her pussy on his mouth again he presumed that Sophie had come down from her orgasmic high and he resumed his fucking. He was lifting his hips off the floor with ever increasing speed as the room was suddenly filled with another scream of pure lust. This time it was Susan cumming.

"Oh, GOD! YES! That's it! I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Don't you dare stop."

Joe had no intention of stopping but his own moans of pleasure were muffled by his wife's arse and her screams. His daughter was also purring again as she could feel yet another orgasm approaching.

"Do it, daddy! Fuck me!"

And that was it. As Sophie gripped his pulsating cock with her pussy and prepared to milk every drop of his sperm out of him Joe's cock erupted inside her and this sent his daughter over the edge yet again.

It took them all a while to recover and it was only then that they began to realise they were alone. Alex had slipped out just as they all hit the heights of their orgasms but not before retrieving the tiny camera he had secreted before they arrived, a camera which had recorded every moment of the evening's events.

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