tagHumor & SatireThe Family That Surfs Together

The Family That Surfs Together


A week before Christmas, the Kloz's overworked computer died for the last time. No wonder. It had been used at all hours of the day and night by both sets of twins and their parents.

When that happened, Mrs. Kloz was delighted she had not done her Christmas shopping early. She knew just what to do. She was so excited she could hardly sit still. In a few days, six huge boxes were delivered to the house. She surrounded their little tree with the oversized boxes, waddling from one to the other and giggling into her hands like a schoolgirl.

The whole household had become edgy and surly when the computer went down. They had a bad dose of cabin fever. Only Mrs. Kloz knew why. She had ways of spying on everyone--the 18-year-old girls, Thelma and Louise; the 20-year-old boys, Butch and Rudy, who were living at home while looking for work; and her husband as well.

On Christmas day, although there were assorted other smaller presents to be distributed, everyone kept ogling those huge boxes.

Thelma opened hers first, and right away, everyone knew what was in store for them. They couldn't believe it. This was going to be the best Christmas ever. They were each going to have their own private computer! All symptoms of cabin fever disappeared and everyone was super sweet to each other.

"But what happens if we decide to go online?" whined Thelma. "I mean, suppose I need to check the online encyclopedia just when Louise is online looking up her bank balance or something?"

"I took care of that, dear," said Mrs. Kloz. "The nice gentleman from the cable modem company came yesterday and set up a modem for us, for all our computers! Oh, he was so nice to do it! Very nice looking too, and he loved my chocolate cake, and Rudy's single malt was a big hit with him. After a few drinks, he was such a wonderful man, he made me feel..."

"OK dear, we get the picture. Let's get started," grumbled old man Kloz.

So they all raced to set up their new computers in their own rooms, and Mrs. Kloz carefully followed the directions the nice man had left for setting up the modem for all the computers. She also set up her own special software to spy on everything the other computers were doing. She loved that sort of thing.

By mid-afternoon, everyone in the Kloz family was busy using their computers. Mrs. Kloz started up her spy software so she could watch everybody's screen in the whole family.

As she expected, all of them went online--and although only she knew it, they were all on the same site-- Literotica.com. She found Mr. Kloz reading a new incest story (#4,522). Thelma was busy chatting in the romance room, and Louise was reading a spicy Lesbian Sex story. Butch was busy with the Gay Male section, and Rudy loved the Group Sex and Erotic Couplings.

Mrs. Kloz's view was: do and learn, live and let live. She herself enjoyed two story sections--Exhibitionist & Voyeur, and Loving Wives. Of course, she wasn't much for the exhibitionist part; the last time she exhibited herself to Mr. Kloz, he groaned and went back to his own bedroom. But she loved the voyeur part, and felt moved by the stories of loving wives.

Although everyone in the family knew that the first entry in the Favorites menu of their old computer had been Literotica.com, no one knew who had put it there, and no one admitted to spending all their time at the site. Each one thought he or she was the only one.

Mrs. Kloz decided it was time to be a true Loving Wife, so she devised a Christmas Surprise for her husband. She checked in with her spyware to see what he was doing. She found him logged on to the incest chat room as SugarDaddy3592, trying to drum up a private conversation with an 18-year-old girl. Mrs. Kloz boldly logged on as BigMama493, and butted in to tell her husband she had a wonderful surprise for him if he would meet her in the kitchen.

"What is it, and how did you find my nickname?" grumbled Mr. Kloz in the kitchen.

"Never mind that dear, here's a Santa costume for you, and a blindfold," said loving Mrs. Kloz.

"What's going on?"

"Just put it on, dear. It's a surprise," she said. Then she whispered, "Thelma told me she's been dying to do it to you, dear, so today's the day!" The loose crotch of Mr. Kloz's pants suddenly became a taut triangle. He never expected his fantasies to become a reality.

While he was putting on the Santa outfit, she logged on to find Thelma. She was still in the romance chatroom, logged in as TakeMeNow982. She was shocked to get a message from BigMama493 saying that her mother had arranged a special Christmas day tryst for her with an amazing lover. She was to wait in her bedroom for the delivery, first of a blindfold, and then of her virile and dashing lover.

Thelma did as she was asked, and felt thrills of excitement when her mother came into her room, handed her a blindfold and went to fetch her special lover. She was told he'd be dressed as Santa Kloz. She removed all her underclothes and left on only her robe. She never dreamed her fantasies would actually come true. "What a Christmas gift!" she was thinking as she tightened up her blindfold.

In came her father, dressed as Santa and led by the crafty Mrs. Kloz, who cautioned him not to talk and never to lift his blindfold.

Of course, Thelma had no desire for her father, but she did have a powerful desire to be lovingly ravaged by a strange, strong man that she might never see again. Preferably a young prince with long blond hair and a medieval costume. Santa was close enough.

Mr. Kloz was guided to Thelma's computer chair by his wife, and immediately began feeling his way under his daughter's robe. He felt a little weird about it at first, but then convinced himself he was just inside one of his favorite stories.

Thelma nearly swooned, and moaned as she felt both breasts being massaged and her nipples hardening. The prince's hands slipped virilely along her delicate fair skin, and she made more moans and some sighs and groans, hoping these to be dramatic and encouraging for her dashing young lover.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Kloz returned to her room and activated the little video camera she had installed in Thelma's room just to keep track of the goings-on.

Thelma's moans and murmurs made Butch think he had his computer's volume up too high (he was watching a free sample video download), but when he turned his sound down and still heard the sounds, he ventured out of his room to see what was happening.

He snuck over to Thelma's room and couldn't believe what he saw. It was sex in real life. He snuck soundlessly closer to see, and then hid in the closet to watch and listen.

Thelma was on the bed now on her hands and knees, sweaty, with her hair bedraggled. She was saying, "I need you in me. Do me like you've never done before! Alas for my maidenhead, just Take Me Now!" and Mr. Kloz had his pants off and was panting as he made his way toward the head of her bed, apparently hoping for a blowjob.

Butch trembled with excitement when he saw his dad edge toward Thelma's mouth. The idea of a blowjob brought to mind countless stories from the Gay Male list, including some he had downloaded this same day. Then suddenly he saw Rudy slowly and cautiously come into the room and see his sister naked on the bed. Behind Rudy crawled Louise, her eyes wide and mouth agape.

Rudy took a swig of his ever-present single malt whisky (no wonder Rudy's nose was always red), while Louise snuck over toward Butch. Louise breathed hello to Butch and sidled up next to him so they could both watch from the closet. They were speechless and spellbound.

Rudy promptly took off his pants and got on the bed behind Thelma. He pulled out his rod and entered her from behind, hoping to get inside before he came. She gave out a shriek of delight, and started saying, "Do it to me! Ohhh, do me!"

This dirty talk got Mr. Kloz even harder as he got his cock ready for her mouth. But Butch realized that Thelma thought Santa was entering her from behind--what would happen if she also felt someone enter her ruby red lips?

Butch had to do something. Boldly, he came out of the closet and snuck up to receive the ripe cock in his own mouth and save the day for Thelma. As soon as he managed to forget who the cock belonged to, he was happy as a pig in a poke. He felt totally prepared after reading all those Literotica stories.

Meanwhile, Rudy came very quickly and disappeared, red-faced as well as red-nosed, to drink more whisky in his room. But Louise could see that wouldn't be enough for Thelma. She could barely contain herself. It wasn't fair to Thelma. She had to do something

Seeing Butch save Thelma at the front, she decided to help at the rear. She too came out of the closet and made her way quickly to Thelma, taking up where Rudy had left off. She ate with a relish built up by reading many an alluring story in the Lesbian Sex section of her favorite website. Thelma reached down with deep gratitude to feel the mystery man's hair as "he" ate her and thought, "Oh, my Santa has such sexy long hair--a real prince!"

Mr. Kloz was incredibly excited, hearing Thelma moan like crazy and feeling his cock in "her" mouth. Once his hand brushed a rather scratchy face in passing but he wasn't quite bright enough to accept that things weren't exactly as he imagined, and in any case, he was feeling good enough that it didn't matter.

Mrs. Kloz was thrilled to bursting at this amazing scene, and proud as she could be that her own family could be so active and energetic. Sometimes she worried that the boys would never find work and the girls would languish in school and her husband would go impotent, but now she saw them all in a new light. She was especially happy that her family was so normal, at least compared with a family like, say, the Freyks. Mrs. Kloz happened to know that although the Freyks were also into Literotica, they favored very different categories: Mind Control, NonHuman, and Erotic Horror. This would explain why she always tried to steer her family the other direction when she saw the Freyks coming towards them at church.

With so much going on, Mrs. Kloz could hardly keep track of the comings and goings, especially the comings. She was recording the proceedings for later viewing, though at first, she had been so excited that she forgot to start the video capture right away.

After Mr. Kloz came in what he thought was Thelma's mouth, he reluctantly did as he had been coached--he swiftly and gallantly departed as the "mystery" Santa Kloz. Butch slipped off quickly back to his room to report the scene to one of his online chatroom buddies.

Louise kept nibbling until Thelma came with a thunderous gasp, and then Louise retired to her own computer to find a good Literotica story so she could finger herself to her own climax.

For a second it flashed through the mind of Thelma that it was a little strange how many places the mystery man was able to touch her, and how he seemed to do a lot of double breathing. But her view was, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Now she sensed she was alone at last, so she removed her blindfold, sighed and slept contentedly, dreaming of riding naked on a white horse with the handsome young prince behind her. Well, actually, he was riding the horse and she was riding him.

Mr. Kloz knocked on his loving wife's door, and after she had hidden all the incriminating voyeuristic evidence, she answered the door innocently to see how things had gone. He thanked her for making his dream come true on the best Christmas ever. He even kissed her, and she blushed.

Then he returned to read incest story number 4,523, which had already been viewed over 132,000 times and had an average voting score of 4.97. He could understand why, when he saw it was about a father tricking his 18-year-old daughter into sucking him.

"Who wouldn't go for a story like that?" he wondered. He locked his bedroom door so he could really get into the story in private.

Mrs. Kloz took a quick peek at some of the video she had just made and then filed it away with her other favorite projects. She shivered and smiled. A job well done. She took a quick snoop to see that except for sleepy Thelma, everyone was busy and productive on the Literotica and related sites. She sighed and went online to order a rotisserie turkey delivered for Christmas dinner.

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