tagIncest/TabooThe Family Tree Ch. 01

The Family Tree Ch. 01

byGeorgette Glass©

Chapter 01: Close Kin

Things are going pretty good for someone in my humdrum situation. I graduated high school in May. I earned a scholarship so I will be able to attend the local university in spite of the fact that I am a member of a rapidly growing club loosely referred to as Single Parents Try Harder. Classes start the first part of September so I can more or less relax until then. On the other hand, things will become less complicated for my mother once I get involved with school activities.

Let me explain for those of you who might care. Mom has a very limited social life and an even less eventful sex life. That's why today is rather special in our little world. You see, my mom's mysterious friend, Mr. Whenever, is back in town and coming to pay his respects among other things. This unusual name, Mr. Whenever, was given to him by me because my mom and I both know he only comes by to see her when he is horny and wants to fuck one of the best looking women in the county. Mom never objects when I call him that because she knows I am right, but unfortunately she is addicted to whatever he has to offer.

She did wisely see to it that I wasn't around when he showed up because she was afraid I might call him my pet name to his face. My mom is very intuitive when it comes to matters of this nature. Ergo, my solo trip to Aunt Jennifer's house for the day. Aunt Jenny is mom's younger sister by two years, and just as pretty. Unlike Mom who is divorced, Aunt Jenny is very liberated and very single. She jokingly tells her friends that she practices constantly just so she will not be the typical naïve virgin when she does marry. This philosophy has left many a man sexually spent, but exceedingly happy.

I was tooling along minding everybody's business but my own when I realized that I had almost missed the turnoff to Aunt Jen's house. I tried very hard and successfully to brake the car and negotiate a turn into her driveway without squealing the tires or crashing into the curb. In fact, by the time the car cleared the back of the house both driver and machine were demonstrating model motoring skills. I eased to a stop in front of the single car garage, and, in my opinion, alit like a gazelle.

"Danny honey," Aunt Jen squealed with delight at the sight of her favorite and only nephew. "I didn't know you were coming to visit, but I'm so glad you did." Her smile and her beauty were disarming to say the least,

When I looked in the direction of the excitement I immediately knew my perky aunt was telling the truth about my visit being a surprise. She was stretched out on one of the loungers on the patio, and her lovely body was exposed for the entire world to see. She was butt-assed naked, and was making no effort to cover herself. But then, what woman in possession of all this loveliness would want to hide it from the world?

Even though I have led a comparatively active sex life for a man of my age, I could not be considered a "man-of-the-world" just yet, but my penis apparently had no respect for age or discretion. I could feel my cutoffs tightening around my buttocks because of the swelling emerging uncontrollably at my crotch. This was my first time to gaze upon a totally naked adult woman who obviously had no shame. Of course, with a body like hers, what's to be ashamed of?

"Come over here, Danny," she said cheerfully, "and give your Auntie Jen a big kiss." She extended both lovely arms to greet my arrival.

I started toward her cautiously. I just knew my cock, although well shy of Shetland pony caliber, was embarrassingly obvious. Hoping to conceal what any adult male would have considered to be bragging rights, I leaned forward and arched my butt high in the air. I waddled over to where Auntie Jen languished on her chaise lounge longing for her truant lover.

"Come here, baby," she cooed, "and give me a hug. I was so lonely just lying here all alone." What male homo sapien could resist such a request, let alone believe this goddess was lonely?

I inched forward and leaned over farther to kiss my aunt. As I came closer I could smell the fragrance of her body mixed with the perfume of her recent bubble bath. It was intoxicating. Either that or something was making me light-headed. I placed my hands on her bare shoulders and leaned closer.

This nubile vision reached out and gathered a fistful of my T-shirt and pulled me to her. Her unexpected enthusiasm surprised me not to mention caught me off guard. She grunted playfully as my body fell across her chest mashing her big boobs between us.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Jen," I lied as I attempted to rise to my feet. My cock was aching now, and the head was practically peeking out from my waistband.

"I don't believe that for a minute, Sugar." Aunt Jen seldom minced words with anyone even when she was teasing. "If that thing of yours is trying to enter me, my belly button is not the way to go." Her tone was matter-of-fact, but the smile on her face betrayed her intentions.

I struggled again to rise to my feet, but the practiced hands of Auntie Jen stripped off my T-shirt in the process. I fell back across her naked body only this time we were skin to skin. Her skin was so warm against my chest that my first thought was that she was running a mild fever. That reasoning was definitely a product of my tender years.

She squirmed from side to side massaging my chest with her large breasts as she did so. She must have felt my growing cock pressing against her abdomen. "You're getting to be a big boy, Danny," she uttered in a flattering way. "Can I see it?"

"Bu . . . but Auntie Jen," I sputtered. "You're my aunt!"

"That's what your mother told me," she mused, "and I suppose we'll have to live with that fact for the rest of our lives. However, I used to play with your doodlebug while I bathed you as a kid. It was cute then, but something tells me that beautiful would be more accurate now. The way it feels laying across my belly convinces me of that. Show me. Pleeease."

I hesitate briefly, but then I rationalized. She has shown me all of herself, outside at least. Why should I not do the same? With that settled in my mind, I slowly rose from her body. When I reached for the top button on my cutoffs I discovered her hands were already there. One, two and three buttons and my jeans were sliding down my thighs along with my Jockey briefs. My cock didn't just flop out and look around. It sprang forth and stood proudly at an angle only a young stud could manage.

"Oh my, Danny," she exclaimed. "It is beautiful!" After a brief pause she spoke in a soft, warm tone. "May I touch it? I'll let you touch me too."

Even though her adoration of my manhood did great things for my confidence and ego, I was still as nervous as I have ever been. This would be my first time with a full grown woman, and this was my aunt. I felt her take my hand and place it on one of her breasts and squeeze gently. Then I felt the finger of her other hand move lightly along the length of my shaft. Both actions sent new excitement racing through my body. Being an accomplished masturbationist, I was reasonably certain that ejaculation was near at hand.

"I'm going to mess up, Aunt Jen," I admitted with signs of embarrassment and shame. "I've never done this before with anyone as beautiful as you."

"You couldn't be in better hands, love. Let me up, and I will solve your problem. Okay?" She helped me rise still holding my pecker in her soft, warm hand. Then she jockeyed me to the lounger and motioned for me to stretch out on my back.

I envisioned my body to resemble an atomic submarine definitely in the "up periscope" position. My aunt settled along side of me at my waist and facing my feet. From this vantage point I could see her lovely ass right before my eyes with a view of pubic hair just below her asshole. This was another first for me, but something told me this was just the beginning.

"I'm going to help you come, Danny," she explained as she looked over her shoulder back at me. "Meanwhile you can explore my pussy and my asshole if you like. Why don't you feel it now?" She motioned toward her crotch with a free hand.

Just about the time I mustered up the courage to reach out and touch these newly found wonders, I felt her mouth engulf my cock. The excitement was overwhelming not to mention the fact that my balls seemed to jump up inside my body. I instinctively hunched my midsection causing my cock to thrust deeper into her mouth. She moaned but continued to suck my shaft with vigor. It was then that I realized I had managed to insert two fingers into her pussy. It felt like she was nursing on my fingers with her pussy. I liked it.

Then it happened. Unlike the end results of any masturbation I had ever engineered, I felt my balls begin to jump and simultaneously my entire genitalia joined in with a chorus of spasms and convulsions. I could feel my juices spurting out of my throbbing cock, but I could not observe the sight because my cock was still buried deep in Auntie Jen's mouth. She was sucking now as if my pulsating cock was a gigantic soda straw. My asshole puckered with each demand she made on my cock. I was getting weak. My close kin lover was still sucking me dry.

Once she was satisfied that she had consumed my total offering, she slowly retreated and let my limp dick fall across my balls. Then she turned and kissed me like she had never done before. She pressed her lips against mine and forced her tongue between my teeth and deep into my mouth. My limited experience did not provide me with similar situations to call upon for comparison. My heart was racing and I realized I was sucking back on her tongue when I got the chance. I whole heartedly approved of the ritual, and I definitely wanted her to do it again.

While we were engaged in this passionate embrace, Auntie Jen also gave me instructions on how to play with her breasts, She showed me how wet her pussy was, where her clitoris was, and how swollen our sexual activity had made it. She made me lick my fingers in order to taste her pussy juices, and she reminded me of where her mouth had been before we locked into the passionate embrace.

"Now that we have both discovered how you taste, it is my turn," The look on her face was what I would describe as wicked, but definitely a good wicked.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Not that it mattered. I was ready to walk through fire for this woman.

"Well," she took a deep breath causing her boobs to rise majestically, "I just sucked or ate your cock, right?"


"Now I'm going to teach you how to eat my pussy." Then pausing briefly she continued, "figuratively speaking, of course."

"Anything you say, Auntie Jen," I replied with honest enthusiasm.

"I love your attitude, Danny, and one more thing. Anybody that plays with my ass and eats my pussy is not allowed to call me auntie. Understood?"

"Is Jenny okay?" I asked.

"Yes, until we can think of something better. And now, let's make my pussy happy, shall we?"

She moved herself into position at the elevated end of the lounger, and placed a large throw pillow under her butt, Drawing her legs toward her until her knees were approximately even with her eyes, she beckoned for me to crawl between her legs. She parted her vulva and once again gave me the lay of the playing field.

"When you're ready I want you to lick my pussy the full length of the slit until you think I am ready for better things."

"How will I know that?" I asked innocently.

"You'll know," she assured me.

With growing confidence and a lust for learning more about sex, I positioned myself between her legs. I was staring at her soft white upper thighs, her wet patch of pubic hairs, the pink outwardly fragile lips guarding her vagina, and literally above all was her swollen clitoris. I extended my tongue and ran it gingerly along approximately half of her slit. She squirmed a little so I did it again exercising the same caution.

"Lick my pussy, Danny," she said sternly. Then she added, "you are doing the right thing, but you need to approached that feline with more authority. Try again, and don't worry about hurting me."

I had not yet adjusted to the pungent qualities with which I was now confronted, but I didn't care. I was between Jenny's legs, and that is exactly where I wanted to be. I buried my face is the abundance of pubic hair and immediately sought out the playground I desired. This time my tongue was firmer, and I guided it from her asshole all the way to her clitoris. I did this slowly, deliberately and continuously. Jenny's reaction to this new approach was all the encouragement I needed. Her legs were draped over my shoulders now with her heels in the small of my back. This gave her leverage to press her equipment against my face in concert with my attention to her begging pussy. Instantly we began working well together.

My mouth was full of her pussy, and she was becoming very audible with her enjoyment of our encounter. Her responses were ranging randomly from soft moans to guttural admissions of raw delight intermingled with unbridled commentary on the effect my tongue was having on her libido. At the moment, Jenny's commentary was centered around the rapidly advancing arrival of her climax.

I must have missed these last remarks because the next thing I knew she was showering me with her juices. Until now I was unaware that women did this sort of thing. Jenny had her legs literally locked around my neck now, and she tightened her grip with each orgasmic spasm. My initial reaction was one of panic fearing I would be suffocated, but it didn't take me long to adjust and enjoy the ride.

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