tagLesbian SexThe Fanny Tickler Ch. 01

The Fanny Tickler Ch. 01


I always carry with me my brown leather carry all bag which contains my tools of the trade. A variety of feathers including duck, goose and ostrich, a silk scarf, and of course my trusty feather duster. I also carry a variety of brushes and a pair of furry handcuffs and soft hemp rope (when required). I always dress in a discreet and professional manner. I'm not one for PVC basques and thigh length boots and the like. I find that a smart business suit is best and I believe that my clients prefer the more formal , sensible look.

Different kinds of ladies contact me. Some are gay, some bi and others merely curious. I obviously don't tickle men but husbands and boyfriends are perfectly welcome to watch as long as they realise that is all they will get to do. Some are die hard tickle fetishists but I prefer the ladies who've had their imagination captured by my ad and pluck up the courage to contact me for further details. A classic example of that sort of lady was Kate a woman in her late 20s from Swansea who stated in her initial email that she had seen my online ad some 9 months previously and had finally steeled her spine and decided to make contact. The timing of her email , 1 am on a Sunday morning, suggested that perhaps tipsiness had been a factor in her sudden burst of courage. Kate wrote that although married for five years she had experimented a little with other women at university although it had never gone any further than a kiss and a cuddle and tops occasionally coming off. She had stumbled across my website during a search for erotic stories and said, as many do, that they had never seen such a service advertised and although the service offered at first seemed slightly absurd that she had found herself fascinated. I suggested in my reply that she phone me on Monday morning to discuss it further genuinely thinking that once she had awoke sober in the morning she would be mortified and no further contact would be made. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised at 10:30 am the following day when my phone rang.

Kate sounded a bag of nerves and her delightful Welsh accent brought to mind Charlotte Church who has long been on my fantasy list of famous fannies I would love to tickle. I asked her if her husband would be present but she said that he was rather conservative in his views and that she had yet to take him into her confidence with regard to her bi-curiosity. Most women in Kate's position prefer to meet in neutral territory such as a hotel but she said that she'd feel more comfortable in her own home. Kate worked part time at a supermarket and often didn't begin work until 5:30 in the afternoon spending much of the day home alone. I suggested to Kate that perhaps there was no time like the present for her appointment and that I could get to her for 2pm that very afternoon. My theory was that she may have lost her nerve if the appointment was any further away. Kate was taken aback by this but after an audible gulp agreed. As usual I asked if she had any questions about her appointment. She asked if she would be required to strip off completely to which I replied that it was up to her but that I would require her of course to be nude from the waist down. I asked her what tone she would like the appointment to take. Some ladies like to be domineered and ordered about but Kate said that she was merely looking for a sensual experience. After noting Kate's address I got my Tickle Bag together and drove up the M4 filled with much anticipation.

Kate's house was in a pleasant middle class estate just outside Swansea city centre. When I work in those sorts of areas my appearance tends to outfox any nosy neighbours who presume that I must be an Avon lady or suchlike. I rang the doorbell and Kate answered. She was a quite petite girl with brown hair cut in a bob and wore jeans and a sky blue jumper. She looked every bit the typical suburban housewife. She smiled nervously and invited me indoors. I could see that she was quivering with a mixture of excitement and anxiety but one of the essential skills of my profession is the ability to be comforting as well as domineering. Kate made me a cup of tea and sat down opposite me nervously fidgeting with her hair. I kept the conversation fairly innocuous at that point discussing the weather and the previous night's television until I felt Kate was ready for the conversation to be steered towards the business in hand. I asked her where she would like to be tickled. After pulling a perplexed expression and nervously gesturing towards her crotch she giggled as she realised I meant where in the house she would like to be tickled. It was a delightful giggle and I relished the opportunity to hear it at further length. Kate asked me where I usually carried out my work in people's homes and I replied that it all rather depends on the customer's wishes. I could if she wanted perform the tickle in her living room but I advised her that the opening and shutting of curtains may arouse the suspicion of local gossips and therefore it may be best to do it in her bedroom. Kate agreed and after sipping the last of my tea I asked her to lead the way.

I followed Kate upstairs to the bedroom with its queen size bed.

"Shall I take my things off now?" Kate asked blushing

I smiled and told her that there was no rush and that if she liked I could tickle her through her knickers first

"Oh well here goes," said Kate unbuttoning her blue jeans and pulling them off to reveal her black cotton briefs. "How do you want me?"

Although I tickle women in a variety of positions I find it's best to start with them laying down so I told Kate to lie down and get comfy on the bed while I sat down beside her

"Ready?" I asked and Kate nodded so I began to gently tickle through her knickers with my fingernails causing her to flinch and softly giggle. After a few minutes of this I hooked my fingers into the waistband and Kate obligingly lifted her bum to let me pull them down to her knees revealing a neatly trimmed brown bush. I find shaved or waxed fannies easiest to tickle as there is no pubic hair to protect the skin from the tickling sensation but I've learned to be adaptable with my technique. I opened my Tickle Bag which was by my feet and produced a fresh white duck feather. Kate's eyes widened a little at the sight of it but there was no panic. She merely closed her eyes and opened her thighs a little which I took as my cue to commence tickling her fanny in earnest. I began by flicking the feather over her hip which drew a small squeal from her and then over her lower tummy and thighs. I prefer to begin by tickling the area around the fanny itself. There was much giggling from Kate but she made no attempts to shut her legs and so I began to run the duck feather up and down her labia. Her breathing became deeper and as I circled her clitoris with the feather's tip she let out a gasp. After one final long sweep along Kate's mound I replaced the duck feather in the Tickle Bag and resumed finger tickling as I rummaged in the bag for my trusty duster. I could feel Kate's wetness as I finger tickled her soft labia.

"Are you ready to try the Duster Kate?" I softly enquired. She responded by frantically nodding her head and opening her legs wide apart. My duster is approximately 14" long with a wooden handle and a plume of genuine ostrich feathers. As I tickled her thighs, belly , hips and fanny with it Kate began to shake and giggle as well as moan. Up to this point I hadn't thought her to be particularly ticklish as such but she was now beginning to wriggle and grip the bedclothes.

I always like to end my sessions by treating my customer to a complimentary orgasm and so as time was ticking by I placed the duster back in the Tickle Bag and began to stroke Kate's bush with my hand before letting my finger rest on her by now rather swollen clitoris. It didn't take long at all for Kate to reach a shivering climax under my expert fingers. As Kate regained her composure I told her to feel free to get up and put her knickers back on in her own time.

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