The Fantastic Fuck-Machine!


I stopped the machine and stood up. Mom watched as I pushed my sweat pants down my legs. Her eyes were glued to my hard dick. It's about 8 inches long and about as fat around as a silver dollar. But the head gets almost half again as big as the shaft. Mom looked at it and licked her lips.

"Holy shit! No wonder my sister wants to feel that up her cunt! And you fucked Cindy up her ass with all that? Shit! I bet you had her stretched open wide."

I hit the button and the machine fucked her some more. Then I stopped it. Over and over I would start and stop it. Mom was withering and squirming on the bed. She was trying to fuck the dildo that was now not moving at all.

"Ronnie! Let me cum and I'll suck your dick for you! Please baby! Let mommy cum? I'll suck it real good. I bet I can deep throat even better than Cindy does!"

I reached down and slid my fingers across mom's clit. She moaned and pushed her hips up off the bed. "No mom! If I let you cum, I get to fuck you. You know we both want it! Or maybe I should just pack everything up and take it over Aunt Jo's house. I bet she wouldn't deny me! I just might get to fuck both her and Cindy at the same time."

Mom was reaching down to rub her pussy when I grabbed her hands. "Ok mom! That's enough for you! I'll take my machine where it will be more appreciated!"

I stood up when mom shouted. "Wait! Ok you fucker! Make me cum and I'll let you fuck me! I can't stand the way you have my pussy throbbing and wanting it so bad. Go ahead! Let that machine fuck me! It will probably be better than your dick anyway!"

I smiled as I hit the button again. It started out slowly. I hit the other button and it began to slowly twist as it stroked mom's cunt. "Oh yea! You want to fuck me don't you Ronnie? You want to lay me back and rub your hard dick in and out of my juicy pussy. Look at it! Look at how juicy my pussy is! Damn but you have a big dick! Jo will love having you shove that up her holes. Make it faster Ronnie! Let it fuck me hard!"

I smiled down at mom as I turned a knob and the machine shaft slid back. Only the tip was stroking her pussy lips. Mom groaned. "I can set it so that it hits the back of your cunt with each stroke! I can have it set so that you can't stop screaming and Cumming! Is that what you want mom? Do you want to have the most fantastic orgasm in your life? Tell me! Tell me what you want?"

Mom was grabbing her tits and pulling on her nipples hard. I could see the pain on her face as she abused those delicious orbs. She looked into my eyes as she ran her fingers down over the shaft then sucked them clean.

"Yes! That's what I want you bastard! You nasty motherfucker! I want you to give your mom the best fucking she ever had! I want to hear myself scream as I cum! Do that and I'll let you shove that delicious looking dick up my cunt! I'll suck your dick and let you cum down my throat! Fuck me Ronnie! Fuck your mother!"

I turned the knob and mom groaned as the shaft went in even deeper. "Oh shit! That's it you fucker! Deep like that!" I turned the knob and it went back to just her pussy lips. Mom screamed in frustration and cursed me.

"You black motherfucker! Stop fuckin teasing my pussy! Ronnie you no good mother fuckin prick, fuck me! Oh you fucker! You have my pussy needing to cum so bad! Please baby? Let mommy cum? I'll do what you want, I promise!"

The machine was barely stroking her pussy lips. And mom was grinding her ass against the bed. "Will you mom? Will you do what I want? Will you let me fuck you? Not just this one time, I've wanted to fuck you for so long. Will you let me fuck you over and over again?"

Mom looked directly at me. "You really want to do that to me Ronnie? You really want to fuck me over and over?"

Instead of answering her, I bent down and my tongue licked her dripping pussy. When I scraped it against her clit mom cried out. "Does that answer your question mom? Do you promise to let me fuck you? Will you let me fuck you again and again? Both with the machine and with my hard dick?"

Mom looked me in the eye. "Fuck me Ronnie! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me with your hard dick and fuck me with this fantastic fuck-machine! Do it now you bastard! Fuck me till I scream!"

I turned the knob and the shaft went in deep. I hit the button and the pumping action sped up. I hit the other button and the twisting motion sped up. Mom started crying out as it fucked her deep and hard. I hit the button again and it went even harder and faster.

Mom was crying out as she humped her pussy against the rhythm of the pumping shaft. I reached up and grabbed her tits. Pulling her nipples until she cried out, I twisted them hard.

"Go back on your promise and you will never feel this machine again! Refuse me and I will tease you with stories of how I use it on your sister and her daughter! Do you understand me mom? You're my pussy now! Just like Cindy is! Just like Aunt Jo will become! I will have all three of you! Do you understand me you nasty slut? You belong to your son now! And I intend to fuck all your holes!"

Mom was in another world! Her eyes were glassy and her body was jerking each time the shaft hit bottom. She stared at me but I don't think she was really seeing me.

"Yes Ronnie! I'm your slut! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me whenever you want! Oh fuck! I've never been fucked like this! I want more! I want it all the time! Oh yea! You will become mommy's lover! I want to watch you fuck my sister! I want to watch you fuck Cindy! Now Ronnie! Now! IEEEE! IEEEE! IEEEE! IEEEE! IEEEE! ARRGH! ARRGH! ARRGH! ARRGH! ARRGH! Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie!!

Mom arched her whole body! She let out a scream that even Cindy couldn't make. Then she slumped down on the bed unconscious. I hit the button and eased the shaft from between her cunt lips. Mom let out a groan as it came free. I moved the machine aside and bent between her thighs. I tenderly and slowly licked and sucked her cunt until she was clean. Then I threw a cover over her and began to dismantle the machine.

Mom woke up about an hour later. She came into the kitchen where I was sitting drinking coffee. I could see that she was walking unsteady and I smiled.

"Ok! No more fuck-machine for at least a week! Damn! I've never been fucked like that in my life! That thing could ruin a girl!" Mom came over to me and picked up my cup. She drained it! Then she sat down and looked at me.

I didn't say a word as I looked back at her. Then she broke into a big grin. "Can I be there when you try that out on my sister?"

I smiled back. "Do you intend to keep your promise? You promised a lot of things in the height of lust. Do you intend to keep your promise?"

Mom got up from the table and walked over to me. I turned to face her. Smiling, she held onto me as she sank to her knees. Fishing my dick out my shorts, she opened her mouth and began to slowly suck the head. Then she slid her mouth completely down my shaft until I could feel it pushing down her throat.

She lifted her head up and looked at me. I could see the thin line of saliva and pre-cum that stretched frm her lips to the tip of my dick. She licked her lips.

"Does that answer your question son? Mommy keeps her promises! I'm yours now! But I warn you Ronnie; I like a lot of attention. And not just with you shoving your hard dick up my cunt or mouth or ass! I expect you to service me with your mouth as much as I service you. Now! Should I keep it up until you make me swallow? Or should I call my sister and have her pussy hotter than a fire before you fuck me?"

I laughed as I leaned back and grabbed the phone, handing it to her.

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