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The Fantasy Conference



It was just another mundane Tuesday morning when I opened up the email that would change my life and my hubby's forever. I was working on my laptop on a grievance a patient had lodged against a junior colleague when I saw the message fly into my inbox. I work as a Consultant Gastroenterologist - and although I love my job most mornings are taken up with a mountain of admin. So it was nice to have a distraction.

The email read: Sexual fantasies - a course for medics and other health professionals. Intrigued, I closed my office door and opened the attachment. A flyer described how 54% of men are now addicted to pornography; it talked about the number one sex fantasy for married men being watching their wife have sex with another man; it stated that about 1 in 5 men like to cross dress and it revealed that at least 5% of men are bisexual with over 20% of men having fantasies about the same sex. Perhaps more tellingly it suggested that when a woman takes total control in the bedroom they are able to get their husband's to do practically anything.

I felt my pussy getting damp and my face flushed with excitement. I turned the fan on and continued reading...This course is open to both males and females in the medical profession with any kind of interest in the field of human sexuality. It is informative, practical (I wondered what that meant), illuminating and dare we say it: SEXY! You may find yourself liberated and eager to try new things at home. It may also help you when dealing with patients who end up in hospital after a kinky game at home has gone wrong...I knew that to be true, as part of my training I had spent 12 weeks in the A & E department and come across dozens of cases where guys had inserted bottles and vegetables in their anus and had ended up perforating a part of their arseholes.

The course was scheduled for the coming weekend. And there was an online registration form to fill in and a website to look at and a multiple choice exercise to complete. I first clicked on the multiple choice tab and found myself instantly aroused. There were a series of pictures of hunky guys completely nude with enormous erections labelled - What's his secret? My first thought was these must all be male models - the guys were that gorgeous, then I thought they must all be gay, but I noticed a statement at the top of the questionnaire that simply read - All these men are in relationships - they are not actors or models. I wasn't entirely convinced, my hubby Dan certainly didn't look like any of these studs - but I still adore him - which made my aroused state even more confusing.

I found myself hitching up my black skirt and gently pressing a finger against my now very damp panties. What was happening to me? Anyone could come in the door at any moment. What would Dan think if he could see me now? But I didn't care. Dan i enjoy a fairly good, if humdrum, sex life, maybe this course could really help me break out of my conservative shackles and spice things up between Dan and I.

The first picture was of a guy around 26 or 27, blonde hair, blazing blue eyes, cock the size of a stallion. I couldn't imagine what his secret was. So from the options listed I went for I AM BISEXUAL. WRONG! I LIKE TO DRESS IN WOMEN'S LINGERIE. When I clicked the answer it showed hunk number one in a pair of stockings with a suspender belt, black panties and black bodice with a pink lace trim. The guy looked amazing - he had better legs than me! I couldn't believe how turned on I was. I closed my eyes inserted a couple of fingers in my pussy and imagined Dan dressed in my lingerie - the idea got me even more excited.

I opened my eyes and clicked on the next few pictures - there were five in all. Number two and three I guessed rightly - they showed guys in their early 20s both of whom fantasised about fucking MILFs. They can fuck me anytime I thought. And I was surprised not only by the word "fuck" which I never use, but also that I'd allowed my mind to picture them doing just that with Dan watching wearing my underwear.

The penultimate picture showed two guys in their thirties, dark hair, six pack, big cocks (again) looking straight at the camera. I opted for WE ARE GAY. The actual answer was...WE'D LIKE TO FUCK YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND. I was overcome with that response and started rubbing my clitoris with my thumb. I was gagging for it at 10.30 in the morning. The phone rang, startling me.

"Hi Jo, Nancy here. James Lyle is here to see you."

"Oh. Yeah. Okay. Send him through in a minute."

"Will do. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Nancy, just a little flustered."

"You will be."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

I put the phone down, straightened my skirt and washed my hands.

A few seconds later there was a knock on the door and in walked James Lyle. I'd never met James before, we'd only previously spoken on the phone.He was the new drug rep for a large pharmaceutical company and he was gorgeous. A mop of shaggy blonde hair, tall, and immaculately turned out. If I wasn't married, I found myself thinking, I'd fuck you right here and now. Oh shit I was losing it. I hadn't felt like this since Dan and I first met. My sexual appetite was in overdrive.

I invited James to sit down, but as our meeting began I noticed we were both having trouble concentrating. It took me a full five minutes before I realised that I hadn't closed my laptop. And James was staring at the same picture that had got me in such a state. I tried to ignore James' incredulous stare. But I knew I had to acknowledge the photos at some point.

"Are you okay James?" I asked, feeling a new sense of sexual confidence and naughtiness course through my body.

"Yes...I'm fine." He stuttered.

"You seem distracted."



"I'll be fine in a moment." He finally managed.

"Oh. I see. It's the pictures on my laptop. Don't worry about it James. It's about a conference I'm attending this weekend on sexual fantasies."

"I see." He replied, looking more and more flushed with every minute that passed.

"Do you have any sexual fantasies James?" I knew I could lose my job for this but by now I was enjoying myself. The flyer had said you may be transformed. Well if this was transformation I was loving it.

"Yes, yes I do."

"You can tell me James. Don't be bashful."

"I'd like to fuck a hot woman in her office."

Good answer, I thought. "Really?"

"Yes. And you're really hot."

I picked the phone up. "Nancy, I may be some time. Can you hold all calls for me please."

"Yes Doctor. As long as I can have him afterwards."

"Of course Nancy. Of course."

I put the receiver down and walked over to where James was sitting. I straddled him, hitching up my skirt so he could see my stocking tops. Instantly I saw his cock stir in his trousers.

I felt possessed now. Possessed with lust. I'd never cheated on Dan, but I had to give in to these new delicious naughty feelings.

"So you think I'm hot do you James?"

"Yes. Volcano hot."

"And what would you like to do to me?"

"I'd like to bend you over your desk and take you from behind."

"What if my hubby walks in? He's meeting me here for lunch."

"He can join in."

That last remark got me so turned on I immediately took off James' jacket and tie before unbuckling his belt and undoing his trousers. I put my hand around his big meaty cock and in one fell swoop plunged it into my mouth. I never give Dan oral, so this was a first. I loved the taste and loved what it was doing to James. I could now feel his cock pulsating on my tongue. As his excitement grew he started undoing my white blouse until his hands could roll my bra down and tweak my nipples. This only drove me further on.

I inserted my tongue inside his foreskin savouring his salty juices and whirling it around as I continued to suck. His kneading and pressing of my tits became more primal. James was close to the edge. Another few swirls of my tongue and I knew he'd explode. I quickly withdrew, much to his obvious disappointment.

"Don't worry James. I want that big bad boy inside me."

In an instant he looked like the cat that got the cream. I bent over my desk and loved the feel of his hands over my ass and then along my thighs until he found my panties and slid them down to my ankles. Then his cock met my pussy lips teasing them with the promise of further delights. And then he was inside me. It felt incredible, especially with the pictures from my laptop of the two naked hunks staring at me with what like huge approval.

James didn't last long. To be honest I was a bit cross with him. I loved it when his seed ejaculated into me. It felt raw, rampant, dirty and naughty. But he quickly pulled up his shorts and trousers, apologised and ran off.

I pulled my panties up and immediately felt a stream of cum deposit itself on my gusset. Again, it felt dirty and naughty. For a moment I didn't know what to do. I even considered calling Nancy in to finish me off. I bet hubby would love that I thought. Instead I clicked on the final picture - it showed a guy wearing a witch's costume - basque, stockings and suspender's, a dark wig and even high heels. Underneath was written the question: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR HUSBAND DOES WHEN YOU'RE AT WORK? No I thought, I don't. But does he know what I do when I'm in work?!


Over lunch at the local art gallery I was convinced Dan would be able to smell the pungent fragrance of sex all over me. Fortunately, he's had a bit of a cold lately so I got away with it. Strangely, I didn't feel guilty. Maybe it was because I hadn't had an orgasm (though I was now absolutely gagging for it) or maybe I'd discovered the real me and was loving it. I kept picturing Dan and I as a really kinky couple. I couldn't get out of my head the thought of Dan and I being seduced by a couple of hunky guys. I knew Dan wouldn't go that far. But what if the report was accurate? What if a woman really could make her man do anything she wanted in the bedroom? What if I could watch Dan get fucked by another guy while they were both dressed up in my lingerie? How hot would that be?

"You seem distant," Dan finally said, breaking my intoxicated state. "Are you alright?"

"Never been better my sexy hubby."

"You think I'm sexy."

"Dead sexy."

Dan took a slurp of his soup. "Then what are you going to do about it?"

I leaned over the table and whispered in his ear: "I'm going to put a strap-on dido on and fuck my sexy secretary."

Dan dropped his spoon on the table. A few of the customers looked over.

"What the..."

"F.U.C.K?" I mouthed back to Dan. "Yes please."

"What are on earth Jo. Shit I've nearly hit the table with my you-know-what."

"With you cock?" This time I said it out loud.

"Jo. Bloody hell. What's going on?"

"I've been invited to a sex conference this weekend. Fancy coming?"

"A sex conference? Well I'm not going to say no to that."


Following the incident in the art gallery Dan and I had had our best sex in years. I felt I was well on the way to turning him into my sex slave. I just didn't know how he'd react to the seminars at the conference.

The conference began with dinner and drinks on the Friday evening. There were over 100 delegates, lots of couples, straight and gay and tons of hunky guys that I couldn't help imagining fucking both hubby and me.

The first session after a hearty meal was titled: OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE...the speaker, a thirty-something, gorgeous looking American woman said that if we wanted great sex we must be willing to risk making a fool of ourselves. Our 'homework' that night therefore was to 1. Do something to our partner we'd never done before...and 2. Tell him or her a deep dark sexual fantasy and then do it by the end of the conference.

"So, Dan tell me," I said, as we made our way to the elevator in the hotel lobby, "What you'd like me to do to you?"


"Of course."

"Well...I'd like you to dress up as a french maid or naughty nurse and spank me."


"How about you?" Dan asked.

But before I could reply, a voice I recognised hollered for us to hold the lift. In walked James the drug rep and a very attractive brunette.

"James!" I exclaimed.

"Do you two know one another?" Dan asked pressing the number for our floor.

"We literally met just this week. James is one of the new drug reps."

"And this is Sonia." James said, adding, "My partner."

Sonia was tall for a woman - about five foot ten, with piercing blue eyes and flawless skin. She looked drop dead gorgeous in a short black micro skirt that revealed the tops of her stockings, and a gorgeous pink, translucent top that showed off her magnificent cleavage. I couldn't blame Dan for staring. Sonia's tits were practically waving at us all.

"Fancy joining us for a nightcap?" I asked, surprising Dan, as the elevator came to a halt.

"We'd love to." James and Sonia declared in unison.

When we entered our room, I beckoned Dan to quickly join me in the bathroom.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"About what?" Dan replied, clearly perplexed.

"About Sonia?"

"Well...she's a certainly well stacked."

"I know. I thought my 34DDs were big...lucky you."

"What do you mean...lucky me?"

"Well that's my fantasy; watching you and another chick together."

"You're kidding. Won't you be angry?"

"Not at all."

"You want to watch my have sex with Sonia?"

"Yes. On one condition."

"Go on."

"You wear my underwear while doing it."

"You want be to wear your panties?"

"And my stockings and my basque."

"In front of James. He'll either laugh or kill me."

"No he won't. He owes me."

"Owes you what?"

"A fucking good orgasm is what."

Dan looked shell shocked. But I pressed on, determined to get my own way.

"The other day, he came to my office and fucked me over my desk, but left without giving me an orgasm." I went up to Dan and kissed him hard, passionately, sliding my tongue into his mouth and rubbing his cock through his trousers. I could see he was hurt, angry and jealous, but then Sonia knocked lightly on the door and came over and kissed me and then Dan, unzipping his trousers and removing his cock before running her tongue up and down the shaft. Dan looked over at me expecting disgust or wrath, instead I simply said: "Shall I give you my panties now?"

Dan nodded, everything was going to plan.

James and Sonia helped Dan get undressed. My husband made no objections even when James slid the pink vintage panties I was wearing off my body and up Dan's legs, hitching them right up until they covered his ass and raging cock. I handed James a new pair of nude coloured stockings I'd recently bought from Ann Summers with the words SPANK ME displayed upon them near a delicate bow at the ankle. Dan's cock seemed to grow more bulbous threatening to peek over the edge of the vintage panties. Sonia put a scarlet red basque on him and attached the suspenders to the stockings before applying some matching red lipstick.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "You look so fucking hot."

"I feel it." Dan replied. Now I knew my plan was working way beyond my wildest expectations.

Sonia kissed me again and then moved over to Dan and started french kissing him. That was the signal for James to start undressing me. He removed my jacket, blouse and skirt and I handed him a pair of crotchless panties which he slid up my blue stockinged clad legs. If Dan was jealous he didn't show it. In fact as James removed my bra and started kissing my tits, my hubby actually seemed excited.

"Tell James, what you'd like him to do to me Dan." I called over to hubby, who moved closer and actually took hold of one of James' hands and started rubbing it against my pussy.

"James I want you to fuck my wife while your sexy girlfriend here fucks me."

What happened next I'll never forget. James stopped fondling me, kissed my husband full on the mouth, rubbed his cock through the vintage panties and said as he removed his tongue from my now sissy little hubby: "After I fuck her Dan I'm going to fuck you up your tight little ass."

My husband, clearly excited at the prospect, started undressing James. When he removed James' shirt he actually flicked his tongue at James' nipples. James let out a long sigh. Then Dan removed his trousers to reveal that James was also wearing panties - a lovely pink frilly pair out of which had popped his gorgeous meaty cock. Immediately I placed a hand around it as Sonia kissed me again. And I watched flabbergasted as my husband bent James over the bed so I could take James' cock into my mouth while my hubby placed his own cock in James' panties rubbing himself along James' crack.

The atmosphere in the room was electric now as we all moved onto the bed. I lay on my stomach and then went on al fours waving my ass at James who duly obliged, again with help from my husband who guided James' cock into my sodden pussy. That was so fucking hot, I nearly had an orgasm without James doing anything to me. With every moment that passed Dan was coming more and more under my control. Now if Sonia could do her bit I knew my hubby would become my very own cross dressing cuckold.

I turned my head and with James now sliding in and out of me for the second time that week, grew insatiable for an orgasm and for Sonia to reveal her wares. She didn't disappoint.

"Dan would you like me to fuck your ass."

"Oh yes please Sonia. Yes please."

When Sonia lifted her skirt up and pulled out a huge erect cock from her crotchless panties Dan gasped.

"I had no idea." He said, before adding: "I thought you were a gorgeous sexy woman."

"She is," I replied. "With the odd bonus feature."

"Do you still want me Dan?"

This was it - I'd been fantasying about this ever since I'd seen those pictures at work the other day. I so wanted to watch my hubby get fucked by a tranny.

"Fuck me, Sonia. Fuck me and fill my virgin ass with your hot cum."

These words were music to all our ears. I winked at hubby and kissed him as he joined me in the doggy position. He looked so hot in my underwear and it was like we were a pair of sassy tarts on a night out giving the guys what they wanted. Dan put his ass up in the air as Sonia mounted him and pressed, ever so slowly at first, her cock into my husband's firm panty clad ass.

I could see the pained expression in Dan's face as Sonia's cock penetrated further until, finally, it came to rest and a smile curled up from Dan's face. I kissed him again as Sonia and James now increased their momentum. I could feel my own orgasm building - I was so turned on by Dan now I could tell he was enjoying himself. With a few more thrusts James erupted into me once more and this spurred Sonia on.

"Oh fuck I'm close, Dan." She said. "Really fucking close."

"Do it Sonia. Do it to me. Fuck me with your gorgeous cock."

James was rubbing my clitoris furiously as Sonia got closer to oblivion.

"Oh Fuck Dan. Here it comes."

Just as Sonia said that the first wave of pleasure hit me too. Watching Sonia writhe and moan as she spurted cum into my sissy hubby's ass was fucking amazing. Another wave hit me and another and then lots of little after shocks.

Then with cum dribbling down his panties Dan surprised everyone by reaching first for James' cock and licking up a few ounces of cum from him, before turning his attention to my cum filled pussy. It was so nasty and dirty and sexy to watch my hubby, dressed in my underwear, his own ass filled with cum for the first time, lapping up James' cum from my pussy that everyone was soon aroused again.

This time Dan put his cock inside me as James kept his promise and started fucking my hubby's ass. I took Sonia's cock in my mouth and soon the four of us were all building to another climax. James exploded first. My hubby was definitely no longer a virgin as far as his ass was concerned. I came next as Dan responded to James' cries by thrusting so hard my clitoris went into spasms of delight. This was a catalyst for Sonia to erupt mountains of cum in my mouth which I immediately shared with Dan in our first cum sharing kiss. This was the final straw for him and it was amazing to feel both his and James' cum inside my pussy.

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