tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Fantasy Date Ch. 01

The Fantasy Date Ch. 01


You'd never met, not in person anyway. Exchanged emails, a few visits to chatrooms, followed finally by some late night phone calls were the extent of our contact. He was in town for a few days on business, a rare opportunity to put a face to the fantasy, to make the fantasy reality, and you were eager to see if he was everything he promised, if he was everything is sexy voice had left unspoken. Excited by the prospect you agreed to meet him when he arrived, you even agreed to his unusual requests, making hurried promises.

The package arrive via overnight mail, just as he said it would, much earlier than you expected. Teasing yourself you left it unopened while you chatted online with your friends, contenting yourself with the brief letter taped to the outside of the brown paper parcel.

" Just a quick reminder, lovely," it read, "but the contents of this package is your entire outfit for when we meet, add nothing. Remember your promise and I will remember mine." he promised, and signed with a flourish. Later, after you'd opened it and inspected the contents you called him, not sure if he was joking or not. He assured you it was not, promised to make sure it was well worth your while and left you to think about the coming weekend.

You decided to go along with his game. Friday, you decided, was your day, a day to just relax, to get ready for the mystery man, you cancelled all your other obligations and scheduled the entire day at a fancy spa and salon, a day getting primped and massaged, waxed, nails done... everything. The evening was spent with your favorite toy, and the sound of his sexy voice over the phone one last time, just before his flight.

Seven in the morning, he had told you, that was when the weekend officially began, and he would be waiting for you outside. Sure enough, at seven am sharp there was an insistant blast of a carhorn. You take one last look in the mirror, brushing your long dark hair back reflexively with one hand and head outside to meet him.

You are wearing a very simple outfit, just a pair of long black, backless heels with some red trim, and a short lambskin coat that barely reaches mid thigh. There is only the thinnest of liners to the coat, and no buttons or zippers, only a belt knotted simply around your waist. You have nothing on under it, as per your date's insistance... your nipples are hard against the soft silk liner.

He is watching walk towards him, lounging against a large british rental car. He's wearing a suit, though casually, the jacket open, the shirt partly unbottoned, tie hanging loose. The look suits him, looks natural. As you get closer so you can get a better look you realize that he is tall, taller than you even in your heels, that the broad shoulders aren't padding, that the casually worn suit is expensive; closer still and you see he isn't quite as handsome as you imagined, but the peircing grey eyes and the easy grin make up for his unconventionaly looks. He stands straight as you approach.

You stick out a hand, "Hi, I'm..." you start, but he puts a finger over your lips, then bring your hand to his lips.

"No names." he shushes you. "Lets not ruin the moment with trite small talk. Let me take a look at you." If anything his voice is sexier in person. He takes a moment to walk completely around you, you can feel his eyes on you as he completes his circuit. Strong hands take the ends of the belt and unknot it with a deft movement, then he opens your coat, spreading it wide, pushing it back. You can feel his eyes on your naked flesh, glad now of the early morning, the lack of traffic, though you can feel yourself moisten, opening a bit as he drinks you in.

When he is done he closes the coat, fastening it with a much looser knot than you had used. As he leads you around the car to the passenger side his hand slips under the bottom of the coat to cup your bare ass, his skin against yours burning hot.

He drives you to a public 'gardens', a place you hadn't been, his hand resting possessively on your upper thigh most of the trip. He had promised some buildup first, and from the glacialy slow movement of his hand up your leg he intended to deliver on that promise. You squirm a bit in frustration, wanting him to move faster, but he only smiles at your frustration.

Once in the gardens, really just an extensively landscaped park, he takes the tie from around your coat, letting you hold it closed by hand, having you open it from time to time, until you start getting into it. No one else, or at least no one you see, is wandering around, so when he steps up and peels the coat from your shoulders, you don't protest, wandering the gardens in broad daylight, nude. He leads you to a little covered courtyard, the heels unsteady on the packed gravel, and has you sit on the smooth marble bench, one foot propped up on the bench, your body gloriously open to his hungry eyes.

Now it is your turn to tease him, to thaw out the reserve that is holding him back. You arch your back, thrusting your large breasts out as you shake your hair out. Then you run your hands along your smooth skin, pinching your already hard nipples, running your fingers along your wet slit, rubbing your clit as he watches. You reach over and grab the waist of his trousers, pulling him closer too you, tugging the zipper down, tugging his hard cock free. He isn't exceptionally long, but thick, so thick you can barely get your fingers around him completely.

"Is this for me?" you ask mischeviously, giving him a tug, licking the glistening tip, tasting him for the first time. As you finger your wet pussy you take the head of him into your mouth, sucking him as you jack him, wondering if anyone is going to walk by and see you sitting there, sucking cock while you finger yourself, the thought makes you moan. You feel his strong fingers twine through your thick hair, feel him guiding your mouth deeper onto his thick shaft, fucking your mouth.

Then he steps back, his slickened cock hanging in the air as he pulls you to your feet, bends you over the smooth stone bench. He probes you with his thumb while he frigs your clit, still holding your hair with one hand as he bends over you, nibbling your ear while his cock presses hotly against your bare skin.

"Ready for your first one?" he asks, reminding you of the double dozen orgasms he promised for today, one for each hour of the day, though not, apprarently necessarily one in each hour. You merely nod, biting your lower lip. He kisses his way down your neck, biting down where neck meets shoulder as he presses his turgid rod into your willing body. Despite his size he slides easily into your waiting body, though not without some discomfort, some stretching. He rears up behind you, one large strong hand holding your neck, the other glides down your spine and comes to rest on your upturned ass, giving it a light slap. With a muscular thrust he begins to fuck you then, filling you with each hard thrust, his free hand stroking, slaping, pinching your body, already sexually charged from the situation. One finger rubs the faint pucker of your ass, then reaching around he tweaks your clit, nibbling and kissing your back as he fucks you right properly until, almost unexpectedly, you cry out, your eyes rolling back, your body arching as the first orgasm of the morning takes you by surprise. He doesn't stop, and you grunt as you begin slamming back against him, aware on some level your screams could draw attention, but unable to stop as a second, then a third orgasm tear through you.

Surprisingly, he doesn't cum, pulling out of you with a gasp, a faint shine of sweat beading his forehead, his cock twitching in the air, covered in your cream as you collapse to the bench, momentarily spent. He takes a swath of white cotton from one pocket, wiping himself, the front of his trousers, then bending over you and wiping up the mess between your legs, all you, you realize. He helps you stand, takes the cotton handkerchief and presses it to your lips, you can smell yourself on it, smell him.

"I want you to hold this in your mouth, taste yourself, until our next stop." He tells you softly. Nodding you open your mouth, accepting this sexual communion meekly, still reeling from the triple orgasm. He collects the coat from the other bench and leads you from the gardens, only letting you 'dress' once you near the exit, though he keeps the belt for the moment. As you walk past the front gates to the parking lot you are aware of the eyes of the park attendants on you, aware of the flush to your skin, the lingering wetness between your thighs, the 'just fucked' looseness in your hips. On a whim you flip the rear of the coat up as you go by, flashing your ass at them, wondering as you do if he is going to try that monster in your rear.

This time as he drives off, the coat lies open, beltless, your lower body completely exposed, the lapels of the thin leather barely covering your nipples. This time, as he drives, his hand cups your burning hot sex, one finger casually stroking in and out, almost absently, unaware of your moaning and needy shifting in the seat. He parks in a parking garage down town.

"It's a bit earlier than I had planned for our second stop, but I have business here." he tells you regretfully. He considers you for a long moment, then has you turn to face out the side window, taking your wrists in hand, tying them strongly with the leather belt from the coat. "I don't want you hiding, and I don't want you to masturbate while I'm inside." he tells you with a grin, bringing his cunt slicked finger to your lips. You suck it eagerly now, wishing it was his cock once more.

You struggle against the belt a little, the coat pulling even more open as you twist, falling away from your breasts, falling off your thigh, even slipping from one shoulder, then the other, sliding part way down your arms until the coat catches against your bound wrists as you wait for him. You can feel the slick leather seat rubbing against your wet slit as you struggle, and, panting with frustrated need from his teasing digit, you realize you are actually working your self against the leather, hoping the seat can get you off...

And then he is back, watching you with a smile as you pant and struggle. You flush, unwilling, unable to stop, embarrassed that he has caught you trying to get off against a seat, that he's got you so fired up. He opens you door, the better to see you.

"Don't stop on my account." he says, and flushed with need you try, struggling frantically to get your clit rubbing against the leather.

"I... can't..." you moan around the wadded cotton, frustrated. "I... need you..." you gasp out, "Help me."

Leaving the door open he squats down next to you, stroking your breast, your body, his hand gliding smoothly over your now sweat slick skin, caressing your thighs as you whimper, until his hand cups your cunt now, letting you grind against his hand, using the entire palm to stroke you as you grind against it, his fingertips probing your ass again until, with a gasp you cum again, soaking his hand with your juices. When he stands he holds his hand near your face, cupping it slightly. You spit the handkerchief out, licking your own cream from his hand, lapping at it. You expect him to pull the coat back up, to some semblance of modesty, but he merely closes the door and drives.

You park at the mall near the airport, the one with the mideval dinners. They weren't open yet, not for business anyway. The doors were unlocked for the walkers and for the employees. He parked near the building, enjoying the empty parking lot. He opened your door and helped you stand up, the coat still shamelessly dropping around her hands. He pushes your head down a bit, so that it rests against the top of the car while he takes his time sorting out your coat, untying the leather strap and, after you've massaged your wrists, handing it to you. Again, as you walk he holds you to him, his hand slipping up under the coat to cup your bare skin, now damp with a mix of sweat and your own lust.

He leads you through the building easily, stopping for coffee, adjusting your coat so it hangs open just a bit more. As you sit and drink he has you slip one hand between your legs under the table, asks you to tell him how wet you are, what your cunt feels like around your fingers. By the time the coffee and assorted snacks are done with you are ready to cum again, so hot you want to rip the coat off and take him right there. Instead he leads you through the gradually filling halls until he turns and, holding your hand firmly he leads you into a men's room off the main hall. Once inside he wastes no time, stripping the coat from you and tossing it on the counter by the sink, leaving you standing there in just your heels. Then he faces you, his back to the open door. Understanding you squat down, knees wide, aware that anyone walking in will be able to see everything. You undo his trousers, letting them drop, freeing his thick cock once more. By now fully into the mood, you suck him with gusto, loud and sloppy and vigorous, wanting, hoping, fearing that he'll cum in your mouth, or on your face, wanting it, but wanting his cock inside you more.

Then he lifts you up, kisses you fiercely, tongue pushing into your open mouth. Roughly he pushes you over the counter, bending you down until your breasts press against the formica, so you face the mirror, legs spread, ass up in the air. He squats down behind you, kissing your wet pussy, licking its length, working two fingers inside you, his thumb grinding against your aching clit. He kisses you ass, strokes your upturned cheeks as his tongue worms into you rosebud. He pushes a finger into your ass, gently, twisting and turning as you open up for this new intruder. Oh, God, you realize, he IS going to stick that monster in your ass after all.

He doesn't waste time now. standing behind you, winding your long hair in one fist.

"Play with yourself." he growls, the look on his face in the mirror showing his need is as great as yours now, possibly greater, as you have cum several times already this morning. You feel the spongey-hard head of his cock pressed against your rectum now, gently forcing you to open up as you work one hand between your outspread legs. He watches your face in the mirror as his hard shaft slips into your ass, your mouth an O, silent as he slowly packs your rear. Your fingers find your throbbing clit as his slick meat slides another inch in, your ass burning from his girth, you feel a trail of something liquid running down your inner thigh... cum, sweat, you saliva from his cock, you don't know.

And then he is in, your ass burning slightly, the pressure filling you, almost as if he is in both holes at once. You moan loudly, griding your body against his, feeling the soft fabric of his trousers against your bare lower legs, the brush of silk across your bare ass from his shirt.

He goes slowly now, taking his time, making sure not to hurt you as your passion builds. He goes just fast enough that his balls tap your drenched cunt, now with two fingers plunging into it on each inward thrust, pulling out slowly, the sides of his shaft brushing your ass cheeks. Your body spasms under his, clenching tightly around him as he thrusts into you, the added resistance adds to both your pleasure and he picks up the pace as you thrust against him now, one orgasm following another too closely to count. He sodomizes you faster now, his face a tense mask of lust as he drives into your hungry flesh again and again, tensing, arching behind you, pulling your hair hard enough to make you rise up off the counter, bracing one hand to hold yourself as he fucks you, growling like an animal behind you, beads of sweat dripping onto you until... with an explosive breath he slams home, gripping your hips tight with one hand, holding himself deep inside you, pressing you forward into the counter as he spills his cum into your bowels.

For a long moment the two of you are frozen like this, you watching him in the mirror now as his body relaxes, slumping against you, kissing your bare shoulders, your back, untill he pulls free, his softening cock slipping from your tired rear with a soft plop. Then with a smile, one hand keeping you from rising, he produces the hanky again, quickly making a fat knot near to one end. Gently he pushes the knotted end into your rear, leaving a tail of white cloth hanging out.

"The day is far from over, my dear. The stores should be opening up soon, lets do some shopping..."

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