tagBDSMThe Fantasy Twist

The Fantasy Twist


Dan constantly fantasized about being dominated by a woman. He couldn't explain the logic behind his kinky desires but the thought of being helpless and submissive to a dominant woman overwhelmed him with erotic pleasures. His wife of 3 years knew about his fantasies and on occasions would indulge in them with Dan.

Dan loved when Melissa would tie him up and tease and torture him. The problem was the he couldn't get enough of it. It was only on rare occasions that Melissa would fall into these playful dominant moods. Even when she was in these moods, her dominance was superficial. She did not understand how deep Dan's fetish was.

One of Dan's favorite fantasies was to be fucked by a strap-on. Unfortunately for him this was where Melissa drew the line. She refused to wear a strap-on, indicating that it was too weird for her to try.

This all changed one summer night in July. It was a Monday night and Dan had just finished eating dinner, when Melissa brought out three presents for Dan. They were wrapped in decorative paper and stacked on top of each other forming a pyramid. A pink ribbon ran up and down each side of the pyramid and was tied into a bow at the top,

"What's the occasion," asked Dan, pleasantly surprised.

A big smile filled Melissa's face. "Oh you'll see. Just start opening them."

Dan eagerly removed the ribbon and started opening the top box. He commented on the ribbon. "Pink Ribbon? A little girly for me, don't you think?"

Melissa just giggled and watched as he opened the box and pulled open the tissue paper. Inside was a pair of pink satin panties. Dan was confused at why he was getting panties as a present. Before he could say anything Melissa commented,

"Aren't they pretty and sexy. Hold them up so I can see."

Dan looked at the panties and agreed they were very sexy. The pink satin was shiny and smooth. Small pink ribbons accented each side if the panties. They were so pretty and feminine that Dan felt guilty picking them up. He felt like he was sneaking into someone's panty drawer and getting off on their panties. When he held up the panty he could see that it was a thong.

"They are very pretty. Are you going to wear these for me?" asked Dan.

"No darling. They are for you. I figured if you want me to wear a strap-on and act like a man, then you should wear pretty panties for me."

Dan was startled by her response. He never imagined his wife doing something like this. As the reality of what she said set in, Dan's cock began to stir in his pants. Dan wasn't sure if it was from the thought of Melissa making him wear panties or the thought of Melissa wearing a strap-on. He stared at the panties, contemplating what Melissa was asking.

Melissa helped his thoughts along. "Come on Danny. It will be fun. I mean it's the least you could do. After all, I have to wear a fake penis. All I'm asking you to do is put on some panties. It's not that big of a deal."

Dan thought some more. Melissa was right. Compared to wearing a strap-on, he got the easy end of the deal. If it meant that his fantasy was going to come true, he would do it.

"You mean if I wear these panties you will use a strap-on with me?"

"Put them on darling and you will be one step closer to your fantasy. Let's get your clothes off so I can see if they fit properly."

Dan felt silly about the whole idea but he went along with it. He stripped naked. By now his cock was erect. Melissa immediately took notice. She gently stroked it. Then she lightly rubbed the satin panty over his cock. The smoothness took his breath away. In only a few seconds, Dan's knees were weak and he melted in Melissa hands. A quiet moan escaped his lips.

"Mmm. I see the panties excite you. The silky panties feel so nice rubbing on your cock, don't they?"

"Yes," admitted Dan. He was enjoying his cock massage too much to think about saying anything else.

"Just wait till you get them on darling. Let me help you."

Melissa brought the panties down to his feet and Dan stepped into them. She pulled them up over his balls and cock and around his waist. Melissa gave the panties and extra tug upward to ensure the fabric wrapped tightly over his balls. Dan's erect cock poked over the top of the panties. The thong rested firmly in his ass. Dan enjoyed the unfamiliar sensation of the fabric pushing against his ass.

Melissa's hand traced around the top of the panty. Seductively she coo'd, "Ohhh. They look so sexy on you. I love them. Turn around for me."

Dan slowly turned for Melissa. He could not believe he was standing in front of her in panties. He also could not believe the sudden arousal that hit him. Wearing panties was taboo for a man, which made it exciting and arousing for Dan. Melissa also seemed to be very excited and horny at seeing him wear panties. Her arousal excited Dan even more.

The emotions running through Dan were confusing him. He did not know what to say or how to react. He remained quiet while Melissa admired him. She rubbed his cock through the panties.

"So sexy. You've got two more boxes sweetie. Open the next one."

Dan sat down in his panties and opened the next box. Inside was a pair of pink stockings. He glared at Melissa. "You want me to wear these to," he asked with disbelief.

Melissa grinned. "You're a fast learner."

"I don't know Melissa," Dan said with uncertainty.

"If you want your fantasy to come true, you'll put them on. We can stop it all right now if you want, but I know how bad you want this Dan. Put the stocking on."

Melissa knew him all to well. Dan rolled the stockings up his legs. Chills ran through his body as the soft fabric slid over his skin. The stockings fit snugly around his legs. Melissa made him stand up and model the stockings.

"Oh they look so sexy Dan. They make your legs look incredible."

Melissa was trying to overplay how sexy Dan looked. This was the advice she had gotten from her new friend Lisa. It was Lisa who convinced Melissa to feminize Dan. She had instructed Melissa to exaggerate her excitement in order to keep Dan interested and to make it an enjoyable experience for Dan to wear panties and stockings. She had instructed Melissa to pay extra attention to his cock and keep him aroused the entire time. This memorable night would have a deep impact on Dan, which would be the stepping stone for Melissa to take control over her husband on a permanent basis.

Melissa could already see some of the signs that her plan was working. Once Dan was in the panties his demeanor changed. He was quiet and subdued. When she instructed him to do something, he listened to her without question. It was all too easy for her to convince him to put on the stockings. Lisa had told Melissa to look for these signs as proof that Dan could be controlled by her sexuality and feminine power.

Melissa had imagined that she would be doing a lot of acting and exaggerating in order to create an illusion that she was excited. The truth was she was extremely aroused and excited from seeing Dan persuaded into the feminine items. Her pussy heated up the moment Dan agreed to put the panties on. The emotions on Dan's face clearly showed an inner struggle to challenge his masculinity in order to obtain his fantasy. Of course he gave in to Melissa. She was beginning to enjoy this power.

Melissa squeezed Dan's cock. "I love that you are doing this for me. My pussy is so hot right now."

Melissa unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the ground. She moved Dan's hand down to her pussy. Dan's fingers snuck inside her panties and explored her wet pussy. They kissed deeply.

"This is so hot isn't it," asked Melissa.

Dan kissed her with deep emotion. "Yes," he admitted.

Precum leaked from his cock. Melissa rubbed it over his tip while Dan continued to play with her pussy. They were both on the verge of orgasm when Melissa pulled away.

"Let's not go too far now. There's one more present left," said Melissa.

"I'm almost afraid to open it," joked Dan. He thought maybe it was the strap-on.

Dan opened the final present. Inside was a pink garter belt. It was lacy and accented with pink ribbons.

Melissa did not give Dan a chance to discuss his fate with the garter belt. She took it from the box and said, "You'll need this to keep the stockings up."

She secured it around his waist and attached the dangling straps to the tops of the stockings. Again she made Dan model his outfit. Dan could feel the stockings stretching against his legs as he moved. He could feel the thong rubbing over his ass with each movement. These are all things that go unnoticed by most women, but Dan was no woman and under the current circumstances it was highly arousing for him.

Melissa admired her presents on Dan. "Everything matches so nice don't you think?"

Dan looked down at himself. "Uh...yeah...It's very pretty," Dan muttered, hardly believing what he just said. "Are you going to put the strap-on now?"

Melissa giggled. "I didn't say we were going to do it tonight. I don't even own a strap-on silly."

"Oh," Dan replied disappointed. "Well, when are you going to get one?"

Melissa started to stroke his cock again. "Don't worry. We are going to have lots of fun tonight. First, I need you to clean up dinner. Then we'll talk more about your fantasy. Clean-up should be fun in your new clothes."

Melissa giggled and pushed Dan towards the dishes on the table. Dan was so aroused that he was putty in Melissa's hand. He obeyed her without question. Dan cleared the table and did the dishes while Melissa watched amused. She even snapped a few picture with her digital camera. Dan was no too happy about this but he knew better than to protest.

Melissa made sure his cock remained hard the entire time. If it ever started to go limp she would come over and stroke it and tell Dan how sexy he looked all dressed up in pretty panties and stockings.

When Dan was finished, Melissa took hold of his cock and used it like a leash to lead him back to the bedroom. She had him lie on his back on the bed and then she tied his wrists and ankles to the bed posts. Melissa used wide pink ribbon as rope. She thought the pink ribbon was appropriate under the circumstances. She even tied it off in pretty pink boughs at each wrist and ankle.

When Dan was secured, Melissa snapped a few more pictures. Then she removed her bra and panties and sat on the bed next to him. Slowly she stroked his cock up and down. Dan closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention he was getting. He could feel an orgasm building inside and he began to thrust against her hands. Melissa allowed him this pleasure until she sensed he was about to explode. Then she released his cock.

"Relax darling," Melissa said.

"You're driving me crazy. It's hard to relax."

"So you're enjoying this?"

"Of course. I'm ready to explode."

Melissa giggled. "I guess you never thought wearing panties and stockings could be so fun. You are having fun wearing all this girly stuff for me aren't you?"

The way Melissa phrased the question made it hard for him to say no. In fact Dan sensed that it was more of a command then a question. Against all his male pride he admitted defeat. "Yes, this is fun."

"Good. Now about your fantasy." Melissa started to stroke his cock again. "I've decided to give it a try, but it's got to be done my way, understand?"

Dan was lost in arousal. All he cared about was fulfilling his fantasy. He didn't care what her way was, as long as it ended with her in a strap-on. He agreed without question. "Yes. We'll do it your way."

Melissa tugged his cock approvingly. "Great. I've decided that if I am going to fuck you, then you've got to be all prettied up just like you are now. I need you to get in touch with your feminine side. Can you do that for me?"

"Yeah. Sure."

By now percum was flowing freely from his cock. Melissa massaged the sticky fluid all around his cock keeping Dan on the edge. She continued explaining his fate.

"There are some rules that you need to follow. If you are a good boy....or should I say a good girl [giggles] then this weekend you will have a nice BIG surprise. First, to help you get into the feminine frame of mind, you will wear these panties, stockings, and garter belt to work the rest of the week."

Dan's eyes popped open. "What! I can't wear this to work!"

Melissa held his balls firmly. "Do you want me to do this or not? I can stop right now and you can kiss your fantasy good bye forever."

Dan reluctantly caved in. "Okay...okay...I'll do it."

Melissa smiled at her victory. "Second, from now until then you are my slave. You have to do whatever I say. Understood?"

Dan happily agreed to this rule. Being dominated was what he always dreamed about. "Yes. I will look forward to obeying you Mistress."

Melissa's pussy quivered when she heard Dan refer to her as Mistress. "That's good honey. You may continue to refer to me as Mistress. The final rule is that I control your cock for the rest of the week. No masturbating or cumming without my permission."

This last rule surprised Dan. He was starting to wonder whether or not he was going to regret what he got himself into. It was useless to argue about it so he agreed to her last rule but he made sure Melissa knew he was desperate to cum.

"Yes Mistress. I am so horny from your teasing. You are going to let me cum tonight, right?"

Dan was sure the answer was going to be a yes. That was until a seductive smile appeared on Melissa's face. Melissa stroked his cock slowly.

"I haven't decided that yet darling. I am having fun teasing you like this."

Dan begged, "Please Mistress. I want an orgasm so bad. I'll follow all your rules. Just let me cum tonight."

Melissa was impressed with how serious Dan was taking her rules. Her power over him was delightful. Her pussy was boiling wet from seeing Dan so weak and desperate in front of her. A chill ran through her body and Melissa felt like a switch clicked inside her that unleashed an ocean of horniness.

Melissa pinched Dan's nipples. "Ohh.. I just love to hear you beg like that Danny. I'll decide when you get to orgasm. Right now you need to focus your attention on pleasuring your mistress."

Melissa straddled Dan's face. She loved that his wrists were tied, making him helpless underneath her. Normally Dan would ease into her pussy and lick her in his own special way. Tonight, however, Melissa was in control. She thrusts her hips forward smothering his face with her hot pussy. She humped his face hard and selfishly until an orgasm rushed through her body.

When she was finished she rolled off Dan feeling satisfied and relaxed. Dan on the other hand was full of energy and lust. He craved more attention. He craved release from his pent-up orgasm.

It was tempting for Melissa to deny him an orgasm, but she felt he had been a good sport and deserved a reward. She threw her panties onto his cock and started to untie his wrists.. "You've been a good boy tonight and I can see that all this new kinky stuff is too exciting for you to handle. You may cum into my panties. Start stroking slave boy."

Dan had never masturbated in front of someone before let alone with a pair of panties. He felt embarrassed but he couldn't wait for his orgasm. He wrapped Melissa's silky panties over his cock and stroked away.

"Don't get any cum on my clean bed pretty boy. Make sure you catch it all in my panties," said Melissa amusingly.

It only took a few strokes before Dan's orgasm surfaced. He squeezed the soft panties tight around his cock, capturing the hot spurting cum. Melissa enjoyed watching Dan's face contort with pleasure and his body spasm in orgasmic delight.

Melissa looked at the cum filled panties and commented, "Wow, that was a lot of cum. You must have been really excited over this."

Dan felt embarrassed at cumming so much in front of her. He didn't know what to say so he just lay on the best quietly catching his breath. Melissa let Dan rest for a few minutes before she gave the final orders of the night.

"I went easy on you tonight pretty boy. Don't expect an orgasm every time. Go hand wash your panties and stockings and hang them up to dry for tomorrow. While you're at it, clean out your cum from my panties."

Dan's energy was drained from his orgasm. He mustered up his last bit of energy to get up and obey his mistress. He washed all the undergarments and hung them in the laundry room to dry. When he returned to the bedroom, Melissa was sound asleep. Dan slipped into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Dan woke up to his alarm clock. As usual, he hit the snooze button so he could get another 10 minutes of sleep. However, before he could drift back to sleep Melissa's hand found its way onto his cock. Gently she stroked and squeezed it. Dan enjoyed the familiar feeling of his cock growing hard. He was too tired to move or talk so he just laid back and quietly enjoyed Melissa's stroking.

Melissa's teasing quickly brought Dan out of his sleeping stupor. Soon he was awake and on the verge of orgasm. He was right on the edge when Melissa held his cock firmly and whispered into his ear, "All ready to wear your pretty panties today?"

Dan chuckled softly and replied, "Yes ma'am."

Just then his alarm went off again. He didn't want to get out of bed, but Melissa prodded him. "Get up lazy head. Don't want to be late for work."

Dan rolled out of bed with a raging hard-on and headed for the shower. He stroked his cock a few times while he cleaned himself. It was tempting to finish himself off, but he remembered Melissa's rule of no masturbating. Technically he was breaking the rule by stroking his cock, but he figured as long as he didn't cum he was o.k.

After he showered and shaved, Dan went to the laundry room for his new work attire. When he saw the panties and stockings hanging on the drying rack he mumbled, "Why did I ever agree to this?"

His cock had the answer. The moment his hands touched the delicate items, his cock sprang to action, ready to be caressed in the pretty satin fabric. Dan slid on the panties, still amazed that he agreed to wear them to work. Next he put on the stockings and garter belt.

His cock remained harder than ever as he finished getting dressed for work. Dan wore black slacks and a neatly pressed dress shirt to work. His cock stayed hard for most of the car ride. Finally a few minutes before arriving at work, he managed to get his mind off of sexual thoughts so that his hard-on would go away.

The walk from his car to his office proved to be quite an adventure for Dan. As he walked the thong teased his ass. In his horny state, this friction was enough to spark his arousal again. He quickly walked passed the security guard feeling his erection growing and wondering whether the security guard could tell that he was wearing panties.

Dan carried a leather shoulder bag to and from work everyday. Today he carried it awkwardly, doing his best to conceal his hard-on. He was certain that he made it to his office without anyone noticing the bulge and wet spot on his pants.

In his office he sat down and said out loud to himself, "This is going to be quite a day."

It was a quite an unordinary day for Dan. No matter how hard he tried he could not take his mind off the fact that his wife was in control of him and that she had him in panties and stockings. His senses seemed to be extra sensitive. As he shifted in his chair he could feel the thong rubbing his ass and he could feel the stockings stretching tightly around his legs. The result of all this mental and physical teasing was a hard-on that would not go away. Dan was so aroused that he even sneaked in a few squeezes of his cock while sitting at his desk.

Dan was fortunate to have a desk job. He hid his arousal behind his desk through most of the day. He did manage to sneak to the bathroom a few times, but they were no ordinary trips for him. It would take him about 10 minutes to calm himself down before leaving for the bathroom. Then he would struggle to hold back an erection as the feminine clothes rubbed his cock, balls, and legs while he walked to the bathroom. Usually by the time he entered the bathroom, his will power was defeated and his cock was in the process of swelling. Dan would head straight to a stall and unzip his pants just in time to see his cock swell to its full size.

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