tagFetishThe Farm Ch. 08

The Farm Ch. 08


The moment they stepped inside, their heart rates quickened. It happened to everyone who came here. The response was always pretty much the same, even for the hardcore faithful. Tyaja scanned the sunken expanse from her elevated position just inside the entrance. The place was nearly packed with young and early middle aged men and women of all backgrounds. Katie smiled, her body instinctively beginning to move to the pulsating beat of the music pumping from speakers seeming to be everywhere.

With Lisa hanging on her mistress' arm and looking just as stunning as her owner, the two descended into the masses with Katie tagging along.

Ty glanced at her submissive and smiled. "Going to have some fun?"

Lisa smiled and as she did her beauty became even more pronounced. Even as a thirty-something woman both she and her mistress made for a commanding presence. Heads turned to stare at the three women dressed in tight cocktail dresses and heels. Their tight bodies, shapely legs and voluptuous figures caught the eye of all who glanced their way.

For Lisa the attention was tolerable. She knew she was beautiful and was all too thankful that the good Lord had blessed her with such beauty. Her outward features however didn't define her. It was her career and relationships she cherished most. After deciding to explore the role of submission and becoming bound to her newfound mistress Lisa's life became all but complacent. Mistress Tyaja had considerable more influence when it came to defining who she was as a woman. Ty expected nothing but complete obedience and absolute control over her longtime friend. She had no reservations when it came to how Lisa would perform for her sexually, how she would spend her time and how she would dress. Lisa's day was planned and at least for the time being, Lisa was cool with that. She loved being a slave to her black goddess.

For Tyaja life was all about power. She loved having it and she loved getting more. She also enjoyed life in the here and now. She existed for the moment. She relished the attention and freedom that came with being hot, powerful, sexy and rich. Not only did her body demand the attention of others she demanded others to view her with praise - even reverence. Being in the public eye, whether it be on stage at a beauty pageant during her younger years or singing in front of thousands in LA, New York City or Chicago, energized and fed her hedonistic ego.

Moving between couples and groupings of people allowed her yet another opportunity to feed an ego that seemed never satisfied. Making eye-contact with that guy over there or that woman just in front of her reinforced what she already knew - that no one compared to her when it came to physical beauty.

"My pussy is getting wet already," she shouted in Lisa's ear.

"Mine too."

"Yea, but yours is wet for reasons different than mine."

"Wet is good though, isn't it?" Lisa shouted in her mistress' ear.

"Sure beats being dry," Ty said beaming.

Having taken Lisa as her slave just a few months before had been one of the best decisions she had made. Although their personalities were starkly different, they had always gotten along. Lisa was always the quiet, somewhat reserved goddess who loved women while Ty was the bisexual tigress who loved sex but could never bring herself to settle down with any one guy. In Lisa she found both sexual pleasure as well as the freedom to explore men of her choosing.

"Don't get lost back there," Ty called to the hot blonde.

Katie grinned. "Now worries. I'm coming."

"We're heading to a table on the other side. There is one reserved for us in the VIP section."

Katie nodded and pointed for her to press on.

It took a bit of wandering before they found their table. The line of private tables, each situated in a semi-private cubby along the back wall were available to anyone willing to pay the $350 fee. They were aligned in a row several feet above the dance floor. Patrons had to climb several steps to gain access to the thin walkway that ran from one end of the far wall to the other. Club employees were stationed along the elevated level to ensure the masses didn't use the vantage point as a place to hang and disturb the view of customers who paid a premium price for the booths.

"Nice!" Katie exclaimed after sitting on the cushioned bench seat across from Tyaja and Lisa. She made a motion indicating her pleasure at being able to be both separate from and yet able to observe the entire dance floor.

"It's what money can buy, baby," Ty responded. "Let them twenty year olds drool over what we have and they don't."

"Hey, I'm a twenty year old," Katie responded proudly.

"Yea, but you're with us rich girls. And besides, I hear you are making good money now." Ty felt the soft touch of Lisa's lips on her neck and shoulder even while she and Katie were talking.

"I'm doing OK."

"You keep doing OK and you will go places." Ty grabbed her subs' hand and moved it to her breasts.

"Play with them, Pretty One. You know you love them."

"Do you like her doing that?" Katie asked.

Ty looked at the sexy blond with the long flowing hair nonchalant. "I always love being appreciated, Katie."

"Even though others down there can see you."

Her grin widened. "Especially because they can see everything. The fact they can see turns me on.

"It does?"

Talking directly into Lisa's ear and over the sound of the music she said, "Slide your fingers inside by pussy and pull them out."

Lisa did as she was told. Ty grabbed her hand to show Katie her glistening wet fingers. "This is what it does to me." Ty then pushed Lisa's two fingers into her mouth, pulled them back out and returned her hand back to her breasts.

Katie's eyes widened in unabashed surprise. Shaking her head in disbelief she couldn't help but smile.

"Come on, you want to go down and find some meat?"

"I want to go down and dance. If that's what you mean."

"We can do a little of that too." Tyaja looked over at the gorgeous Lisa and added, "That's what she is hoping I give her permission to do."

"You're kidding."

"Not at all, Katie. She loves me taking her here."

Not believing Ty's comment for even a second she suggested, "We can all go. Want to?"

"Just you and me. Lisa can do her own thing. Like I said..." She let the thought hang unfinished.

Ty rose, pulled Lisa by the hand and faced her. "Go have yourself some fun. I want to see who you get. Bring her to me when you can."

Lisa smiled brightly. "Yes Mistress."

After watching Lisa descend the stairs and move into the crowd Tyaja grabbed Katie's hand. "Let's go."

"Where is she off to?"

Ty pointed. "Down there. I told you why. She's on the hunt and besides, she's got a job to do for me."

"You like having her don't you."

They walked along the line of booths, eventually coming to the steps that led to the floor. "More than I thought," she yelled over the music.

Katie was pulled along by Tyaja where she was led onto the dance floor. Tyaja walked with an attitude, her body gyrating to the pulsating beat of some Top 40 tune. The duo bumped and pushed against others until they got to the very center. Ty pulled Katie in tight and wrapped her arms around the slender girl and started grinding her pussy into Katie's. Katie played along and together they moved to the rhythm of the music. Their conversation took a backseat to what they were doing. The blonde's eyes remained riveted on the black woman's. It was as if there was a type of power assessment taking place to see who the more dominant woman was. Ty never doubted herself while Katie never gave it a thought and yet the couple remained tightly embraced for the duration of the next few songs before they untangled.

"You are all right girl. You are all right."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Katie asked.

"It means what it means."

Katie nodded and grinned at the abstract-randomness of Ty's comment.

"You feel good against me."

"I don't do girls, Ty. Don't even try," Katie warned.

"All I said was 'you feel good'."

"Then thank you for the complement. Where did Lisa go?"

"Somewhere. She's around her somewhere. Dancing with some other lesbian chic probably."

"And you are OK with that?"

Ty nodded then stopped grooving. "I want her to do that. C'mon, let's go find some men. Want to?"

"Just to dance with; I'm not taking anyone home with me."

"Fair enough. Come on."


It took some time but Lisa eventually spotted what she hoped would be a prime candidate. She had struck out twice already with other women. One was an African-American beauty and the other was a younger Asian babe. Both were gorgeous and both had given her some form of indication that they might be open to exploring their feminine side further. However both refused to go where Lisa wanted. Lisa was no rookie. She had done this many times before and wasn't interested in trying to convince the girls just how good of a time they were passing up. There were so many more possibilities all around that could be had for way less effort.

"Don't you look stunning. Where did you find that dress?"

The question posed caught Lisa by surprise. It came from the younger brunette woman sitting beside her at the bar.

Lisa flashed her that million dollar smile. "I got it downtown a few months ago."


"Trousseau's on Oak Lawn."

"Isn't that a lingerie shop?"

Lisa stood and moved in a little closer. "Hi my name is Lisa. Excuse my rudeness at not introducing myself earlier."

The younger babe smiled and extended a hand. "Laysha"

"Laysha? That's a beautiful name."

"Thank you," the somewhat darker skinned woman answered. Her deep brown eyes were no less stunning than the rest of her.

"Where are you from? I've never heard that name before."

Laysha smiled. Everything about this girl was sexy and sultry. "My parents came here from Nepal when I was a little girl. The name is somewhat common to the Nepalese culture."

"I like it. And you are so beautiful." Lisa took the liberty of planting a soft kiss on her cheek. "Trousseau's," she said not wanting her to react skeptically to the kiss, "They primarily sell lingerie, but recently they've been carrying a nice selection of dresses. You know about Trousseau's?"

"I do. And yes I know it's pretty high-end."

"Are you married Laysha?" Lisa looked around as she posed the question. She wasn't wearing a ring.

"Not yet. Just enjoy playing the field."

"I'm sure you could play the field with anyone you want. You have a killer body."

Laysha's smile touched her eyes. "I could say the same about you."

"Then say it," Lisa encouraged.

"You have a perfect body, Lisa. I'm jealous."

Lisa stood and spun around while holding her arms overhead. "So you like? Tell me, what's my best asset? Come on, don't be shy," she teased.

"You have all the assets a guy would ever want."

"So what appeals to you most?

"Your body. I love everything about the way you are put together. How's that?"

"I'll take that," Lisa said grinning. "So do you want to partake? Come on," she offered and extended her hand toward Laysha's. "Let's dance. I'll let you wrap your arms around all of my assets."

Laysha smiled. "Tell me you aren't a tranny."

Lisa about lost it. It was all she could do to not cough up the wine she had in her mouth. "Oh my god no." Almost instinctively she grabbed Laysha's petite hand and pulled it to her pussy. "I'm all woman, girl. There ain't no cock hanging from between these legs."

"And you're wet too."

"What can I say; I like to think I'm responsive."

Lisa studied the sexy brunette closely while raising her glass of Chardonnay to her lips. Laysha wiped her fingers dry and placed the napkin on the bar. However when she took a swallow of her drink Lisa observed the pause of her hand. Her index finger remained just under her nose for a second or two longer than normal.

"Gotcha," she said to herself. Not wanting to lose the opening she extended her arm again. "C'mon. Let's hit the floor Laysha. I want to dance with you."

It wasn't until Laysha stood that Lisa really got a good view of the twenty five year olds' body. She had great legs and a tight body. It was obvious she worked out. Like Lisa, her dress barely covered her tight ass and the scoop of the dress plunged low enough to see the ample cleavage of her breasts. The sight made Lisa's pussy purr with desire.

The girls danced to the upbeat rhythm of the next several songs; their bodies moved intoxicatingly while being knotted together.

Lay was just about to suggest they take a break when the music slowed. "You can dance!" she said patting her brow.

"So can you!"Lisa said appreciatively. "Shall we?"

Without waiting for an answer Lisa wrapped both arms around the small of her waist and pulled her body in tight. Laysha rested her arms around Lisa's slender and bare shoulders. They swayed in unison and felt the closeness of one another amidst the mass of humanity crowding all around. Lisa saw what she had hoped to see in that moment - contentment. This woman was still comfortable snuggling in this close, even when the music wasn't so emotionally driven. She could see in Laysha's eyes genuine enjoyment in being with her. Kissing her softly on the lips, Lisa pressed onward.

Their kiss lingered. Laysha sighed softly. When it ended Lisa asked, "Did you enjoy my scent?"

"Your what? Your perfume? What are you wearing?"

"It's called Beautiful. Este Lauder makes it."

"It goes with who you are. You are beautiful."

"Thank you Laysha. I feel the same way about you. But you know I'm not talking about my perfume." She pulled the woman's pelvis in closer. "I saw what you did at the bar."

Laysha blushed knowing her secret had been discovered.

"There's no need to be ashamed. I was kind of hoping you would be that interested."

"You were? Why?"

"Call it female curiosity. And besides when I first spotted you I knew I had to have you at least for awhile."

They kissed again but this time it was Laysha who initiated the kiss. "God you are beautiful," Lisa said lustfully. Her hand went to her pussy almost impulsively. This time she presented Laysha with two wet fingers. "Want a taste?"

There was no hesitation on the part of the younger girl. Her mouth opened in an O and Lisa proffered her the gift of her arousal to enjoy. The moment lasted and when Laysh pulled her head back and let Lisa's fingers withdraw she came at her. Their two bodies embraced tightly, their lips parted, their tongues met and together they melded while others looked on. Neither woman cared. Neither wanted the moment to end.

"Let's get another glass of wine. Come on." Lisa found her hand. They made their way back to the bar. Their seats were gone. "Two more glasses," Lisa called to the bartender. In time they weaved and pushed their way to Tyaja's VIP booth. Laysh slid in first and Lisa cuddled in beside. It took only a minute before Lisa's hand wormed her way between Laysha's parted legs and found the damp panties she hoped for. To her delight she caressed the soft flesh of a shaven pussy. Her moan of glee was quite evident to the young Adonis.

Lisa could feel the sexual energy spilling out from Laysh. She was a strikingly beautiful woman and one Tyaja would be pleased to see in her booth whenever she returned. There was every indication that this girl wanted more but Lisa needed to be certain. At the risk of blowing everything she asked.

"By chance, are you a woman who enjoys girls, Laysha?"

Lisa was greeted with a coy smile. "Not really."

"You sure seem to want more of me. Am I reading something wrong here?"

"I've never been with a woman so I can't really say."

"You sure wanted me out there just a few minutes ago," she said more than asked.

"I enjoyed kissing you, if that's what you mean."

"I think you wanted more of me."

"Can I feel you?" Laysha inquired.

Her response was spot on but Lisa wanted all of her. She spoke as her hand cupped one of Laysha's firm mounds "I'd rather you eat me."


"Right here. Nobody is gonna care. Watch."

Lisa wiggled out and stood facing the table. Even though it was large enough to seat eight comfortably it remained recessed several feet from the booths entrance.

"Come on and help me."

Laysha wasn't sure what she was asking but slid out. Reaching under the table she released a latch. The table came free and with a little effort the girls lifted it while it pivoted on the hinge that held it to the wall. With a little shove the table locked in place. With the table out of the way the area suddenly had an open feel.

Looking at Laysha Lisa asked, "Does that make things easier?" Lisa looked her date and then down at her pussy. She slid both hands down her hips and to either side of her cunt. "There's plenty of room for you to kneel right there."

Laysha considered her options. There was no doubt Lisa was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. She was making her feel things she had never felt around other women - desire.

"Don't over-think this," Lisa offered. "Just enjoy me - just like you did out on the dance floor. It doesn't matter if I'm your first. You know what makes you feel good so I know you'll know what will make me feel special too. Come on," she said encouragingly. "You know you want to."

Laysh was about to protest but Lisa moved to the bench seat directly across from Laysha. Sliding her ass to the front edge she pointed to her pussy. "Get on your knees and get over here. Don't pass up on a chance to explore your feminine side." She waited patiently as the seconds passed.

Laysha looked at the dark haired goddess and then to her legs.

"You can have as much of me as you want. You won't be disappointed Lay. You'll find my pussy just as perfect as my body."

"I don't doubt you."

"Then come." She extended both arms.

Laysha finally crossed the distance and knelt. "Lift up so I can get your dress out of the way."

Lisa arched her hips up and sighed with contentment when the first touch of the girls' tongue graced the puffy lips of her most private of parts. Kicking off one heel she draped a leg over Laysha's shoulder. The leg served two purposes. Most importantly it blocked her peripheral view to those who might walk past their booth and stop to watch. Second, it opened up her sex for better access.

Laysh felt the soft caresses of fingers against her cheek and through her hair. Although she had never ever given thought of going down on another woman there was something beautiful about how she felt now. Lisa made her feel loved. Everything about this felt right. Laysha licked her gently, mimicking the way she always believed cunnilingus should be given. Lisa reciprocated, in kind. Her hips moved gently up and down. This felt so good being sandwiched between perfectly shaped thighs.

The ever-present assault of music had the effect of drowning out other thoughts. It removed the intensity of this being a first time and left her alone with nothing to think about than the cunt in front of her. In some ways the pulsing beat of the base spurred her to act outside of herself. Had Lisa pressed her to do this in her apartment she probably would have told her now. But there was something about this environment that helped her overcome those reservations. The noise drowned out individual conversations. It drowned everything. It made the public space of their private booth feel oddly intimate. The low lights and walls along three sides of the cozy booth added to the feeling of privacy.

Not wanting to open her eyes she let her senses consume her entirety. As her tongue stroked across the wet membranes of Lisa's luxuriant flower she felt the shudder of her body when she stroked it just right. She couldn't help but sense the enjoyment she just have felt and concentrated on bringing her arousal to even greater heights. But even more, she found the act of licking this goddess completely hot and overwhelmingly erotic. Her taste; her scent; her responsiveness; her touches; her affection; her gasps, her moans, all reinforced the implicit thought that this was good and right.

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