tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Farmer's Daughter Ch. 06

The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 06


The serving boy took their plates away. Carmen stood. Tonight she was dressed in tight-fitting black leather trousers and an equally figure-hugging black leather top. There was a hole in the top where through which her cleavage was visible and she had asked Liana to knot her hair into a single braid. Carmen had said that her outfit was 'appropriate' for the Angel and that Liana should wear a suspender belt, stockings and no underwear. She suggested white, as it would give a pleasing contrast to Carmen's rather sinister look. Liana had searched through the cupboards and found some suitable lingerie. When she asked about shoes and a top Carmen has said it was not really that important so Liana had picked a white basque and some strappy white sandals - no pointed heels today. She also asked Carmen to braid her hair, just so that they matched.

"You look stunning," said Carmen looking her up and down. Her eyes lingered on Liana's where she would see a little of Liana's slit. She took a step forward and ran a single finger along its length.

"Hmmm. I'd be surprised if he lasted more than a minute."

Liana had also been eyeing Camen - leather-clad and voluptuous - she drank in every sensuous curve. "You look like the deadliest vixen in the realm. I'd give him no more than the count of thirty."

"Good, that's the plan."

Carmen lead the way out, taking a small green bottle off the sideboard as she left.

They arrived at the door to the Duke's room. They could hear him speaking with the armoured warrior. Something about a trade dispute and some hangings. Carmen waited a few seconds and then knocked.


She turned the heavy latch and stepped into the room. The fire was crackling in the grate. The warrior was silent in the corner and the squat form of the Duke was stood by a small table, checking the contents of a carved wooden box.

After a moment he turned and grinned with yellowing teeth. "Evening ladies. I say, what a bloody treat. Look at you two. Liana my dear, you are a picture in white, very chaste, very...virginal. Like a bride on her wedding night." His eyes travelled down her. "Oh my, what a stunning little pussy, and perfectly shaved. I wish it was my birthday right now. And Carmen, I can see you are dressed the part. I assume you will be the Angel?"

"Yes, m'lord. I thought it better Liana watch as it was her first time."

"Quite right," said the Duke scratching at his groin.

"Well, as you can imagine, I've been looking forward to this. Liana, get on the bed and spread your legs for me."

Liana had prepared herself for this all day. She was not going to disobey or mentally complain. Carmen had told her this would be easy. She had to trust her. As requested she climbed on the enormous four-poster and laid back on a pile of huge silk pillows. When she was comfortable, she let her knees fall open. The Duke watched, eyes filled with glee. Opening her legs had not caused her lips part up so all he could was a perfect pink verticle line.

He continued to stare for a moment, then suddenly caught himself.

"I could look at that all day." He removed his slippers. Then undid his breeches and longjohns and pulled them off as one. His jacket and shirt followed and in seconds he was stood totally naked. His pale, corpulent body was marred by patches of red peeling skin and occasional blisters. His cock was stiff and swung about when he moved.

"Are you ready my lord?" asked Carmen holding up the bottle.

"Oh yes. I've been ready all day."

Carmen removed the stopper and downed the liquid in one. The Duke watched her intently and Carmen made an effort to control her breathing. Clearly, whatever was in the potion was having a powerful effect on her. It took Liana a moment to discern what was happened but when she saw it she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Pushing out of an unseen opening in the leather trousers Liana could clearly see the head of a cock emerging. With each passing second, it grew in length, forcing its way outwards and upwards. Despite being stunned by what she saw, Liana was in awe of its form - it was easily the most perfect one she'd ever seen. Kurns was huge, yes, but it was an inhuman thing with ridges and folds and strange textures. The village boy's had been a little pale, rather short and somewhat thin and well, the Duke's and the goblins were just plain revolting, but this...this was magnificent. It must have been as long as her forearm with a width to match. It was ribbed with powerful looking veins which pumped it so full and hard it looked as though it could stay erect for days. The head was broad and full and its rim was so swollen and firm she could almost feel each powerful stroke punching into her wet opening. It stretched upwards in graceful curve and such was its size and stature that Carmen could easily have reached her head down and placed her lips upon it.

Carmen briefly caught Liana's eye and winked. Liana was too dumbstruck to respond - she never witnessed magic, let alone something like this.

When it had stopped growing, the Duke dropped to his knees and shuffled forwards, grabbing the base in both hands and feeding the head into his mouth like a starving beggar. Liana could hear the frenetic slurping and sucking as he greedily lapped away. She could see Carmen tense, but it was not a tension of disgust, rather she seemed to be experiencing pleasure, as though this new addition worked in exactly the same way as a normal one. Carmen placed her hands on the Duke's head and pulled him forwards until he started making coughing, wretching noises. Where Liana had expected the Duke to fly into a rage, he instead gripped Carmen's arse and pulled himself further forwards to sounds of more spluttering and gagging. Carmen suddenly pulled herself out of the Duke's mouth and slapped him across the face.

"Enough you filthy bitch. On your knees!" The Duke shuffled on his knees towards the bed and climbed on. Staying on all fours he crawled towards Liana and it suddenly became clear what her role in this was. The Duke kept working his way forward until his head was between her thighs. She could feel his hot breath on her before he suddenly rammed his face against her sucking at her lips and forcing his tongue deep into her hole. Liana realised she was involuntarily pressed backwards against the bed-head, her body rigid, eyes transfixed on the scabby head snorting and grunting between her open legs. She forced herself to calm down, took a deep breath and relaxed into the pillows. Despite his frenzied gobbling, the sensation was not unpleasant and the only cause for revulsion was the thought of 'who' it was.

With the Duke engaged, Liana was able to meet Carmen's eyes once more. She was stood at the foot of the bed, one hand on her hip, the other firmly gripping her new appendage. She slid her hand up and down it a few time but it was so hard and solid, it barely moved. She gave Liana a filthy smile, before walking over to the box on the table and taking out a small jar of golden oil. Shaking a little out onto her palm she began to run her hand up and down the shaft, each stroke making glisten more and more. Liana just watched mesmerised. Carmen shook a few more drops onto her fingertips and walked over to the Duke, who had not eased off Liana in the slightest. Although she couldn't see what was happening, the movement of Carmen's arm suggested she was oiling up the Duke ready for what was to come.

All at once it hit her, a conflicting realisation that made her feel simultaneous relief, joy, horror and self-loathing - she was actually enjoying herself. The sight of Carmen had excited her in ways she's not imagined possible, the thought of being defiled by that glorious erection has caused her loins to swell and spark with lustful anticipation. This feeling, in combination with the Duke's efforts, regardless of how clumsy and unwanted they were, resulted in an exquisite symphony of rapture that had caused her to bite hard on her bottom lip and crush the pillows in a white-knuckle grip. He back arched and her head tipped backwards. She began panting and couldn't help grinding her wetness into the Duke's face.

Carmen, having prepared the Duke with an oiled finger, now readied herself to enter him. Her length was, as Liana had guessed, so hard and strong it was difficult to bend forwards so instead she gripped the Duke's ample backside and shoved him into position. Then, she placed her tip against his glistening hole and began to ease inside him.

The slurping stopped as the Duke let out a roar of pain. Liana heard the slap of flesh and opened her eyes to see that Carmen has spanked him hard on the buttocks.

"Silence bitch!"

The Duke whimpered as Carmen continued to push inside. Liana looked down to see his face locked in pain, his jaw clamped tight, eyes screwed shut. Surely she must be in him by now.

Carmen made a single, hard thrust and the Duke screamed out again.

"I said silence!." yelled Carmen. "Now I'm going to have to start all over again."

She withdrew in one smooth movement and the Duke looked like it was all he could do not to scream again.

"One more word out of you and I'll wipe off the oil."

"Yes, Mistress Carmen." snivelled the Duke.

Carmen began again, inch by inch. The great, wide head stretching the Duke's ring out wider and wider. His face was a picture of muted agony. At last, Liana saw her stop and the Duke relaxed a little.

"Good boy. I'm all the way in. Lick her pussy for me and make her spurt. I'm going to fuck you now. Hard. I'm going to cum in you and when I do, I want you to thank me. Then I want you to suck all the juice off my cock. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Carmen."


The Duke lowered his head back down between Liana's thighs and pushed his tongue deep into her hole. Liana once again was plagued by mixed feeling, but she couldn't deny, right now, she was pleased to have his tongue plunging in and out of her. She wanted to lay back and close her eyes, but she couldn't take her eyes of Carmen who had her hands on the Duke's hips.

Keeping her eyes locked with Liana's she started to make smooth long strokes. The Duke began to moan. Carmen's face showed signs that she was experiencing pleasure too. Her breathing had quickened and her eyes were becoming wild.

It was too much for Liana, she allowed herself to be taken by the moment, she gripped the sheets between her fingers and began to let out small moans. Her head fell back into the pillow and she could feel the tingling warmth of an orgasm germinating deep inside her.

Carmen's thrusts were becoming faster and harder, the Duke's body shuddered each time her hips slammed against him. With each stroke, she could see the vast oiled length sliding out of the Duke and then delving back inside. It seemed there shouldn't be room for something that large inside him but somehow he took it. His cock was hanging between his legs, the head slapping his belly with each jarring movement. He emitted an endless stream of muffled groaning but not for a second did he stop his fevered licking.

Carmen could feel the cum building inside her, she was ready to explode. She knew that in just a few seconds it would be over and although she knew how much she would love the release, she needed to make sure the Duke was satisfied. Reaching down she gripped his cock in her hand and began pulling it downwards hard and fast. His moans changed, becoming higher and more rapid. She knew from long experience he was about to cum. Keeping one hand pumping his length she began to focus on herself, watching the flesh slide in and out. This was it, she was ready - Carmen slammed hard once, twice, three times...bolts of electric coursed through her, squeezing her from the inside, forcing jets of creamy nectar down her length and into the Duke, shot after shot of gorgeous glistening fluid issued from her godlike head, filling him with a lake of silky woman-seed.

When every drop was spent, she pulled herself free and gazed down at herself. She was covered with her own fluid and already some was starting to spill from the Duke.

He quickly abandoned Liana and scrabbled around and taking himself in one hand and Carmen in the other began to simultaneously jerk himself and lick away the warm semen. "Thank you, Mistress Carmen, thank you for fucking me like the dirty whore I am."

He came before he had finished his duty - a pitiful dribble that pooled on the rug.

"I'm sorry Mistress Carmen. I didn't mean to."

"Finish cleaning me, then go to your room."

The Duke obeyed, using his tongue to clean every last trace from the still-rigid shaft.

"Good. Now leave. I am done with you. And take your medicine, I want that arse just as tight next time I wish to use you."

"Of course Mistress Carmen."

The Duke, still naked, his cock weakening, stood up and scuttled out of the room."

Liana sat up, she looked a little exhausted and between her legs was flushed from all the rubbing and licking. Carmen crossed the room and sat on the bed next to her.

"You see, it wasn't so bad."

Liana couldn't take her eyes off the curving shaft jutting from Carmen's trousers. Up close it was even more impressive and despite feeling exhausted from the night's activities, she couldn't help crave its intrusion.

"Does that ever go down?" she asked.

"No," said Carmen with a sideways smile. When I am ready, I take another potion and everything all goes back to normal."

"Does that mean..."

"Yes it does," said Carmen taking Liana's hand and leading her towards the door. "We're not going to get much sleep tonight."

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