tagErotic CouplingsThe Fast Food Restaurant

The Fast Food Restaurant


Helen watched the cola foam slowly inside the paper cup until it reached the rim, then deftly capped it and placed it onto the red tray on the counter. Without conscious thought she added a straw to the tray and reached round to grab the baked potato waiting on the hotplate, its topping of beans glistening under the strip lights. Thanking the customer she smiled a well-practised goodbye as he took his meal and she looked to the next customer in the queue. A young man stepped up, eyeing the menu.

"Hi, Can I take your order please?" She gave the customer a once-over. Not bad, she thought.

"Er, yeah, can I get a jacket with coleslaw please?"

"Sure, can I get you a side-salad or garlic bread with that?" Her fingers sweeping over the keyboard of the till, she entered the order without looking down, instead concentrating on the cupids-bow lips of her customer. Having been stuck behind the desk at the fast food restaurant all afternoon, she was bored beyond redemption and had resorted to her favourite pass-time. Every customer was ranked out of ten for attractiveness, and this guy definitely got an eight and a half. Leaning her head to one side she made sure that she looked him directly in the eyes as he spoke.

"Thanks, but I just want the jacket potato, and I'll have a lemonade too."

Adopting her most innocent of expressions, she looked down to the customer's crotch and said simply, "Is that a large?" before returning her attentions to his face again. Her quick assessment indicated it definitely was.

"Um, no, thanks," the man was clearly a little astonished that she could be flirting with him. "Just a regular thanks."

Grinning, she turned to get his soda. Modest, she thought, he has to score extra for that. Reaching up to the pass, she looked into the back of the store. One of her colleagues, Dave, had his back to her, hard at work in the kitchen. Definitely another nine with that lovely behind, and she paused to appreciate the tightness of his trousers for a moment. It was amazing how much fun you could have on a Saturday afternoon earning minimum wage, she thought, and returned to her duties.

Staring at one of the most beautiful cleavages she had ever seen, Helen handed over the last order of the day to the young female customer. It'd had been non-stop, and everyone was eager to get the clean-up done and go home. Her colleagues busied themselves with wiping down counters and restocking cutlery trays while she took the containers of fillings into the back kitchen. Labelling them up with the date, she thought back to some of the day's highlights.

Between her legs she throbbed and she pulled out her mobile to send a quick text, ensuring that one of her numerous "friends" would be available later. If only phones could talk, she thought, and laughed out loud. Her boyfriend worked as a chef and six evenings a week would be out working. He never came home before four in the morning, and was always drunk upon returning. She had spent one year being faithful until she could cope no more, and started giving in to her natural instincts. Being a student gave her all sorts of opportunities for mischief and she had compiled a "little black book" of friends who could be relied upon for sex of all kinds.

There was Ben, a history student with a penchant for long, slow and sensual evenings; Jack the biology third-year, for quickies at the back of the lecture theatre; Danny always loved going out clubbing, his addictions to illegal substances provided an erection that would last six hours or more; Felice the French erasmus student who would spend all evening purring like a cat on heat around her, completely oblivious to the fact that every pair of male eyes was glued to her... the list was a good twenty people long, and Helen was spoilt for choice.

Her pocket vibrated, and she moistened to read the message, "Meet me at my halls of residence by 11. Hard already at the thought of you. Bring toys, Amy already here, G x" So Amy was playing out tonight too, that made things all the more exciting. When Helen's mother had told her that going to university would open her eyes to the world, she didn't think that meeting with Ged and Amy was quite the eye-opener that her mum had in mind.

Stacking the remaining boxes of baking potatoes in the corner opposite the ovens, Helen was met by the duty manager of the shop. She looked terrible, and promptly burst into a fit of hacking coughs and splutters before she spoke.

"Hel, is there any way you could come in early in the morning and help restock? It's been so busy today there's no way we'll be ready if we all come in at normal time, and I could really do with a hand from someone who I can rely on." Melissa started coughing again and tears streamed down her face.

"Er, to be honest, I don't think I can. I've got plans for tonight and I might not get to bed til late. If I said yes, I might let you down." Helen looked round the store at the empty shelves and counter. The other members of staff were gathered around the exit, chattering while waiting to be let home, Dave was sweeping the last of the crumbs from around the shop floor. Helen's eyes watched him absent mindedly for a moment, the muscles of his arms flexing rhythmically with each brush stroke. A devious idea rooted itself in her mind and she came up with an on-the-spot plan.

"If you wanted though, I mean, you look terrible and it's obvious you need to go straight to bed. How about I stay behind and re-stock now, then lock up and I'll meet you back here in the morning at the normal time? Maybe Dave might be kind enough to stay with me and help?" She said the last line just loud enough for it to reach Dave's ears, and waited for his response.

"Yeah sure, I don't mind stopping for a bit." Dave looked at Helen and smiled widely. "I'm sure we can get stuck right in and be home in no time."

"Well, if you're sure?" muffled Melissa. "I know I should lock the shop up myself but you guys know what you're doing." She wrote the code for the alarm system down on a post-it and left the keys on the desk.

Saying their goodbyes, the rest of the staff left through the back door and Helen hurriedly followed them round to the stock room. Grabbing what she needed, she spent the next fifteen minutes setting up for the Sunday shift. Stacking plastic cup-tops and napkins in the trays, she watched Dave surreptitiously through the corner of her eyes. He was busy in the kitchen sorting through the fridge, and she imagined what he would look like underneath his uniform. The black tshirts they had to wear did the staff no favours, and he remained a hidden secret waiting to be discovered.

Peering round the fridge door, Dave watched Helen as she wiped down the cupboard doors at the front of the shop. Black hair tied tightly back, she had removed her company cap and was knelt on the floor, scrubbing furiously at cola stains which had dribbled from the machine above. Her tshirt wobbled and the outline of her breasts pushed through the cloth, hanging down underneath her and swaying with each movement of her arm. Her black jeans clung to her and a strip of flesh was visible above her waist band where the tshirt had ridden up. He imagined stroking over it with his fingertips; the warm flesh warming them after their time spent in the fridge, but looked away quickly as she went to stand up. A few seconds later and she walked past behind him; brushing against him and making him step forwards, pressed up against the shelves of the fridge.

"Sorry! I guess I'm tired, I totally didn't notice you were there." Helen smiled as Dave closed the refrigerator door and turned to face her. "I'm sorry I kind of dropped you in it tonight, I hope you didn't have plans?"

"Actually, I was meant to be going out tonight to the cinema, then for a few drinks with friends. I think I might miss the film but I can go out later for a beer. It's no bother."

"I feel guilty now for ruining your evening. Just didn't fancy coming in any earlier in the morning, I might not get much sleep tonight." Helen tried to stay nonchalant but thinking about the fun she had in store for her back at Ged's place made her skin prickle with excitement. "I'm just going out to a friend's house though, nowhere special" she reached round and pulled her hair out of its ponytail, letting it flow over her shoulders and down her back.

She stepped closer to Dave, and he watched her run her fingers through strands of her hair. Her eyes were framed by shimmering green eye-shadow and they focused on his. "So I've ruined your evening's entertainment?" She licked the length of her lower lip before biting it gently.

"Well, I wouldn't say ruined exactly, I'm not too bothered about missing the show."

Breathing in deeply, Helen weighed the situation over in her head. Meeting up with her little black book acquaintances was one thing, but making a move on a friend and colleague was another. She looked at Dave's dark eyes shining and took another breath. She could smell him, a barely noticeable mixture of hard-worked sweat and spicy deodorant. Her nipples hardened and she made her mind up - in for a penny in for a pound.

"I still feel guilty though. So maybe I could put on some entertainment for you instead?" her heart pounded as she spoke. What if he wasn't interested in her, and she was making a fool of herself? She pressed up against him and put her hand on his chest. With the other hand she reached up and coiled around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Their eyes met one more time before their lips connected. A shiver worked its way from Helen's lips down through her belly to her thighs as Dave's breath warmed her face. She met a confident return to her kiss and his hands snaked through her hair and along her back. Knowing that her move had paid off, all the nerves evaporated and were replaced with an easy heat which was more familiar to her. Kissing more deeply, her body moulded to Dave's and they embraced passionately, each moment becoming more seductive, until her pussy was dripping with her most intimate lubrication.

Releasing him, Helen grinned as she disentangled her limbs from Dave's and retreated backwards away from him, into the alcove strewn with boxes of potatoes. "I don't mind giving you a show," she said to Dave, "but I do decline the offer of being on camera". She motioned to the security camera which had been peering at them from its position on the ceiling. Making sure she was out of the CCTV's spying view, she couldn't help but giggle like a schoolgirl.

Tugging at the hem of her tshirt she pulled it up and over her head before tossing it to the ground. Two globes of peachy flesh bobbed into view, encased in a bright purple brassiere. With a skilled flick of her fingers the buttons at the top of her jeans came open, and she peeled herself out of them to reveal an exotic pair of black French style knickers.

"I hadn't imagined you as a woman who wore non-matching underwear." Dave leaned back against the fridge as he took in the sight of Helen stripping for him.

"Well I dress for comfort for work, I don't expect to be dressing for pleasure. Besides, if I put on my best underwear my boyfriend might have been somewhat suspicious, don't you think? But if my underwear isn't up to scratch, then I'd best put my clothes back on again." She went to reach down and retrieve her shirt.

"Well, you could always take the bra off, and then there wouldn't be anything not to match with." Dave raised one eyebrow, still uncertain where this was going. Was she going to really strip off for him or was all this some part of an elaborate tease? His curiosity was satisfied as she reached behind her back, releasing the catch of her bra and slipping it off her shoulders. Two pink and erect nipples became visible, only to be cupped by Helen's hands as she rubbed her breasts seductively. Pinching them, she moaned gently and then tipped her head to lick at first one nipple, then the other. Still fondling one breast, she trailed her hand down to slip beneath the elastic of her panties. Her eyes flashed upwards to meet Dave's gaze before she shimmied out of the elaborate silk and lace.

Sitting up on top of a stack of boxes, she leant against the wall and opened her thighs. Dave took in the sight of her from top to bottom. She was still looking directly at him, her eyes two orbs of molten chestnut, shining dark tresses contrasted sharply with the milky flesh of her breasts. One hand remained on her bosom while the other was stroking the shaven lips between her thighs. Holding herself open for him to see, thick white juice was gathering in her vagina and spilling into the crease of her buttocks. A finger began circling her clitoris, her chest rising and falling in tempo with her masturbation. Dipping into herself, he was treated to a glimpse of red as her inner lips parted, as if kissing her fingers. Dave's erection, which had been initiated by the sheer audacity of her flirtation, was now painfully swollen and chafing against the cloth of his underwear.

Helen removed the fingers from her pussy and returned to her clitoris briefly, her digits glistening with lubrication as she fingered herself. She was so horny, her fantasies becoming reality, and she knew that if she carried on playing with herself she would come within moments. Looking him up and down, she imagined Dave's cock swelling and growing under his clothes and she moaned as she imagined tasting it. Why just imagine though, she thought, and licked her lips before speaking. "Come over here and take off your clothes." Her voice was deep and thick with arousal.

Doing as he was told, Dave tore off his tshirt and unbuckled his belt, letting his trousers fall to the floor. Kicking off shoes and grabbing at his socks, he stood naked in front of her. His erection waved in front of her face, and she grasped it to smear her juices over its throbbing length and shining head. Her fingers were hot and the juices slipped over him, her ministrations drawing an involuntary twitch from his balls. She dipped her head and began to lick her cream from his length, her tongue long and soft on him. She took his length into her throat and sucked slowly. His meaty cock pressed against the roof of her mouth as her tongue curved around his girth, creating a vacuum which threatened to send fireworks off in his brain. Her fingers were tight around the base of his stem and she pumped him slowly into her mouth.

Peering around her bobbing head Dave saw that she was still fingering herself, driving in and out of her pussy in a steady rhythm. Now she held two fingers inside, knuckle deep, and he realised she was pulsing them against her g spot. Her hips were grinding against her hand and she was obviously enjoying herself, the rhythm of her sucking had quickened and she was sucking harder. The gentle lapping and carefully-placed tonguing had changed to slobbery, eager gulps as Helen neared her own orgasm and Dave could feel her breath hot and rapid on his cock. Seconds later and her grip on his cock tightened, her throat vibrating as a long, deep moan was gagged by his length. Her eyes closed tight and he could see that she was climaxing - juices oozed over her hand as she pressed her palm to her pulsating clitoris and she stuffed all four fingers into her cunt.

Recovering from her orgasm, Helen took the time to lick each of her fingers in turn, making sure that her creamy fluids were completely removed from her hands. Not knowing quite what to say, Dave watched as she cleaned up. His cock was rock hard and aching with desire, Hel's wetness still dribbling along it. Reaching down he took her hand in his and helped her up off the boxes. He pulled her in for another kiss. Their naked bodies pressed together and Dave's cock slid up between her thighs, searching out her hole. He could taste her juices as their tongues met, her hands sliding all over him appreciating his body. Dave could pick up the scent of her arousal in the air, a prehistoric signal to his subconscious that she needed to be speared by his length.

Moving his attentions to her throat and chest, he kissed a trail around her torso and pushing gently, turned her to face the ovens. Placing her hands on the front of the outer doors, Helen felt a slight warmth emanating from them and she was happy to lean up against them as Dave nipped and bit her shoulders from behind. She spread her legs to allow him access and shivered as he slipped a hand between her legs to nestle in the furrow beneath. Finding her clit he began to slide his index finger over it, teasing the flesh into swelling beneath his touch.

"I never knew that working in fast food service could be so entertaining" breathed Helen as she surrendered herself to be thoroughly probed by Dave's fingers.

"It could have been a lot more fun if I'd have known you wanted a good fucking months ago" he replied. Hearing him say the word 'fucking' with his fingers in her pussy made Helen quiver again, and her juices began to run over his fingers. "Just think of the possibilities we've missed." His fingers disappeared from her lips to be replaced by the head of his cock as he pressed it up towards her centre. Spreading her legs wider Helen thrust her hips outwards and Dave swept his member to and fro in her slit. The head of it nudged against her clit and she panted, desperate to be filled with his dick.

"And what possibilities would they be?" His cock found the entrance to her vagina and he pressed upwards, the head entering her with a slick squelch.

"Well for a start, we could have been doing this-" his hands gripped her hips tightly and in one powerful move he buried himself in her, balls-deep, "every single break-time."

Helen moaned loudly as she was penetrated, Dave's cock filling her to capacity and caressing her pussy walls. It seemed to her that she could feel the blood pulsating in his shaft, so swollen it felt inside her, that it throbbed against her g-spot and caused ripples of intoxicating pleasure. Withdrawing slowly only to plunge in again, Dave drew long growls of satisfaction from her, to his gratification. Her pussy swallowed his cock, encompassing it in a sucking, wet heat that made the blood pound in his ears and his heart race. Her hands were flat against the oven in front of her and he placed his over hers, his chest flat against her back pinning her to the metal and ensuring she was captive. Whispering filth into her ear he set about fucking her in earnest, long powerful strokes of his cock, each awarded a panting moan from her lips as he impaled her. She was heaving and panting against him and he pierced her as hard as he could, making her shudder against him. Her juices were streaming down the base of his cock and trickling off his balls, which were smacking against her clit and creating a slapping wet noise which inflamed Helen further. Relentlessly pounding her, the friction was building up and her crisis was imminent.

Trying to resist, the tingling tremor began to consume the whole of her pussy, spreading from her clit backwards into her gaping wet cunt and forwards into her stomach. Soon she knew it would cover her completely and wave after wave of delirious vibrations would possess her.

Sensing she was about to cum, Dave made sure he drove his cock deep inside her, biting her neck gently in stark contrast to the forceful spearing she was being treated to. "I'm going to come," she breathed, "I'm going come all over your cock, I'm going to..." her speech turned to a long, carnal howl as she orgasmed, her pussy quavering on his cock, squeezing him with lascivious strength. Dave held his cock inside her as she contracted on him, her libidinous cries vulgar and crude. Gradually her shudders subsided and she regained control of herself.

"Quite finished?" Dave grinned as he watched her come to her senses. Instead of responding verbally, she wriggled free of his embrace and span round, crouching at his feet. Unsheathed from her soaking pussy, his cock was soon housed securely in her mouth as she methodically and contentedly removed all trace of her climax from him. Taking each testicle into her mouth in turn, she softly caressed them with her tongue until he could take no more, and then returned her attentions to prick.

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