tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Fate of Terra Ch. 08

The Fate of Terra Ch. 08


Michael gave Aurora a hug and a kiss goodbye after the girls had claimed their own. "Are you sure I can't come with you guys?" she asked, torn between leaving Michael and living her dream of captaining a vessel and seeing foreign places.

"Your destiny is leading a ship," Michael told her, then leaned in and hugged her, whispering in her ear, "I'll come for you when it's time."

Michael, Kat, Aki, and Rin walked down the gangplank and into the bustling Alaskan port of Anchorage. The girls, fully enhanced, scanned for threats as he led the way to the taxi stand that would lead them to the train station. They had taken to the role of being Michael's protectors over the months they'd spent on the ship, though he hadn't needed the security yet as no one knew who he was. Nevertheless, they represented his entourage and took care of his immediate needs while he watched the bigger picture.

So far, the only time they'd had trouble was when people tried to kidnap the twins. Aki and Rin were now heiresses to the richest family-owned corporation in the world. Their father had put into production 19 of the 20 different devices Michael had licensed, the last of which required construction of a large, specialized factory using unstable material and was being completed out at sea.

He had come to Michael with worries about his daughters' safety and begged him to accept multiple security details to watch them. Michael had taken one of his bodyguard's guns and fired it at Rin. Takeshi had gaped when she'd absently brushed the itch where the bullet impacted, but was otherwise unharmed. He'd stopped worrying about their safety after that, but still visited often in ports when he could get away from work.

They boarded the train Michael had booked and walked into the cabin he'd reserved. The train was heading west and letting them off at a new, private stop that had just been constructed. As Michael sat on the comfy bench, he turned off the annoying lights and streamed an alternative radio station through the announcement speakers with his mind, syncing with Pandora almost instantly.

Aki and Rin dropped between his legs and began the process of releasing his cock from its constraints. Kat sat next to him on the seat and began giving him a soothing massage. The girls had taken to 'relaxing' him whenever they had a spare moment. Michael grinned at their actions. The sex never got old, even as often as he had it. He'd catch a glimpse of their bare backsides while walking, or Kat would push her tits up against him while waiting in a line, and he'd want to throw them down and impale them on the spot.

Taking Kat's face in his hand, he started a slow, sensual mating of their lips. He felt two young, eager mouths start blanketing his prick with delightful sensations that could keep him on edge for as long as they wanted. He groaned into Kat's mouth as they pulled back just before his release.

Growling, he reached down and grabbed Aki's hair, stood up, and dragged her to the side of the cabin where he plastered her against the glass window. He pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts to anyone on the opposite side of the tracks who might be looking, and plowed his cock into her, vibrating with need. Aki panted, fogging the glass, relishing Michael's hard, fast thrusts as much as her exposed position. She'd known if she teased him enough he'd take charge and fuck her silly. Kat was probably going to punish her later, too, and she let go at the thought.

As she came, Michael lifted her by her nipples and twisted viciously, earning a scream that was equal parts passion and pain. He threw her down on the couch opposite of where Kat was sitting and plugged Rin's mouth with his cock, pinching her nose. She choked, trying to get air, and felt her sister's juices slink down her throat.

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her off his cock and wrenched her head down into Kat's lap. He aimed his cock at her gushing pink lips and drove it into her cunt in one go. Rin squealed in surprise and Kat moaned as she kept her face buried in her pussy. When he felt his cum rise, he plunged deep and squeezed her ass cheeks together firmly. His explosion almost knocked him off his feet, white goo gushing out of Rin as he withdrew.

Michael pulled Aki to her knees behind her whimpering sister and she dived into Rin's soppy cunt to clean her out. He sat down next to Kat, sated. She dipped her head down to clean him off before going back to playing with Rin. Kat had locked her legs around the young girls face, blocking off her air supply if she didn't like the treatment she was receiving.

When the train was nearing their stop, Kat pulled out two vibrating plugs and handed them to the twins. They looked at them with some trepidation, knowing Michael and Kat would likely turn them on high at the most inopportune moments and tease them relentlessly. After they'd departed the train, the girls saw a sign for "Lost Oasis" resort.

Looking around, they saw a heated sitting area, bathrooms, an assortment of chairs and couches, and a doorway that framed a white-haired gentleman in an old-fashioned train conductor's outfit, complete with wheel hat, whistle, and a gold pocket watch. "Right this way ladies and gents," he spoke in British accent, "mind your footing as we go below."

Michael and the girls followed the other passengers that had gotten off through the doorway and down a set of stairs. He was surprised at the number of people that were joining them. 'Business must be good,' he mused. They were met with another doorway and entered into what looked like a luxurious subway car. They took a secluded seat on a bench in the back and the car began moving. The girls glanced to Michael curiously and he explained, "Underground bullet train. We'll travel the 50 miles north in about 10min."

"What's 50 miles north?" Kat asked.

"The middle of nowhere," Michael grinned. "I thought you girls might finally like to visit my lab."

Rin glanced around at the other passengers and furrowed her brow. There were people from every walk of life here: A haggard-looking lady wearing a threadbare sweatshirt with no luggage, a bored looking teenager with a backpack listening to music, a severe-looking woman with glasses that had the air of a scientist or researcher about her with a briefcase. She even saw a group of four men with black duffels that looked to be some kind of security team or spec ops group.

Ten minutes later, the passengers filed out and were greeted by an enclosed area that looked like a spacious hotel lobby. A few men and women that wore black uniforms and rank insignia on their shoulders stepped forward and began organizing the passengers into groups and sending them off to their assigned orientation. Michael led the group past the bustle and down a hallway. After a few minutes of walking, they began seeing identical doors on either side of them that looked like they belonged in a hotel or apartment. He turned a corner and the girls were stunned by what they saw.

A colossal open-'air' park filled their vision. There were trees and gardens with places to sit around the sides. As you neared the center, grass turned to sand and they saw people sitting and enjoying the beach setting. In the center was a body of water that had to be close to 100m in diameter. Looking around its edges, they saw different areas sectioned off for things like a waterfall, waterslides, a wave pool, a shallow area, etc. Aki got giddy as she saw children playing with turtles, then moaned as Kat turned on the vibrator. Rin looked up and saw that the 'sky' didn't look right for Alaska and realized it must be an artificial ceiling.

The group moved towards the sandy area and the girls were startled by the almost comical appearance of the President of the United States in swimming trunks, with his wife and daughter lounging next to him, and two 'agents' standing nearby also in swimwear, though they wore their patent shades and earpieces. As they approached them, they felt the air turning warmer, with a tropical breeze blowing at their backs, and they realized you simply couldn't wear a suit here without sweating buckets.

"Michael!" he exclaimed glancing over, "Finally decided to visit your little slice of heaven I see."

Michael smiled and replied jokingly, "I was just waiting for a worthy enough guest to visit before I made my entrance."

The man scoffed and said, "It's quite the impressive facility you have here, but I can't help wondering what it's for..."

"Just in case," Michael told him shrugging. "If what my AI tells me is coming really is on the way, it still might not be enough."

President Whitmore nodded, then said pragmatically, "Well, we've certainly benefitted from the research done here and we're not footing the bill so I'm not about to complain."

"What about this international collaboration you're trying to get support for?" he continued, "You want me to grease the wheels with the other members of the P5, plus Japan and Germany... I can tell you right now they'd be up for it since it would give them more authority, but it isn't like we can just abolish the UN."

"I don't want to abolish it," Michael responded, waving a hand, "I want to create a ruling council that can get stuff done and act decisively if the shit hits the fan. Right now the UN can't even agree on what to eat for lunch, let alone make policy decisions that would affect the entire planet. You don't need to go public with it now, I just want all the pieces in place if something does happen."

"And when does your AI predict this 'something' will occur?" The president asked warily.

Michael shrugged again, "Could be tomorrow; could be until after your second term as president."

"Second term?" he asked taken aback, though Michael could tell he liked the sound of it. It really shouldn't have been that surprising. With the improvements Michael was making, his term would see the country through an economic and political recovery on a scale never before experienced in its history. "Anything else you need from me?"

Michael nodded and said, "Get with the Russians. Start arming more of your ballistic missiles with warheads. I'll make sure the IAEA doesn't get wind of it."

His eyes narrowed, not liking that they might need nuclear weapons to overcome whatever was predicted almost as much as the idea that the Russians would potentially become more dangerous. He sighed realizing that they already had enough to ruin the planet; a few thousand more wouldn't make a difference. The president shrugged, "Well, it's always easier to increase our military capabilities then get rid of them, at least when budget constraints aren't involved."

"Trust me... Now is not the time to get serious about disarmament. You might also want to increase recruitment in the National Guard. Having more trained militias won't hurt if things go south," Michael added, knowing he was asking for a lot with very little to show for it.

The president was still concerned, but as long as money didn't become an issue he could do as the young man said. It wasn't as if he was risking anything by making the US 'more' capable of handling threats. He'd have been instantly suspicious if he'd been told to lessen their defenses, but everything Michael had shown him had convinced him to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Finally smiling now that business was out of the way, he turned to his daughter and stage whispered to Michael, "Stacey seems to have gotten it in her head that she's staying here and nothing I've said has convinced her otherwise." Turning to Michael he continued, "She says that the AIs and experts here have taught her more in one week than she's ever learned at that private academy I sent her to." He shook his head in defeat, "Normally I'd put my foot down, but I happen to know this place is easily the most secure area on the planet; It's an underground fortress! We've even tried to penetrate it with ground sensors designed to look for seismic activity and haven't found a blip. With what you're worried might happen, I think she'll be safer with you."

Michael had his doubts about how 'safe' Stacey would be as his girls were ogling her like a piece of meat. Nevertheless, Michael nodded and said, "I can get papers for her that say she attended any of the Ivy League schools should she want a career later on." The president brightened at that and flashed his little girl a smile. "I'll leave you and your family to enjoy the rest of your stay." As they were walking away, Michael turned and said absently, "And you can stop trying to send NSA people here undercover to investigate..."

The man laughed and said, "You'd know something was up if I didn't at least try." Michael inclined his head in acknowledgment.

He led the girls back into the hallway and to a lift. They went down five floors and the doors whooshed open into what looked like an enormous hangar bay, corrugated metal made up the floors, walls, and ceiling. Looking down from a platform, they could see more than a thousand people training in marching around the center, hand-to-hand combat on mats behind them, and various weapons, fired down a long range. There were a dozen or so grizzled drill instructors bellowing orders and their voices echoed and melded together in the enclosed space.

Off to the side, they noticed mechanized suits of armor being piloted by a number of recruits while men and women in lab coats ran tests on them. "Ah, the prototype suits are finished," Michael explained. "These ones will be able to fly and contain their own oxygen and climate control for harsh environments."

The girls gaped at the setup. "Where did they all come from?" Aki asked hesitantly.

Michael shrugged and said, "Most of the people you'll find here weren't happy in their old lives. We recruit heavily from those that want a new start and don't mind living in an enclosed space with very little outside contact. We try to make them as comfortable as possible, of course, as you saw with the spacious apartments, the beach area- one of three, each with a different theme. There are also restaurants, markets, nightclubs, virtual reality centers, and so on, even a small amusement park that changes its rides every week. But essentially, once you're here, you're stuck here."

"Those scientists and engineers that couldn't get funding for their ideas or pissed off somebody important and were stuck in dead-end jobs were contacted and told about a place they could move their family to and receive all the backing they needed to make their dreams a reality," Michael continued. "Ordinary people that were living unfulfilled lives were given the opportunity to choose something different, whether they were teens lacking inspiration, orphans and homeless with no prospects, or those veterans and injured that still wanted to be part of something. Pan even popped up on one kid's computer while he was typing a suicide note and convinced him to give this life a shot."

Rin pointed to a couple of vehicles that were rising off the ground using some sort of jet propulsion. "What are those?"

"To keep those who wanted security, infantry, or pilot positions sharp, we've been sending them around the world on missions," Michael explained. "Most are extraction missions to pick up applicants in the event that they can't get here, say if they were in North Korea for instance. However, we also send teams out to deal with situations that governments can't or won't deal with, terrorist groups, pirates, military dictatorships that kill their people, etc. We were the ones who killed Mugabe and al-Bashir."

Aki looked astounded, Rin looked impressed, and Kat just looked indifferent, as if she expected no less and accepted it all. Walking back into the lift, Michael pressed a handprint on a screen to the right of the buttons and synced with Pandora and they started moving. The doors opened and they filed into a sitting room with couches on each side and a coffee maker on the counter in the corner of the room. Directly facing them was a 10ft sliding door made with reinforced steel that had bonded with Pandora's new isotopes to make it 3x stronger than lonsdaleite, the hardest known material on Earth, said to be 58% harder than diamond.

Pandora opened the doors as they approached (being the only who one that could). Walking in, the girls were treated to the sight of a richly furnished office with a mahogany desk and high-backed chair as the centerpiece, and various desks, side tables, and chairs sprinkled around the room. Going through one of the two doors that faced them on opposite sides of the desk, the metal sliding door shut noiselessly behind them.

The girls froze in awe at the large Roman-styled bath framed by the marble floor. The walls were decorated by mosaics of nude beautiful but deadly women from mythology: sirens, harpies, gorgons, etc. The ceiling portrayed an open sky that matched the time of day. As big as most swimming pools, steam was rising from the surface attesting to its warmth. The girls shared a look behind his back as Michael started explaining, "Welcome to our humble abode. The bath is just one of the rooms in our-"

The girls ran up behind him and pushed him in. As he broke the surface sputtering and laughing, the girls quickly stripped their clothes and jumped in after him. Moaning appreciatively at the warm temperature, they quickly combined forces to get Michael out of his soaked, clingy outfit.

Having three wet, naked goddesses squeezing together to attend to him was not at all disagreeable to Michael. He opened himself up to their attentions and, after awhile, decided to try out one of his new developments. Syncing with Pandora he unlocked the girls' pleasure centers and stimulated them with the nanites coursing through their bodies. He must have used a bit too much juice because instead of just making them hornier they exploded into one long, unending orgasm that had them twitching and convulsing, their mouths open in silent screams of lust. Stopping the intense feeling, he used the nanites to bring them down slowly, going from full on pressure and exposure to feather-light teases and nips. He was glad he'd tried this in the water or they might have dented a few things, themselves included.

Deciding to reserve such treatment for special occasions, he slowly waded them to the side of the bath and let them stretch out. As Kat came around she shuddered at the memory and gave him a hungry look. Suddenly, Aki twitched and croaked, "Oooh. Can't- *huff* Warn us next time, please..."

Rin was giving him a look that matched Kat's and murmured to the other girls that Michael seemed to be the only one that hadn't been satisfied yet. The girls got a mischievous glint in their eyes and began crawling towards him on all fours. As Michael leaned his head back and gave in, he wondered how long this could last.

It was four months before they came... * * * * * Michael awoke suddenly as he felt Pandora contact him in his head, 'They're here, master.'

He was laying on his back in his bed, its custom-made frame easily twice the width and length of an ordinary king-size. His head was resting between Aki's legs, his cheek against a silky soft tuft of fur; Kat's tits were pressed into his chest, draped over him as she was; Rin had entwined her two legs around his left leg, one arm draped over his waist, and she seemed to be nuzzling his soft member in her sleep.

He closed his eyes and uttered a quick prayer to whoever might be listening then moved out of the bed quickly. Kat woke up, but the twins just moaned and hugged each other, their breathing quickly returning to normal. At her questioning look, Pandora repeated what she'd told Michael and Kat shot out of the bed, reaching for her clothes.

As the couple was walking briskly through the corridors, Pandora sounded alarms throughout every hallway on each of the facility's fifty levels. She informed them of what she'd spotted. At the edge of their solar system, just inside the Kuiper Belt, a number of large ships had appeared. NASA and various space agencies around the world thought it was simply a large asteroid or group of asteroids that had been blocked from view because of the Belt, though they couldn't account for the brief flashes of light that derived from them.

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