tagFetishThe Feared '57' Ch. 02

The Feared '57' Ch. 02


To Megs—with joy for her continued high spirits

Irene Crawford, Oakhurst's principal, immediately started having second thoughts about Janet Sanders' rather impetuous request to award the "feared 57" punishment to senior Marcie Williams. Irene realized that she had responded in a positive way to Janet's mentioning to her that the request was forthcoming but the more Irene considered it, the more she recognized that her newest teacher was acting too hastily. The 57 was meant to be a culminating, not an initial punishment.

Irene was unhappy that she had given Janet such positive feedback. The 57 was a multiple punishment, combining physical and psychological discipline. The teacher first stated that the term grade would be 57, eight points below passing. This meant that the pupil could not feel she had just missed passing. Second, the pupil would receive either five cane strokes or seven with the strap. Third, the teacher might decide to award a failure in Conduct at any time during the remainder of the term. Fourth, the 57 grade could be revised upward based on subsequent behavior. Fifth, parents would be notified by registered mail once the principal approved the 57. Lastly, the teacher might require the pupil to wear the school punishment uniform, which had a very short skirt and female offenders were forbidden to wear a bra, which the thin fabric of the uniform blouse made obvious and the brevity of the skirt meant that panties were often displayed.

On Monday morning, Irene, her azure eyes flashing under her blonde cut, called Janet to her office.

"Janet," she began, realizing that she needed to impose her will, which she was accustomed to doing despite her youthful age, "I realized over the weekend that you were too quick to impose the 57 and I was too quick to indicate my assent. The 57 is meant to be not an initial, but a culminating punishment."

Janet's hazel eyes blazed. She felt this woman had misled her.

"Why did you indicate that I was doing the right thing?" she asked the principal. "It's clear that there's been some misunderstanding here."

"Yes, there has," Irene responded. "But you will do well to listen to me and realize you acted too quickly. You will call Marcie in and explain that you and I have discussed the situation and you have decided to impose a less serious punishment. I am sure she will be appreciative,"

"I really do not enjoy the prospect of going back on a punishment once imposed," Janet said coolly. "However, I will defer to your experience in these matters."

The last phrase was uttered with some degree of sarcasm. Janet could not help but resent having been encouraged to take firm steps to maintain discipline and then being undercut.

"Janet, please proceed as I have suggested," Irene said to end the discussion. "Then see me later today to advise me of the outcome. And I will tell you right now that I am not pleased with your attitude."

Janet was not exactly happy, either, but she kept quiet and returned to her classroom. In senior honors English, she called Marcie Williams to the front and quietly told her that she had discussed the matter with the principal and that she had decided to impose a lesser punishment.

Marcie showed signs of having had a bad weekend fearing the 57 and merely said, "As you wish, Ma'am" and turned to return to her seat.

"Don't walk away from me until I tell you that you may return to your seat, Marcie," Janet said coldly. "If you do not behave properly, I will not hesitate to punish you right now in front of this class."

Marcie had been feeling better when the teacher told her that the awful 57 punishment was off. She brought herself back to the moment when she realized that she had behaved somewhat curtly to the new teacher.

"I'm sorry, Miss," Marcie said with feeling. "I just was hoping that you had finished with me."

"Yes, I have," Janet responded, trying to maintain a level tone. "However, you will report to the Duty Mistress in the girls' gym after classes today for your punishment."

Marcie's eyes widened, as if to shed tears, but the girl retained her composure as her brain reminded her that getting whacked by the Duty Mistress was far better than having that awful horrid 57 business.


The day passed all too slowly for Marcie. She was not really a badly behaved girl, merely a senior ready to escape the confines of the restrictive rules of Oakhurst. She had not intended to frost this new Miss Sanders but a girl had to show a bit of personality to retain some respect.

Marcie thought about it. Janet Sanders had punished her by sending her to the Duty Mistress after classes today. This meant her probably getting the cane from whoever the Mistress might be, and unfortunately, the two prefects would be witnessing her shame. Marcie was a popular girl, and had been a cheerleader too, so she knew the prefects, who had some say in recommending discipline to the Duty Mistress, probably were jealous of her and would ask the Mistress to come down hard on her.


Once senior honors English was over, Janet Sanders repaired to the teachers' lounge. She saw her good friend Adele there and told her what had happened.

"Oh, Janet," Adele smiled, "you really should have realized you were being too quick with imposing that 57 on the Williams girl. I do agree that sending her to the Duty Mistress made sense, because you probably are too upset to handle this well."

"I'm sorry I got into this," Janet chimed in, "because I suppose I picked up too much support from Miss Crawford for starters. I wish she hadn't been so enthusiastic about the 57."

"Oh, she adores it," Adele told her friend. "But she also realizes it will lose its impact if it gets used too often. You will find that Irene frequently has second thoughts but it does not do you any good to complain. And also—and this is really important, Janet—you don't want to give her an excuse to punish you."

"Punish me? Corporal punishment at my age?" Janet asked with a weird look.

"My dear, the Principal here has always retained that authority," Adele answered. "And I know that little Irene Crawford enjoys nothing more than exercising it with an appropriate female teacher especially. You had better be very careful for a while."

Janet returned to her classroom chastened. She had gone from being empowered to impose a major punishment, one quite diabolical in its reach, to being fearful of being chastised physically herself, at her age, and as a teacher, no less! She also realized that this unexpected prospect had gotten her excited in a way she was accustomed to responding to this kind of stimulus: she could feel the wetness in the crotch of her panties.


Marcie Williams spent a few minutes when classes ended in the girls room, where she brushed her hair and made sure she had emptied her bladder. She knew she was likely to be caned and that she would not be able to retain the contents of that organ if she had not used the toilet right before reporting to the Duty Mistress.

Marcie took a few sheets of toilet tissue from the roll and wiped herself. She glanced at the tissue and saw a pink streak.

"Oh no," she said out loud and then realized she had done so. This meant she was getting her period. What awful timing, she thought. But she also remembered that that was another result of her anticipating being bared for corporal punishment. When her period was due, the excitement and anxiety would bring her menses on earlier than otherwise might be true.

She reached into her handbag and quickly inserted a slender regular tampon into her already wet vagina. Then she pulled up her panties, adjusted her skirt, and headed off to the girls' gym.


Janet Sanders remained in her classroom grading papers and planning her classes for the next week after she had finished her teaching schedule for the day. Adele's mentioning the possibility that Miss Crawford might actually spank or cane her really got her both disturbed and excited.

Janet tried to recall the last time she had ever been subjected to such discipline. She soon recalled her days at college when she had pledged the sorority. Big sister Andrea had been a great friend to her but yes, Andrea had done her duty as a sorority sister and whaled into poor Janet's bottom several times using Janet's wooden pledge paddle. Janet remembered the times in her bedroom later when she and Andrea found themselves under the covers together later on after Janet had been paddled.... But Janet made herself snap out of this reverie and started focusing on how she would deal with the humiliation of this younger woman possibly punishing her on her bare bottom—and now Janet was in her mid-30s, not a college freshman.

There was a knock on her door and an auburn-haired attractive girl who was clearly a sophomore or junior, since Janet did not know her entered.

"Miss Sanders?" the girl asked.

"Yes," Janet answered. "That's I."

The girl approached her and handed her an envelope. "It's for you from Miss Crawford," she said, with a grin that belied the likelihood that she knew the contents.

Janet maintained her stiff upper lip and thanked the girl and bade her on her way.

Once the girl had left, Janet opened the envelope. She expected the worst but the peremptory nature of the message surprised her by its curtness and lack of any personal flavor.


[today's date]

"TO:Miss Sanders

"FROM:Principal Crawford

"SUBJ:Williams Matter

"As I have had to explain the situation regarding your rejected request to impose severe punishment to Marcie Williams's mother today, you will report to me promptly upon receipt so that we may discuss this matter and rectify the situation. It is my intention to impose discipline for your behavior in this matter."

Janet had expected the worst and now she packed up her papers, picked up her handbag, and after locking her classroom, proceeded to Irene Crawford's office. She braced herself for what she knew would be an unenjoyable time.


Marcie Williams knocked on the door of the girls gym and heard a loud voice telling her to enter. She opened the heavy wooden door and saw that the Duty Mistress was the Latin teacher, Miss Valerie Warren. The two prefects, Marcie's classmates, were also present. They were Alice Payton and Doreen Kaufman. Marcie knew them both but figured they were probably not going to be of any support for her because as a cheerleader, she was the object of envy for most of the plainer girls.

"Sit down on the bench over there, Williams," Dorine Kaufman told her in a slightly bossy tone, but Marcie was not foolish enough to pop off the way she had to Miss Sanders. She quietly sat where she had been told to go.

There were three other girls who had been sent to the Duty Mistress. There were two sophomores and a junior, none of whom were very well known to Marcie. They all grinned at her as she joined them on the waiting bench.

Miss Warren was a strikingly tall woman with shiny black hair who affected an air of sophistication in her preference for frilly blouses and severe grey skirts. She was quite young for a teacher, in her late 20s, and Marcie knew she believed in imposing strict discipline to remind the pupils that although she was only slightly older than they were, she was the one in command. Marcie also knew that she did not have much liking for students who did not study Latin, and Marcie was among this group.

Before each girl to be punished was called to the desk, the prefects conferred with Miss Warren in a low tone that the girls waiting could not hear. The Duty Mistress traditionally asked the prefects to recommend punishment, although use of the cane or strap over the horse that stood next to the desk was the usual imposition.

Marcie waited as the whispering went on Finally the first girl, one of the sophs, was called. She haltingly rose and walked to the desk to hear her fate. Miss Warren stared at her as if there were some unpleasant smell about, and pronounced sentence.

"Melody Johnson," she said in a formal voice. "You were sent here for talking out of turn in class by Mr. Benson. You will receive three strokes with the strap. Lift your skirt, lower your panties, and bend over the horse."

Melody walked hesitantly to the horse and did what she had been told to do. Her little skirt flipped up and she reached down to pull her striped panties down. Then, her bare bottom on display, she bent across the horse.

Alice Payton handed Miss Warren the strap. Miss Warren stood a bit behind Melody and, seeing that the girl had worn candy-striped panties, remarked, "Your panties will not have the only stripes you will leave her with."

Then she proceeded to lay on three strong strokes with the strap as Melody somehow managed to avoid screaming. The girl did cry out. After the third stroke, Dorine Kaufman came over, smiled at her and told her to pull up her pants and sit down on the "finished" bench across the way, where she would witness the punishments to follow.

Two more followed quickly. The other sophomore received the strap in similar fashion and the junior, who had cut class, was given three strokes with Miss Warren's own thin cane. Marcie shivered as she watched the punishment and heard the cane whistle through the air. Now it was her turn.


"Marcie Williams," Miss Warren intoned. Marcie quickly rose and walked over to the desk with no hint of a smile on her face.

"You have been sent here by Miss Sanders, whom I have not yet met," Miss Warren said, "and it appears that you behaved in an insulting manner to her. I find your conduct very unbecoming in a senior, especially when the school is welcoming a new teacher."

Marcie knew enough not to say anything because it couldn't help and she kept telling herself that at least this wasn't the 57 or even that many strokes...she hoped.

"The prefects recommended a standard four strokes with the senior cane, as befits your senior status," Miss Warren continued, "but I am sufficiently unhappy with your conduct to make that six, Miss Williams. And you will be figged."

Marcie tried to keep control of her emotions as she heard the severe sentence. Six of the best with the cane, she thought, was really over the top for wising off, even if she was a senior. And she had heard of girls being figged but the prospect had never entered her thoughts and she was quite upset. Somehow she kept her cool and presented a yielding demeanor.

She remembered to acknowledge the sentence. "Thank you, Miss," she said, with less than alacrity but with a strong voice that showed her spirit had not yet been broken.

Marcie was ushered to the horse by Dorine, who whispered to her to raise her skirt and lower her panties. Marcie did as she was told, her pale blue hicut panties at her knees as she bent over the horse.

"Prefect Payton, you will insert the fig for this punishment," Miss Warren instructed.

Alice reached into the small fridge that was in the gym corner and returned with a tube containing the carved ginger root that would be inserted in Marcie's anus.

She removed it from the tube, reached to the shelf for a dab of Vaseline with her index finger, and walked behind Marcie and told her to spread her legs and hold her bottom cheeks open.

Marcie complied with the humiliating order and Alice carefully inserted her vaseline-dabbed finger into Marcie's tight little anal rosette, followed by the ginger fig.

Miss Warren allowed a few moments to pass which she intended to use to permit the ginger to begin to irritate Marcie's tender anal tissues. She then walked over behind the senior and lay the cane on Marcie's spread cheeks.

"Very good, Williams," Miss Warren said, "I know the fig will keep you from clenching."

She drew the senior cane back and flicked it across Marcie's posterior with a firm arm. She and the prefects could see a bright red line emerge immediately. She then gave Marcie two more strokes, one at the top of her bottom, and the other in the sensitive crease between bottom and thigh. Marcie could not help but cry out, also feeling the horrid sensation of the ginger juice inside her poor bottom.

"Well, I see I am getting some response, Williams," Miss Warren said.

"Yes, Miss," Marcie responded, taking care to say as little as possible.

Miss Warren then gave Marcie two nasty diagonal strokes that criss-crossed the other strokes, bringing severe pain to the already striped and blotchy bottom. Marcie cried each time and yelled, "Ow!" at the fifth stroke.

Then Miss Warren stepped back and fired a very strong stroke right down the middle of Marcie's marked bottom and the girl screeched. The other punished girls were too shocked to smile at Marcie's shame and sorrow, and turned away.

Walking over to the Duty Mistress, Dorine whispered to Miss Warren, "Did you notice the string, Miss? She must be having her period."

The Latin teacher took in this information and let a slight sadistic smile appear on her face. However, she quickly decided only to embarrass Marcie rather than rub her face in the dirt, so to speak.

"Prefect, you may remove the fig," she said to Alice.

Alice walked over behind the hurting Marcie and grasped the end of the ginger root that protruded so shamefully from Marcie's anal opening. She extracted it and wrapping it in tissue, threw it quickly into the trash bin.

Miss Warren stood behind Marcie and intoned, "Williams, I am informed you are having your menstrual period," in a voice loud enough for the other girls to hear and which produced the expected titters.

Marcie felt her face color as deeply as her bottom as she remained bent over the horse, knowing all eyes were now focused between her spread cheeks and legs looking for the tell-tale tampon string.

"Some girls have tried to use the occasion of their menses to request lighter punishment or to be excused altogether," Miss Warren went on, "but I do not believe in granting such dispensation and I am pleased you did not request it. You may recover your clothing, sign the register, and leave."

Marcie was grateful to the Latin teacher, despite the severe punishment she had received. Often those being punished were forced to remain in the gym after the completion of discipline and receive a lecture on conduct or to apologize formally for their behavior. Miss Warren was letting Marcie leave without that and to avoid the indignity of having to face the other girls and the prefects after being punished so harshly as well as being subjected to the humiliation of both figging and having her menstrual status announced to the group.

She quietly retrieved her panties, let down her skirt, and walked over to recover her handbag. Then the bright-eyed senior turned and opened the heavy wooden door and left without looking back.


She went to her locker and then walked to the front door, the only one left open once school was out for the day. This route took her past the Principal's office. Unbeknownst to Miss Sanders, Marcie came round the corner just in time to see the teacher who had caused her bottom to be in flames now enter the Principal's office.

Marcie wondered if, as was rumored, this was one of those times that a teacher, especially a new one might be punished by Miss Crawford for overreaching. She waited out of sight but within hearing for a few minutes and then walked past the office door. She peeked in and quickly pulled herself back on tiptoe so as not to be seen or heard.

What she had only imagined was indeed happening. Miss Crawford, as was her wont, had left the door to her inner office open, and Marcie saw her standing behind Janet Sanders, who was bent over a chair...with her skirt folded up over her waist and her full-sized white panties down at her knees.

Marcie knew there would be hell to pay if she were seen sneaking a peek at the teacher's getting what she figured would be Miss Crawford's cane across her bottom, so she quickly walked around the corner to the front door and left school for the day, amazed that she was able to have a smile on her face after what she had endured only a short time earlier.

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