tagBDSMThe Fertility Clinic Ch. 02

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 02


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


The doctor went on to explain, "We are going to stimulate your testicles and your prostate gland simultaneously. This will maximize the secretion of seminal fluid. Once we reach the state of maximum flow, we will eliminate all the existing fluid from your urethra and then take a sample of the freshest fluid. Please don't be concerned; I assure you that it isn't painful. Some men feel a slight discomfort in the rectum, but usually not. If you should feel any discomfort or certainly any pain, you tell me immediately. As I said, most men don't even feel a slight discomfort. In fact, it isn't uncommon for a man to feel the onset of orgasm. If that should happen be sure to tell me. If you should happen to ejaculate the test will be ruined and we will have to do it all over another time."

I knew my face was scarlet with embarrassment. The last thing I wanted was to do this again. "I understand, Doctor, I'll be sure to let you know if I feel either of those things."

"Very well, then if you're ready we'll commence now. Shelly!" she said, indicating that her nurse should start.

WOW, I thought. If what the doctor had done to my balls had been a turn on, this new 'procedure' was going to be nothing short of heaven on Earth. Shelly began a ball massage the likes of which I'd never felt. The stimulation was so great that it made my balls ache to cum almost instantly. They ached in a very good way.

Dr. Jones dipped her hand in some lubricant and slowly inserted two fingers of her left hand in my ass. She took only a second to locate my prostate gland and began to firmly press and rub on it. If I thought that I felt a need to cum before, I was now sure that I'd spew any second. I couldn't help but squirm.

"Is that uncomfortable, Mr. Howard?" asked the doctor.

I'm sure I blushed even more deeply. "No, uh, no, er . . . it's just that I'm afraid, well, I . .." I babbled like an idiot. I just couldn't get out that I was about to cum.

"Mr. Howard, please realize this is normal. Are you feeling on the verge of an orgasm?" she said in that same dispassionate professional manner of hers.

"Yes that's it."

"Well, we're now ready to do the fluid collection. We'll just go very slowly; it will take longer but there is no rush here."

With that she wrapped the thumb and forefinger of her right hand rather tightly around the very base of my cock and slowly stroked it up to the head. I knew I would cum if she did much more of that. And of course that is exactly what she did. She let go and then grasped the base of my cock and did it again. On the third stroke I was sure I was going to lose it. "Doctor, I think I'm going to orgasm!" She immediately stopped.

"Well, we will just go even slower. Thank you for telling me. We have a very good flow now and it should only take a few more strokes. I'll just pause longer between."

And she did. Shelly kept up the ball stimulation that was making me ache to cum and the doctor didn't slacken her prostate massage one bit. She just stood there calmly for a while and then did another very slow stroke of my cock. Again it almost sent me over the edge. I had to try very hard to keep from cumming. She paused for another minute or so and did it again. This was truly torture. I was trying as hard as I could to keep from cumming, yet I wanted to very badly. And each stroke put me so close it was agony. After five more excruciating times the doctor finally said, "Okay Shelly, I think we're ready now. Please release Mr. Howard's testicles and collect this next sample."

Shelly let go of my balls and picked up a test tube from the tray. She held my cock gently so the tip was pointed right into the tube and the doctor did three final quick strokes. I gasped as she finally pulled her fingers out of my ass and released my cock. It was spasming and the slightest touch would have put me over the edge. I'd never been so close to cumming without completion in my life. It was an extremely frustrating feeling.

"Okay, Mr. Howard?" the doctor asked. I gasped out a yes reply. "As long as you are so stimulated we should take advantage of the situation and get a specimen for a sperm count. You did say you masturbated yesterday, correct?" If this had been embarrassing in front of the doctor alone, it was humiliating to have to answer this in front of both of these women.

"Yes," I said very softly.

"All right, that should give us a good baseline then. Shelly, please get a collection kit."

Once again I didn't like the sound of that. Shelly returned with a device made of glass and plastic tubing. Dr. Jones explained as she adjusted the stirrups so I was now lying flat on my back, "We will attach this collection device to the end of your penis and then you will masturbate to orgasm. We use the sample to get a baseline sperm count to compare to future specimens."

"Please lie still." And with that she took some lubricant and smeared it all over the head of my dick. This had me nearly cumming again. She then slid the end of the tube over the head of my cock. It contracted, holding the head of my cock in the tubing and leaving the shaft fully exposed. She tugged on the tube a bit and moved my cock around some, stimulating me even more. Finally she said, "Okay, I think that is secure and should work fine. Please masturbate now Mr. Howard."

This time I couldn't help myself. "WHAT?" I nearly screamed.

"Mr. Howard, what didn't you understand?" Again Dr. Jones was all business, as if I had simply asked her what time it was.

"I'm sorry, I just find this, well, uh, I find it a bit embarrassing. Couldn't I do this alone?" I asked hopefully.

"Mr. Howard, Shelly and I are medical practitioners, not voyeurs. We need to observe the phases of your excitement cycle and plateau before, during and after orgasm. I assure you that there is a very good reason we need to observe this collection process." This time she sounded irritated. "Now please begin, Mr. Howard."

Feeling like a complete idiot I did as instructed. I had to close my eyes though. I started to stroke my cock. In spite of all the stimulation I'd received over the last 45 minutes, it was taking much longer than I would have imagined to reach orgasm. For one thing the collection device kept my cock from receiving any stimulation other than on the shaft. There was none on the head of it at all. But mostly, knowing that these two foxes were sitting there watching me just made it so that nothing was happening. Finally I opened my eyes and saw that the two of them were intently watching my hand stroke my cock.

After a while longer, Dr. Jones spoke to Shelly as if I weren't even in the room. "Shelly, he seems to have performance blockage, perhaps testicular stimulation would solve it. Would you please assist."

Shelly pulled on fresh rubber examination gloves and I saw her pour some kind of lubricant in the palm and rub them together. Then she took hold of my balls and started to massage them as she had earlier. That did it. Within seconds I was cumming for all I was worth.

When it was over I was mortified. The doctor reached over to the table and turned on what appeared to be a timer, and then said, "I'll go get your wife while Shelly finishes up here. We'll be back in a few minutes."

Shelly didn't say a word. She just removed the collection device and got a damp cloth and cleaned me up. She removed the gloves and disposed of them and just before she left she directed me to sit on the examination table and wait.

When the doctor returned with Sally there I was, sitting on the edge of the table with nothing but the exam shirt on. Somehow being in this situation with Sally there too was even more embarrassing than before.

"We'll know the first part in a few minutes when Shelly returns. I've decided to do one more study today. Then I want you to return next Monday and we'll repeat the sperm count test." Dr. Jones was talking to Sally just as she had to Shelly earlier, as if I weren't there.

Her comment on repeating the test brought an involuntary groan to my lips. Neither Sally nor the doctor paid any attention. Just then the timer chimed.

"Now we will begin the last test for today. Mr. Howard, please stand here at the end of the exam table and spread your legs about 30 inches."

I had no idea what was going to happen next, but was resigned to doing as directed.

"Now please lean back so your buttocks are against the edge of the table and your hands are on the padded edge behind you."

So here I was again with my cock thrust forward pointing at the doctor and, and now also at my wife. Dr. Jones told Sally to slide the other chair up and now the two of them were sitting there looking at my crotch just about at face level. I was beyond embarrassment by now.

The doctor pushed another button on the timer and started to do what I can only describe as "play" with my cock and balls. "This will determine recovery time after orgasm, a very important factor in determining fertility. I will stimulate him for 60 seconds, and then pause for 60 seconds, repeating the cycle until he is fully erect. The total time that it takes will give us a good indication. Sally, please observe closely because it may be necessary for you to repeat this at home in the future."

And she proceeded to do as she had outlined. By the third stimulation cycle I was definitely starting to respond. Just then Shelly walked in and came over to observe too.

"How long?" asked Shelly. When the doctor told her she responded, "Oh my!" I had no idea what that was supposed to mean.

"What was the count, Shelly?" the doctor asked.

"332," was the reply.

"Hmmm, well that's not a clear answer is it? We will definitely have to do the second study against that baseline."

I thought I was already as embarrassed as I could be, but I was getting even more embarrassed, even though that didn't seem possible. And I had a thousand questions, but was afraid to bring them up at this point.

By the end of the fifth cycle I was rock hard again.

"Okay, that's a seven Shelly. Very good, Mr. Howard you. You may dress now."

I went and dressed and soon Sally and I were seated in Dr. Jones' office. "We have the results of the physical examination, which were normal; the prostate fluid sample, which we will send to the lab; and two of the other measures we need, the sperm count and the recovery index. Though we may want to repeat the recovery index a few more times depending on the other results. Now what happens is you come back a week from today and we do the sperm count study again. Since you had an orgasm yesterday Mr. Howard, we'll next do a count after you have gone without an orgasm for a week. Comparing the two counts will tell us a great deal."

"I don't understand. It has been several days since Joel had an orgasm," Sally said.

SHIT! I could hardly believe what was about to happen. I knew I couldn't stop it, but I was still mortified. I felt as if I was about to see a car wreck!

"Oh, Joel masturbated yesterday. Oh Sally, you shouldn't be surprised. Most men do on a regular basis. However, in your case, it could be why you aren't pregnant yet. This next week will give us at least a partial answer to that. It will be crucial that he not have an orgasm during that time. Do you think you can be sure he doesn't masturbate?" Dr. Jones was once again acting as if I was just another chair.

I could feel that I was flushed full red again!

Sally's look would have withered an evergreen in winter! "Oh yes, I will be sure that he doesn't cum, by any means!" Sally said with conviction. I knew that it would be true.

"Well, every day until then we need for you to arouse him to a near orgasm, but stop before that happens. It is very important that you find the right level of arousal. Since he has orgasmed so recently, I can't adequately demonstrate, but do you think you understand what needs to happen, Sally?" asked Dr. Jones.

With a look of cold steel in her gray eyes Sally said, "Oh yes, I understand perfectly. You need me to stimulate his cock to the very edge of cumming, but be sure he doesn't actually cum. And I have to keep him on the verge for an entire week, correct?" Sally was staring right into my eyes, with a smile I'd never seen before, while she said this.

"Exactly," said the Doctor. "Once a day for at least 20 minutes of total stimulation should do it. More if he can tolerate it, especially later in the week. Next weekend twice each day would be best. If you need to stop completely for him to recover a bit and avoid orgasm, that's fine. Most men will tolerate just testicular stimulation during these pauses without reaching orgasm. About a five minute pause will usually do it. If you need to pause two or three times to get in the total amount of stimulation, don't worry. That's pretty normal, especially after the first few days. Just don't count the time during the testicle stim as part of the 20 minutes."

"Okay, do either of you have any questions?" Dr. Jones asked. When we indicated that we didn't she closed, "Okay then, see you both next Monday."

To be continued...

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