The Fertility Clinic Ch. 03


"My God Joel, I'm sorry but I have to be honest," Sally was giggling at this point. "This isn't just turning me on incredibly, I'm enjoying it. It's so damn fun to play with your cock until you almost cum, but not let you. I know it's mean and very frustrating for you, but I can't help it. I think I now know why some women love being cockteasers!"

I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. I appreciated her honesty, but SHIT! I didn't want or need to hear this. And besides my mind was swimming about what that might mean in the future.

As Sally was finishing her comments, she rolled sensuously onto her back and provocatively spread her legs. Hell, in my state she could sensuously sneeze and provocatively fart!

Without a word from her, I dove in. I was so wound up my neural net was still recalling what would normally be the conclusion of this tongue lapping. It was mere minutes before she was cumming and cumming hard. I slowed and held her the way she loves, but didn't stop. Soon I was pushing her to her second cum of the night. She came even harder this time. I held and caressed her and lapped lightly and slowly as she recovered, and then I stopped.

Dreamily she said, "I've been doing you for 20 minutes or more each night. I think I deserve at least 20 minutes, and it's been less than 10."

It wasn't a question or even a request; it was pretty much a directive. I didn't argue, resist or even hesitate. I just picked up where I'd just left off. Sally came four times before I was sure twenty minutes had expired. A record as far as I could remember. Not only in a given time, but in a given day!

On Friday I was simply a mess. My balls truly ached and my cock would get semi-hard every time I'd think about sex, which was about every eight seconds or when I'd see an even remotely good looking woman, whichever came first!

By Friday night I was dreading the weekend. First, even though it didn't help much, work was somewhat of a distraction. Second, being around Sally non-stop for the next 48+ hours was going to be much more frustrating than even the last 5 days had been.

If I had any notion that I was overreacting it evaporated that night at bedtime during our treatment.

Sally had me lie on my back and as she straddled my chest, facing toward my feet she said, "I really loved last night, it was absolutely fantastic. Tonight I want you to 'do' me while I give you your treatment!"

I was again very surprised, Sally was getting bolder and bolder each day.

With that Sally smothered my face with her already wet snatch. I began to lick and suck her clit rather vigorously. I figured that perhaps if I distracted her enough she would lose her concentration and make me cum accidentally. I no longer cared what the consequences might be. I needed to cum desperately and would do almost anything to make it happen.

I was dead wrong about her losing her concentration. She was definitely in full control. She would push me right to the edge and hold me there for quite a while, and then back way off, but never stop completely. She used a nearly lethal combination of her hands and mouth and had me aching worse than any of the previous times. She squirmed on my face and ground her pussy against me. In no time at all she was cumming hard. She would use the time during her orgasm to let me recover, but she never let go, just held my cock and balls while she shuddered with pleasure, flooding my face with her love juices.

My tongue deep inside her and my whole face trapped between her luscious ass cheeks was almost more than I could stand all by itself. Add what she was doing to my cock and balls and I was truly desperate.

Sally had cum at least four times when she finally just collapsed on the bed. Neither of us moved for a few moments, and my face was still buried in her cunt. I lapped her very gently. That was something she hadn't been crazy about after cumming in the past, but this night she just purred. She twisted around and lay next to me, holding me gently and resting her silky thigh on my cock. I moaned gently.

"That was truly amazing," she said. And with that she drifted off to sleep.

After a few minutes I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned she was fast asleep. It was a long time before I was at last able to fall into a fitful sleep myself.

To be continued...

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