tagBDSMThe Fertility Clinic Ch. 04

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 04


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


I awoke with a sense of dread on Saturday morning. I was sure I'd be in a rubber room by Sunday night. My concern turned out to be well justified. Sally had evidently risen before me; so I went to the bathroom for my morning pee. I splashed water on my face and was returning to the bedroom to dress when Sally came through the door.

"Let's do your first treatment now, and then you can relax until tonight. I think that will be easier for you, don't you?" Sally said in that reasonable voice that I was beginning to fear.

"What treatment?" I stammered.

"The doctor said twice a day on the weekend. Let's do the first one now," she replied.

I couldn't believe I'd forgotten that part.

"Uh, well, oh, I guess, yeah," I muttered. I meekly lay on the bed. I realized that Sally had taken full control and I was pretty much doing as I was told. I wasn't sure quite what to make of that revelation.

Sally got the Astroglide and was applying it to my cock. Within seconds, I was rock hard. She was kneeling between my legs with her feet up under her ass. She had me scoot down so my ass was resting on her thighs just above her knees and my legs were spread and bent over her legs. This had the effect of making my cock and balls very available to her.

Sally had been wearing a light robe which she still had on, but had undone it and opened widely, so I had nowhere to look but at those fantastic tits.

When she started to stoke, the lube made the sensation incredibly light. She was stroking slowly and lightly. It felt fantastic at first. I was building very slowly, very slowly indeed under the circumstances, to an orgasm I knew I wouldn't have. That in itself is something that tears at the mind.

As compared to Tuesday night, the last time she'd done a straight hand job, she spent much more time making sure she teased my cock head and fondled my balls as she slowly stroked my shaft. I was squirming in no time.

I looked at Sally's face. She had what could only be described as a shit-eating grin. I looked at her tits and my cock swelled some more. Her nipples were dark and very turgid, sticking out more than I could ever remember.

"I'm not going to ask you to make me cum this morning, horny as I am. I just don't think it would be fair. But you have to promise to do an extra good job tonight. Promise?" she said as she gently squeezed my balls and did a doorknob job on my very sensitive glans!

"YES, yes, I promise!" came out of my mouth. I don't even know why. I'd have promised to fly around the room when she was finished if she'd asked. In my present state I might have been capable of doing so.

Sally pushed me right to the edge and then held me there for a very long time, longer than I had ever imagined possible. When I could hold out no longer, she backed off, but never stopped completely. My mind was spinning. I couldn't figure this out. I was hornier than I'd ever been in my life, yet she was somehow able to keep stimulating me for long periods of time, longer than even a few days ago, without pushing me over the edge.

I was squirming and finally before the time was up, I was reduced to groveling. "Please, PLEASE Sally, make me cum. I can't stand this any more. My balls ache so bad and my cock is throbbing, PLEASE make me cum!"

"Oh Joel, you only have today and tomorrow to get through, surely you don't really want to have to start over or go through an even worse treatment, do you?" Sally replied.

I was babbling something nearly incoherent. Actually I couldn't really think, I just wanted so desperately to cum. Sally, while replying, made no move to let up her tormenting stimulations.

I was squirming and moaning and trying to keep from screaming. Finally the time was up and Sally stopped. My cock throbbed and my balls ached, and I still had the entire weekend ahead of me. I didn't think I was going to be able to take it.

The morning went by without incident other than my constant dull aching balls, but that afternoon things took a turn for the worse. The weather got quite warm and Sally insisted that we do the yard work project I'd been promising to help her with for weeks. Sally put on a pair of very short, tight shorts and a bikini top that covered almost none of her lovely breasts. As we worked, she very obviously flaunted (there is no other appropriate word) her wonderful body. She knew it was driving me crazy and she loved it. She kept brushing up against me with her leg, her arm, or her chest, and occasionally she would brush against my constantly hard cock.

I finally got irritated. "Sally, Damn it! This is hard enough without you tormenting me like this!"

"Oh Joel, don't be such a pill. Playing with your cock this much has made me really horny, that's all. And now I'm just having a little fun. Besides, you should be glad I find you so sexy. I can't wait for tonight, both to play with that wonderful cock of yours and to get the extra special cum you promised me. I'll tell you what. You take this like a good sport for the rest of the weekend and I promise that Monday night when this is all over, I'll make you cum as many times as you can stand, any way you want. I'll be your sex slave for the whole night, okay?"

Well, what could I say? Her offer all by itself made my cock spring to its full hardness. Besides, what choice did I have and now at least I'd get some payback. Of course I agreed.

"But, no more complaining and whining or the deal is off, okay?"

Again I agreed. Sally was even more rambunctious the rest of the day.

That night was a replay of the night before, but when it was over Sally said, "Now for the 'extra good cum' you promised. I want to just lay back and enjoy you licking my cunt!" This was yet another step forward for my previously reserved wife.

Just as she said, Sally lay back and just enjoyed. She squirmed and moaned. After cumming as much as she had, it took longer than usual for her to get off this time, but not as long as I would have expected. And when she did cum, she exploded with a scream. Usually Sally is a rather quite lover, but not this time.

"God that was the best yet!" she said as she rolled over and drifted off to sleep. I, on the other hand, didn't sleep for a long time.

I awoke Sunday to Sally stroking my cock. She couldn't wait to get started she said. In seven days there had been a definite transformation in Sally. I was pretty sure this was not a good thing for me!

She finished our 20-minute session with zeal and bounced off the bed and into the rest of the day. Sunday she was even more flirty and teasy. More brushing up against me, bending over provocatively and providing cleavage shots whenever she could. She frequently would rub my cock through my shorts, and when I would start to say anything she just reminded me that I said I wouldn't be whiny. She also reminded me frequently what the reward would be if I behaved. "Just think of me sliding my lips over your cock until you explode in my mouth!" she'd say. Listening to her made the day even worse.

Sunday night was déjà vu all over again! She kept me on the very edge of cumming for a long time, while I licked her to orgasm after orgasm. At the end she lay back again while I gave her one more shattering orgasm.

As she was drifting off to sleep she whispered, "Tomorrow night will make it all worth while!"

Once again it took me a very long time to fall asleep.

On Monday, as you can imagine, I was very anxious to get this ordeal over with. I was to meet Sally at the doctor's office at 1:00. The morning went by very slowly. At 12:45 I was sitting in the waiting room. At 1:05 Sally strolled in.

To be continued...

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