tagBDSMThe Fertility Clinic Ch. 07

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 07


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:

Monday and Tuesday were back to normal, (God, was I really thinking of any part of the last two weeks as 'normal'?) What I mean is, Sally and I did my 'treatments' at bedtime, with me giving Sally some great orgasms with my tongue while she brought me to, and held me at, the edge for a goodly long time before ending the evening with me trying to sleep with a horrendous case of blue balls!

Finally Wednesday rolled around despite thinking I'd never make it until then. I had and, amazingly, I had not lost my sanity. Pretty much as soon as I awoke, I tried moving on Sally, pointing out that it was Wednesday. She just laughed, "Quite anxious aren't we!" She pointed out that our instructions made it impossible to do as the doctor had directed and still get to work on time.

I tried one more feeble attempt, and suggested we call in sick. Sally pointed out that we still had the kids to take care of and that I could surely wait a few more hours. It felt more like a few added days, but I finally reconciled myself that it was going to be that evening before I got to explode inside my wife.

I left work early since I couldn't concentrate anyway. Sally was just driving up with the kids as I got home. Once we got in the house the kids were off doing their own thing and Sally and I were in the kitchen. "We could sneak off to the bedroom before dinner. The kids would never even notice!" I suggested in sheer desperation.

Sally gave me one of her looks and just said, "JOEL, you just have to wait. It won't be much longer, relax!"

I went upstairs to change; I heard her giggling as I walked out.

Dinner and the rest of the evening seemed to go on forever. Sally had changed into baggy sweats, but I could tell she didn't have anything on under them and she did everything she could to tease me, at least everything she would do in front of the kids.

Normally the kids were off to bed by 8:00, but by some strange coincidence there was a 'special' show on that night that lasted until 9:00 and Sally had told them they could stay up and watch it. She was obviously doing everything possible to prolong my ordeal.

Finally, the kids were in bed and Sally said, "So, you ready to go to bed now?" with such a grin even I had to laugh!

"Nah, let's stay up and watch the Tonight Show!" I laughed as I headed to the bedroom, half undressing on the way. That got both of us laughing.

As I reached the bedroom I ripped off the rest of my clothes and was ready for bed in seconds. True to her new M.O. Sally took her sweet time getting ready and included what was virtually a very sexy striptease in the process. All of this, plus the anticipation, had me rock hard by the time Sally got to bed.

"My, you are really ready for this aren't you?" she quipped as she very gently patted my balls. "Don't forget, we have some preliminaries before we get to the main event!" Sally was obviously in a very playful mood. I could only hope that in spite of the significant number of orgasms she'd received and all the pleasure she had clearly derived from frustrating the Hell out of me, that she too was ready for a good fuck!

I groaned at the mention of the 'preliminaries', which simply brought forth another chuckle from Sally.

Sally reminded me that the Doctor had said the best approach was for her to stimulate me, and then for me to bring her to orgasm. Sally added, "Then we get to make a baby." I LOVED the sound of that last part. The proximity of finally getting some real relief to the constant ache and frustration of the last 10 days was driving me wild, too. So close and yet so far as the expression goes.

Sally began what was one of her most amazing stimulations yet. She sucked and stroked my cock and played with my balls and had me on the edge within the first minute. She kept pushing me right to the edge, and then holding me there as long as she dared before finally backing off, though never far.

Less than five minutes into it she had me moaning and begging to shorten the time, but of course my desperate moans just fueled her all the more.

"Oh Joel, it will only be a little while longer and you will be cumming harder than you ever have in your whole life. It will feel so good; it will make this all worthwhile! I know you're really aching to cum, and cum you will. Just not yet!" she giggled and teased almost non-stop.

I was thrashing and squirming and moaning for most of the period of stimulation. I could tell that Sally was getting even more turned on by the whole situation than before. She was playing me with all her cunning skills. Finally she said it was time for the second phase of the evening. I noticed that she had gone well over the prescribed 20 minutes, but chose not to mention it.

I quickly moved into position and had my face buried in Sally's lovely snatch. Wanting to get to the grand finale as fast as possible, I was licking for all I was worth. As I said Sally was REALLY turned on this evening and it was no time at all before she had her first orgasm. I didn't even slow down and it wasn't very much longer before Sally was cumming very hard again. I stopped as Sally's second orgasm subsided, but she quickly spoke up. "Just one more. I really want to be able to enjoy feeling your big hard cock inside me and I'm still too wound up. One more good, hard cum and I'll be ready." It wasn't a request. Even the third one didn't take long.

As soon as Sally's breathing slowed a bit, I tried to roll on top of her. My cock was throbbing and very ready for what was to come! But Sally was still maintaining control.

"Whoa! Joel, you're acting like an animal, get a grip for God's sake!" Sally was trying to act serious, but she couldn't help giggling at the same time. How about me on top; then I can give you a really nice, long, slow fuck! You deserve something special after all this time. What do you say?" Sally asked with a huge twinkle in her eyes. I was still getting used to this now openly aggressive wife of mine. Until the last few weeks I don't think I'd heard Sally use the work 'fuck' a half dozen times ever.

However, I'd finally had it. I could take no more. "NO! I'm going to fuck you silly and right now, and I'm going to be on top!"

Sally laughed, knowing I wouldn't get physical with her if she really protested, but as I hoped she was just as ready for some good old animal sex as I was. Well, almost as ready.

And animalistic sex it was! There was no pretense of lovemaking. I rammed my cock inside her and pounded away. Sally was fucking me back as hard as she could too. As you can well imagine, in my state it wasn't long at all before I was screaming and cumming at the same time. As I started to cum my vision seemed to narrow and as I continued to thrust in and out and felt my balls contracting and my cock pumping semen deep inside Sally, all I could see were stars in a dark sky. Great big, bright stars. The next thing I realized was that I was lying flat on Sally and she was gently combing my sweat-soaked hair out of my eyes and softly asking, "Joel, are you okay?" I realized she had repeated it at least three times before I responded. My guess is she had repeated it several more times than that. I hadn't exactly passed out, just sort of went into a momentary suspended state.

"unhuh... yea...yeah I'm fine," I finally managed. And a short time later, "WOW, Sally, I've never cum like that in my whole life! WOW." Then I just lay still for a while again.

"Yes, I know," said Sally smiling brightly. The significance was lost on me at the time.

We finished that night and Thursday and Friday, just as Dr. Jones had directed. By Friday my 'need' had diminished to what I would have called normal. We had very enjoyable sex, but Friday was certainly far different than that first one on Wednesday.

About two weeks later on a Friday night as I walked in the front door Sally came running up and gave me a big kiss. "Guess what?" she asked very excited.

"I give, what?" was my reply.

"The doctor's office called and it worked! We're pregnant!" she beamed.

We were both very excited and went out to a nice dinner to celebrate. When we got home and into bed we celebrated some more with a very pleasant session of lovemaking. It was just like old times, before our recent ordeal (as I thought of it).

The next morning when we awoke Sally pointed this out to me.

As we were waking up on Saturday, Sally and I were enjoying that rare opportunity to just lounge in bed for a while. We were soon cuddling, and soon after that Sally was gently stroking my cock and balls while I held her. In spite of the last three nights activities, it wasn't long before I was rock hard and ready for some action. Sally slowed down, but didn't completely stop. A few more minutes of that and I suggested closing the door so the kids wouldn't interrupt us. Just as I made a move to do so, Sally said she wanted to discuss something first.

Over the past few weeks I had learned not to be overly surprised by anything Sally said or did; so I just settled back down, resigned to a conversation before anything sexual.

"Okay, shoot," I replied.

"I want to know how it was for you last night." she started out. This seemed a bit odd, but it was an easy enough question for me to answer.

"It was great, you must know that. After those three weeks of total frustration, it's great to be back to normal lovemaking. Why do you ask?" I said, leading with my chin, but not realizing it yet.

Sally ignored my question and asked another of her own. "How did last night compare to the Wednesday night a couple of weeks ago when you got to cum for the first time in ten days?"

"Well, after the those ten days, it was pretty amazing. Last night was great, but that Wednesday was unbelievable," I answered, beginning to see where this was going, but not quickly enough.

Sally got a big smile on her face, and started to stroke my cock again as she said, "Yeah, that's what I thought. You came like never before that time, and last night it was just average again. You see how a little teasing and abstinence can really enhance it when you do finally cum?"

Far too late I caught on. "Sally, I know what you're thinking and you can just FORGET it!" She was still stroking my cock and I knew I was in trouble.

She continued to gently tease my cock and balls. I wasn't close to cumming yet, but moving in that direction and was certainly rock hard and looking forward to a climax at the end of this. "Joel, you know your cock has seen more action in the last few weeks than ever before in your whole life. I told you how much it totally turned me on to be such a cock tease and you love the feeling of my sucking and stroking your cock, and also you cum so hard when you finally do get to! So I'm thinking I should be in charge of your orgasms from now on. I'll play with your cock regularly and you'll make me cum regularly, and you'll cum when I think it will be really good! What do you think?" Sally asked with a huge grin, a twinkle in her eye, but a deadly seriousness in her voice and demeanor.

I was speechless! The growing ache in my groin wasn't helping me think either.

"Sally, I can't even think with you doing this. Finish what you've started and then let's talk, okay?" I said desperately, almost certain what would happen.

"See, that's the problem. After just a few days of you getting laid regularly, you're ready to go right back to the predictable boring routine we've fallen into. I stroke your cock, you get horny, you roll on top of me and we fuck. Finished! Oh, I'm not saying you ignore my needs, or that it isn't pleasant, but it is NOTHING like what we've been through the past few weeks. The orgasms you have are nowhere near what you had Wednesday night, and the ones I have aren't nearly what I've been enjoying either!" Sally was really wound up, I could see.

"Let me demonstrate," she said and with that she started to suck my cock. She built me slowly and surely to a wonderful orgasm. Not teasing, just sucking nice and steady. In a matter of a minute or two I was ready to cum. She could sense it and increased the pace and started to gently squeeze my balls too. Just as my cock started to spasm into orgasm, she let her lips slip off the end and squeezed rather hard right at the base of my cock, clamping off the orgasm just as it began.

"Oh GOD, NO, PLEASE don't stop!" I begged.

"Oh I'm not going to stop Joel, I'm just pausing for a minute or two," she giggled, "but you see, already you are way more turned on and excited than you were just a few minutes ago. And here, feel how hot and wet I am now." As she said this last part she pushed my hand against her sopping pussy. She was indeed very turned on.

"Don't you see, our sex life will be far more exciting my way? Please Joel, promise me you'll give it a try my way for a while. If it doesn't work out we can always change back. PLEASE!" Sally was very serious. I could see that she really wanted this, but I had serious reservations.

"Sally, I don't think I can take going through life like the last few weeks on a continual basis. That was bad, but to go on week after week like that would be unbearable for me. You know how frustrated I was, how hard it was to take." I was determined not to get talked into this.

"Oh Joel, I didn't mean that I'd make you wait for weeks at a time like this has been. You know probably only a day or two, sometimes more, sometimes no waiting at all. That would just add to the excitement for you, you would never really be sure if it was 'this' time. You'd be just like a teenager again, and your cock would get way more attention than the last few years, at least until these past weeks. Here, let me convince you some more," she said, and she started to suck my cock again.

"No, no... I don't want you to do that again!" but my resolve wasn't strong. What I really wanted was for her to suck me until I came.

"You don't want me to suck your cock any more?" she asked with a grin.

"NO, that's not what I mean, I just don't want you to suck it some more and then stop again."

"I didn't say I was going to stop this time!" she smiled as she started again. My cock was throbbing, and her mouth felt so good! I couldn't resist again, I just lay back and enjoyed the feeling.

I wasn't long before I was right there again, and DAMN she did exactly the same thing. Actually got me to the point of contraction and squeezed off the orgasm just as it started. This was more frustrating than anything she'd done in the past. This was even more than what the Doctor had done in her office that day. This was actually squeezing off an orgasm which was under way. There was absolutely no gratification or relief, but I was pushed to a level of frustration unimaginable. I finally realized Sally couldn't have done this in the state I'd been until Wednesday. If she'd actually got me to the point of the orgasm starting like this, she wouldn't have been able to make it stop.

"NO, Sally, NO!" I insisted.

"Didn't that feel nice?" she smiled wickedly.

"You know damn good and well that it felt great until the point that you squeezed it off, at which time it felt terrible!" I nearly yelled.

"Terrible? Really? Or just frustrating and keeping you all turned on and horny?" she asked.

I knew I was in trouble if I let her keep this up and I got into a debate. Sally was so good at twisting things, I'd end up sorry. Also, if I let her keep playing with my cock I knew she'd make an offer that I'd take in order to cum, but regret greatly later. I felt like I was caught in a whirlpool, being sucked down!

"Joel, how would you have liked it if I hadn't stopped that time? What would it have felt like?"

"I'd have loved it and it would have felt fantastic, you know that."

"Do you remember the last time I gave you a blowjob like that, and made you cum I mean? Hmm?"

I sensed a trap here, but I really couldn't remember. "No, to be honest, I don't"

"That's because it's been a very long time, to be honest I don't remember either. But I like to do it you know," she smiled at me again.

I just moaned. Just her saying that was making me want to cream.

"The thought of it is exciting you hugely too, I can tell. Look at your cock twitch and I'm not even touching it!"

She was right, it was. And the thought of Sally sucking my cock until I came in her mouth was undeniably extremely appealing, more so by the minute.

"Joel, if you'll just agree to my terms, your cock will get more attention than ever, you'll get to cum probably more than you have been in the last couple of years and each orgasm will be far more satisfying. What's not to agree to?" she said with that damnable reasonableness!

As was obviously her goal, Sally had me thinking mostly with the 'little head', though not quite totally. "But the constant frustration would be miserable, and I wouldn't have any say in our sex life. That is just too unreasonable," was my reply.

"Well, let me sweeten the pot, so to speak. You know that blowjob I was describing. What if I promise that at least once each month I'll give you one of those mind-blowing suckings. Where I make you cum in my mouth so hard you nearly faint and then I swallow every last drop. Hmmm....?" Sally asked with a smile that would melt butter.

I was weakening and she knew it. There would be trade-offs to be sure, but this was sounding pretty good. I was going to hold out and think about it a bit longer though, until Sally's next remark.

"How about this, we'll try this for a while and see what we both think. Let's say until the baby is born, and then if you want to go back we can. But you have to absolutely promise to do it my way until then. And to give you a little more reason to agree, if you don't agree right now, the only thing that will touch this cock again until the baby is born, is your own hand." Sally had been gently running a fingertip up and down my shaft the whole time she had been talking.

"WHAT!" I screamed. "That's not giving me any choice at all!"

"Yes it is, I just want this very much; so unless you are willing to live with the consequences of saying 'No' I expect you to say 'Yes' and right now!" Sally was clearly dead serious.

I just sort of muttered and stuttered for a minute. I couldn't think clearly, my cock was throbbing and aching to cum and my brain was in a fog. I was quickly realizing Sally wasn't giving me any choice, not really. What was I going to do?

Sally stopped touching me altogether. "Well, what's it to be? You know when I'm pregnant I tend to lose interest in sex anyway, so for me the alternative won't be so bad. But I don't think you'll like it. Besides, if we do it my way I expect it will keep my interest in sex much higher for the next nine months." Sally was unabashedly backing me into a corner and we both knew it. I saw no way out. I knew Sally would stick to her guns about this. She had always been very strong willed.

"Time's up Joel. Has your cock felt the last touch from anything but your own hand for nine months, or do you promise to do it my way?" As she finished asking this, Sally started slowly sliding her thumb in and out of her lips in a very provocative manner.

"The fact is, your cock is giving you away. Look how hard it is and I haven't touched you for quite a while now. The little guy likes this idea even if you think you don't!" Sally giggled.

Sally was right; I was hard as a rock. I was beaten and I knew it. Even though I really had no choice at all, I was going to have to pretend to make one. "Okay Sally, we'll do it your way," I replied very meekly.

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