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The Fetish Club


I just moved into town, and want to check out a new fetish club. I have read about them in magazines.

I get there, and there is a bouncer at the door. I show him my identification, and proceed to walk down the stairs. The club is dark inside, and very smoky. It is very crowded. There are men and women milling about. Some people have leather outfits on. Others are wearing leather and studs. Most are dressed in normal attire, like myself.

There are people that have masks covering their eyes. It is like no place I have ever been before. I think to myself, "This is definitely a place where dark and deep fantasies can be made." I find it rather exotic and exciting.

The dance floor is very crowded. There are cages suspended in the air, and women and men are dancing in them. A few of them are dressed, and others are naked. The club is very large. I notice that, near the bathrooms, there is a long hallway. There are many rooms with closed doors. The hallway has many twists and turns. There are pictures hung on the walls of Masters and Dominatrix's, that are available to hire. I look at them, and am excited. Some of them are pretty well known. I am thinking how cool it would be, to someday have my picture on the wall as a "Dominatrix."

I go to the bar, and get a drink. I am looking everywhere for somebody to talk to. I notice a very handsome man sitting by himself. I get up and walk over to you and introduce myself as Mysteria. You then tell your name is Edward. We start to talk. I ask you, if you have been here before? You tell me you are new in town. I laugh and say, I also have just moved here.

We order drinks and start to talk. We seem to be getting along. I ask you, if you are interested in bondage. You tell me you have never done it, but you are very interested in it. I ask you if you would like to come home with me, and I will take you on a trip to pleasure, with a little bit of pain. You say you do and we leave.

We leave the club, and you follow me to my house. Once inside I offer you a drink, and tell you to wait for me in the family room. I excuse myself, and go into my room to prepare for our bondage adventure. I change into the proper attire. I put on my leather bustier, which is very tight, and it is corset like. I put on my black lacy thong, and then attach my black stockings to my garter belt. I get out my tantric pleasure whip, and my top crop.

I put on my black leather gloves, and my black fuck me five inch heels. I admire myself in the mirror, as I look pretty fine for our bondage adventure. I grab the restraints and go into the bedroom and leave my accessories there.

I then meet you back in the family room. I approach you and tell you that from now on I am to be referred as "Mistress Mysteria." You are not to speak to me unless I give permission for you to talk.

You look me over, and agree to my terms. I then ask you to follow me into my bedroom. Once inside, I tell you to take your clothes off, and lay down on my bed. You seem a little nervous, but you take your clothes off, and do exactly what I say.

I then stand near the bed, and ask you if you are ready to start our bondage adventure?

You then say that you are ready.

I then shout and say, "What did you say?" and I take my top crop and hit you with it on your buttocks.

You then say, "Yes Mistress Mysteria I am ready."

I then say, "Good.

I go to my vanity, and I get out the restraints, and I restrain your arms and legs to my bedposts. I tell you we will start to play. I take out my tantric whip and my top crop and hold them at my sides.

I sit on top of you, and start to tease you. I kiss you very lightly, and then I stick my tongue down your throat. I suddenly stop.

I say, "Slave, do you want me to kiss you some more?"

You say yes.

I say "Yes," and I take my whip, and give you a lashing.

You quickly say yes. "Mistress Mysteria, please kiss me."

I continue to kiss you. My tongue is exploring your mouth. I then start to kiss your nipples, and I continue licking down to your cock.

I then say, "Slave, why is your cock growing? I haven't given you permission to get hard yet."

You really don't say anything. I then take my whip, and give you another lashing. You flinch, but it really does not hurt much.

You then say, "Mistress Mysteria, may I get hard?"

I then say you can.

Your cock is growing now. I put your cock into my mouth, and then I stop. And you wriggle on the bed.

"Mistress Mysteria can you please continue to suck me?"

I say, "Okay Slave, I will but what will you do for me?"

You don't answer, and I take my top crop and give you a slap.

You still don't answer me.

"Slave I asked you, what you will do for me? Would you like to lick my cunt?"

"Mistress Mysteria may I lick your cunt?"

I say you can, and I sit on your face.

I grind my pussy on your face. You are sucking my clitoris and your tongue is licking the folds of my wet bald pussy. Your tongue is darting in and out of my wet hot slit. I sit up a bit getting off your face and say.....

"Slave do you still want to eat my cunt?"

"Mistress Mysteria, may I eat your cunt?"

I say you can.

I lower my pussy back onto your face and continue to grind it. Your mouth is sucking my clitoris, which is very swollen now. Your tongue is licking short licks, and then long licks all around my pussy.

"Slave, do you want more?"

You answer, "Yes."

I shout "What did you say?" I take my feather toy and start to play on your cock with it and tease you like this.

"Mistress Mysteria, may I please, eat your pussy?"

I sit on your face and continue to grind my pussy along your mouth. My cunt juices are flowing, as you are lapping it all of up. I lean down and start sucking your cock. I am playing with your warm and fleshy balls, licking them and sucking them. You are squirming in the bed as you are restrained. I stop sucking you and play with my feather teaser, and it is making your cock twitch.

"Slave, do you want me to suck you or play with my feather?"

"Mistress Mysteria will you please suck me?"

"Yes, slave I will."

I am licking and sucking your balls, your pre cum is oozing down your shaft as your balls are heavy and filling with cum. I go into my vanity to get a blindfold, and blindfold you. You cannot see anything, and it just makes the experience more exciting. I glide your cock inch by inch down my throat. I am taking you deeper, and deeper. I am making all those wet sucking noises as I blow you.

"Slave, do you want me to suck you or shall I fuck you?"

You scream you want me to suck you.

I then shout "What did you say?"

I then take my tantric whip, and hit you on your side.

"Mistress Mysteria, please suck my cock?"

"Okay, slave, I will suck your cock."

I put my lips back on your cock, and I slowly mouth fuck you some more. Your cock is so hard and so tasty. I am working your cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Your cock is twitching ,and I know you don't have much more time to go.

"Okay Slave, I am going to fuck you now. I am taking the restraints off . We are going to fuck doggie style. I will guide your cock into my wet pussy, and you are going to thrust deep and hard. I want to feel your cock fucking me. I want you to slap my ass and tell Mistress how much you like to fuck me. You can pull my hair as we are fucking."

"If you don't follow my rules, I will punish you."

"Mistress Mysteria, I will do as you say."

I then take of my clothes, and guide your cock into my dripping pussy. You are thrusting deep, and fast. You are pulling my hair, and slapping my buttocks.

"Mistress Mysteria, I love to fuck you, you are a naughty mistress."

I am moaning, as the thrusts are deep and hard. You are taking your cock all the way out, and then jamming it back into my wet bald pussy. You are slapping my ass, and pulling my hair. I am grunting as you fuck me. Your balls are slapping across my ass. You slip your finger into my ass, as we are fucking. It feels so good. I tell you that I want to cum, and that I want you to cum too. You are pounding my pussy, and we both climax together. Your hot semen fills my pussy.

You pull out, and I turn around, and we share a deep, and passionate kiss.

"Slave, you have been such a good fucking toy, I have had so much fun, playing with you."

"Have you enjoyed yourself?"

"Mistress Mysteria, I have had a wonderful time."

I think I really enjoy this type of play. "As you say, a little pain can be quite exciting."

You get dressed, your skin is on the pink side, as I have whipped you many times. It is just a reminder of your bondage experience with Mistress Mysteria.

"Edward, I recently got a job at the Fetish Club. I am their new "Dominatrix." If you would like to see me again, please make an appointment."

You tell me that you will definitely be doing that. We kiss, and you leave.

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