tagFetishThe Fetish Shoe Shop: Laura

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Laura


Laura's boyfriend telephoned to make an appointment for them to visit The Fetish Shoe Shop. Laura was 18 years old, slim with long black hair. She had recently agreed to go the prom with her boyfriend and had persuaded Daddy to buy her an expensive black silk mini dress for the occasion. However, what she couldn't ask Daddy to buy her was some real nylons, a garter belt and a pair of sexy 6 inch spike heels to go with the dress.

In the past Laura had only worn a 3 inch high heel, but even this size had made her feel different. She felt superior, even slightly dominant. She had on occasions worn stockings and had liked the feel of them against her legs. She had looked in various shoe shops for the 6 inch heels but couldn't find what she was looking for. She began to wonder if they even existed. She was a little concerned that she would even be able to walk in them. She was beginning to think she would never find what she had in mind when an assistant in one of the shoe shops suggested she contacted The Fetish Shoe Shop. And that's what happened.

Laura and her boyfriend, who for some unknown reason wouldn't tell me his name, turned up early for their appointment and explained that she wanted nylons, garter belt and 6 inch shoes to go with her silk mini dress. Laura said she had bought the dress with her and wanted to try them all on together. She was concerned that she would not be able to find 6 inch spike heels and was surprised when I told her we even had 8 inch ones and that I was certain we would have exactly what she needed.

All three of us went through to the showroom and Laura and her boyfriend wandered along the rows of shoes amazed at the range we had. I sat on the sofa and left them alone. Laura picked up various shoes and spoke to him about them. I could see that really high heels interested her and when she found the 8 inch ones she was really fascinated. It was interesting watching her as she stroked the heels as if she was stroking an erect cock. Then she put them to her nose and smelt the leather. She picked up various shoes but always kept the 8 inch spike heel in one hand. She turned to me and said, 'Do you think I would be able to walk in these'. I said, 'Why not try on the 6 inch ones first and see how you get on with them and if they are OK you can consider trying the 8 inch heels.

I said to Laura's boyfriend, 'I hope you don't mind but as Laura is going to be trying on nylons I have to personally clean her feet in case she doesn't want those ones and we sell them to another client'. He told me he didn't mind.

I sat Laura down on the sofa and he sat next to her. I took her trainers off and lifted her feet into my lap. I said to Laura, 'This can be done two ways, you need to decide. I can either use baby wipes or lick them clean with my tongue. But I do have to warn you that licking them can sometimes be sexually stimulating'. Laura looked at her boyfriend and said, 'You don't mind do you'. He smiled and said, 'Its up to you'.

I lifted Laura's foot to my mouth and licked in between her feet. They tasted salty with her sweat. Then I sucked each toe individually into my mouth. Laura relaxed back against the sofa, sighed and said, 'Wow, this is lovely and relaxing, everyone should have this done to them'. Clearly she was enjoying it so I made sure that it lasted a long time. I also included an ankle and foot massage which Laura clearly enjoyed. Then I said, 'Right, its time for nylons and shoes, but first we have to find a garter belt to hold the nylons up. We do have some knickers with suspenders attached. You could try those if you like. We have some really nice silk ones. I showed them to Laura and she chose a black pair with red edging. Then she chose the nylons she wanted, a pair of very thin almost black ones and the shoes she had already made up her mind had to be the black ones with the 6 inch spiked heel. I turned my back while Laura took her knickers off and replaced them with the ones she had chosen with the built in suspenders. Then Laura sat back down and I pulled the stockings on for her. Taking care to smooth them gently against her legs. Then she stood up and I knelt in front of her but before I fastened the stockings I could clearly see wisps of pubic hair sticking out. I very politely suggested that she might like to take advantage of our shaving service that we offered. She thought about it for a few minutes and spoke to her boyfriend and decided that it would be a good idea. I got a towel and the shaving equipment and told Laura I had to take her knickers off. I knelt in front of her again and hooked my fingers over the top and slowly eased them down. I had a birds eye view of her lovely pussy. I could definitely smell her pussy juices. She sat back down on a towel and I started by trimming the long hair down to about a quarter of an inch. Her pussy was by now really quite damp and the delightful pussy juice smell was getting stronger. Laura was lying back with her eyes closed and thoroughly enjoying the treatment she was getting. Her boyfriend was sitting beside her and she leaned against him and was obviously feeling horny because her hand was first of all stroking the back of his neck and then in his lap feeling for his erection. I squirted shaving foam over her pussy and started shaving the rest of her pussy hairs. Laura was by now very horny. She had undone her boyfriends zip and her hand was in his trousers. I soon finished the shaving and stood up and admired it. Laura and her boyfriend both liked what they saw. Laura said to her boyfriend, 'I'm very sorry, but his has made me so horny, play with me.' He looked at me as if to ask for permission and I said, 'A lot of ladies get horny in here, the two of you can do whatever you like, I'll wait outside'. Lorna said, 'No, don't go, I want you to watch him play with my lovely shaven pussy.' Her boyfriends hand went straight between her legs. I watched with an erection as he easily slipped two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy. He soon found her clit with his other hand and it was only a few minutes before Laura was screaming that she was cumming.

I let her recover for a few minutes and then said that it was time to put the stockings and shoes on. I got the knickers with the attached suspenders and pulled them up her leg. As I pulled up to her waist I got a distinct smell of her delightful pussy juices and could see how wet her cunt lips were. She sat down again and this time I pulled up her stockings and knelt in front of her as I attached them to the suspenders. I took a lot of time doing this as I could see that Laura liked me stroking her legs, particularly her thighs. Then it was time for the 6 inch high shoes. She sat down and I put them on for her. I reached for her hand and pulled her to her feet. With the extra height of the heels she towered over her boyfriend and I. She looked very sexy standing only wearing her bra, stockings, suspenders and high heels. She walked over to the mirror and admired herself, turning one way and then the other. I suggested she tried her new dress on and got it out of her bag. Her boyfriend sat on the sofa watching his horny girlfriend. I lifted the dress over her head and walked behind her to zip it up. It was so short that it only just covered the tops of her nylon stockings. The low top also emphasised her tits. Once again she paraded up and down the room. Looking all the time in the mirror. She said, 'I like it, it makes me so horny'. I said, 'Why not try it without any knickers, just a suspender belt to hold up the stockings, that'll make you even hornier, knowing that you're naked under your dress'. She replied, 'Wow, what a great idea, people will be looking at me at the prom not knowing I've got no underwear on, my pussy will be leaking juices all night'. I found a suitable suspender belt and Laura lifted her dress so that I could reach round Laura's waist to fix it. Then as she held onto my shoulders I pulled her stockings up and as I clipped each one to the suspender my face was only a couple of inches from her freshly shaved pussy. If her boyfriend hadn't been there I would have happily buried my tongue deep inside her pussy. I lifted one foot ata time and helped her into her 6 inch high heels. I stood up and Laura admired herself in the mirror. Suddenly she reached behind her and unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head and said to her boyfriend, 'Take those trousers down and come and fuck me'. She looked at me and said, 'Stay and watch'.

Her boyfriend ripped all his clothes off and went up behind Laura who was leaning against the back of an armchair. She bent forwards slightly and reached through her legs and guided his erect cock into her shaven soaking wet pussy. She said to me, 'Come and play with my nipples'. I stood in front of her and lifted her bra over the top of her tits. Her nipples were already erect as I squeezed them and rolled them between my fingers. Her boyfriend was busily ramming his cock in and out of Laura's cunt and only seemed interested in his own sexual satisfaction. It was only a matter of minutes before he was shooting his hot spunk deep inside Laura. The look of disappointment on Laura's face was obvious as the orgasm she so badly needed had not happened. Her boyfriend's limp cock slipped out and Laura said, 'I still need to cum, please fuck me'. I looked at her boyfriend who smiled and nodded. I quickly undressed and moved behind her as this was the position Laura seemed to prefer. My 8 inch erect cock slipped easily inside Laura's cunt and I took it really slowly as I made sure that all 8 inches penetrated her. I reached round and continued to pinch her nipples. I repeatedly almost withdrew my cock and then plunged it fully back in. Laura was clearly enjoying it. I felt her body tense, her breathing got heavier, her orgasm was nearing. I carried on in exactly the same manner and suddenly Laura shouted out with pleasure as I felt her cunt juices explode out of her cunt and down my legs. As she was cumming I continued the same deliberately fucking and her second orgasm was soon on its way. Mine was almost there and I said to her, 'I'm going to cum, I'd better take it out and Laura said, 'No, I want to feel your spunk deep inside me, I think I can cum again and I want you to cum at the same time'. I knew it was a tall order but I fucked Laura faster and harder and as I sensed her third orgasm was about to happen I could hold back no longer and I held her tight and pumped stream after stream of hot spunk deep inside Laura's well satisfied cunt.

After a short recovery time we dressed and Laura and her boyfriend left with her stockings, suspender belt and 6 inch high heel shoes.

I heard from them both a few days later that Laura looked stunning at the prom and her boyfriend fucked while they were there. She has got used to having a shaven pussy and not wearing any knickers. She adores hers 6 inch high heels and loves to be fucked while she is wearing them. I'm looking forward to their next visit

* * * * *

This was written for a reader of Literotica.com about his girlfriend Laura. If you would like an account of your wife or girlfriend or someone you know visiting The Fetish Shoe Shop send me as many details as you can. The more information I have about them the more realistic I can make it. If possible let me have your e-mail address so that I can send the story to you first and ask you any questions I may have.

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Just go to author and type in jhmckn. You'll find I have written a number of stories that have bothe fetishes and incest in them.

Perhaps you'll find something you like.


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