tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Ffitch Nortons Ch. 02

The Ffitch Nortons Ch. 02


Notes for the Reader

This is the second chapter in a series describing the sexual experiences of a young man through University and his relationship with a hedonistic family with whom he becomes more than acquainted.

There are some elements of my real experiences and fantasies woven into the series but overall it is a work of fiction.

All characters depicted in this series of stories are fictional. Any likeness to any real persons is purely coincidental.

All characters depicted in this series of stories are 18yrs of age or older.

The stories contain descriptions of gay sex, that is, male with male and female with female, group sex, incest [possibly] cross dressing, mild BDSM and other fetishes.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter 2

This chapter will be told by John. My friend whose cock I'd sucked the night before. The friend who called me bitch and slut. The friend who filled my mouth with his cum. The friend who had a gorgeous cock. I was still in bed, sound asleep. But as I was to discover much, much later, I was the only one. The plot, and cocks, were thickening as dawn broke on the morning we were to leave for our holiday in the sun. John had woken early by design and this, in his words, is what happened.

A Full English Breakfast

I woke early and I must admit my mind was spinning with the thoughts of what Georgie and I had done the night before. I had fancied Georgie from afar but had written it off as a boyhood crush. They say every boy has a 'gay' crush on someone as they grow up. Something to do with hormones and testosterone, surging around the adolescent body looking for a way out. Looking for a way to express itself physically. But last night I knew. I knew what I wanted. I knew what I'd been asked to get and went out to get it. And I got it. Some of it at least. And it was fantastic. Georgie was so sexy. So submissive. So fucking slutty.

I moved quietly along the corridor, careful not to wake Georgie, until I came to James and Maddi's room. As you now know they're Georgies parents. I didn't knock. I simply eased the door open quietly and slipped quietly into the room. The curtains were wide open and the early morning sun shining through the trees dappled the room and the bed and Maddi as she earnestly and hungrily sucked on James big, hard cock.

Maddi, short for Madeleine, and James were and are a fantastic couple. I'd known them for seven years, ever since I became friends with John at high school. They were childhood sweethearts who married as soon they could after leaving university. Almost immediately they had their first child, Rebecca, or Bex as she liked to be called. Never Becca or Becky and woe betide you if you ever forgot. Maddi and James make a very attractive couple. James is around 6'2" tall, broad shouldered, tapered waist with a toned upper body, arms and legs. Square jawed and blue eyed he is very much a mans man in everyday life. He still turns out for the veterans rugby team and he tries to get to the gym at least once a week. Maddi is tall for a woman, around 5'8" in her stockinged feet. And they usually were clad in stockings. Black, sheer, fully fashioned and occasionally seamed stockings that adorned her endless, shapely, smooth legs. Maddi was pretty with a lovely open face. She always seemed to be smiling and her large, mesmering blue eyes always twinkled. Her beautiful face was framed by tumbling, loose, brunette curls of hair down to her shoulders. Her shoulders were fantastic. She had done some rowing at University and she had retained the rowers physique. She had a flat-ish tummy, slightly rounded in a sexy womanly way and a magnificent pair of 34DD breasts. She had a high, taut, pert, round bottom that James swore you could bounce a brick off. Maddi kept herself in shape but wasn't at all fanatical about it. She would jog occasionally, she would use the cross trainer at home occasionally and she trained on Wednesdays, work permitting, with the local ladies netball team. Her fabulous upper body was perched atop her fantastic pins and swayed and undulated when she walked. But Maddi seldom walked. It always seemed to me that she prowled or slinked or strided depending on her mood. An extremely confident woman with a great, girly, sense of humour. Mischievous, sexy and great fun to be around.

Maddi broke away from James cock, gave a happy sigh, wiped her mouth and greeted me with a cheery, "Good morning lover." At this James looked over his shoulder and said, "Aaah. The seducer rises. A good night by the sounds of it." I walked over and joined them on the bed. Maddi quickly helped me to shrug out of the bath robe I had borrowed off Georgie and then scooted round to face me. James knelt slightly behind me, so close I could feel his still erect cock nudging my left buttock. Maddi, as ever, took the lead.

"Well come on then. How did it go? It sounded like it went quite well," she said looking over my shoulder and smiling at James. "Did you seduce our son?" she asked.

"Maddi. It went better than well or good or great. It was brilliant. Georgie is a natural. He sucks cock like a pro," I gushed.

"The suggestion to wear the Speedos you bought me and the quick blow job you both gave me in the bathroom worked a treat. My cock was so hard and my bulge was so obvious that Georgie couldn't take his eyes of it."

While I was saying this Maddi's right hand drifted down to her pussy and she began to absent mindedly form little circles around her clit with her index finger. I felt movement behind me and glanced to my left. James was earnestly stroking his lovely big cock, a pearl of pre-cum already forming at the tip. My own cock was stirring and was by now almost fully erect. Once more Maddi took the initiative;

"We haven't got much time before you need to leave for your flight and need a 'John Fix' before you go especially as you will be away for a whole week. So, James, why don't you put your cock back into my mouth and John can put his gorgeous dick into my pussy. We can fuck and suck while John tells us all about what he did to our son."

As you can tell, Maddi and James are a sexually liberated couple. Which may just be the understatement of the year. I'm not going to repeat Georgies account of our cock sucking, cum swallowing, snowballing adventures. Mainly because I don't want to bore you but also because it's difficult to put into words a series of grunts, groans, erms and sighs. It would be a bit like Paul McCartney writing the chorus for his song 'Jet'! I will tell you instead of the quick, frenzied, three way fuck. In short it was fantastic. Maddi immediately grasped my cock and wanked it hard and fast, pulling my foreskin all the way back exposing my purple hued, shining cock head. She lay back with her head falling back over the edge of the bead and spread her long legs wide. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, releasing an instant rivulet of pussy juice. I should report that both Maddi and James have completely hairless bodies and Maddi's pussy was so pretty. Neat labia and a prominent clitoris on permanent display unhindered by hair. I moved between her legs and rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy, spreading her lips further and pressing down on her clit with every other stroke. James had moved around to the edge of the bed. James, as I've described, is a magnificent specimen. His big, 9" cock swayed gently as he walked. His balls were big, round, tight, totally smooth and almost perfectly symmetrical. No dangling, scrawny sack here.

I began telling them how I'd seduced Georgie as soon as I eased my cock into Maddi's pussy and James filled her mouth with his thick veined cock. I recounted the events as graphically as I could. At each mention of cock, balls, cum or ass James and Maddi picked up the pace. Maddi would groan softly and thrust her pelvis to meet mine driving my cock as deep as it would go into her soaking wet pussy. She was swallowing James cock, deep throating it all the way to his balls. James began to face fuck her and she was loving it. Such a respectable woman. Such a hot, horny bitch. Every so often James would pant "Let me taste," and I would slide my cock out, stand up on the bed and let him suck his wifes juices off my cock. The room was full of the sounds and smells of sex. The only other sound was my low whisper as I told my tale and the intermittent urgent questions from Maddi and James when they would ask;

"Did you like Georgies cock"

Did you fuck his mouth?"

"Has my son got a beautiful cock?"

"Is his ass firm?"

"Did he swallow your spunk?"

It was my answer to this last question that tipped us over the edge to orgasm. I told them that not only did he swallow my spunk he also swallowed his own. I told them their son was a cum slut and a dirty bitch. Maddi gasped, "Show me." And then to James, "Cum in Johns mouth for me." John was gripping his shaft tightly as he moved his cock towards my mouth. I was still pounding away at Maddi's tight, wet pussy. Maddi had reached up and squeezed James tight balls before moving up to insert two fingers in his arse. This caused his cock to explode into my mouth with what felt like a gallon of hot cream. I had my mouth clamped tightly all around his twitching, pulsing cock head but some of his precious cum spurted out of the side of my mouth. I increased my rhythm and unleashed a blast of my own cum into Maddi's hot body. Maddi feverishly rubbed her clit and arched her back urging herself to orgasm. Then James did something totally fucking dirty. He tapped me on the shoulder, moved me out of the way and in one fell swoop descended on his wifes gloriously gaping cunt, fully encapsulating it in his mouth. He sucked my cum greedily out of Maddi's pussy and dragged his tongue across her clit. Maddi arched her back even further, stretching every sinew and pulling roughly on her nipples. James knew the signs and I knew what was going to happen from experience. One of nature's most fabulous sights. He moved away and pulled me in close as Maddi's orgasm erupted and a gush of hot, viscous, pussy juice ejaculated from her over our faces and chest. We all lay, limbs entangled recovering for five minutes before we met, kneeling, in the middle of the bed where we shared mutual probing kisses. Where we shared the tastes of our sex. I noticed that James cock hadn't deflated at all. I reached over and stroked it slowly.

I smiled at Maddi and said, "I hope you're on top form today Maddi. It looks like James will be back for more." Maddi kissed me once more and said, "I'm always on top form. I need to be in this family and I wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, if my pussy gets too tender there's always my ass. And Bex and her friend will be here this afternoon. They will be gagging for Daddy's cock. Who'd have thought our cute, shy Rebecca would turn into such a sex bomb."

"Like Mother, like Daughter," James said playfully.

"You know. I almost wish I was staying here," I laughed.

"Well you can't," Maddi replied pouting with mock indignation. "You are on a working holiday. You have a job to do young man. You need to prepare our son for his sexual revolution." As Maddi said this she moved towards me, took my face in her hands and, between sentences, licked James cum from my face and chin.

"I noticed," she continued, "That you still haven't fucked his cute arse. Maybe you could fill that gap, literally, on holiday. Do you think you could do that for us John?"

"I don't know. I really don't know Maddi. I mean, there's no doubt Georgie enjoyed sucking cock and tasting cum. He was so hard. So insistent. I don't think we can put it all down to the beer."

"How can you be sure?" questioned James.

"It was the way he reacted when I called him my bitch and a slut. It really excited him. His cock would twitch and jerk and he would suck me even harder."

"Oh my God," Maddi exclaimed. "That is so exciting. Our Georgie, our sexy, handsome Georgie could be a sissy cum slut."

"Like Father, like Son," I giggled. "Touche," retorted James as he slapped my bottom.

"James. Go and 'dress' for us. Now. This news has got my cunt flowing again."

James slid off the bed and disappeared into the dressing room. While he was gone Maddi went to work on my cock, taking the whole length down her throat. As she came up for air, she would urge me to squeeze her lovely big tits and pull on her long, erect nipples. Pussy juice was running freely from her pussy and down towards her arse forming a widening wet patch on the bed. After about five minutes James returned. He looked stunning. He was wearing pink hold up stockings that had pink bows at the front at thigh level. He was also wearing high leg, sheer gauze panties also in shocking pink. His throbbing cock was stretching the material to its limits. The pink looked fantastic against his smooth tanned body and legs. He walked over to Maddi who knelt up on the bed and immediately began to suck James cock through the delicate panties. She pulled them to one side releasing his cock, looked up at James and said, "Fill me with your cock you sexy bitch." Looking at me with wide, lustful eyes she commanded me to fuck the bitch's arse while the bitch fucked her.

James got between Maddi's leg and rammed his cock into her with one thrust. I moved behind James and spanked his bottom with two sharp slaps to stop him thrusting into his beautiful wife. I pulled his pretty, sexy, girly panties to one side and discovered that the slut had already lubricated his fuck hole in anticipation of the fucking he knew he was going to get. Without hesitation I placed my swollen cock head up against James anus which was opening and closing very slightly as he waited for his prize. I pulled his cheeks apart and forced my cock into his opening arse slowly and deliberately. James tensed as my cock eased its way past his tight inner sphincter. All movement, apart from Maddi pulling at her own tits, stopped until we were all relaxed. And then the rhythm started. James slammed his cock into Maddi and as he returned on the back stroke I slammed my cock into his tight, hot arse forcing him back into Maddi. We were, all three of us, in a frenzy. Legs and arms tense, cum building up in balls and pussy. Sweat dripping off my nose onto James back and arse, running downwards to further lubricate my cock. Sweat driping off James nose onto Maddi's fabulous breasts which she lifted to her mouth to lick and suck clean and to bite on her own nipples.

This time Maddi was the first to blow while James was still thrusting into her. This had the wondrous effect of spraying her high pressure release of juice in all directions. I pulled out of James leaving him with his arse in the air and gaping. I moved round and sprayed two splashes of white spunk over Maddi's tits. Once more she raised them in turn to her own greedy mouth and sucked my cum up. James joined me and unleashed an amazing, seemingly unbroken stream of hot cum onto Maddi's beautiful face. Maddi demanded James take off his panties and use them to clean his cum from her face which he did gently.

Maddi then took hold of the panties and announced,

"Boys, there's been a change of plan. John put these in your case with the Speedos I've bought for Georgie. Your mission is to turn my Georgie into a panty wearing sissy just like his sexy Dad. And you are to take his anal cherry too. It's high time sweet Georgie joined the family circle of naughtiness. Now go and get cleaned up and go on holiday."

To be continued.............

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