The Film Ch. 02

byBarry C©

Chapter 2 - The First Scenes

During pre production as Jason worked with the script he felt over doing the sex scenes would hurt the film but knew there had to be some as much of the story is about the two heroine's sexual encounters and how it changes each others lives.

Thus there ended up being only two 'real sex scenes' that couldn't be left out without changing the story which relieved his two actors who wondered how they could film all 14 scenes in the book

Four of them where incorporated into the story where they just kissed and there was some partial nudity while the other 8 where just implied and left to the audiences imagination. The day had arrived and everyone, Jason and his actors, Peter and Evangeline and Crew, Nathan and Kelly where nervous this was risky it could hurt all their future careers.

Jason looked to Kelly and Nathan they where ready he nodded and said, "Action."

Peter looked down at that famous pussy, noticing that it still had only a tiny amount of pubic hair growing above it, and while she was already so highly aroused, her pussy very moist with anticipation of the pleasure they were about to enjoy.

Kneeling between her wide-open thighs, Peter used his hands to spread her inner thighs wide apart, and with a nervous gulp, he used his fingers to part her labia, he was in paradise. The intoxicating fragrance from her vagina struck his nostrils, and he immediately felt his cock twitch and harden as he lay on the silk sheets of the bed, between her warm legs, and with one final look at that hot, sexy pussy, he leaned forward, and sticking out his tongue, he flicked it up and down, around in circles, as he sought her clit, and almost instantly brought a cry of joy from her lips as she felt herself becoming so aroused, she was almost afraid of reaching an orgasm in less than a minute.

"Ooooohhhh," she thought, "he's so good. If he keeps this up, I am going to 'cum'. I just can't help myself."

At this point, Peter felt the soft flesh around her slit opening, allowing her clit to come, and as his tongue caressed it, he could feel and taste that delicious love juice slowly oozing from her vagina. He eagerly licked every drop from her, and swallowed it. This made Peter so hot, that he reached down, and grasping his now super hard cock, wrapping his fingers tightly around it, squeezing it just behind his cock head, he groaned as he felt his balls swelling, and he knew that he would soon have to fuck Eva.

He raised his head slightly, still maintaining his tongue deep in that pussy, watching how Eva twisted and churned her hips as she finally raised her legs way up into the air, bending them at the knees and hips until she reached up and wrapped her slender arms around her knees, and brought her upper thighs back down until they both pressed sharply down into her firm, well rounded breasts. This caused the lovely starlet's back to arch up, bringing her buttocks way up off the bed, and the angle better permitted him to work his tongue deeper into her luscious pussy.

But by now, both Peter and Eva were both so fully aroused they had not only forgotten the crew watching them but the oral stimulation was not quite enough for them, scrambling to his feet, the young well endowed actor stood up, facing Eva's lovely body, and grasping his cock, he arched his back forward until the tip of that shaft began to ease just within her lovely pussy lips, and he slid that cock up and down, brushing large quantities of his oozing pre-cum deep into her pussy, lubricating it to permit his eventual penetration.

Raising her lovely head, Eva looked down at that cock, herself wondering why she hadn't fucked such a gorgeous penis before despite the opportunities while making this movie. As Peter leaned forward, pressing harder and harder, she felt her lips being split apart, wider, and wider until she could see that the flesh of her pussy was turning white from the strain.

'Yes!' she thought, 'As she watched, that cock slip slightly more and more into her.

Then Peter hesitated for just a second, bracing himself, and making sure is cock was in just the right position he grasped her by her hips, and with first one shove, rammed several inches into that wet, hot pussy. He almost cried with delight as he felt the hot, wet tight opening of her pussy gripping tightly around his cock head.

Then Peter paused groaned as he felt his perspiration-soaked belly smack down against her firm, flat belly, and there was a loud sound. At the same time Eva grunted as he almost knocked all the breath out of her, and she was just getting over the feeling of slight discomfort as his cock had stretched her pussy.

The young man looked down at his lover, and saw how his cock was now fully buried deep in her, how the soft wet lips of her pussy were completely surrounding the base of his cock and the dark neatly trimmed pubic hair of the starlet framed it.

Gently, Peter grasped her upper legs, and spreading them to the utmost, he was able to move her legs until the back her knees were up over his shoulders, and she groaned, and wrapped her legs up around Peter's neck, and was now able to use her strong legs to tug him down against her body, sending his cock charging full length into her.

Immediately Peter began plunging his lower body up and down, withdrawing that cock almost fully from her pussy, until only the tip of it remain in her. Then he plunged back into her and within moments, he could see and listen to the 'slurping' sounds as her already drenched pussy had completely coated his cock with her flow of love juices.

The two actors where oblivious to each other let alone the crew who where enjoying this passionate performance. Eva reached down with her small hands, grasping her firm breasts in them, she pulled and twisted them, stretching them until she winced with the pain, yet it made her feel so much more aroused as she grunted and groaned with passion as she twirled and pumped her buttocks as far and as fast as she could in an effort to make that cock work as deeply into her pussy as it would go.

In the meantime, Peter bent his head back, staring straight at the wall at the head of the bed, as he could feel the soft, wet, and warmth of her tight pussy sucking so firmly around his cock as he fucked as hard and fast as he could, feeling like he was banging his cock up against her cervix. Soon the studio was filled with the sound of their fucking and the sound of their voices as they responded to their lovemaking.

When Eva again looked down at her lower body, she was surprised at the tremendous amount of force he was using to screw her, so unlike the 'sweet, gentle person' she had come to know. She watched her pubic region plunging up and down in rhythm with his, amazed at how her pussy was being distorted as he fucked her. When he withdrew his cock, leaving the head of it within her, it actually sucked the flesh from her inner vaginal area, outside the now inflamed labia fully exposing her clitoris which was being massaged by her outer lips, and then as Peter shoved that thick cock forward into her, all that flesh disappeared, and in fact so did half those lips, being stuffed deep within her love channel.

"Ooooohhh, I'm gonna cum", she gasped as she felt the sudden onslaught of an approaching orgasm.

It was intense, causing her inner stomach and vaginal muscles to shiver involuntary as they responded to the beginning of her orgasm. Peter only knew that the muscles that were jumping within her vaginal area were, squeezing and drawing that tingling feeling from deep within his loins, and concentrating it at the tip of his cock until he groaned every time the tight opening of her vaginal entrance clenched around his cock head.

Their body's were now soaked with perspiration now, his belly making loud slapping sounds as he fucked harder and faster than he ever had in his life. Then Eva flung her arms out across the bed gripping the sheets as she felt her ultimate feelings swell and she stiffened, thrusting her legs upward, almost lifting Peter off her. She remained taut for several moments, and then Peter saw her eyes blink, close and slowly she collapsed, falling limply, flat on the bed, her legs falling off his shoulders, and laying alongside his still pumping body.

Almost a moment later, Peter felt his cock twitch, balls tighten and he groaned as he felt the hot, burning liquid spurting from his scrotum, charging for his cock he sprayed spurt after spurt of his thick, hot white cream deep within her still quivering vagina, feeling it fill her then completely surrounding his cock, and slowly oozing out from around his cock, and onto the sheets beneath her. Peter bit his lip, feeling his eyes blur, rolling back into his head, as one dizzy spell after another hit him as his lower body still rhythmically pumped for about another minute, and then he lost muscular control.

With a final gasp for breath, he took a deep breath, felt his body fade, as he lost control over himself, and with a loud exhale, he fell onto his television star lover, and with a final twist he forced his still firm but slowly shrinking cock deep into her, in an effort to prevent it from ever coming out.

As they lay there exhausted Jason yelled "That was great take 5 and recover a minute while we get ready"

The two exhausted actors felt a bit embarrassed by what they had just done but lay there for a while as the crew set up for another scene. Peter was worried he wouldn't be able to get it up again for awhile until he felt himself getting hard again still in Evangeline Lilly steaming cum filled pussy.

They got up and showered Kelly fixed up there make up so they looked as fresh as they had at the start of the day. Nathan set up the studio for the second and final real sex scene. This scene was less of a love scene this was to be pure hardcore sex.

This had been the scene Jason was worried about thinking the first one would be very tame but his actors had already blown that thought out of the water with there passionate performance. The second scene was meant to be the next morning they had just awoken after the night before and started kissing and talking about it this first part took three takes before it was time to screw again.

Kicking the bed clothes off Evangeline turned over and got up on her hands and knees. Peter moved behind her and rubbed the head of his cock over her soaking pussy lips, before feeding his cock into her hungry pussy. She pushed back as the young actor filled her, and wiggled her ass again to make sure that every inch of his cock was inside her pussy. She looked over her shoulder at Peter, who could clearly see the lust in her eyes

Eva commanded "Take me I yours take me now."

As Peter started fucking her for the second time she lowered her head to rest on the soft silk pillow, and concentrated on the delicious feelings, as his cock rasped over her burning clit. Eva's breathing became faster and she clenched her fists into the bed covers

Miss Lilly moaned, "I'm cumming. God I'm cumming all over your cock."

Peter continued driving into her, and he felt the extra lubrication around his shaft as her pussy poured more cream out of her hole. Her shuddering was intense, her head snapped up, and her eyes flew open, as the full force of a massive climax sent her into orbit.

She wailed, "oh God!" repeatedly.

It took all her strength to keep her arms and legs straight to maintain the doggie position, and her battered clit still shot new waves of ecstasy through her. She knew her over stimulated clit couldn't take much more,

Eva gasped remembering her line, "Stick your cock up my ass."

"Yeah," Peter muttered in response as he heard the que he had been waiting for pulled his sticky prick from her fuck hole, and pushed against her anal ring. His prick was soaking with her juices that were even dripping from his balls, and he had no trouble fully entering her arsehole. Even with her pussy juices, Eva was very tight in her cute arse, and Peter could feel her muscles grip his shaft as he screwed her.

He was soon fucking in and out of her back passage and he could feel his cum start to build. As Evangeline had her third orgasm, Peter groaned, "here I cum," and blasted his spunk deep into her arsehole. After a few minutes, he pulled out of her and they lay exhausted

Jason delighted with what he had seen shouted "and that's a wrap!" as Nathan and Kelly gave the two exhausted actors a standing ovation which got a smile out of Eva and Peter.

Jason was so pleased with the results of the 'real sex scenes' and thought "It would be a good idea to film the other dozen sex scenes as 'real sex scenes'. He knew Peter and Eva would be receptive to the idea but wondered "Could he convince the other actors concerned such as the young Australian actress Jacinta Stapleton from Stingers."... Hopefully this story will continue.

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