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This is a story about a wife having sex with other men while her husband watches. If you don't like this kind of story – or have issues with them – please don't bother reading it. I'm aware that unprotected sex is dangerous and I don't recommend it – but this is a story – nothing more.


It was a big day for our village when the film crew arrived. Even a fairly low-budget movie that was only going to be there for a few days caused quite a sensation and, with generous fees being offered for the use of various locations and decent rates offered to those willing to work as 'extras,' there was also a bit of a boom for local businesses. There was also, of course, the need for accommodation. Some of the main participants had secured hotel rooms in the nearest town of any size, and the two small B&Bs were soon filled.

To be truthful, the money offered for accommodation didn't interest me – at 56 I'm semi-retired, with an extremely healthy bank account, a fair amount of land that developers had tried to buy from me with very generous offers and an interest in several local companies – so I hesitated for a while. In the end, it was our representative to the local County Council who asked if I could find room for a couple of technicians. Not wanting to let the village down, I agreed. After all, we have the largest house in the village with plenty of spare rooms, so it would have been churlish not to.

When I say 'we,' I mean my wife and I.

Annabelle, my wife, is a great deal younger than me; in fact she's still short of her thirtieth birthday, so I'd better explain that briefly. She was raised by her father – a deeply religious man – after his wife died when she was an infant. Although she's highly intelligent, she wasn't allowed to pursue her education because he believed that a woman's place was in the home – cooking and cleaning – so she'd led a very restricted life.

When he was dying, he begged me to marry her and look after her and, as I was then a widower and needed someone to look after the house, I agreed. Not exactly romantic, I know, but if you'd seen Annabelle at that time you'd have understood. She was plain, timid and rather mousey in appearance. Although I'd given her whatever she needed to buy clothes, make-up and so on, she still dressed so conservatively – and didn't like using cosmetics – that she sometimes looked much older than her years.

After five years together, though, I don't think either of us had much to complain about. She was a more than competent housewife and, although sex was, at best, sporadic, it didn't bother me much because my desires were pretty infrequent anyway. Added to that was the fact that it always had to be in bed, under the covers, with the light off. She was so inhibited about it that, believe it or not, I'd still never actually seen her naked.

So I had no worries when the two young men arrived to take up temporary residence in our best guest room. The older of the two – Tom – was tall and rangy with a mop of unruly blonde hair, while David was shorter, but powerfully built, and his dark skin suggested some kind of mixed parentage. Even when they suggested that there was a potential 'extras' role that would suit Annabelle perfectly, I saw no cause for alarm.

Apparently, they wanted someone to perform as a barmaid (obviously it wasn't a speaking part) who would be in the background serving drinks and giving change, then collecting empty glasses from the tables. I asked Annabelle what she thought about it, but she just shrugged – although I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was actually quite excited by the idea – so I said she should do it, earn herself a bit of extra 'pin money,' and be immortalised on film!

I first began to realise that things weren't quite what they seemed when, after the first day's filming, I noticed the lads giving her a number of licentious glances when they thought I wasn't looking and, as they left for the second day, they both seemed a bit over-anxious to help her into their beat-up old Landrover to go to the film set.

I mean, I'd observed the new hairstyle the filmmakers had given her and had to agree that it improved her appearance, but it hadn't exactly turned her into some incredibly sexy beauty. Even so, with plenty of time on my hands, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to see what was happening and, when I arrived there, it didn't take long to work it out.

They were filming inside the pub and I only had to follow the direction of almost all the men's eyes to find my wife. Along with the make-up, the outfit she wore (the top didn't so much cling to her as hang on for dear life and was tight enough to show off the curve of her breasts superbly, and sufficiently low-cut to display a lot of cleavage) had caused an amazing transformation. Gone was the dull, drab Annabelle I was used to and, in her place was a sexy, gorgeous (if somewhat tarty) female who was clearly relishing the way the men were drooling over her.

As I was standing well away from the action I was pretty sure she couldn't see me, not only because she was absorbed in what she was doing but also because, in between shots she seemed to be surrounded by admirers.

Later, as they worked on the scene where she moved around the tables collecting empty glasses, everyone seemed to be fascinated by the long shapely legs beneath the very short skirt – legs that were normally hidden by loose-fitting trousers or long skirts. As I watched her, I felt an initial sense of pride that my wife was attracting so many lascivious glances but, strangely, I felt somewhat excited by the thought that so many of the men there were clearly thinking about her in very basic sexual terms.

She really did look, not just sexy, but extremely inviting and it eventually dawned on me that I was beginning to imagine some of them taking her in their arms and kissing her, then beginning to seduce her and, what was really strange and confusing, was that I soon found the thought was giving me a real thrill.

That realisation really dawned on me when the director, explaining something that he really wanted from the shot, put his arm around her waist while he spoke to her and, as he began to move away, let it slip down momentarily to her bottom, and Annabelle just smiled and didn't flinch at all. It wasn't any big deal, but I found myself getting an erection and, more confused than ever, I slipped away.

I'd no idea where to go. The pub was being used for filming and the teashop looked so crowded that I knew I wouldn't be able to get served for ages, which didn't leave many options. Eventually, after strolling in the warm sunshine for a while, I decided to head for John Barlow's house.

Every Friday night for the past twenty years or more, four of us had met there for a friendly – but fiercely competitive - game of Solo Whist, a game that often went on until well after midnight.

There was no one home. It puzzled me at first, but then I remembered him saying that he was hoping to be employed as a minibus driver with the film unit. Obviously, he'd been successful – but it didn't help me very much because I felt the need of some company to divert me from what were increasingly salacious thoughts about my wife with other men. All I could find to do was to walk the long way back to our home, arriving as the twilight was turning to darkness. I didn't know whether Annabelle would be home or not but, as I approached the front door, I could see that there was a light on in the hall and in the guest room, so I knew that somebody was there.

There was no need for caution, of course, but I'm always pretty quiet anyway and, when I went into the living room and found no one there, I was just about to switch the television on to see if would provide some diversion, when I heard the sound of voices coming from upstairs. It meant nothing at first but, when I realised that one of the voices was female, I froze.

Moving as silently as I could to the foot of the stairs, I listened carefully. It wasn't difficult to recognise the sound of Tom's deep, mellow tones and, moments later, I recognised David's lighter voice. Just at that moment, however, there was a sudden burst of general laughter, followed by a female voice that, with a throaty chuckle, said, "Now that really is very, very naughty!"

It was my wife. It was Annabelle. There could be no doubt about it.

Slowly, hardly daring to breathe for fear of being heard, I climbed the stairs; stopping where they turned to the right. Not only could I see directly into the only room that was lit but, in the shadows there, I was virtually certain that I couldn't be seen. And what I saw gave me such a shock that I slumped down to sit on the stairs before my legs had a chance to give way beneath me.

Annabelle was sitting on the bottom edge of the bed – squeezed in between the lads who sat on either side of her and, at that very moment, I heard David say, "Well... you can't really blame us for feeling like that when your husband's daft enough to leave you alone with us! I mean, what kind of man would prefer a game of cards to being at home with someone like you?"

I expected Annabelle to protest or, at the very least, blush; but she did neither and simply gave a somewhat coquettish little giggle. Although she wasn't wearing the barmaid's outfit – she'd changed into a low-cut, loose-fitting blouse and a knee-length skirt – she still looked incredibly beguiling, sexy and, I suppose, flirtatious.

All it needed was for me to make the slightest noise to put an end to it but, for reasons that I really didn't understand at the time, I waited to see what would happen. And, although I would have struggled to admit it, even to myself, in the back of my mind I knew what I hoped that would be.

Even as I drew my next carefully-controlled breath, I saw Annabelle turn towards David to say something - and be prevented from doing so when he gave her a kiss on her lips! She pretended to be shocked, of course, but the twinkle in her eyes completely belied any protest she may have made. "Go on... you didn't really mind that, did you, Anna?" he said and, when she blushed slightly and said nothing, Tom complained;

"Oh, I see... you're happy enough for David to kiss you. So, does that make me the gooseberry here, then?"

And when she turned to answer him, it was no surprise whatsoever that he seized the opportunity to taste her lips. Unlike his pal, however, he proceeded to make the most of it by sliding his arm around her, drawing her closer to him, and making the kiss a much longer one.

Despite her few, soft words of protest, it was very clear that my wife was thoroughly enjoying what was happening and making no serious attempt to stop it. When David reached up, turning her face back towards him for another kiss, she did absolutely nothing to resist and, even when Tom reached over and undid the top button of her blouse, her only reaction was to breathe much more heavily.

It was good teamwork; as soon as David broke off that kiss, Tom gently turned her head towards him for another, much longer one, as the younger lad's busy fingers quickly disposed of the remaining buttons. Moments later, the two of them co-ordinated their efforts perfectly to slip the blouse off her shoulders and set it down on a nearby chair.

In between kisses David, possibly the more nervous of two, asked for confirmation that they weren't going to be disturbed. Annabelle, breathing heavily now, assured him that I never returned from the card game until after midnight. That was fair enough, but she then added that I always made plenty of noise coming home because the card game was also a bit of a drinking session which was, quite simply, an outright lie!

I tried to understand what she was up to but it was too much for my befuddled brain to work on. Besides which, of course, I was still in a frenzy trying to understand why what I was watching appealed to me so much.

It was clear that the two men knew exactly what they were doing - but it was also clear that my wife did too because, when David reached for the clasp of her bra, she quite deliberately did a half turn towards Tom to accept his deep and eager kiss.

It wasn't long before the bra was joining the blouse on the chair and her lovely full, firm breasts were exposed, not only to the two men, but also to me. Prior to that, I'd never caught more than an occasional glimpse of them, but now I had time to see how beautifully smooth and rounded they were, and how dark and prominent were her nipples. The sight of her, clearly enjoying being able to display herself to the two men, was so provoking that I constantly needed to adjust my trousers to accommodate what was an exceptionally hard erection.

"Oh my God! You are absolutely gorgeous, Anna!" I heard one of them say; almost certainly David as Tom was enthusiastically pressing his mouth to one of her nipples while his companion was fondling and teasing her other breast and gently squeezing its nipple. My head was spinning so much that I was hardly aware of the two men standing up, one at time, to remove their shirts and jeans, but I was fully aware of them drawing my wife to her feet and unfastening her skirt because, instead of waiting for them to proceed, she gave a little shimmy of her hips to make it fall to the floor and then gracefully step out of it.

Once they had smoothly lowered her onto the bed my wife, 'Anna' – I'd always used her full name and never thought of shortening it – was eagerly accepting, and often initiating, their kisses and manifestly revelling in the feeling of the hands that she allowed to wander so freely over her nearly-naked body.

Her soft moans of pleasure were distinctly audible, and they increased considerably when David's hand began to stroke between her legs through the material of her pants. It was Tom's hands, though, that delicately took hold of the waistband of her pants and began to lower them – and I saw her brazenly raise her hips off the bed so that he could slide them down her long legs and remove them. It was so blatant that it had become impossible to tell who the prime mover was in what was happening now.

What did become clear, as the men disposed of their final garments, was that she was in for something very different to what she was accustomed to. Both of the men were sporting circumcised erections (I am uncut) and, although David was pretty much the same size as me, Tom was definitely both longer and thicker, and I wondered how 'Anna' would react to it.

As Tom slid down the bed to position his face between her legs and eagerly began lapping at her entrance, David moved up the bed until his erection was right in front of her face. I couldn't be certain whether her loud gasp was caused by Tom's efforts or by the sight of David's rigid erection, but it was certainly a joyful sound. Although my view was now partially blocked by Tom greedily supping from Anna's honeypot, I was able to see my wife's hand reach out and gently clasp David's erection in her hand.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was circumcised that added extra fascination, or simply that Tom's attentions were beginning to drive her wild but, after a few seconds of gently stroking it, I saw her face come into my line of vision again as she altered her position slightly. I could actually feel beads of sweat on my forehead as she brushed it with her lips, then kissed it and, after running her tongue around its bloated tip a few times she parted her lips and, with a blissful look on her face, gradually allowed the head of it to ease into her mouth.

It was something she'd resolutely refused to do me but, although I felt a definite twinge of jealousy, it was nothing compared to the charge it gave me. As her head bobbed unhurriedly up and down on it and her hand around its base matched the movements, she carefully moved onto her side to make it easier, and Tom moved up the bed to lie behind her. At his instigation, she lifted her leg up and his erection – even more impressive now that I could see it properly – came to rest against her entrance. Reaching down with her free hand, she delicately guided the tip of it between the folds of her vaginal lips until, when she was sure that it was correctly positioned, she gave a slight movement of her hips to tell her invader that he was free to proceed.

Tom, of course, needed no further encourage. I heard her groan as his thick weapon stretched her open and, letting David's penis slip from her mouth she muttered, "Oh, God... that's big!" But it was clear from the tone of her voice that it wasn't a complaint, and nor was her much louder series of grunts and the near shriek as the shaft slowly and deliberately pressed into my wife until only the base of it was visible. With a loud moan of unbridled delight, she once more lowered her head onto David's erection, this time taking more than half of it into her mouth, as both men began to thrust backwards and forwards very gently and deliberately.

Her hand still gripped the base of David's shaft, working avidly on it although, once or twice, she just held it between thumb and forefinger while she somehow managed to take almost all of it into her mouth. After a few minutes, I saw her suddenly let it slip completely from her mouth as Tom's long, steady strokes had their inevitable effect. Her entire body seemed to shudder, her muscles tensed while Tom halted his movements and kept his shaft buried deep inside as, crying out like a wounded animal, she obviously experienced an intense orgasm.

By this time, I'd had to release my own erection from captivity – it was too painful not to – and I was playing with myself as slowly and as gently as I could. It was difficult to restrain myself however, when David began to heave and pant quite loudly. Anna clearly knew what was about to happen because she let his throbbing penis slip out of her mouth – but only for long enough to look up at his face with a wickedly sensual grin. Then she bent her head to return to her task, drawing most of it into her mouth. The depressions in her cheeks revealed just how hard she was sucking on it and her hand masturbated the base of it faster and faster until, within a matter of seconds, he suddenly called out: "Fuckin' Hell! Ohhh! Ye-sss!" as my wife greedily hoovered his sperm into her mouth.

While that was happening, Tom's thrusting was paused once again and it remained on 'hold' as she finally allowed David's penis out of her mouth. Once again she looked up at him with an incredibly wicked smile, and then opened her mouth slightly to let him see the creamy white fluid gathered on her tongue, then closed it again and swallowed it all with only the merest hint of a shiver.

"So why've you stopped?" she asked Tom with a huge grin, and I saw his erection twitch as his thrusting resumed. When she raised her leg, I had a completely unrestricted view of his large, solid shaft as it pounded in and out of her now soaking wet vagina and, as he did, I heard my shy, reticent wife cry out:

"Yes...that's it, Tom! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me cum again, Tom! Yes... that's it! Oh God...yes! Suck my tits, David...please...suck them for me!" And as he adjusted his position to respond, she gasped, "Oh my God! That's fantastic. I love it! I love your cock in ...me...I'm cum...ing! I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me, Tom! Fuck me-ee!" and her voice faded away as she convulsed and jerked with another powerful orgasm.

Then, even before she'd begun to recover, Tom's thrusts grew shorter and faster until, with a triumphant yell, his entire erection disappeared into my wife's body and, from the spasmodic jerking of his body I knew that he was ejecting a huge load of liquid seed into my wife's welcoming body.

It was at that moment when, unable to control myself any longer, I discharged my own load onto the stair carpet. Somehow, I managed to keep the noise to a barely audible sigh and, quickly taking my handkerchief from my pocket, did my best to clean it up silently.

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