tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Final Click

The Final Click



"Now, put your right hand between your legs. No, on the chair. That's it."


"Throw your head back and push out your tits."

Click. Click

"Lie back, open your legs and put your hand on your cunt. And look at the camera."

Click. Click. Click.

"Insert your finger into your pussy."

Click. Click. Click. Click.

I was enjoying this. Behind the camera Sue smiled at me through the viewfinder. Then her smile disappeared. She stood up and looked around for Beth, the make-up artist and her current lover.

"Beth, darling, shave her pussy properly," said the beautiful blond Sue. "You know I hate hair stubbles in my shots."

We were in Sue's photographic studio doing a shoot for a men's magazine. I was lying on my back with my legs spread open on a huge bed with turquoise satin sheets seductively sliding over my tanned skin, making me wet.

Well, I am an erotic model and a wanna-be actress in the adult entertainment business. But that was not always the case. I was brought up in a strict religious home where sex outside marriage was taboo and nudity reserved for the bathroom. I left home rebelling against these silly rules and vowed that I will be naked as often as possible. I also never wear underwear anymore.

Six months ago I was a bored final year Business Ethics student at USC, struggling to make ends meet. The only entertainment I could afford was lazy summer weekends on the beach and came to love the sun, wind and sand on my beautiful naked skin.

Early one Saturday morning I was meditating on a 'clothes optional' beach when I heard a commotion a few yards to my right. When I opened my eyes, I saw a blond beach bimbo and her female companion strutting towards me. I've seen them before on the beach. Three naked men struggled behind them, carrying some heavy camera equipment.

The blond stopped before my rocky cove, admiring my body. I was naked in a full lotus position on a tatami mat.

"Would you mind if I take some photographs of you?" asked this blond beauty. She was dressed in cut-off jeans and a small white t-shirt. I could see her hard nipples straining against the cotton. She came over to introduce her companion as Beth and herself as Sue, a professional photographer.

"My name's Lillian and no thank you. I can't afford to pay you for a picture of me naked on a rock."

"What if I pay you?"

"Why me?" I wanted to know.

"That's why," said Sue, pointing at the men's erect cocks. The three naked men stared at my open legs and my gaping pussy. They didn't even try to hide their erections.

"The twat power between your legs can make you a lot of money."

Money is a magical word to any poor student. What did I have to lose? No one believes in business ethics anymore and besides, what's the use of moral values if you don't have anything to eat? During the last three years I've become used to public nudity, so why not display my cunt all over the world?

With my go ahead, Sue quickly instructed the men to set up her camera, lights and reflectors. All the while I kept my meditation position.

For the rest of that day Sue directed me to sit this way, lie that way, open your legs, get on all fours, push your tush in the air, caress your tit, finger-fuck yourself and lick your juices from your fingers.

The men were masturbating while Sue took the pictures. I didn't know my pussy could have such an effect on men. Then Sue asked the guys to cum on my tits while she takes more pictures. I was pleasuring my exposed clit to the camera when the groaning men's pulsating cocks spew their milk on me. I had my first public orgasm when their juices hit my tits.

The rest is history, as they say. I signed a contract with Sue and my pictures were splashed in virtually in every man's magazine. I finished my studies and even took up dancing lessons to further my career as an adult entertainer. I was beginning to make real money.

I watched Beth apply the soft foam to my pussy and shave my mound. Every so often she would brush her finger over my pouting pussy lips or touch my erect clit, as if by accident.

Sue and Beth usually scrutinize every detail of my body and I've become used to people doing things to my body. The problem with all the touching is that I get aroused very quickly. I could feel my lust juices dripping from my cunt….


"Shave her completely," I heard Sue's instruction through my aroused senses. "Then no one will know if she's really a redhead."

Click. Click.

I touched my erect nipples and caressed my firm breasts to get some sexual release. Beth finished the shave and took extra time to wipe off the remaining foam. She must have seen the moistness seeping through my slit because she suddenly slipped two fingers between the folds and into my hot cunt. She worried my clitoris with her thumb and finger-fucked me for what felt like an eternity. I had difficulty to suppress a moan escaping from my mouth. I sat up with a sigh and looked into the lust-filled eyes of Sue, clicking away with her camera.

This photo shoot then took an unexpected but a pleasant turn. "Get naked, Beth, darling, and fuck her with your tongue."

Click. Click. Click.

Before you could say Jenna Jameson, Beth removed her jeans and t-shirt, revealing herself to me. Her long brown hair reached the top of her 34C tits, leaving her big brown aureoles and aroused nipples clear for me to admire. She had a trimmed light brown patch above her protruding clit. The studio lights highlighted her wet cunt lips peaking from behind her love button.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

Beth pounced on my waiting cunt. She spread my puffy pussy lips and exposed my pink slit to Sue's camera. Having spent hours studying my vulva in mirrors, in magazines and on video, I had a fairly good idea how my pussy looked in the hands of my impromptu lover. My clit is covered with a small hood but once aroused it pushes itself out to lead the defense against the assault of my lovers. My wet cunt lips open like butterfly wings seducing a lover's tongue, fingers, cock or dildo to enter the pleasure cave. But once inside my pussy muscles take over, giving and receiving extreme enjoyment.


Beth didn't ignore the seductive invitation and lapped the juices from my dripping cunt. She wriggled her finger at the entrance before she slipped it in my love canal.

"Hold it there!"

Click. Click.

"Lick her clit." Beth obeyed.

Click. Click. Click.

"Stick that big dildo into her wet twat."

Beth took the dildo from a nightstand and inserted it into me and pumped it in and out, in and out while Sue's camera clicked and clicked. My passion built up like a volcano looking for release. My cunt became a flame that spread through my body, torching everything. My pussy merged with Beth's mouth and dildo. I released a cry of passion and pleasure when my orgasm eventually erupted.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

"That was brilliant, Lillian darling," interrupted Sue my post coital euphoria. "I've never seen your face glow like that."

"Well, Sweetheart. You never had someone fucking me before, now have you?" I was exhausted from the day's work and wanted to go home. My wobbly knees made it difficult for me to get dressed and after a while I managed to gather my things. Sue paid me in cash - the best way to do business – and I openly kissed the still naked Beth. I could taste my sex juice on her lips.

"Thank you for that great orgasm," I said. "Maybe I can return the favor sometime." Beth just smiled and walked up to Sue and started to kiss and grope her. I waved a goodbye to Sue.

"I want you on Friday again. Same time," came her muffled reply, sucking on Beth's tits and pleasuring her clit. I had a slow week, so I'll show up as usual. I owe it to her. She made me famous.

When I arrived at the studio for the Friday photo session, Sue was talking to a very handsome man whose cotton tracksuit didn't hide his well-built physique. He was about 6'2", had short thick black hair, a strong face and a soft smile. His teeth were white and straight. His dark eyes had a mischievous sparkle that peered into my soul. My cunt was the first to react to this stranger.

Sue introduced him as Victor West and then dropped the bomb.

"Lillian, Victor will be your sex partner today and I want it to be hot."

I couldn't say anything. It was more than eight months ago that I had a man between my legs and now I must fuck one on camera. I was getting nervous. What if I screw up? What if he didn't like me?

But Victor was the perfect gentleman. He took my nervous hand and led me to the dressing room. Beth had our costumes ready. I was supposed to be a goddess in a Greek Myth and Victor one of my worshippers. We stripped off our loose fitting day clothes and dressed in the outfits. The small white toga started at my left shoulder, flared out over my hips and came up short of my shaven pussy. My right breast was naked. Beth gave me sandals to wear and started doing my hair and make-up. While Beth was doing that, Victor dropped at my feet to tie the leather laces around my ankles. He looked up into my wet slit and smiled. The tunic around his waist didn't hide his growing erection. His cock was a thick nine inches and precum was already leaking from his one eyed monster. I relaxed a bit when I saw my pussy power.

"Keep it in for the shoot, people," said Beth, wiping my pussy with a soft cloth and drying the wetness from Victor's cock helmet. I couldn't wait to slip that thing into my pussy.

The set was decorated like an ancient temple. Sue directed me to stand on the central pedestal as if I was a statue of the goddess. She adjusted the lights, gave Victor final instructions and asked Beth to touch up our make-up. The first photo was of Victor kissing the feet of the goddess.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

The statue became alive with the kisses of the devotee. I stretched my arms and opened my legs. Victor planted kisses up my legs, my knees and licked my exposed thighs. He caressed my inner thighs with his strong hands and moved them around to grab hold of my naked buttocks. He pulled my clean-shaven vulva mound closer to his waiting mouth. His tongue darted out to flick my clit. He sneaked his right hand in from behind, slipping two fingers between my wet cunt lips. I threw my head back to give Sue a shot of a goddess aflame with passion.

Victor ripped my toga from my body, moving his hands up to my exposed breasts and aching nipples. He caressed them for a while before he shifted his focus back to my pussy. He gently moved my legs further apart to get better access to my cunt. Victor pleasured my vulva by rubbing his finger up and down the slit between my wet pussy lips to the entrance of my vagina. His ministrations weakened my knees and I nearly fell on top of him. Victor steadied my weaving body by grabbing my tit with his one hand while he continued to finger-fuck me with the other. I forgot about Sue and her camera or even about Beth. This man knew how to please a goddess. He sucked my clitoris, licked the entrance of my dripping cunt and pushed his tongue into me.

Click. Click. Click.

I pushed his head deeper into my pussy – if that was possible - and felt the release of sexual tension and passion shoot from the depths of my being. Victor pulled my right leg over his left shoulder, leaving me vulnerable and more exposed to his tongue.

I bucked on his mouth, in waves of pleasure. After the final wave was long gone, Victor continued licking my sensitive clit. I collapsed onto the pedestal and lay there, arms and legs spread open. Sue never stopped clicking with her camera. She must have used about four rolls of film to capture our passion.

I slowly recovered and moved to the kneeling devotee. I let him sit on the pedestal and removed his tunic. The best sign of a true believer was a hot throbbing cock and Victor's prick complied with this requirement. Such devotion also needed a reward and I intended to give him that prize.

I took his shaft in my hand and started to pump his manhood. I moistened his red purple head with my tongue and slowly swallowed the tip. I rolled my tongue around the hood and sucked on it. I opened my jaw to accommodate the rest of his shaft in my mouth and down my throat. I played with his balls while my head bobbed up and down his prick. I loved the feeling of giving pleasure to such a beautiful man.

Then I did a crazy thing. With two fingers, I pried the small slit in his cock-head open and fucked it with my aroused clit.

"What the fuck?" said Sue. "Hold it there! I want to get a better shot."

Frozen in the pose, I smiled at the surprised expression in Victor's lust-filled eyes. I read about this technique in a novel a long time ago and always wanted to try it.

Click. Click.

Victor then scooped me around to a 69 position and lay down on the pedestal. I was on top giving him the best blowjob I could manage while he played with my cunt. He kissed, licked and sucked the clit that just fucked him. I felt another orgasm coming on and pumped his cock furiously with my hand. I had my lips around his hood, sucking all the precum from his balls.

"Lillian, darling, it's time to fuck him," I heard Sue's instruction.

His cock popped out of my mouth and my wet cunt left his sucking tongue, both wanting more. I lowered myself on his still erect shaft and guided him between my wet puffy lips into my slippery cunt. I faced him in a cowgirl position and rode him like only a goddess should. I contracted my cunt muscles to the rhythm of our movements.

"Oh, Goddess, you have such a wonderful tight pussy," said Victor. He caressed my swaying, bobbing tits with his soft hands.

"Play with her clit," said Sue, while she continued with the photo shoot.

Victor wiggled his fingers on my clit, triggering another orgasm but this time the fire of passion was more intense than a volcano. The cock in my hot pussy and fingers on my oversensitive clit were too much for me. Trying to delay my orgasm for a moment longer, I squeezed my pussy muscles around his slippery dick, but it caused more friction. That sent us both over the edge and I felt myself float, becoming one with the universe. I felt like a goddess making love to the world.

I saw Victor's white smile light up his face and I fell in love with everybody. I felt how Victor emptied my pussy when he pulled his shaft from my love canal. I saw his cock throb and deliver his cum onto my flat tummy. Grabbing his dick, I gave it a few more pumps and felt his pleasure pulsating through his cock, this time delivering it onto my breasts. I bent down and licked his purple head clean. Victor pulled me to him and kissed me on the mouth, tasting his own cum.

"Thank you," he whispered in my ear.

"You just made the grade, missy," said Sue. "You are a true fucking slut."

Click. I was happy because my next stop will be adult movies.

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