tagLoving WivesThe Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy


In all the years we've been married, I've done everything I can think of to satisfy my husband's sexual appetite, including masturbating in front of him, which I never thought I would do. But I love him, with every part of my soul and want him to be as sexually satisfied as he has made me. You see, until I met my husband I hadn't had many sexual experiences, none of which had introduced me to the enjoyment of an orgasm. He was different, though, and the first time, we made love, he brought me to my first orgasm, which finally helped me understand what the big deal was about sex.

As I said, I did what I could to meet his fantasies, but one. He always wanted to be with two women at once, which my old-fashioned tendencies would not even allow me to consider. This tale is for him.

It had been a long week and he was glad to be getting away for the weekend with his wife, just the two of them. With work, kids and all the trappings that being an adult included, a nice relaxing, peaceful weekend was just what the doctor order for both of them.

On the drive to the hotel, they chatted about everyday things and how much they looked forward to being alone together, for a change. When they arrived, they got their room, unpacked and stretched out to rest for a bit before going out to dinner.

At the restaurant, they ordered dinner and drinks from their beautiful red-headed waitress. He had his usual beer and she was drinking a margarita. As their waitress made her way back to the table, she noticed that the young woman was extremely pretty, with shapely legs, full round breasts and gorgeous long, wavy red hair. It didn't escape her attention that her husband also appreciated this beautiful young woman waiting on them. She also noticed that the waitress seemed taken by her husband as well. She grew quiet thinking about how he would never get his final fantasy, since they were married and he would not give up his vows even to satiate his own desires.

His wife excused herself from the table as she saw the waitress coming toward them at the end of dinner, to check on them. She watched from the bathroom doorway as this sexy little vixen was smiling and discreetly flirting with her husband, making sure to bend low when she picked up the plates in order to give him a good view down the front of her top. That's when she knew what she was going to do. As the waitress was walking past the doorway, on her way to the kitchen, his wife stopped her and asked to speak with her.

"I saw you flirting with my husband just now and showing off your tits to him," she started.

The waitress blushed furiously and began to apologize, before the wife stopped her.

"I'm not mad but I do have a question."

A few moments later, his wife returned to the table. She knew his little flirt session with the waitress would be making him horny but wasn't ready to go back to the room yet. "Let's go for a walk before we go back to the room," she said. And though he really wanted to get her back to the room and make love to her, he agreed.

They walked through the town, window shopping and chatting along the way. She broached no topic that would give him any idea what she had in mind for the night. Holding hands, talking and walking, he looked at her with such love in his eyes. He briefly thought about the hot, young waitress but knew this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Smart, beautiful and loving, he had really lucked out, after having so much bad luck with the women he'd been with before her.

When they got back to the room, he was more than ready to take his wife in his arms; thinking of how he loved to look at her face as he brought her to orgasm over and over again. He would never tire of that feeling. As he closed the door, he reached out to her and pulled her close, kissing her lips then down her jaw and neck. He could hear her breathing change as she responded to his kisses and his arousal became apparent as his manhood grew inside his pants. Finally, alone with her, no kids or other distractions, he couldn't be happier.

There was a knock at the door and he stopped in frustration. Damn, they had come all this way to be alone..who was at the door? His wife stepped past him, opened the door and there stood the sexy waitress, from the restaurant. What was she doing here, he wondered?

His wife invited her in and helped her remove her coat. His jaw dropped open as he saw she was wearing only a lacy bra, which barely contained her voluptuous breasts; a garter belt, no panties, thigh high stockings and high heels. My God, she had an amazing body and he could feel his erection growing. He looked over at his wife and saw she had a huge smile on her face, as she walked toward him.

"Tonight," she told him lovingly, "I want to make your final fantasy come true, honey."

"What? What are you talking about?" he asked.

But she didn't utter another word, instead she pushed him back to the bed, as the young woman came to her side and together they removed his clothes, slowly and seductively. Both women, took time to stop at various parts of his body, to kiss, lick and nibble him like a midnight snack.

He could do nothing but sit, stare and enjoy what was happening. He had a million questions running through his mind but figured there was no point in asking and ruining what appeared to be a monumental moment in their marriage.

As his wife, bit and sucked his right nipple, she began massing his balls. At the same time, the waitress was sucking and nibbling his left nipple as she stroked his hardening cock. He was getting such an escalated since of pleasure, he could do no more than lay back and let them work their magic assault on his body. He relaxed as they continued to work over him, loving and caressing his body to heights he could have only imagined before this. He put a hand on each of their heads as he murmured words of ecstasy and encouragement, at how good their attentions felt.

As he watched, they began kissing each other, sliding their tongues in and out of each other's mouths, while they continued to fondle his manhood. How sexy they looked to him, making out over his naked body; this hot vixen and his beautiful wife. He continued to watch as the vixen slid her hand up his wife's shirt and began fondling her breast, making his wife let out a small moan as she became turned on by the gentle attentions to her delicate nipples. As the woman released their attention from him and stood body to body, he watched in fascination as his wife reached her arms around the vixen, unhooking her bra and releasing those bodacious breasts from their restraint, reaching her hands up rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as they continued their tongue teasing on each other's mouths. The vixen made quick work, of removing his wife's shirt and bra, working her breasts in kind.

At first, the rhythm was slow and sensual but, as he noticed the wetness glistening on the vixen's naked pussy, both women's movements became more intense. As his wife, removed what was left of her clothing and stood naked in front of the vixen, he could hard believe what he was watching, as he began stroking his prick as it grew harder. He felt like he could burst at any moment. This was so hot, he wondered if it was a dream.

Soon they stepped apart. The vixen climbed on the bed and straddled his face so he could lick and suck her wet and wanting cunt. As he pushed his face into her lovely bush, eating as she began moaning and writhing over his face, he felt his wife's hot mouth descend on his throbbing cock, slowly working her way up and down his shaft as she squeezed and rubbed his full balls. It was almost more than he could take; it felt so amazing to have this sweet pussy in his face, while he was being sucked and licked by his wife. And as he was eating this pretty little thing he gazed up to see her squeezing and pinching her breasts in momentum with his tongue action.

The motion, rhythm and sensations running through him were completely overwhelming taking his body to the brink. Just when he felt as if he was going to cum in his wife's mouth, she stopped and his little vixen climbed off his face.

Each woman lay on either side of him, as his wife whispered in his hear, "No, no, no, we're not ready for that just yet."

He turned to her and began kissing her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth with such passion. She responded in kind and they were kissing, and nibbling at each other's mouths with intensity. As he began massaging her breasts and rubbing her nipples, she began moaning in a low throaty tone. He felt the vixen move on the bed, then felt his wife arch as she gasped into his mouth. He looked down and the vixen had her face between his wife's leg, kissing and licking her hot, wet pussy, as she slid her fingers in and out of her hole. He was so turned on, he intensified his attention to her breasts and deepened his tongue in her mouth. He could feel her writhing under all the attention her body was receiving. Faster and harder, he and the vixen worked his wife until she screamed out and her body rocked from an intense orgasm.

The vixen looked up at him and as their eyes met, she gave him a slow, sultry smile. She climbed back up on the bed next to him, as his wife climbed over to her and began sucking her breasts and nipping at her nipples, much to the vixen's enjoyment. He took his cue and slid down between the vixen's leg. He licked and sucked her pussy lips and could tell by her movements, his skill was having its desired effect. Slowly, he opened her up and began rubbing and licking her clit as she moaned in approval. He looked up and could see his wife fully enjoying the vixen's breasts and paying careful attention to gliding her tongue over those taut nipples, as he worked his magic on her lower extremities.

As he began, sliding his fingers in and out of her hole, she began pushing her hips against his fingers, wanting them deeper inside her. She was growing closer and closer to orgasm and he licked, rubbed and probed her hot cunt. He rubbed the fingers of his other hand with her juices then slowly slid them into her asshole, as he continued to suck her clit and fuck her soaking pussy with his other hand. Her moans became louder and louder as she spread her legs as far as she could and began humping his hand as hard as she could. He pumped both hands harder, getting as deep inside her as he could, while he wrapped his mouth around her swollen clit, sucking on it as his wife sucked and squeezed her breasts.

She stiffened and let out a primal scream as she came all over his hands. She slumped back savoring her orgasm as he stood up. His wife rolled over, sticking her ass in the air, motioning for him to take her doggie-style. He needed no further coaxing than that. He positioned himself behind his wife and slid his cock into her wet, waiting pussy. As he began pumping into her, he took his already wet finger and slid it into her asshole, fucking her with his finger in rhythm with his cock. She was gasping and moaning in appreciation, as the vixen slid her hand under his wife and began rubbing her clit, with his momentum.

As his wife moaned and gasped, pushing her ass back into his cock and hand, he knew it wouldn't be long. The vixen was fixed on his wife's clit as she rubbed her tits, pinching the nipples from time to time. His wife was lost on the sheer pleasure of all the sensations ripping through her body. Just as he began to feel her tighten around him and orgasm, he felt his monstrous release coming on. They both let out a yell and came at the same time.

He rolled onto his back as his wife snuggled up to him and kissed him on the mouth as they lay catching their breaths. The vixen leaned over, kissing them each sweetly on the mouth. She got up, put on her coat and walked out the door.

"So honey, are you happy you got your final fantasy," she asked him sweetly.

He smiled back at her and said, "Yes, now let's talk about your fantasies, my love." They both laughed as they snuggled together and drifted off into a deep, relaxing and satisfied sleep.

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