tagGay MaleThe Final Straw

The Final Straw


WARNING! Contains: incest, and slight abuse.

(All characters are over the age of 18 and are completely fictional)



Brady slumped down in his chair arms folded across his chest as he watched his enemy from across the table. I fucking hate you. The boy thought as he continued to watch his father cheerfully cut coupons. Brady moved his long black hair from his face with a slight jerk of his head. The hair Brady loved and his father pleaded for him to cut everyday. Since Brady had hit adolescent he stopped obeying the stupid rules his father set. He went to parties and had sex with both genders, he illegally drank until he was plastered, he smoked pot at least once a day not to mention several tattoos and piercing his dad didn't know about. Why should Brady listen to someone else tell him how to live.

Justin was known as penny pincher even though he and his twin sons lived off a large inheritance from a wealthy relative. He believed he wasn't truly a penny pincher, he just didn't like to spend money unless necessary. A trait he wished he'd passed on to both of his sons.

The room was filled with nothing but soft noise of the metal blades slicing through the glossy paper of the coupon sheet. Justin had been a full time stay at home father since he was 15. Rising twin boys was tough enough without doing it alone. Not to mention he was still a kid himself when they came along. He wouldn't trade them for the world no matter how hard it was.

"Mails here!" Both males turned to see the ever happy Ben holding a pile of envelopes and magazines.

"Thank you for picking that up, Benjamin." Justin smiled at the taller of his sons.

"No problem, do you want me to help you with the coupons?" Ben laid the pile on the table next to Brady.

"Thank you, but I'm fine." Justin smiled at the boy before returning to the task at hand.

"Fucking goody two shoes." Brady mumbled under his breath. Brady, unlike his brother, was being forced to sit with their father as a source of punishment. Ben did every fucking thing their dad asked. From chores to keeping his face shaved and hair cut. It was like his brother worshiped their father and was making himself into a younger slightly shorter version of him. Brady often wondered if their dad asked Ben to suck his cock if he'd do it. Sick thing was Brady could picture it.

Justin's attention snapped to the boy sitting across from him. "Brady you know how I feel about mumbling."

"Whatever." Brady responded he couldn't honestly care less what his father didn't care for. Ben and their father stared at Brady waiting for him to repeat himself. They looked the same their black hair kept cut to just above their ears worn in a tame yet messy hairstyle. Both had chocolate brown eyes unlike Brady's light hazel eyes. They both dressed like they were ready to go to casual Friday at a fucking office building.

"Brady, if it's worth saying its worth being heard. Now say it again so we can hear it." Justin did not care for the fact he would have to repeat that phrase to Brady everyday. He didn't like calling Brady his problem child. That was the only description that fit the rebellious teen though. It seemed the boy deliberately disobeyed him.

Brady scoffed, they asked for it. " I called Ben a goody fucking two shoes." He watched as they both cringed at the curse word.

"Bathroom now." Justin calmly ordered his son. He hated punishing his son but he seemed to do it at least once everyday. He also hated violence as that was how his father punished him.

" No fuck you." Brady leaned his chair on to its hind legs. The boy slammed each of his heavy combat boots onto the tabletop before crossing his legs at the ankle. He'd simply watch as his father got fluster then stormed off unable to do anything to him.

Justin was astonished this was the first time his trouble child had openly told him off. It was infuriating, Justin was nothing but nice to his son and the boy almost daily disrespected him.

"Brady Jay Parker! When I say now I mean mother fucking right now! you march your ass into the bathroom and wash that filthy fucking mouth out! Do it before I drag you there myself!" Justin's face was burning as all the blood rush to it. He'd never yelled at or in front of his children before, but it felt good.

Brady sat in amazement. His father had cussed, he'd lost his cool and yelled. The boy wasn't sure if the man across from him was really his pussy of a dad. Suddenly Brady felt fingers tangle themselves in his shoulder length hair. Before he had time to react the strong finger began tugging his hair. The pain was excruciating, he simply followed his father's pull as they headed to the bathroom.

" Let go of my hair you bastard!" Brady yelled clawing at his father's hand. The man ignored him tightening his grip dragging the teen in the direction of the master suite. Brady stumbled trying to free his hair from the vise grip. The teen shot a glance back to where his twin had been standing. Ben had done nothing to help him, but instead ran to his bedroom to hide. Brady had been too caught up in his thoughts of his brother betrayal to realize that he and his father had entered the master bathroom.

Justin released his grip on his son's hair only to throw the boy down against the porcelain tub. He heard the boy gasp and cough as all the air had been knocked out of his lungs upon impact. The older male wasted no time grabbing an unused bar of soap and shoving it into his son's mouth.

Brady struggled against his father as the man cut off the boys airways. The soap was dry and the taste alone made Brady want to puke. His father began to shove the bar further into his mouth pressing it against the opening to his throat. His eyes began to water and he began choking and gagging. Acid began to build in his throat, he kicked hard into his father's stomach causing the older man to release him. Brady turned towards the tub spitting the soap out and gagging.

Justin quickly caught his breath, placing a hand over were his son had kicked him. It had been more unexpected than painful. He could hear his son panting and coughing as he leaned over the edge of the tub. Justin felt a twinge run through his groin as his eyes followed the slender frame of the boy in front of him. The feminine shoulders, lead to a fit but slender back defined perfectly by the tight black fabric of the boys shirt. Those beautiful muscles lead down to the boy's very small waist ending in the most round and gorgeous bubble butt he'd ever seen. His teen son had the build of every man's dream woman and the dream of every woman . A perfect hourglass. Justin never thought of another man sexually before. He didn't have time to explore the possibility of it in his youth.

Brady turned towards his father, to see why the man had not retaliated. He found the thirty three year old staring at him almost star struck.

"The fuck you looking at bastard!?" Brady snapped at his father feeling his skin almost crawl. He stared back at the man waiting for a response.

Justin sucked in a deep breath filling his starving lungs. He hadn't noticed that he'd stop breathing. His hands ached to reach for the beautiful body in front of him, longing to rip the fabric away and see it in full glory. Suddenly Justin felt a fist make contact with his jaw bone.

"What the fuck!" Justin yelled watching the beautiful boy scramble away from him. The older man grabbed his son by the pant legs yanking his legs out from under him.

Brady came crashing to the floor his hands now sore. The taste of his blood overwhelmed the taste from the soap. The boy was then flipped onto his back and pinned by the weight of his father. Brady watched the older man began to undo the leather belt around his waist.

Justin slide his belt from all the loops in one motion. I'm never gonna be able to do that again. He thought as he then unfastened the pair of jeans he wore. He stared down at the innocent face below him. Shock and confusion written through the expression the boy wore.

Brady stared at the thin fabric of cotton boxers. They were stretched tight perfectly outlining the massive organ hidden inside. He had been sure his father was going to beat him unconscious. The man instead gave his son a clear display of the instrument that gave him life.

"Dad...dy..." slipped from Brady's quivering lips. A wicked smiled spread across the older man's face. His father then leaned down slamming his lips against the boy's. It was a bit painful as they knocked teeth together but neither male dared to pull away. A passionate dance for dominance had begun.

Justin could feel his painfully hard cock begin to ache. The bathroom echoed with soft moans escaping his son's lips. Justin had won dominance of the kiss and wasted no time. He began by forcing his tongue into the soft and wet mouth of the boy pinned beneath him. The boy tasted sweet despite his mouth being filled with blood and soap.

Brady gave in allowing the older man to, for lack of a better word, tongue fuck his mouth. Suddenly, Brady felt a large hand brush against the growing bulge in his jeans. He couldn't hold in the despite moan that escaped his throat. Brady thrusted his hips up trying to meet the hand once again. The boy had never been so despite for touch as he was at this moment.

Justin smirked biting his son's lower lip softly pulling on it. The boy was just as turned on as he was.

"Do you want daddy to take care of you?" Justin slid his hand towards the tented crotch of his son's dark blue skinny jeans. The boy looked at him with despite lust filled eyes.

"P-please...please daddy take care of me." Brady could feel his face burn from the embarrassing plea. He'd heard of men getting off by their partner calling them daddy in bed. Brady hadn't liked the idea of that until this moment. His father was strong and gorgeous. The older man was going to dominate Brady, something that had never happened.

Justin stood releasing his son. The boy stared up at his father slim legs rubbing together. His son was already so painfully hard from a simple kiss. The man pulled the boy off the floor, holding him close to his body.

Brady tried to stifle a moan as two large hands groped his ass. He could feel his father's erection on his stomach, it was massive and it burned.

"Undress for me baby." Brady let a soft moan slide from his lips as he felt his father's hot breath on his ear and neck. The boy stepped through the door into the pristine master bedroom. Brady hands shook as he reached for the hem of his shirt.

Justin watched carefully as his son slowly slide off his shirt. He revealed a pale yet lean frame, a small star was inked onto his son's skin just above his hip bone. The boys chest was hairless, his nipple were the perfect shade of pink. However, the pink color was offset by a small metal hoop hanging from one of the small nubs.

"When did you get a nipple ring?" That was one of the least sex things Justin could have said, yet his son still turned a bright red.

"One of my friends did it for me during freshman year." Brady was expecting lots of questions about his body modification. The boy still continued to undress shedding his boots and socks. His hands were shaking furiously as he reached for the button to his jeans. He looked to his father for reassurance, he found the man had shed his shirt as well revealing a gorgeous six pack and a large tattoo across his chest reading Make Love Not War. The man also had pulled his massive organ out of its restraints, its large head was a deep angry purple.

"Keep going baby boy." Justin took a few steps closer to his son. The youth unfastened his jeans before pushing them to his ankles and kicking them off. His son stood before him wearing nothing, the boy was completely hairless. The boys cock stood at full attention a deep red color, adorned with a prince Albert piercing. Justin slowly moved his hand to his own member, he gently wrapped his hand around it giving a few slowly strokes.

Brady watched his father in awe. The man was jerking off in front of him and he'd never been so turned on in his life. A barely audible moan slipped from between his lips.

"Come here baby boy." Justin gently commanded the boy. He watched as the boy came close enough to touch. The youth then dropped to his knees grabbing hold of Justin's cock. The man ran his hand through his son's long silky black hair. The boy looked up into his father's eyes before sliding the purple mushroom shaped head into his mouth.

The taste of his father's precum was unlike anything Brady had ever tasted. It was sweet yet bitter at the same time, it was amazing. The body swirled his tongue around the enraged head before plunging down as far as he could.

"Shit!" Justin moaned as half of his cock disappeared into his son's mouth. Heat enveloped his aching member. It wouldn't take long before he'd shoot his load down the boy's throat. Justin felt a soft tongue trace the sensitive veins running along the underside of his cock.

This was not the first time Brady had given a blowjob. However, his father was several inches longer and quite a bit thicker than his previous partners. Brady began to slowly slide his father's cock down his throat. He gagged slightly before bypassing his relex.

Justin groaned in pleasure feeling the tight heat of his sons throat. The boy had his nose buried in the dark curls of hair just above the ten inch organ. His son was the most skilled cock sucked he'd met.

Brady hummed softly holding the massive organ in his throat once more. He stared up at his father who was on absolute bliss. The boy pulled his father's cock from his throat with a loud slurping sound. His time with his father couldn't end here. There was so much more he wanted to do.

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