tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Finchley Flasher Ch. 03

The Finchley Flasher Ch. 03


(Author's Note: I would like to thank my friend Allan for providing the inspiration for this story.)


The events leading up to the attempted rescue of Edmund Kent and his fellow flashers seemed to occur as if within one single frame of time that rushed by in a dreamy kaleidoscopic montage of faces and landscapes, none of which seemed part of normal time and space. At least that was how Jenny saw it.

The flight to Albany International Airport had taken approximately 16 minutes according to her calculations. It had been an unusually warm day for the first day of March, the temperature hovering around 56 degrees by late morning and the sun shining brightly in a cloudless sky.

She had hardly said a word to either her aunt or Christiana during the entire flight and Jenny was glad that they weren't very talkative either since all she really wanted was to have some time to collect her thoughts. She felt the intense pang of anxiety that comes with the realization of not knowing the fate of a loved one and could only imagine what awaited her once she finally came face to face with the redoubtable Sisterhood leader her aunt had so ardently praised.

On the way to LaGuardia Airport Alice had tried to provide her niece with a condensed history of the Sisterhood; the woman who had founded the Order, the long and often tortuous experiences of some of its more famous members, and other pertinent historical information. It seemed like such an amazing story—one that bespoke more of myth than actual fact. She had found herself thinking more and more about Holly McKenzie, and if this woman was really as magnificent a person as both Alice and Christiana claimed. Could she help rescue Edmund from the clutches of Ariel and her menagerie of fanatical devotees? Or would the attempt to rescue him fail and end in his being harmed or even killed?

The trio had been greeted at the airport by one of Holly's associates, a young and pretty brunette whose name was Alicia. She was tall, athletic, and moved with an almost feline grace as she shook each woman's hand. She wore a pair of faded jeans, hiking boots, and an aviator's jacket that looked as if it had survived many sojourns in unexplored territories. Nothing about her hinted at timidity.

After taking the women's luggage and placing it in the trunk, she had instructed them to get into the limo for the journey to Fort Plain, which was approximately 45 minutes north of their current location.

After Alicia had deftly navigated her way out of the tangled airport complex, she explained why Holly had not been there to greet them.

"She's busy as hell trying to make sure everything goes as planned," she had told them. "She doesn't want to leave anything to chance."

"I don't blame her," Alice replied. "I would have done the same thing."

"She knew you would understand. But she still felt bad about not coming to meet in person. You know Holly."

Alice smiled. "Well, she needn't feel that way. She has a lot on her mind right now. What's our status?"

"We have the whole place under surveillance, but we won't make any moves until this evening."

The girl had refused to give the women any further information, explaining that Holly would fill them in herself. Jenny had found Alicia's reluctance to shed more light on the situation particularly frustrating, and kept plying the girl for answers until Alice insisted she forego the interrogation. Jenny remained impertinent.

"I have a right to know what's going on," she complained to Alice while directing her gaze at the driver. "I don't understand why we have to wait for Holly."

"Two reasons," Alicia stated flatly. "One—she ordered me to say nothing more than what I've already told you. And two—we need to keep silence for security reasons."

"What security reasons?" Jenny asked with barely concealed annoyance.

"Holly believes there might be an operative of Ariel's in our midst, so the less said; the better. Got it?"

Jenny started to feel annoyed at Holly even before she met her.

They had arrived in Fort Plain a little after twelve noon and drove past the center of town for a few miles until they crossed a set of railroad tracks overgrown with vegetation. Alicia had told them that freight trains used to carry lumber from the forests on the outskirts of town to the abandoned warehouse where Edmund and his associates were now being held prisoner. Once they passed the tracks they had taken a left turn onto a narrow dirt road that led to the encampment. There were still small islands of snow here and there but otherwise it felt like a perfectly fine spring day.

The muddy, winding road continued for a few miles until it opened onto a circular clearing within which a dozen or more cars and jeeps had been parked along the periphery. In the center stood a massive tent in which several women were speaking to each other in raised voices—one of them was Holly's.

Jenny would remember her first meeting with the intrepid Sisterhood leader not so much for the woman's fine leadership abilities, but for her striking—almost eerie—resemblance to a young Elizabeth Taylor. The only difference was that Holly was a blonde. Jenny also recalled how famously they got on together once Holly took her into her confidence—the similarities in outlook and experience serving to unite them in common purpose.

Holly had made it a point to introduce Jenny to the members of her immediate staff. There were the stoic-looking Justine and her genial counterpart Estelle, both of whom had served Lenore Marceau—the former Sisterhood leader—with unswerving devotion for many years and were now serving Holly in the same fashion. There was the rather effervescent creature by the name of Janet Walsh, a high-ranking member of the Order who found delight in almost anything but was as tough as nails if she had to be. And then there was the spirited Italian bombshell Felicia Antonetti, a woman who was as clever as she was beautiful. These powerful women, along with Alice and Christiana, formed the nucleus of the legitimate and presiding Sisterhood Order.

In the hours leading up to the planned assault on the warehouse, Jenny had learned that there were only a few dozen women comprising Holly's team. She wondered how such a small force was going to be effective against—from what Holly had told her—a few hundred of Ariel's supporters. But Holly had assured her that she had an edge. Exactly what kind of edge she would not divulge, but the Sisterhood leader seemed confident that her plan would work. And it would work because—as Jenny later learned—it was ingenious.

The buses loaded with women began to arrive at the warehouse just after 7:00 p.m. Secluded safely behind a thick ring of towering evergreens, Jenny, Alice, and Christiana had watched as Ariel's drunken friends made their way into the warehouse, laughing and cursing as they did so. Ariel's sentries were kept busy trying to keep order amongst the drunken rabble and often had to lift one or another particularly inebriated specimen off her feet after collapsing onto the ground in a drunken stupor. Holly had positioned her people so that they encompassed the entire building, armed as they were with automatic rifles that came equipped with fiber optic sights. Holly had told Jenny that she hoped she could avoid violence at all costs, but that Ariel was not to be trusted. Jenny needed no convincing on that account.

And now, after what seemed an interminable amount of time waiting, Holly gave the signal that the rescue was about to commence.

"Why are we waiting so long?" Jenny asked Holly, unable to remain patient any longer. "Edmund could be hurt."

"I have no choice but to wait. I'll explain later."

Holly spoke into her cell phone and issued a series of commands to one of her associates and then turned her attention to Jenny, Alice, and Christiana.

"I want you three to remain here with Justine and Estelle," the Sisterhood leader said to them. "If all goes well there shouldn't be any violence. But you never know."

The three women all nodded at once and then Holly spoke into her phone.

"Did it go in?" she asked.

A reply came back in a few seconds and Jenny could hear a tiny voice confirm Holly's question.

"It will take a little time to take effect. Stand ready."

"What's going on, Holly?" Christiana asked.

"We've just started pumping sleep-inducing gas into the air-conditioning ducts. Hopefully that will put them all to sleep within a little while."

"Crafty," Alice said. "Exactly how long will it take to work?"

"I'm guessing about ten to fifteen minutes. It's a big place."

"And what about those who manage to escape?"

"Whoever makes it outside...we'll be ready for them."

"What if they're one of Ariel's guards? I can't imagine Sisters shooting at one another."

"I don't think it will come to that."

"But how do you know?" Alice asked. "Those women are fanatical in their devotion to her. They may very well start shooting at us!"

Holly smiled but didn't answer.

"You have something up your sleeve, don't you?" Christiana said to Holly.

Whatever Holly had planned she was not going to say a word until the time was right.


"Well? Aren't you going to say anything?" Ariel said to the dumbfounded Edmund.

Marge moved up alongside her boss and gave Edmund the once over. "He doesn't look too pleased, does he?"

The Finchley Flasher stood clutching the pair of black silk panties that Ariel had so rudely thrown in his face only moments before. He was finding this entire affair to be less and less to his liking as time wore on and wondered what new punishment the sadistic creature standing before him had planned.

"All I want from you is to let me and these other men go," Edmund said, flinging the panties back at Ariel.

"You're turning me down? Again?" she replied with smoldering hostility.

"Yes, I am."

She laughed menacingly. "But you fucked Marie with no problem, didn't you? Why won't you fuck me, Edmund?"

"Because I don't like you, Ariel. It's as simple as that."

Greta felt it was her turn to say something and walked up to Edmund and slapped him hard across the face.

"You are not worthy to kiss her feet, you ungrateful bastard!"

Edmund stood his ground, staring down the blonde lackey as if she were the lowest form of life. This made the woman even more incensed.

"You dare to look at me that way?" Greta bellowed as she raised her right hand into a fist.

"That's enough!" Ariel barked.

Greta quickly lowered her hand and backed away, her face convulsed with rage.

"That's a good little girl," Edmund said to the infuriated woman in a mocking voice. "You must obey your mistress."

The crowd of women surrounding the protagonists was silent, watching every move of their leader with great anticipation, expecting her to retaliate. But Ariel remained seemingly unmoved by the Flasher's steadfast antipathy to any sort of physical union between them. A part of her wanted to fuck the godlike man standing in front of her; another part wanted him to suffer.

"I'll ask you once more, Edmund. I offer myself to you willingly. To do with me as you please right in front of all these women. What do you say?"

"I say no."

"And that is your final answer?"

"It is."

Ariel contemplated her prisoner for a few moments deciding what to do. And then, with one fluid motion, she drew her revolver from its holster and pointed the gun at Edmund's head. "What if I told you that you either fuck me or I will kill you?"

Edmund swallowed hard but did not move. "The thought of having sex with you fills me with disgust. Shoot me and get it over with you insane bitch!"

"Kill him!" Marge screamed. "Kill the fucker right now!"

Ariel hardly needed any encouragement. She lowered the gun, aimed it at Edmund's chest, and fired.

Edmund gasped aloud and barely had time to turn aside to avoid getting hit, but there was no impact, no blood—nothing. He had heard a loud bang but that was all. The revolver must have misfired.

Ariel fired again and then again, yet Edmund remained unharmed.

The enraged woman then grabbed a rifle from one of her guards standing close by and discharged several rounds into Edmund's torso, all to no avail. He remained standing, his body untouched.

Her entire body seething with rage and frustration, Ariel pointed a finger at two other armed guards and told them to shoot. "Kill him! Kill him!" she screeched at the top of her lungs.

The two women obeyed immediately, firing more than a dozen rounds at Edmund. These bullets too, had no effect. Edmund looked around at the faces of the other men. Quickly surmising what had happened, each man grabbed the innocuous weapons from the guards and forced the women to the ground. The crowd suddenly drew back in fear, knowing that their one source of protection had now been neutralized.

"We've been betrayed!" Doris wailed, as she clutched her breasts in a burst of dramatic frenzy.

"Of course we've been betrayed you idiot!" Marge exclaimed. "Who is responsible for this outrage? Who?"

There was dead silence from the crowd. The women looked at each other in consternation and bewilderment, now aware that there was a traitor in their midst.

And then, from behind the astonished spectators, slowly but purposefully making her way toward Edmund, was Marie. In her hands was a pistol, and she waved it back and forth warning people to get out of her way. The women quickly scattered toward the outer walls, cringing in fear.

Marie felt the penetrating gaze of Ariel fall upon her, and as she looked up into the eyes of the madwoman she saw the hurt and utter disillusionment that accompanies a betrayal of the highest order. But Marie's mind was not that of a herd animal and it never was. Her true loyalty had always been to the one and only leader of the Sisterhood: Holly McKenzie.

"Take it," Marie said, handing the weapon to Edmund. "This one has live ammunition, so be careful."

Edmund took the pistol from her and stared at it. The chamber was full. "I don't understand."

"He doesn't understand!" Marge spat. "Isn't that just like a man? You blockhead! She's a god damn traitor, that's what she is!"

"You're not one of them?" Edmund asked Marie with a puzzled look.

"I never was," Marie replied, looking steadfastly at Ariel.

Ariel regarded her former lieutenant with a mixture of dismay and contempt. "I must admit you played your part well, Marie; an act worthy of an Academy Award."

"I did what I had to do. No more."

"My most trusted servant," Ariel said, her voice faltering at the thought of being so ruthlessly betrayed. "You were Holly's girl all along."

"She is the true leader of our Order. You have defiled it with your hatred and malice. You and these others."

"You contemptible, traitorous bitch!" Greta screamed at Marie. "I'll make you pay for your crimes!"

She made a move toward Marie but George insinuated his huge bulk between the two women.

"You're not going to do anything to anybody!" George exclaimed, as the other men quickly gathered around him. "In fact, I think it's you and your accomplices who are going to pay!"

Greta looked at Ariel seeking direction, but Ariel's mind was someplace else. Somewhere in that tortured and malignant mind she was already imagining how she could turn this most recent slight to her advantage. Her eyes remained fixed on Marie. How to make her pay?

"Ariel!" Greta shouted. "What are we going to do?"

No response.

She turned to Doris and then Marge. "Well for Christ's sake! There're two hundred of us against twelve of them. What the fuck are we waiting for?"

Without warning, Marge suddenly rushed at Edmund, her talon-like claws seeking his throat. Marie tried to shove Marge out of the way but Edmund's hand had already contracted into a fist and he landed a powerful blow to the woman's jaw, sending her hurtling past Ariel into the startled crowd. She fell like a sack of bricks onto the floor, unmoving.

"God that felt good!" Edmund exclaimed.

The other Flashers let out a cry of exultation.

"Fine work, Flasher!" Billy shouted. "She had it coming!"

One of the women in the crowd threw a glass of water in Marge's face and within moments she came around, her right hand clutching her jaw. She seemed to be in great pain.

"What are we going to do, Ariel?" Doris lamented, as she bent down to help Marge to her feet.

Realizing that her friends were too drunk to be an effective force against twelve large and formidable males, and knowing that it was useless to make threats to Edmund, who was now armed and angry, Ariel eyed the pistol thinking she might succeed where Marge had failed.

Edmund noticed her looking intently at the weapon and smiled.

"I wouldn't try anything stupid," he warned her.

"You can always kill me, Edmund," she said coldly, without emotion. "That's what you'd like to do to me, isn't it?"

"I don't want to hurt you. But if you provoke me..."

"Don't hurt her," Marie pleaded. "She's not to blame for the way she is."

"I know that," he replied, fixing his gaze on his adversary. "But she's not going to walk out of here scot free."

"What do you mean?" Ariel asked him, for the first time looking alarmed.

"George! Billy!" Edmund shouted. "Are you and the other guys up for a little bukkake?"

"You mean shoot our spunk into our mistresses' faces?" Billy asked, thrilled at the prospect.

"That's exactly what I mean."

"Let's fucking do it!" George exclaimed.

Within moments Billy, George, and a few other men had herded Ariel, Marge, Greta, and Doris into a circle and forced them to kneel down on the floor. The other men remained on the defensive, making sure that none of the women took advantage of their compromised position. It took less than a minute for the men to achieve erection, thanks to the EJAX flowing in their veins, and it took even less time for them to masturbate themselves to orgasm.

"Look at me," Billy said to Ariel who kept up a proud appearance despite her humiliating situation. "I want to watch your expression as my jizz hits you in the face!"

Jerking his modest tool with all the force he could muster, the little man let out a howl as the first in a series of long, stringy ropes of sperm splashed into Ariel's beautiful face. To serve as an example to all the other women, she bravely kept her face turned toward the source of the stream, her stoic defiance making her seem more like a martyr than a victim.

"Take that, you whore!" Billy roared. "A nice big facial courtesy of Billy Donovan!"

Billy's copious offering soon had Ariel's entire body saturated in sperm. And then the other men began to ejaculate, firing their abundant ropes of rich cream at the hapless women who tried unsuccessfully to avoid the multitudinous jets as they splashed into their cringing bodies. Within seconds their clothing and the floor beneath them became slick with cum. The men laughed with joy.

"Payback is a bitch, isn't it, Ariel?" George bellowed as a particularly thick wad of his spunk landed in her hair.

Edmund kept the pistol focused on the women. He was not about to let them run away from their punishment simply because they were women. They had made him and his fellow Flashers suffer and now he wanted to return the favor.

"Stop! Stop!" Marge exclaimed as she fought to ward off another creamy load of sperm as it flew past her flailing arms and into the face of Doris who knelt directly behind her.

Edmund laughed heartily at the sight and then turned to Marie. "Thank you," he told her. "You saved us."

"I saved the Sisterhood," was her terse reply.

For a full two minutes the sperm continued to fly until each woman had taken on the appearance of a glazed donut. The men cheered themselves when it was over, relishing the sight of Marge, Greta, Doris, and especially Ariel, struggle to stand up, their entire bodes awash in sticky white sperm, slipping and sliding on the slime-covered floor beneath them.

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