tagMatureThe Finer Points of Sheila Ch. 05

The Finer Points of Sheila Ch. 05


"The Way Things End..."


Miriam Belle



Author's Note:

"Thank you to everyone who has followed the journey of Sheila, Doug and Elle. Your support, kind words and advice have been instrumental in this series being as well received as it has been. This chapter is a little bit longer than the usual installment, mostly to wrap up the loose ends and give the characters an ending worth the value so many of you have placed on them.


Morning had only crested a few hours before Sheila and I drove down the dusty snarl of road that led out to Perkins Grove. The tall oaks held onto the cool blue shadows of morning even as the ten o'clock hour rolled around. We were definitely out in the middle of nowhere, and the funky ruts of the worn road proved it. No one really came out here anymore except for high school kids looking for a party or professional photographers looking for a great shot and the occasional couple looking to get away for a day.

"Easy on the bumps," Sheila smiled at me as I tried to maneuver her car down the road without upsetting her. I looked over at her and marveled. She was in her fourth month now and looking gorgeous. Her belly was poking out in a substantial swell from her midsection and her sundress stretched out as far as it could go. Her skin had taken on a glow all it's own, but when combined with morning sun she looked like an angel. Her bronzed hair seemed to catch fire and smolder in a beautiful display of just how effortless her beauty really was.

"This road is for four-by-fours," I muttered as we hit another rut, "Not a Honda Accord. We should have brought my truck."

Sheila put her hand on my thigh, her touch warm and soothing, "You'll do fine. You always do."

I couldn't help but watch her already swelling breasts bounce as I drove. Sheila had always had the most incredible set of tits I had ever seen. Even when I was I kid, I would gawk at her. One of my goals in life had been to touch them and lick them, and when Sheila had finally decided to make the move herself towards that goal four months ago, my life changed. We figured the first night we were together was when she got pregnant, figuring back for months from the end of August to the beginning of May.

Apparently, the motility of my sperm and our carelessness in protection had been ignorant of our unique relationship.

The age difference didn't matter to me much at all. She was forty-five and I was eighteen, going on nineteen. I suppose I should have been more interested in women my own age, but it just hadn't worked out that way. Even Sheila's daughter Elle, one of the most attractive girls in my graduating class, couldn't turn my head enough to cheat.

Sheila had a unique quality that was beyond anything I had ever considered for myself. It was something I couldn't even really describe. The concept of her seemed to be above me, just out of reach. I couldn't find the words to express it, how I really felt about her. But on the concept of what she was I was perfectly clear.

So I would just say, "I love you."

And I did love her. I loved everything about Sheila Messing (formerly Sheila Crane, but after the divorce was finalized she took her maiden name back), from her perfect body to her tendency to snore to the way she'll snort when she gets rolling on a real belly laugh. I never expected to fall in love with Sheila, and I don't think she expected to fall in love with me. What was supposed to be a steamy May-December romance became something much more.

It's funny how people will try to tell you that love knows no bounds, and that you can't help whom you fall in love with. I'd heard that from almost every one I knew growing up at some time or another. And yet, once our secret had gotten out with the revelation to my parents about or being together, all those cheerful sentiments had gone out the window. We had become social outcasts.

"Are we still going to meet with your dad tonight?" Sheila asked gently, her dark eyes looking to me as she stroked her belly.

"Yep," I said.

"He'll listen," she reassured me, though after their reaction to our great news I figured Sheila would be the last person on Earth to credit either of my parents with open minds.

I laughed, "He'll listen more than Mom will. 'You're living in sin' blah blah..."

"She's just worried, that's all."

Mom had been more than a little worried. She had been furious, very much on the verge of a conniption fit when Sheila and I had sat them down a few weeks ago to talk about our unique situation. After she had finished making threats about statutory rape (which didn't apply to me, since I'm 18) Mom retreated to her bedroom and I had not seen her since. Dad took it all with the usual silent distaste he reserved for most of my life choices. But then what did I really expect?

The fact that I had gotten someone pregnant months before I was to go off to college was an unforgivable mistake in their eyes. What's more, said woman was twenty-seven years older than I and also a close friend of the family. If I had known their response would be as volatile as it had been, I would have told them alone and not have subjected Sheila to their wrath just yet.

Still, they had kicked me out of the house when I refused to live under their rules any longer. Dad had taken the keys to my truck (which was really his truck as I found out) and I became acquainted with a new way of life. Thank God Sheila had let me move in with her that very night. Tom Crane had given up the house in the divorce for her not demanding alimony from him. Elle had little to say about it. She had already moved out and was permanently staying with friends. Though she and her mother had repaired their rift, apparently it was still too raw to be around each other.

"They just need a little time, you know?" I pulled the car over to the side of the road, beside which was an open field with tall grass that came up the waist of a grown man. I disengaged the car and turned to her, "I'm just a little worried myself, I guess."

"You think you're worried?" Sheila sighed, "I went to school with your mother. I mean, I used to baby-sit you for Christ's sake."

I smiled and ran my fingers through her hair, "Funny old world, ain't it?"

"Ha-ha," Sheila leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips.

We unpacked the trunk and walked into the field. I held her hand and carried the ice cooler while she carried the blanket. The sun felt good against my skin as we walked. It would be too hot later on the day to even be out here. It was an Indian summer, and the heat was only manageable sans air conditioners before eleven in the morning or so. The grass tickled the hair on my legs as we looked for a spot that was inconspicuous.

"There," Sheila motioned off to the left towards the tree line. The tall summer grass had long since abandoned its green spring colors and was melting in a golden brown. I could hear a virtual symphony of birds in the trees, whistling and humming their own songs and vignettes to each other as scattered crickets chirped their own melodies in response. Thick, cotton ball clouds rolled overhead and hinted that they might drop a little rain our way.

"Think it'll rain?" I asked and sat the cooler down as Sheila stomped down a patch of tall grass with her feet.

"Weather guy on channel seven said it might," she replied and looked up, her belly sticking out almost comically as she shielded her eyes from the sun.

Sheila spread the blanket out and we sat down. It took her a minute to lower down safely, and I helped her all the way. We smiled and laughed at her reduced mobility as the shade from one of the huge oak trees hid us in broken patches of shade.

She huffed and said, "I feel like a beached whale."

"But you're still sexy," I smiled and kissed her hand.

She looked at me, "You do know that when this baby is your age now, I'll be sixty-three?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "And I'll be thirty-six."

"And that doesn't bother you?"

I frowned. "Does it bother you?"

Sheila hesitated and looked away, "Doug, I just don't want you to regret this."

I scooted closer to her, breaking off one of the slender stalks of tall grass. I put the stalk in my mouth and began to chew, "Look, we've been over this..."

"I know," she said, suddenly a little irritated, "I know you know how you feel right now, but that might change when I start sagging and needing Depends."

I laughed. "You're out of your mind."

"I'm serious Doug," Sheila said, "I'm not a spring chicken anymore."

I looked at her for a moment, feeling both love and frustration. She had been grappling with this issue now since we found out she was pregnant. It hadn't been easy for her, and she had even tried to break up our secret romance to save me the grief of the baby and her perceived advanced age. In the end, I had to argue with her and even plead with her not to leave, to convince her that she was wrong. Part of me feared she would never accept that I was here to stay.

"Babe," I said as I put my hand on her arm, "You know that if I really didn't really want to be here, I wouldn't be. You're just going to have to come grips with the fact that I'm in love you, and that I want you and this baby and that I'm not going anywhere."

Sheila looked at me, her eyes a little glassy, "I feel so stupid."

"Don't," I ran finger down the side of her face, "I know what I'm getting in to here."

"Do you?" she asked and held my hands, "You're so young. You have your life ahead of you. I fell like I'm condemning you, Doug."

I put my finger to her lips and stopped her. I said softly, "It's you, Sheila. No one else will ever make me feel like you do. We'll deal with whatever comes our way, okay?"

Sheila smiled such a beautiful, perfect smile that it almost made me feel high, "Even when you have to carry my to the bathroom?"

"Even then."

"When you have to find my false teeth?"

I laughed, "We'll keep an extra set just in case."

Sheila kissed me suddenly and deeply on the lips, her tongue rolling with mine creating an intoxicating sensation that soothed any fears I might have brought with me to this perfect place. The whole world seemed to melt away and I felt a rare moment of clarity and balance. That seemed to be the core of our relationship when everything else was stripped away. We balanced each other out.

Sheila slid her hand down to my crotch and began massaging.

'Balance and great sex,' I thought.

I placed my hand on her exposed thigh and slid it up slowly along her silky skin to the bottom hem of her sundress. Sheila released a happy sigh and smiled at me as she opened her legs up for me. I looked at her knowingly and gently ran my fingers over the fabric of her cotton panties. I could already feel the heat and moisture from her vagina through the panties as I rubbed her. She gazed at me as I caressed her sex, lovingly teasing it with my fingers.

I ran my fingers to the edge of the fabric covering her mound and after a moment of deliberate hesitation, I slipped beneath the fabric. I found her smooth lips, already swollen in anticipation and becoming deliciously wet. Sheila adjusted her position and opened her legs a little bit more as I teased her cunt, running my fingers back and forth. She rested her hands on her full breasts and began playing with her nipples through the fabric as I pushed my index finger slowly inside her.

Sheila began breathing faster as I slipped three fingers into her hot interior and began a sensual push. Her fingers grasped her skirt and pulled it up over her pregnant stomach as I finger fucked her. I pulled her panties aside with my freehand and exposed her glistening sex to the sunlight. I let my index finger slide out of her cunt and concentrated on her clit, all the while my other fingers rocking in and out.

"You know just how to do it," she commented.

"I have a good teacher," I smiled and rubbed her clitoral hood, coaxing her clit to come out.

"Mmm, Doug," she breathed and licked her lips, "Keep doing that and you'll have a big wet mess down there..."

"I want a big wet mess down here."

Sheila finally got tired of her dress and pulled it off, maneuvering off balance for a moment as she arched her back. The dress came off and I pulled her panties down all the way, setting them on the dress. She wouldn't need those for a while anyway. As big as her stomach had gotten, her breasts had swelled up proportionally as the pregnancy went on. They had been massive before, but now they had to be in the E-cup range. Only the marvel of engineering that was her bra held her milky orbs in place.

I had heard that some men find their mates unattractive during pregnancy and that the large stomach can be a turn off. I couldn't really see the logic to be honest. Sheila looked gorgeous, and I had never wanted her more than I wanted her right now. Something wet fell on the back of my neck and rolled down in cool trickle. I held my hand out and looked up. The storm clouds were sporadically clumped in the sky, patches of dark gray rolling against a bright blue. And then it began to sprinkle, the sunlight catching the raindrops and turning the world into a surreal dream.

"Now is this romantic or what?" I leaned in and kissed her, the subtle earthy scents from the freshly dampened soil below rising up into the air. The rain was quietly drumming against us as I held her. There were only a few times in my life I can remember a single perfect moment, but as the rain fell on us I knew this was one of them.

The water rolled off her face in fat drops, her skin golden and shining in the luminescent rainfall. A small pool of crystal clear water had collected between breasts as her bra became transparent. Her nipples were hard and her areolas were a faded brown ghost behind the white material. Her hair had soaked already, and she brushed the strands back from her face with a simple sweep of her hand. She looked at me, her dark eyes alive with color as the sun caught in her irises and revealed her pupils to me.

"You okay?" she asked.

"I love you," I said. It was an impulsive action, one I couldn't really control anymore than I could control how I felt. It just felt right to say it.

"I love you," she smiled, and then cocked her brow, "You know... we've never had sex in the rain."

"There's never been a better day," I said.

With that, I scooted down and lowered my face to her pussy. I began licking slowly up and down her slit, my tongue pressed firmly against the soft flesh of her sex. As I slipped my tongue into her and began exploring her inner sex, a roll of thunder rumbled overhead and the rain began falling harder. I lay on my stomach as my clothes stuck to my body and Sheila raised her thighs onto my shoulders. I gently spread her labia apart and passionately kissed the hot meat inside, flicking my tongue along the delicate path to her clit. Sheila moaned and resumed the massaging of her tits as I sucked her labia into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her clit, nibbled for a moment and then returned to her opening.

Dragging my tongue down from her slit to the no man's land between her sex and ass, I decided to be bolder in my pleasuring of her. Sheila shivered from the touch of tongue and raised her hips to meet my oral gestures. I worked my finger in her pussy for a moment to lube it up and then I penetrated her ass. Sheila sucked in air as her muscles tightened reflexively around my finger. I didn't much care for anal sex, but Sheila had finally admitted to me that she loved it. And since I loved seeing her in the throes of sexual gratification, I slowly worked my finger in and out of her hole.

"Oh God," she huffed, her breathing rapid and suddenly short. She pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders and pushed her cups down to expose her breasts to the rain. She pulled and teased her right nipple while she raised her massive left breast to her lips. Sheila sucked her nipple into her mouth and began teasing herself as I lowered my lips to her pussy again and ate her out.

I attacked her pussy, licking and nibbling her. I let loose on her clit, dancing around her hardened button as it came out from hiding under its hood and played in the rain. Sheila was moaning now, her body writhing as she pulled and licked her nipples, carried away by the flood of sensations in her body. Her legs began to tighten around my neck, and I knew she was close now. Every breath carried a lustful sigh and whimper of approval as I suckled and nibbled on her. I grasped her hips tightly and prepared as she cried out into the rain.

"Oh fuck YES!" she screamed and orgasmed hard, her hips bucking as she squirted her nectar out. Her cum dribbled down my chin as I continued on her clit. Sheila rode the lightning of her orgasm, her teeth clenched tight and eyes shut as she shook. Finally, she began to ease up, breathing hard and softly saying my name over and over.

"Oh Doug," she whispered, "Oh my God..."

Sheila looked at me and motioned with her finger for me to take my clothes off. She watched with hungry eyes as I stood up and pulled off my soaking t-shirt and dropped my shorts and underwear. My cock was swelling, erecting to it's full seven and half inches as rain spattered on my naked body. My nipples were hard and pointed as Sheila got on her knees and ran her hands over my slick torso. There was something so primal about the rain, so raw about our nudity in this open space that made me feel even sexier to her.

I knelt down in front of her and we began kissing, our arms embracing each other and our hands exploring. I could feel her hand grasp my penis and began going back and forth. She gently pinched my large head between her fingers and teased me as we kissed. I found her heavy breasts and massaged them as our tongues danced together. She always knew just how to make her hand jobs perfect, whether it be the specific way she would squeeze and pull on me or the way she would give my head a little twist with each stroke.

I kissed her cheek, down to her neck and across the expanse of her chest. Fresh rainwater lapped into my mouth as I ran my tongue over her flesh. I felt myself harden to my full length as I slid down to the valley between her breasts. The water drained down the crevasse of her tits like a flash flood in a ravine. It poured down her stomach and to her bare pussy where it clung for a moment and then fell in a stream to the blanket. Sheila ran her fingers through my hair as I suckled on her rock-hard nipples, teasing and loving them. She pulled my face closer to her glistening breasts, encouraging me.

"Fuck me," she whispered huskily and lay on her side.

I lay behind her and she lifted her leg into the air. Sheila took my cock firmly in one hand and rubbed my head around her hot slit, getting me lubed and positioned at her entrance. She moved her hips and the head of my cock slid inside her ass. We both moaned out loud as she moved her hips again and the entire length of my cock disappeared into her ass. I took a moment to position myself so I wouldn't slide out of her and began thrusting.

My cock sank into her tight hole to the hilt. Sheila reached back and grabbed my ass cheek as we started fucking, slowly at first and then fast as the rain poured down. Her skin was hot against mine and I would not have been surprised at all to see steam rising from our naked bodies as we found our rhythm. I cupped her breast in my hand as I fucked her, her nipple poking out from between my fingers. The fleshy mound bounced and jiggled with each thrust in a hypnotic display of her natural bustiness.

Somehow, we moved closer together than we already were. I could hear her breathing, her small feminine moans of pleasure that were slowly gaining in frequency and volume as I rammed my rod in and out of her. She released my ass and began rubbing her clit with a fury I had never seen before. Her arm jackhammered as she worked for her orgasm, the combine efforts of my cock and her fingers bringing her closer and closer.

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