tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Fire Alarm

The Fire Alarm


BEEEEEEeeeeepppp beep BEEEEEEeeeeeepppp beep the siren continued to hurl while she wrapped her ample body in the bathrobe. Not again! Always the same with that stupid hairdryer. This was the third time it happened and campus police had to check every room for a fire. Most of the time it took them awhile to get to her studio but this time the knock on her door came fairly quick.

"Goodnight Miss Rose, hairdryer again?" She rolled her eyes and answered. "Yes, officer."

"Can I check your studio? It's campus policy." He said while looked annoyed.

She opened the door and let him inside. He was hot but always had that strange smile on his face. Like he was mocking her.

If she was more confident she would absolutely have dared to ask him out. He was a bit older than her and that uniform was definitely doing it for her. A white young officer with a nice ass and broad shoulders. Grrrr.

He walked through her rooms and checked everything.

"I have to check the rest but I'll be back with the forms since you're the source." His eyes glared at her looked her in the eye, he turned around and disappeared in the hall. Her bathrobe had moved and she was showing quite the cleavage. That wasn't difficult with boobs like hers. She was a curvy bombshell with a firm ass and big F-sized breasts. Although he was already gone she felt funny, a bit hot. Was he oogling her in that last glare? Mmmm.

He would be back. She slipped two fingers through her lips and fingered her pussy dreaming of Officer Mc Naughty. She was pretty wet when she stopped and arranged herself in the bathroom. Normally she would have changed into more decent clothes but this time she left her bathrobe on. She even practiced some poses in the mirror to see she wasn't exposing too much but just enough.

It took awhile but he finally knocked and she opened the door swiftly like she was waiting for him ...

Something was off and without being invited he stepped inside, closed the door behind him and locked it with his master key. He turned around his voice was tense. "Now miss let's make this clear. This is the third time this month that you tripped the alarm and it seems to me you're doing it on purpose and I've had more than enough of this."

"What!" She yelped surprised. He closed in on her and suddenly she felt scared. "Everytime you stand here barely dressed, showing off your body, teasing me." She stepped back and now noticed the bulge in his pants. He closed in and she tried to move one more step backwards but bumped into the wall behind her. He grabbed the sides of her bathrobe and pulled them down exposing her firm brown chocolate breasts. She tried to scream but was too baffled to say anything.

She tried to cover up her breasts but with her arms still in the bathrobe she couldn't move. He pressed her against the wall and pushed his erection against her hips. It felt huge and rock hard, her eyes widened and still no words came out of her O-shaped mouth. He pulled the soft belt out of the bathrobe, turned her around pushed her against the wall, like cops do in movies, and he bound her arms still in the sleeves on her back. He pulled the knots firmly and she felt a stinging pain in her wrists.

The fear came all of a sudden, and she tried to scream and struggle free. This time not a sound came out of her mouth because it was being covered with his big hand. He couldn't contain her struggle completely and clumsily they tripped and fell to the floor. He grabbed her panties lying around rolled them in a ball and inserted them in her mouth to muffle her screams. While they struggled further she could feel his hard throbbing member in his pants. It seemed to glow and radiate and now it scared her.

The struggle continued and with her hands on her back she fell back to the floor her large breasts providing some cushioning, her big ass poking out from underneath the bathrobe. Her panties in her mouth made her realize she was completely naked down there and her body shivered when she heard his belt click.

She grasped and floundered around trying to get away but his hand around her wrists she wouldn't be going anywhere. Her eyes got big, his flaming hot dickhead was already pushing at her entrance. On his knees behind her he pulled her ass up his other hand reaching for her clit while his cock started inching his way in her wet pussy. "Dirty lil slut, you had this coming!" He mumbled. She was touching herself when he left, dreaming of how he would fuck her, but this rough scenario never played in her mind. He was raping her and although she was scared as hell her pussy was dripping and the girth of his cock was a welcoming feeling inside her.

He rammed her pussy mercilessly, she could feel his fairly large and thick dick inside her. Pulling back out and going back in, slamming his balls against her ass in an applauding sound. She whimpered and moaned even wanted to cry but he was pounding her like a madman. His hand on her clit felt so good her body betrayed her and she struggled but now it wasn't like she meant it. He grabbed her ass rubbed it hard and used it to pull her even closer, fuck her even deeper. She spit out the gag and whimpered. "Please officer don't..."

The answer came quickly. A hard thundering smack slapped her right ass cheek she yelped in pain. "You will be punished." He answered grunting and breathing heavy. He continued to spank her and it hurt, but it only made her hotter and hornier. He grabbed her hair and pulled her from the floor. Using her hair as a handle. He fucked her pussy and slaps continued raining down on her booty. "AAAHHHHH!"

"No don't you! Aaaah!" He didn't care if she was screaming and continued giving her ass the spanking of a lifetime. It started to feel sore and she begged him to stop although she wanted him to pound her to the orgasm slowly building up in the back of her body.

Her tits scraped the floor hard and her nipples were getting all sore and hard, she struggled harder like she meant it now but she was going to cum no matter what happened. He dropped his weight on her back pushing her down even more, she could feel his hot breath in her neck and then he bit her earlobe and grunted in her ear "I'm filling you with my hot sperm and when I'm finished I'm gonna do it again."

In pain she yelled. "Noooo!" But she already felt a hot gush of seed shoot deep inside her pussy. That hot spurt was the sign! Her pussy accepted his cum with one of the most intense orgasms she ever had.

She must have passed out because when she woke up she was completely naked and lying in her bed.

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by Anonymous

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by enteme01/15/18


Was a lovely, well considered story.
I could believe it. Rose played 'wolf' and now, hopefully, pregnant.

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by Anonymous01/14/18

not bad at all

I definitely didn't hate this story!

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by Anonymous01/12/18

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