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The Fire Within


The fire within......

Those of you who know me are aware I work as a real estate director. I own my own agency here in Melbourne and now that the agency is set up properly, I have staff to do most of the busy work. This allows me to do the fun things I enjoy; large corporate deals, overseas contract negotiations, condominium and resort developments, and other such deals that my agency has become quite well reputed in handling.

Two weeks ago I found myself away from home again, missing hubby, Steve. It was a lovely sunny day in Phuket and I was in the car being driven back to my hotel. I was staying at the Centara Grand beach Resort on the beach at Karon, my favourite resort in Thailand. My room was on the ground floor, one of the ones with it's own swimming pool which I insist upon when I stay there, because the heat and humidity make me all sweaty!

I'd finished my business for the trip, and so needed to unwind. The driver dropped me at reception, and I walked to my room, tossing my keys and clutch on the counter as I took a long, cold soda water from the fridge. Just as I sipped the cool liquid, my phone rang. It was Steve.

"Hi, baby!" I said, excited to hear his voice after four days alone.

"Howdy, gorgeous. So, how'd it go? Nail them as usual?"

His phrase amused me.

"Not yet!" I quipped, teasing my husband.

"You're hopeless", he said, "Can't you make one trip overseas without thinking about cock?"

I giggled.

"Honestly? Ummm.......nope!"

We chatted like giddy schoolkids for half an hour, before I hung up after promising him I'd take him out for a special pre-xmas dinner when I got back the following weekend. I was due to fly out from Phuket to Hong Kong in two days time before heading back to Melbourne for a well-earned rest. A new deal was on the table in Honkers and I was due to make submission for the tender.

I checked my watch and saw it was three in the afternoon. Looking outside I decided to head to the beach for some rays and to relax a while. I stripped out of my pants and blouse, removed my bra and grabbed my bikini. The thing I love about Phuket is the fact that us western women can wear thong style bikinis and not get hassled by the locals. Usually it's the other tourists that are an issue, but the Centara is right at the end of the beach and only the resort guests use the beach mainly. I had a lovely new bikini from Wicked Weasel that Steve had bought me a few months earlier, and so I put it on, grabbed my sunnies, hat, ipod and towel and threw my Havaianas on my feet and headed out the door.

I didn't bother with sunscreen because I wasn't planning to stay too long and I also wanted to get that erotic little triangle tan line on my bum that Steve loves so much.

As I walked from my room past the main pool, I noticed lots of kids splashing and playing in the water having fun. I loved the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel and almost forgot that my butt cheeks were fully exposed for all to see as I walked past the rows and rows of sun lounges towards the beach. My towel over my shoulder only hid one side, the other fully exposed. A fit looking dad sitting reading a magazine gasped audibly as I moved past him, and I snapped my head around, catching him staring. I smiled openly at him, my red lipstick smile directed straight at him as I gave my hips an extra wiggle for each of the next few steps as I approached the steps down to the main beach.

Choosing a cabana lounge, I paid the attendant who promptly cleaned a few leaves off it and asked for my towel. Handing it to him, he laid it out carefully for me and then asked if I would like to order a drink. Slowly sitting down, allowing him a long stare at my thong-clad butt, I ordered a pina colada, my favourite, and sunk down into the lounge to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my body.

Now before you think I am some 25 year old playboy bunny, I need to explain something. I'm in my mid-forties these days, and financially independent, but happily married to Steve. I'm quite tall, standing 5'10" in bare feet, and with a slightly curvier body now than I had when I was 30. My boos are a natural 36C and I keep myself in good shape, and enjoy keeping my pussy trimmed neat and tidy, but with a teasing little tuft of hair above my clit, unlike the bald beavers so popular with the young kids these days. So I guess you'd call me a mature woman.

That said, I am also acutely aware of my ability to still attract attention, and I delight in teasing men by wearing classy yet erotic outfits whenever suitable. The bikini I was wearing was a classic example.

I spent the first half hour or so on my back, sitting up, listening to some music and sipping my cocktail. I don't know about you, but a good pina colada gets my juices flowing and before long I ordered another as I rolled over onto my stomach and got some sun on my back. I knew my butt was exposed in the thong swimsuit, but as I looked along the beach I noticed several other, much younger women also wearing g-string suits, and so didn't give it another thought as the attendant bought me the second cocktail. He lingered a while, and I shifted in my lounge just enough to make my butt cheeks shake a little, teasing him without really trying.

By the time I finished the second cocktail, not only was I a little tipsy, feeling that delightful light-headedness of slight intoxication, but I was very hot, and needed to cool off in the water. Rising from my lounge, I stood and began to walk towards the water when I heard a low whistle. Ignoring it at first, I continued to walk towards the waves, until I heard a second, louder whistle, and decided to stop and investigate.

Turning my head, I saw a chubby, pale-skinned man wearing tiny speedo style swimmers that barely covered his large-looking cock. I had to give this guy credit, he was not short of confidence considering his appearance!

Deciding I wasn't interested in taking things further with him, I turned and continued down the sand until I felt the cool waves lapping at my ankles. I must have been a little sunburnt because the moment I jumped forward and dived into the waves I felt that tingling sensation reserved for very cold water on hot skin. I love it! A strong swimmer, I held my breath and did about twenty metres of underwater breaststroke before surfacing and wiping my hair back from my face, enjoying the exhilaration of the cool ocean on my body.

I looked back up the beach and saw that Mr. Speedo was still there, his hands on his hips, watching every move I made. I was flattered, but also totally not interested as I was just wanting to relax and enjoy my own company.

Swimming back to the shore I walked to my lounge and then, without using my towel, lay down on my back once more, the water dripping off my body and down between my thighs and boobs. I put on my sunnies, closed my eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of the sun as it began to dry me off.

As I began to doze in my two-drink state in the sun, a voice from my left sounded.

"That's quite a rack you got there, honey!"

It was a southern USA drawl, and I really liked the sound of it. I have a thing for American men, particularly from the south, and their accent is enough to get my attention.

Opening my eyes and glancing to my left to see the source of the compliment, I noticed it was Mr.Speedo! Damn, this guy was cocky for someone in such bad shape! I had to give this guy credit.

"Excuse, me?" I said, feigning horror at his words.

"Now, now. Don't go getting all hoighty toighty on me sugar. I's just admiring the view from where I was standing. I don't mean no harm. I just wanted to let y'all know I admired the view watchin' you swim and walk up and down the sand there. Names Marshall. Marshall Decker and I'm from Texas back in the old US of A ma'am."

I lowered my sunglasses to take a closer look at Mr Sexy Voice, and realized my first impressions were in fact correct. Marshall Decker was in bad shape.

"Well Marshall Decker, thank you for the kind words, I think. My name is Dee. Dee Bennett and I'm from Melbourne, Australia."

As it turned out Marshall and I spent a while chatting and he was nothing like what my first impression of him had planted in my mind. On the contrary, he was charming, witty and we shared a fun hour or so telling each other what we did for a living, what our lives back home were like and generally enjoying each others company.

After the sun began to dip towards the horizon I decided to head back and relax for the evening, but when I told Marshall, he surprised me by asking me to join him for dinner. I had no firm plans, and didn't think he was interested in anything other than a nice meal together as he was happily married to Dixie, knew I was married to Steve, and so we agreed he would come by my room at eight to pick me up.

"Do I need to dress smart or just casual?" I asked, smiling as I waited for his response.

"Hell pretty lady, you could wear just heels and go buck naked and I'd be happy as a hog in mud! But I guess you best not create a riot down here in ole' Phuket town so how about something classy and I'll choose us a nice place for some grub? See you at eight, Sugar!"

As he walked off I smiled at myself and felt a little guilty for judging him so cruelly, based purely on his looks. He was lovely and I actually was looking forward to some company apart from businessmen with whom I'd spent the last few days negotiating.

For those of you who know Patong Beach on the island of Phuket, you will know it is the place full of girly boys, pubs, strip clubs and generally a sexy, sleazy part of Thailand with a complete party atmosphere. Most of the bars are pretty cheap, and most people get horribly drunk and have a wild time with the local girls and girly boys. I love the atmosphere there, and enjoy it every time I come.

Marshall's words about what to wear made me smile, and so I thought I would dress really elegantly, but also quite sexy, the kind of combination I think men enjoy when they take a woman out on the town. I chose a classic black mid-length dress and matched it with killer heels and a simple gold chain round my neck with hoop earrings. I had a small clutch purse and under my dress I chose a black satin thong panty. I knew the dress was slightly see-through in the right light, and I thought the hint of thong might just give Marshall a thrill or two, without being over the top slutty or cheap.

Just after eight there was a knock on the door, and as I opened it, there was Marshall, dressed in a beautiful pair of trousers with a nice white button up shirt. His belly stuck out towards me like a big beach ball, but he looked handsome and he was wearing a fragrance I found pleasantly inviting. Perfumes are my 'thing' and I was intrigued that I was unable to tell what it was he was wearing. I was wearing John Paul Gaultier, and as Marshall took my hand and lead me towards the pathway leading to reception, he commented.

"Man o Man! That sure is some sweeeeet perfume y'all wearin there sugar!"

At reception I expected one of the modest taxi's that were based at the resort. Usually latest model Honda or Toyotas driven by handsome islanders in tailored suits. I was wrong. I have no idea where or how he managed it, but there was a Black Chrysler 300C waiting for us, complete with a huge, and I mean H-U-G-E black chauffeur who politely opened the door and helped me inside. The seats were leather and I marveled at the comfort of such luxury in the heat of the Phuket evening as Marshall climbed in the other side.

"Where DID you find this car in Phuket?" I asked, genuinely surprised.

"Well l'il lady, you can find just about anything if you know the right place to look or the right person to ask!"

I smiled, and we enjoyed a chat as we drove off from the resort to wherever we were heading for dinner. Making our way into Patong Beach first, I presumed we would be heading to the main strip with all the restaurants and clubs. I've been there many times, having shared lots of fun with Steve, my hubby, and other business associated over the years along the length of Bangla Road. However, when we reached the usual turn in point, our chauffeur continued on past the new shopping complex and into the foothills.

"So just where are you taking me for dinner?" I asked Marshall, starting to wonder if the idea of getting into a strange car with a virtual stranger in a foreign land might not have been such a wise idea.

"Well, Sugar, we're heading to that there big ole place right on the top of that there cliff."

Marshall was pointing at a building I had seen many times from the beach below, but had never been to.

"OH? Is it a restaurant?"

"Not exactly, honey. It's a home owned by a friend of mine and he runs a few businesses here in town and is having a cocktail party. He invited me to come but I felt awkward coming alone, and then when I saw you on that there beach wearin' next to nuthin' on that butt of yours, well I just HAD to bring you with me!"

I smiled and relaxed back into the leather seats, realizing he was genuine in his comments, my mind at ease once more.

When we turned off the main road as it wound its way up the mountainside, the driveway was a few hundred metres long. The property itself was incredible, and I knew instantly that this guy, whoever he was, had oodles of money!

When the chauffeur stopped the car, there was a well dressed man in a suit to welcome us, and then, as Marshall and I stepped onto the front balcony of the beautiful home, a woman, dressed in an amazing red silk dress greeted us and invited us in.

Marshall gently put a hand behind my back, escorting me inside, and as I looked around the massive entry foyer, he whispered in my ear, "Wait till you see the rest of the place!".

I smiled, lost for words momentarily, and we entered into a large greeting room filled with guests all sipping champagne or mixed drinks. There must have been about twenty other people, and I noticed they were all immaculately dressed. I was glad to have worn my black dress and heels, as anything else would have been underdressed!

The first hour or so was spent mingling with other people, enjoying some nibblies and sipping on gorgeous Moet champagne. Marshall was very jovial company and we had a nice time meeting new folks, and also a few that Marshall clearly knew. He was a true gentleman and introduced me to them all as a friend he had met recently which I guess was true.

I started to feel relaxed and comfortable after my third champagne, and just as we were chatting with a middle-aged couple that Marshall knew, the woman in the red silk dress tapped a spoon on her glass and the large room went quiet.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight Mr Palini's home is yours to enjoy. As most of you know, each time we host a function here, you are welcome to enjoy the rooms as you see fit. To commence tonight's entertainment, please welcome the amazing Janice and Roy."

I was intrigued. Her comments, though brief, were interesting to say the least. I wondered what she meant, but was soon distracted as a stunning young couple moved from behind a small curtain onto a raised platform covered with pillows on an elevated section of the room.

"Well Sugar, you'll either enjoy this or I'm a bad judge of character!" said Marshall, clinking his glass to mine as we moved closer to see what they were going to do.

The man, who I presumed was Roy, was wearing a pair of black trousers and nothing else. Janice was wearing a long shimmering silver gown and I could tell she had a stunning body, with what appeared to be large, natural boobs.

Marshall was standing behind me over my right shoulder and I could just feel his belly touching me as the rest of the people there moved forward also and we were moved into a much tighter position in front of the stage area. I felt my face flush as I began to anticipate what the young couple on the stage might be there for.

I was right.

The next twenty minutes was amazing as the couple put on what can only be described as a full-on sex show. I watched and became increasingly aroused as Janice was stripped slowly, her naked body on show, before dropping to her knees, and in full view of us all, unzipped Roy's trousers and proceeded to suck him until he almost came in her mouth. I shifted nervously at that point, and realized that below Marshall's belly, his cock was now stiff and was pushing against the small of my back.

Janice then removed Roy's trousers and they made love in a wonderfully erotic way as we all watched. I finished my champagne and my throat went dry at the instant his lovely cock pushed into her from behind, her mouth creating that incredibly sexy 'O' that a woman's lips shape when she is enjoying the moment of penetration.

Marshall whispered in my ear, "Enjoying the show, Sugar?"

I definitely was, and my nipples protruding against my dress told the truth of my arousal, but I was also nervous of where I was and what might be happening.

"Yes, very much." I replied.

"Good, because this is just the appetizer," replied Marshall, and before I knew it, his hand reached up and gently fondled my breast as he stood slightly behind me.

I wanted to move, but the scene before me was stunningly erotic, and I was quite enjoying the feeling against my breast as my eyes went back to the fucking couple on the stage.

As Marshall's confidence grew, his hand became more and more active as time went on. As I was transfixed watching Roy, with impressive stamina, pumping in and out of Janice as she remained on her hands and knees only a few metres in front of us, Marshall's other hand rose up and found my other breast, gently squeezing them and pulling me back against his now fully erect penis. He shifted in position until his cock was pressed between the cheeks of my ass as I watched the scene on the stage.

My mind suddenly raced back to Steve, my husband, and I wondered what he would think of me standing there, in a sexy gown, slightly tipsy from the champagne, with a strange, chubby man pushing his cock between my cheeks and fondling my boobs in full view of the other guests who I now noticed were doing similar things.

On the stage Janice suddenly stopped Roy, and motioned with her hand for someone else to join them. From behind the curtain, a second man appeared. He was totally naked, and he was also very black and completely clean shaven around his already swelling cock and balls.

Marshall's hands pressed tighter on my boobs as the second man appeared, and he moaned audibly as he pulled me back against him, his cock yearning for more space between my dress-clad thighs. Unconsciously I parted my feet slightly, allowing his more room to push his cock a little further between my thighs. I was flustered by this time, but enjoying the combination of feelings and the visual display that was evolving before me.

On stage Janice was now completely pinned between Roy's cock which was still fucking her with deep, slow strokes, and the new man's cock which she was now sucking. She was in the classic spit roast position and it made me fucking horny watching her being spoilt like that.

I noticed a sudden movement to my left, and saw a woman in a purple gown being undressed by her partner, right in front of all of us. She was thin with small breasts and I stood transfixed as I watched her man remove his clothes too, and then start to kiss her forcefully as his penis stiffened and he thrust it between her thighs.

I was flushed with heat, champagne and arousal, and wanted to watch the show on stage, but was aware that all around me people were also starting to get sexually aroused and involved.

Suddenly, I was aware that my dress was being lifted from behind. I turned to look at Marshall, but it was not him. He smiled at me meekly, still holding and squeezing my boobs, as a stranger next to him paused momentarily to gauge my reaction to him lifting my dress. I hesitated for a moment, my breathing frozen in time, then closed my eyes, rolled my head back against Marshall's chest, and allowed the man to lift my dress above my waist as Marshall stepped back slightly to disengage his hard cock and allow the man to expose my thong clad ass cheeks to him and anyone else who might have been watching.

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