tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Firehouse Pole

The Firehouse Pole


With the engines gone, it was easy to move about freely through the rustic firehouse on Fifth and Reginald. Composed of brick, the building kept much of its very character it acquired from the 1800s when it was built. Love and skillful hands went into the brickwork and intricacies of the building's composition. It even had it's original pole that disappeared into a second floor, a loft perhaps, but I couldn't quite tell which. With a bit of curiosity driving me, however, I meandered through the open lot where the two main engines were parked regularly, and headed quietly up the stairs.

I have always wanted to see what this place looked like inside, but never had the courage to ask a fireman for a tour. So here I am, the sirens still fresh in the background, moving east and away from the station, and I'm climbing stairs. I wonder how many people have worked here through the years, how many lives lost in fighting battles for other people's possessions. It takes a true person to save other people's shit from destruction.

As I reached the second floor, my eyes wandered the open space. Couches, a pool table, a television — flat screen and propped on the wall, a table with chairs and a small kitchenette. To me, it was just like they show in the movies. I paused, listening, and there were still no sounds. I grew confident in believing I was alone, and meandered towards the pole.

Peering down onto the floor below, I grinned to myself. How can one not wonder what it's like to get that call, adrenaline rushing, sliding with the squealing of skin on metal as they rush to a truck, donning equipment? I wondered how many burly hands, how many strong fingers gripped this and stroked all the way til their feet hit the floor. With a grin, I wrapped my fingers about the cool metal and pressed myself against it, letting out a soft exhale as I did. In my mind's eye, the vision of a strong body swirls down to ground, and I couldn't help but find myself growing aroused.

Again, I paused, listening. I looked around the second story from where I stood, listened for footsteps or voices from the floor below, and I still remained confident I was alone, in this large building, with my imagination. So what did I decide to do next, you may wonder? Enough to get me arrested for sure!

I held to the pole and slid to a sitting position, keeping my legs from dangling through the hatch, afraid someone below would see me if they came in to the station. It was a good thing I decided to wear a summer dress that day, for it made what I was about to do next much easier, much more exciting. Already I could feel the dampness growing between my thighs, the heat building in my core as I drew fingers along the pole, then up from my knees to the insides of my legs. With a catch of breath, deft fingertips found a swelling bud through the fabric, teasing it gingerly.

Who knew the smells and created images in my brain would turn me on so much?

I hooked one leg around the cold metal, gasping at the contrast of hot skin against the cool pole. A grin creased my lips as my eyes fluttered shut. Tugging aside the scant cloth of my panties, my fingers found my clit, circling it, teasing it, drawing out more arousal as I could certainly feel how wet I had become. At first it began slowly, but the fact was, I was in a public building, doing naughty things where anyone could find me. And with that thought, two fingers parted swollen lips and penetrated as deep into my cunt as I could possibly press, devouring the digit far past the knuckles and holding tight at the base. A small squeal escaped parted lips as my breaths increased, my breasts rising and falling as I worked those trained hands on my body. I pulled myself closer to the pole, my ass just hanging slightly over the opening that led to below, and pressed my hands into the metal, grinding this feverish pussy with fervor.

It didn't take long for my world to turn white. Lost in a flurry of thought, I cried out, muffled by pursed lips as my breath drew out in long, heated exhales. I threw my head back, eyes closed as I stared into oblivion behind the darkness of my eyelids. The juices from my pussy coated those fingers, slickening them with the heat of the moment.

Grinning, I caught my breath and still with my head held back, I opened my eyes.

"Can I help you?" a voice questioned, directly above me.

I thought I was going to fall through the opening, to travel down that pole on my own in shock. But just as I felt my body begin to freefall, his hand reached out and snagged at my elbow, the other at behind the crook of my knee, and drew me back onto the floor, away from the hatch. I was mortified, beet-red even as I scrambled to my knees, head bent as I stared at the floor.

"Oh god, oh please don't arrest me. I'll leave. I didn't think anyone was here!" I pleaded my case, embarrassed by being caught.

"On the contrary. What you seemed to have failed to notice was me laying on that bed back there, behind those curtains. I saw you come up, and I watched you. I'm impressed you have the courage to sneak through here and play with yourself." His finger lifted my chin for me to look him in the face. He was squatting, and through the work-pants, I could easily see his own arousal. When I finally looked him in the eye, he was grinning. His eyes were lit with a sense of playfulness, and his lips were pursed in a mischievious smirk. It was only a matter of moments where his finger moved from my chin to find its way and wind itself with the rest of his hand through my hair. He tugged gently, bringing me upright as he stood. But he kept me on my knees.

Staring now at the rather obvious bulge of his pants, he began to unbuckle his belt. "Well, well, well. Are you hungry for this, as well?" and without waiting for an answer, the swollen tip of his cockhead sprung forth, bobbling just before my line of sight. My breath caught in my mouth and I looked up at him.

"You're a pretty little thing. I bet you have a fantasy of being fucked here, don't you?" and he was right. I mean, it wasn't as full-blown as it was now, for this man was every fitted stereotype of that sexy, calendar-worthy firefighter. I could see the swell of his muscles beneath the black t-shirt, and I could see, especially now, the muscular stature of his legs and stomach. And his cock was of notable size and thickness. But yet I still couldn't answer.

"Aww, don't tell me you've run shy now..." he chuckled, pulling my head back to look upwards at him, staring at his face with his cock poised just before my mouth. "Do you want to take it?" he asked. "Answer me."

And I did. Rather, my mouth did, but it formed no words. Instead, staring up at his face I caught the tip of of his dick between my lips and sucked inwards, feeling as first the head teased my tongue, but then moaning as the length of his thick cock traveled to press against the back of my throat. My god, he smelled and tasted great! Never taking my eyes from his face, I watched as his own rolled into the back of his head as I found my chin pressing against the swell of his balls. I groaned against his shaft as my mouth began to fuck along the length of it. It didn't help that his fingers intertwined in my hair egged my expertise on.

"God, you're good," be managed after a few minutes of me spending time milking that cock with these lips. I pulled back, winked and nodded. "I've never had any complaints," I returned. His fingers released my hair and next thing I knew, I was standing there, in front of him, as his cock bobbed and twitched, wanting more than what I was offering. I looked down at it, cupping his sac in my hands, fingers toying gently just beneath them as he found my eyes again with his. Leaning forward, his mouth found mine and we were kissing, tongues playing, wrestling in the moment of lust. Murmuring against my breath he barely managed a 'Turn around..' as his hands quickly guided my hips, my body not resisting his demand as I found myself facing the pole and the exit below.

His face buried into the crook of my neck, tongue tracing the flesh as he felt beneath my dress, tugging aside the panties. "You're fucking soaked, you pretty little slut," he growled, his hand rising only to fall with an audible slap against the skin of my ass. I cried out, hands falling forward to brace against the pole, keeping myself from falling below. My hips rolled, taunting his cock as he moved the head of it between my sodden lips. I really was soaked, and it was only one thrust that sent him deep, buried into my cunt and nestled against my cervix.

"Oh fuck yes!" I bit into my bottom lip, for fear of being found out. Now it wasn't just about me, but about this sexy creature in which was claiming me there, in my very own fantasy. How lucky can a woman get?

He remain poised there for a moment, bracing his muscular frame against my backside, his hands wrapping about my midsection to draw my body back against him before finally beginning slow, delicious strokes in and out of my core. I couldn't help but whimper as I rested back, rolling my hips into him as we stood there fucking over the fireman's hole, with me holding onto the pole.

"You cannot begin to understand just how good you feel," he whispered against my ear before taking it between his teeth, biting playfully as his fingers found beneath the dress and teased against my nipples. I retorted with "You have no idea how good you feel, Sir," and with that, his body began to pump a bit faster, causing my knuckles to whiten as they gripped dearly to the metal before me. A low moan slipped through my teeth, my breath caught in my chest. Oh yes, he felt very good there, fucking me in this fire station, not another soul to be found.

"Now hold on tight," he grinned, and I caught the grin out of the corner of my eye as I changed a glance back behind us, staring as best I could at his physique. I obeyed quickly, and just as he saw my hands holding for dear life, he lifted me upwards, parting my legs and driving with a fury into the depth of my cunt. "Oh my god!" I cried loudly, and he returned the words with a primal grunt. My toes barely touched the floor, and I was balanced precariously as it were. The sounds of our skin echoed loudly as he slapped his pelvis against my ass, his balls slamming against my clit. It was enough to drive me overboard, and with this sensation, I bucked back wildly into him with my own animalistic fury. "That's right! Fuck. Me," I snarled, my pussy tightening as the climax began to take hold of my body. Seconds past, and soon his cock and balls were coated with thick juices from a powerful orgasm that rocked my frame, shoulders trembling as fingers fought to hold on. He didn't let up, though, and continued thrusting deeply, exquisitely into me. I don't think I have ever fucked this raw and delicious in my life!

"Take it, you little slut; take it!" he barked as I could feel the muscles in his legs tighten, how his fingers pinched and tugged at my nipples, how his mouth found my neck and settled there, teeth grazing as he sucked at the skin. The sounds coming from my throat were driven by carnal desires, and my body matched his speed. I grinded back into his cock, feeling with every slam into me the bounce of my tits and the breath near knocked from my lungs. His breath sped, his moans now turning into low growls as I stole another look back at his face. I could see the tendons visibly tense in his neck, and the vein of his forehead bulging as he took me, owned me at that fire pole. God, this man was sexy!

"Yeeeaaaahhh," he drawled, pulling me from the pole and closing in on me tightly. His hand dropped down between my legs as his fingers deftly found the swollen nub of my clit. I whimpered as I watched him play, feeling him burying himself as deep as he could into the slick wetness. "Oh my god," I whined, "Oh my fucking god," and he felt it too. My legs quivered, my body began to shake, and his fingers quickened the pace, flicking and circling with fervor as he drove me into another orgasm. "Yes, yes yes!" I cried, "Don't stop!" and he didn't. In fact, he pushed on so hard that we dropped to our knees, his hands settling onto my ass as he pounded harder, deeper than we achieved when standing. Finally, with a loud yell he tensed, his entire body freezing with a final thrust against me, nails dragging from my shoulders down to the small of my back, and he came. I could feel the sticky release of his jizz as it met with my own release, soaking his cock and balls as it seeped from my center. His body jerked along with his cock and he pulled back and thrusted one last time into me, the last of his seed spurting against my cervix.

And with heated breaths, he dropped his frame atop me and curled himself around me. Tender kisses met my shoulders, the nape of my neck, my spine. I shuddered and let out the smallest mewls at the sensation, and then he pulled out. Just as he did, the sounds of a truck was heard nearing, and the garage door was beginning to open. Scrambling, he pulled out of me, leaving a sticky trail of cum dribbling from my pussy lips to the floor, and my thighs. I sat back, drew my dress down and quickly came to stand. Thank god my panties remained, and I just moved them into place, catching the aftermath of our sex.

Adjusting my hair, I watched as this man scrambled with adjusting his belt, sliding the leather into the rung. He looked at me and winked, motioning to the pole. "Be my guest," he said, and with a whirl, I slid quickly to ground, the fireman following. Three men came walking into the building after that, and the man that just moments ago spent himself inside me shook my hand.

"I hope you enjoyed the tour of the firehouse, miss. Perhaps we'll see you again," and he grinned as the blush rose on my cheeks.

"Yes, of course," I managed weakly and turned, quickly making my way out into the open. Holy shit, what a rush, I thought. As I moved down the street, I saw both engines return, backing into their spots. I grinned to myself and did a little skip-step. Walking backwards, I stared at the beautiful architecture that grew smaller in the distance, knowing just a few minutes before, I had the best hose in that house.

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