tagRomanceThe Fireplace

The Fireplace


It was late morning and the sun had finally inched its way in through the soft curtains at the window. Jennifer lay snuggled close to her pillows not wanting to move or even open her eyes. It was Sunday and this was her day to sleep in. She rolled over on her back and ran a hand down her silky negligee. She felt so cozy in bed she wanted it to last. Stretching her arms over her head she took a strand of her hair and played with the end of it. It was so smooth against her face. Closing her eyes she ran her fingers down to her thighs and reached her anxious soft pussy. She could only think of one thing and that was for Steve to be there holding her and kissing her. As she rubbed gently against her warm clit she became very wet. Faster with more friction she ran her fingers and nails over her throbbing clit until she felt so good that she couldn't help but groan. As Jennifer played a rapid rhythm over her pussy she came hard and gently pulsated around her wandering fingers. A rush of relaxation swept over her as the orgasm slowly lingered and vanished. Thinking about Steve she closed her eyes and smiled at the day she knew was about to come.

Jennifer took a warm shower making sure she shaved her pussy smooth. She came out dripping in water and dried her body with sweet smelling lotions and perfumes. She smelled like pineapples, pears and hint of cinnamon. She chose a sexy pair of black lacy underwear and a black pushup bra to enhance her features. She slipped on a fuchsia top with a deep V-cut and a black skirt. It was cold so she bundled up with her soft angora sweater. Steve was just in time as she put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup. At the door he stood with a large bouquet of roses and kissed her passionately upon greeting. He smelled good with a musky scent of perfume and the soft hairs of his goatee tickled her face.

"Are you ready?" Steve asked sweetly.

"Almost," Jennifer replied as she left to grab her purse. Steve was taking her on a mystery date and for once she had no idea what it entailed.

As the two of them walked out to the car the cold winter air nipped at their face and Jennifer slipped her arm around Steve's back as he walked. Steve held her close for warmth and breathed in the smell of her hair for a minute. She smelled wonderful. They reached the car and Steve opened the door. Jennifer slipped in and they were finally on their way. Passing all the city streets with stores and local traffic Jennifer laid her hand on Steve's knee and inquisitively looked up at him.

"So where are we going?" She asked coyly.

"You'll know soon enough," he replied, placing his hand on her thigh as he desperately wanted to go further and explore. He held back and Jennifer grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently.

Out through the city Steve drove the two of them until he pulled off a remote road near the beach. In front of them was a hill and once over the top, Jennifer gasped as she took in the beauty of the ocean view. Nearby there was a private Bed and Breakfast, but at the top of the hill Steve stopped the car to enjoy this moment with Jennifer. The crystal clear view was panoramic and it felt like the whole ocean and coast was theirs. Jennifer reached over and planted a sweet kiss on Steve's lips in appreciation.

The Bed and Breakfast complimented the ocean view as the private quaint Inn was decorated in a subtle beach style. They headed to their room and if it weren't for will power Steve would have ravished Jennifer right there. Instead Jennifer took in the beauty of the room. There was a large balcony with a view of the ocean, soft blankets on the bed, and a large whirlpool tub in the bathroom. The piece de resistance was the huge fireplace with a crackling fire that was burning. Next to a large rug there sat a small table with a bottle of wine and a basket of cheese and a crackers. Turning to face Steve she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

As the two of them kissed Jennifer slipped her arms around Steve's back and caressed his skin. Steve reached down and grabbed Jennifer's butt and held it in his hands. One minute they were kissing and the next they found themselves locked in each other's arms on the floor near the fire. Reaching for her top Steve grabbed it and swept it over Jennifer's head. Jennifer smiled coyly as she caressed her breasts and pulled her silky brown hair behind her head. Steve could not resist it any longer. He grabbed Jennifer close and kissed her neck. He pulled at the clasp of her bra and it easily fell off. He absorbed himself in her soft mass at her chest and grasped one of her nipples with his hand. She groaned at the pain and pleasure she felt. He sucked at the other breast and kissed and caressed till he knew he needed more.

Slipping her arms under his shirt Jennifer drew her fingers across Steve's back until he shivered at the touch. She pulled his shirt over his head and tickled his arms gently. He was still absorbed in her soft white breasts, but they were no longer sitting up and had lain gently down on the ground. It was still a bit cold in the room, but the sensation of the fire and their body heat gave them waves of warmth.

Jennifer could feel Steve getting hard. Steve reached under Jennifer's skirt and caressed her thighs. He reached further up until he felt her lacy black underwear that was drenched in her wet pussy. Pulling down her skirt he looked at her beautiful stomach. It was soft and subtle and she was smooth to the touch. Drowning his face into her, Steve started licking and drinking her female juices. His tongue caressed as she flicked at her clit. Jennifer shuttered at the sensation. She was breathing rapidly and groaning at every touch. As her body convulsed, Steve pushed harder against her clit and she shivered. He raced his tongue over and over in circle around her clit and Jennifer kept coming at each touch.

Slipping off his pants Steve pulled Jennifer's legs apart. He slowly pushed his hard dick inside of her and she groaned at its thickness. Turning her on her side he held her left leg in his arms for stability as he convulsed rhythmically against her. She was stilled breathing hard and was speechless. He turned her on her stomach and caressed Jennifer's lower back softly as he entered her over and over again. He slapped her butt and she cried in pain. The sounds of bodies slapping bodies filled the room and Jennifer's large breasts were flopping rigorously at the movements. The smell of sweat and the aroma of the fire filled their noses. Pushing Jennifer down again he flipped her over to face him. He lay down on his back and she straddled him. As her hips moved up and down over him he held her and reached out to take a breast in his mouth.

The pleasures of sex were countless. As Jennifer came time after time, Steve groaned in ecstasy at her involuntary convulsions inside her. Laying her on her back Steve knew that the moment was near. He couldn't breath, he couldn't think, all he could do was feel as a large load swarmed from him. Jennifer groaned at the pleasure. He was groaning hard as he shot his cum into her and Jennifer was sighing at the sensation of it. Pulling out of her Jennifer reached down and licked the remaining juices. She sucked as his hard dick slowly relaxed. Lying down beside her Steve held Jennifer close in his arms and breathed in her sweet smelling aroma at her neck. Sighing in a calm pleasure Jennifer remembered the cozy feeling of the morning. Here Steve was next to her. It was just the feel, smell, taste of both of them lying close to a beautiful fire.

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