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The First


The touch was everything she had thought it would be. Vibrant, exotic, soft, flaming hot and sensitive. He was her first..... The kiss, holding hands, love, confidant, boyfriend and today lover.

He was going very slowly so that she didn't miss a thing but she was in a hurry to find out what this sex business was all about. They were in her bedroom while everyone was away at work.

It seemed like it was taking forever but it only took a few hours. After all it was the first time and she didn't want to be a virgin anymore. They had started dating when they were thirteen years old but didn't have a sexual relationship until this very day on her eighteenth birthday. She was still debating on going this far because after all you were supposed to wait until you were married. The decision seemed like the right one so she let him continue.

She started the day out wearing a mint green and black polka dot mini skirt and short black blouse that let all the guys know all about the package she carried. Both things at this point had been deposited on the floor next to the bed. Michael loved her she thought so she wanted to give him something she couldn't give no one else.

The feelings that day were so mixed she didn't know what to think. She just knew that it was beginning to feel really good as he began to run his hands through her hair down her back. As he began to rub his hands between her legs she started to get really turned on. He sure knew what he was doing she thought but let it pass. After all this was his first time too or so she thought.

As he started to kiss her he was also lowering her to the bed and asking her if she was still willing to do this. Of course she told him as they continued. He unbuckled his jeans and stripped naked in front of her and she almost died of embarrassment.

She had seen him from the hips up naked but never all of him. He noticed that she had went pale for a split second and started to talk to her about what he was doing. This gave her something to concentrate on while he continued to love her.

He began to kiss her all over her naked body which she tried covering with her hands and he kept pushing them away. She only weighed 102 pounds but she still felt embarrassed about her body. No one had told her that she was beautiful until the moment he had whispered it to her.

Oh my she thought I love him so much. He is the entire world and there never will be anyone else. By this point he is getting her ready by playing with her wet pussy and licking her hard nipples. He asks her if she feels good and she says yes it feels wonderful.

He then asks her if she is ready to do it and she says "I think so." They continue for a few more minutes when she feels his hard 9 inch cock pushing into her. It goes in slow and tight at first and he stops. She tries to enjoy it but there is a lot of pain for being the first time.

As she lays there wondering if this pain is ever going to end, she can't believe what she started. He asks her if its okay to continue and she says yes. He decides to pull out a little then pushed right on in to get it over with, which was a total surprise to her. When he was finally in all the way she began to have doubts but it was a little too late to do anything about it now.

He starts to rock back and forth, she begins to follow his lead and decided this was well worth it. He starts fucking her harder and faster with her keeping right up with him. You would think that it wasn't her first time either if it had been you. He decides that he wants to taste what he's fucking so he goes down leaving her to wonder what he is up to now.

She realizes what he is thinking the minute his tongue touches her clit. She can't believe he's doing something like that but it's starting to feel good and I mean really good. By the time he gets done she has had a climax that has overtaken her body and she has lost all self control.

He gets back up onto his knees and tells her that he wants her to do something for him now. She says anything, I will do anything. He then tells her that he wants her to suck his big cock. She looks at that thing like it's going to be impossible but then she wonders. She begins to touch it ever so softly for fear she would break it. Once she has handled it a little she starts to run her tongue over the head, a moan escapes his lips and she looks up at him. He has his head thrown back, mouth wide open and a cock that anyone would be lucky to have.

She realizes that this is something he really enjoys so she continues. She holds his cock in her right hand and starts to suck it down her throat further and further. He is really moaning now and she realizes that he is close to doing what she did and she can't wait for the outcome. She begins to move up and down on his cock with a vengeance and begins to taste the salty sweetness of her man.

As he begins to cum she looks up at him again and meets his eyes. She decides to swallow his cum while he is watching her and is surprised when he pulls his cock out and tells her to get on her hands and knees. She looks at him and does what she is told. He gets behind her and his cock finds her dripping pussy so easily she is shocked.

He starts to fuck her from behind which she had never thought of and realized as they got going faster that she liked it. It felt so good to be fucked like this that already she couldn't wait until the next time. He started going faster and faster when she realized he was going to cum inside her, she thought about birth control at that moment. They had never talked about it and she didn't care at this moment.

When he came to his climax she also came to her second one and they collapsed on the bed wrapped in each others arms. She told him that it was great and she wanted to do it again. He told her that they needed to rest for a bit so her body got used to it. As they lay there talking about the future she realized she no longer was a virgin.

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