tagInterracial LoveThe First but Not Last for Diane

The First but Not Last for Diane


Diane, is a beautiful woman at 48 years old that still turns as many heads as she did at 28 and at 18.

She has maintained her 38D 28 38 figure through hard work at the gym and with a disciplined running regiment that has her running 3-5 times a week. Diane, has enjoyed treating herself to long restful hours, while lounging around her pool.

The wood fence that surrounds the pool area of the property behind her large, spacious home, allows for privacy that gives her the confidence to enjoy her moments in the sun around the pool, au natural. This particular afternoon in early June was another one of those au natural days around her pool.

The girls were still away at school, taking summer graduate classes, while her husband Bob, was working his usual 10-12 and sometime 14 hour days, married more to his law firm, than his wife. The more he worked the less he would have to see her. She knew that. But that went both ways.

Living a few miles from the city and with very few neighbors, has afforded her the opportunity to soak up endless hours of sun in privacy, while thinking about what her life will be like when her daughters finish college and she will be able to finally put her marriage behind her.

Although her marriage of 26 years seemed to be the perfect relationship to most of her friends, it has been anything but that for the majority of her time together with her husband.

Their two daughters were fortunate to receive their mother's good looks, although only Jenny, the older of the two girls, by two years, was blessed with the physical attributes of her mom in the breast department.

Kim however, the younger daughter, has a beautiful body with long legs and an ass that stops men and draws them into full gawk, while they are undressing her with their eyes.

Jenny however, stops them in full gawk with her lovely 38DD breasts that are peaked with large thick nipples that take can you from that full gawk, into a mesmerizing stupor if you aren't careful.

While the girls have been away at college, Diane has spent most of her time working as a volunteer with a variety community activities that allow her to meet and work with many people. Without fail, every man that meets Diane, is captivated by her outgoing personality that is flirtatious by nature, but is nothing more than her being herself.

This has drawn constant attention from men, where ever she finds herself and has been a constant friction point between she and her husband.

Even though he hasn't liked her for years, he can't stand all the attention she has received. She was his property. His wife. And, even though he wasn't in love with her anymore, he didn't want anyone else having her attention or time. Or anything else for that matter.

Her volunteer work really contributed to her husbands frustrations with her. Too many times he had been at functions that she had told him she going to with or without him. There was no way he was going to let her go to any of them alone. It didn't matter to Bob, how much "good work" his wife was doing in and for the community.

He wanted her home when he called home. He wanted her home when he got home from work. If he could find a way to keep her from going anywhere without him he would. But this is the 21st century and even he knew that would be kind of difficult.

It didn't matter to him that most of these men wouldn't stand a chance with her if she was single. She was still very attractive and regardless of her marital status she was still a magnet for men of all types and ages. He had even caught their daughters guy friends who were in their late teens and early twenty's staring and openly flirting back with Diane in response to her playful exchanges with them.

One friend in particular, Jamel, a young black friend of Jenny's, really was aggressive in his attention towards Diane. Diane had brushed it off as nothing but teasing. But Bob had watched them from afar and he could see Jamel looking at her and kidding with her and not just in fun.

Age made no difference to Jamel. In fact, Jamel had noticed Bob observing the attention he was giving to his wife. When blatantly caught in the act of flirting with this older married white woman, with her husband just a few feet away, Jamel had defiantly winked at Bob.

This grated Bob even more. It was one thing for men to hit on his wife. But for a black man to do so and one of his daughters friends no less, just drove Bob to his wits end.

When Bob had confronted Diane with all of this one evening, she laughed it off as being harmless fun. She was way too old for Jamel and besides she told Bob, she had no interest in any other men black or white. Although in that argument with Bob, she did think about Darrel Woods, a large black man that she worked on a scholarship program with and whose children had gone to the same school as her daughters, who consistently hit on her from the first time they had met.

Her husband had noticed Darrel and the attention he had given her at the last fund raising party they had attended. Darrel and a few others from the committee were out dancing a fast song together. Diane had invited Bob to dance and when he said "no" as usual, Diane went out and joined the others on the dance floor.

A minute or so later, the fast song ended and a slow song followed. Many of the people dancing in the group paired up for the slow song and Darrel had asked Diane to dance. She had felt something moving against her waist while they were dancing and she thought it was one of his hands until she realized they were both resting on her butt. She new that this would infuriate her husband but she was more focused on what was riding up against her waist.

Darrel, is a very tall man and she realized that it must be his cock and that it had to be huge.

Nothing was said by either Darrel or herself. Although Darrel pulled her closer a few times and really seemed to make a point of keeping his cock against Diane's body. She couldn't get that image out of her head for weeks after that.

Nor could her husband get the image of her in the arms of a black man out of his head, but for different reasons. He had made Diane's life even more miserable than usual for weeks talking about her being a tease to every man she met, including every black man!

Even though their marriage was nothing more than a business arrangement now, and had been for the majority of there time together, Diane had not strayed. Sex had become non-existent between them.

It made her feel good when she got some positive attention from men. To her it was harmless. She wasn't going to do anything. And sadly, it made her feel good to see Bob get so pissed off sometimes. He rarely gave her any positive attention anyway. If he did, maybe she wouldn't feel this way.

It had been so long since she and Bob had done anything in bed other than sleep, that she couldn't remember the last time they had sex.

Before this June day was over, she would not have a problem remembering when it was that she had last enjoyed a sexual experience.

The privacy fence around the pool not only kept anyone from seeing what was happening inside, it also kept any activity outside from those inside. This included most everyday noises. So when Darrel Woods, a man that worked as a volunteer on one of the community projects that Diane was involved with, pulled into the driveway and up to the house, Diane was totally oblivious to his arrival.

Darrel, got out of his car and rang the doorbell to the entrance near the garage, on the side of the house. With no one else at home and Diane out at the pool lounging and listening to music from her favorite radio station, the doorbell ringing went unnoticed.

Darrel, decided to look behind the house to see if Diane was out back. They had been co-chairing a local scholarship fund raiser and he had some good news to share about several new businesses that had committed to helping their cause. Instead of calling and giving her the good news, he decided to share it with her in person.

Even though Darrel was married also, he soaked up each chance he could to be around Diane. Her great personality was only outdone by her fantastic body and beautiful face. And for Darrel, just thinking of her got his cock hard in literally seconds.

As he walked around to the back of the house, he could hear the music from the radio that Diane was listening to and he could tell it was coming from the other side of the pools privacy fence. He glanced around to see if anyone was watching him With the nearest neighbor at least a quarter mile away, in either direction, no one was in sight.

A smile came to his face as he thought about the possibilities. If nothing else he hoped to get a glimpse of Diane laying out in a bikini. If he was lucky, and she was bolder he hoped, maybe he would have the chance to see this woman that he had fantasized of treating to his nine inch love muscle, sunbathing in the nude. And if he was really lucky, he might see Diane and one or both of her daughers all laying out by the pool.

As he reached the fence and carefully looked over the top of the six foot privacy wall, he thanked his parents for giving him 6'6 inches of height. At that height and carrying 240 pounds, he was a well chiseled black man that drew a lot of lookers himself.

When he saw Diane laying out next to the pool working on her "all over" tan, he silently thanked her for choosing to sun bath in the nude. Within 30 seconds his cock was at nearly full staff.

Diane, was laying 25 feet away, eyes closed, toes moving back and forth to the music blaring from the radio. Her beautiful tits featured large nipples that looked to be at attention. Her legs were parted a couple of inches and like the rest of her body, glistened with a combination of tanning lotion and sweat in the 85 degree heat.

Darrel, didn't know what he was going to do. He had thought about Diane countless times in situations that were eerily similar to the very moment he found himself in.

As Diane laid there enjoying her quiet time, totally unaware that she had company, she began to think about being on a beach somewhere, far away from there. And far away from her husband. She would be laying next to a man that would enjoy being with her. A man that she could share her time and energy and enthusiasm for life. A man that would accept her for what she was as a person. A man that she could enjoy sex with.

"How long had it been," she wondered?

As she began to think about this her hands began to wander to her breasts. It had been so long since she had been with her husband. So long since she had felt her body want to be touched and nurtured. Her fingers found her nipples of each breast and began to knead them.

It had been so long.

Darrel couldn't believe what he was seeing. His cocked strained against the fabric of his underwear, as he watched the lovely brunet that had gotten him hard so many times before.

They had worked innocently together on the scholarship program almost four years and her beauty and body had stirred his cock to life the very first time he had seen her. In fact, every single time he had seen her since her since that first meeting, she had gotten him hard.

Although they had become good friends, he didn't think that with their marriages he would ever have the opportunity to live out his fantasy. Although married, Darrel had already a couple dozen married white women, notched on his belt.

He had never pictured his fantasy woman being one of those notches. Now, he didn't think he could keep himself from trying to make the opportunity become a reality.

Diane continued to rub her nipples thinking about her far away beach and faceless man sharing the sand next to her. The music kept her from hearing the privacy fence door open. With her eyes closed she didn't see her volunteer colleague slowly walk through the door and begin to quickly undress.

He tossed his clothes over a chair nearby and walked over to Diane and stood above her just as one of her hands slid down to her pussy. As her fingers parted the hair around her now soaking wet love hole, they slipped inside the lips that he had thought so many times about flicking his tongue over. Getting her ready for his cock. There be no need to get her pussy ready. She was doing it for him.

Now it was not in his fantasy. It was reality.

She was naked below him and pushing her fingers from one hand in and out of her dripping wet pussy and her other hand was moving from one breast to the other attending to nipples that were now eraser like in stiffness and twice the length of anything you would find at the top of a number two pencil.

Darrel must have been standing there in a trance-like state, quietly watching Diane, with her eyes closed, rubbing her pussy, for 10 minutes as he slowly stroked his cock.

Then as her pace of the hand between her legs quickened, she began to arch her back, with her impending self induced orgasm racing towards arrival, her eyes cracked open and she saw Darrel, and screamed!

"Oh my God! What are you doing here Darrel," she hissed?

"I am getting ready to do something I have only dreamt of before today Diane," he answered.

Her eyes shifted to his large black cock. It was nearly the size of a coke can around and long. Later she would measure it at just shy of 10 inches.

As she watched his right hand move up and down the shaft of his cock, it seemed as if time stopped, although her hands didn't. Her legs parted as her fingers worked even more aggressively. It was almost like an out of body experience.

The hair surrounding her pussy lips was thick and shiny, mostly from the juices flowing steadily from her. She would be instructed to shave the hair from that pussy, but that was something to take care of later. Right now, he just enjoyed the view and prepared for the next move.

And that move would be his.

She could see Darrell standing above her naked. A black man she had worked with in the community. In a professional setting. And now he was standing above her naked body next to her pool.

Diane couldn't control herself, while at the same time Darrell was beginning to take stock of the situation.

As the woman of so many fantasies of his lay below, rubbing her pussy and her beautiful white breasts Darrel knelt down between her legs.

"Diane I have wanted you for over four years now. I have something to give you and I hope it has been worth the wait," he said.

With that he put his hands on her thighs and opened her legs. Reaching under her thighs from the inside and then grasping her thighs from the outside he pulled her towards his now throbbing black cock.

The towel she had been laying on bunched up at his knees as he lifted her body toward the first black cock she had ever seen. The pre-cum was oozing out and making the head of his cock slippery with the milky coating.

As she began to understand that this was no dream she began to try and talk.

"No Darrel. Please. We are married. To other people. We can't ..." her voice trailed off when she felt the tip of the largest cock she had ever seen and now felt at the opening of her womanhood begin to make it's presence felt.

"Oh my ... I can't ... no wait .... Darrel, Darrel ..." she stammered.

After the first three inches of the large throbbing snake-like organ forced it's way into her formerly virgin for black cock pussy, Diane began to whimper. Darrel, fed her pussy another three inches and she began to pant.

She was being stretched and filled and it hurt. But she didn't want Darrel to stop. She had thought about that slow dance. That first time that Diane had begun to wonder about Darrel and his cock.

He slowly began to pull out and she looked at him wondering what was next. Her fingers from each hand were rubbing her tits and nipples. She had a look of shock on her face. And Darrel knew that she was closer to being his than she had ever been.

Darrel then pulled out almost all his cock from her hot lily white formerly virgin for black cock pussy and then he began to send inch after inch back inside her. Diane began to rock her head back and forth.

Suddenly her body began to shake. It was something she had never felt this strongly before. It was happening throughout her body and it all seemed to be racing through her arms, shoulders, feet and up through her legs. Then as six inches became seven inches inside her, she began to cry out.

"Darrel. Darrel, oh please Darrel, what are you doing to me" she gasped between the convulsion-like feelings she was experiencing?

Her body began to spasm, muscles seemed to be flinching and contracting as her body shook. Seven inches gave way to eight and then he would stop and slowly begin to pull out again.

"No DON'T STOP," she screamed. "Please DON'T STOP," she begged. "Please give me that black cock. Harder Darrel. Fuck me with your black cock."

After nearly pulling all the way out again, Darrel continued this feeding-teasing routine until she totally out of control. After 20 minutes of this and at least four orgasms that Diane could later remember, he asked her a question.

"Whose cock do you love Diane," Darrel asked?

"Yours Darrel. Yours Darrel. I love your black cock Darrel. I need your black cock. I want your cock." babbled Diane.

With that he began to pound his cock in as deep as he could. By now pain had given way to something that Diane had never felt before. It seemed as though each thrust brought an orgasm. Or at least what she thought was an orgasm when her husband Chris had made love with her. And even then she only felt it once in a while. With Darrel, she was feeling it with each thrust.

Finally, after over 30 minutes she looked up at the large black man that had been pumping his cock into her lily white pussy for longer than any man had been able to do so before and could see that his time was close.

"Diane, I told you I had something for you earlier and it's time for you get it," said Darrel.

"You mean you haven't given it to me yet?" she asked?

"No baby, it's time now," he replied.

He then began to pull out and pump, pull out and pump, with a fury that was almost animal like. She threw her hands, arms and legs around him to hold on, half out of fear and half out of self protection. His driving his cock into her and slamming her on the deck was painful. With her legs and arms around him, the pain wasn't so bad.

Then, his body began to shake and his thrusts became more drawn out. With one final motion he drew his body out, what had to be 8-1/2 inches from her aching, soaking wet pussy and drove his cock all the way in. He began to cum like a shower massage pumps water. Diane had never felt so much semen pour from a cock in her life.

She tightened her legs around this black man that only forty five minutes before had been looming over her naked body and whose black seed was now deep within her unprotected married white body.

As she hung on for his final thrusts, and her pussy milked as much black seed as it could out of the cock that had taken her places she had never been before, she knew that she would never have a problem remembering when she had sex with Darrel Woods for the first time. Nor, would she ever have trouble remembering any other time that he took her. And she knew there would be more.

The only thing that she wondered was how soon would he take her again, to places she had never been before.

And as she looked up at Darrel. He got her wondering about that and much more when he said.

"Diane. I have plans for you. Big plans. My friends are going to enjoy meeting you."

"Anything Darrel. I will do anything you want. Just let me have more of your black cock Darrel," was Diane's reply.

With that he pulled his cock out of her pussy and her pussy gushed with their cum juices.

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