tagFetishThe First Cut

The First Cut


The next morning I awoke to find myself alone in bed, carefully covered to keep me warm, with the remains of the wig I had been wearing the night before placed on one of the corner posts of the bed. The plastic hairs that we had cut and mangled were cleanly swept up into a pile.

I inched my way to the edge of the bed, and climbed out into the chilly morning air. The briskness of it instantly caused my nipples to stiffen, forming hard, naked peaks on my chest. I walked over to the desk, and grabbed my husband's dress shirt from the chair, and slipped into it, leaving the neck unbuttoned down to between my breasts, showing a large swath of cleavage.

As I made my way downstairs, I could smell breakfast cooking, and I could hear him clanging dishes in the kitchen. In the dining room, the table was set for two, with cups of orange juice, whipped cream, fresh cut strawberries, chocolate syrup, and fresh, warm waffles stacked on a plate.

"Well, hello there, sleeping beauty," he said, smiling, as he walked out of the kitchen wearing only his jeans. Suddenly, my mind went to the night before, and I became aware of how I was a little sore from getting fucked so hard.

He pulled out my chair for me, and I sat down, pulling my feet up beside me to keep my bare ass from getting too cold on the smooth wooden seat. As he slid me in, he leaned in next to me, and passionately kissed me, running his fingers up my neck into the back of my hair, then around to my chin, following my jawline. My body shuddered slightly, my skin prickling up with goosebumps.

"Hi baby. Thank you for cleaning up after us, last night," I said, my mind wandering, replaying the scene in my head. I slid a waffle off of the serving plate onto my own, and he piled strawberries on it, and covered it in chocolate syrup and whipped cream for me.

"It was my pleasure, gorgeous girl," he said, that smile never leaving his face. He offered the whipped cream to me, and I opened my mouth. He grinned more, and sprayed the whip cream into me. I squeaked and laughed as I felt the airy, creamy substance overflowed from my mouth, knowing that he intentionally gave me too much to even close my mouth without making a mess.

I covered my mouth with my hand, and tried my best to contain the whipped cream and eat it, as he sat down in his seat, and prepared a plate for himself. Once I had finished eating the mouthful, we began eating our breakfast in almost silence, me focused on my plate, trying not to look to conspicuous.

I noticed him almost staring at me constantly, that little smile on his mouth, and a glimmer in his eye.

"What??" I blurted out, turning red after glancing at him for the fifth or sixth time, without him looking away. He grinned even more, seeing my cheeks and chest turn red.

"Nothing." he simply stated, and took another bite of his waffle.

"You're so weird!" I said, and continued to focus on eating my delicious waffles. The strawberries were so sweet, and the whipped cream so fresh. It was very filling.

When we had finished, he stood up, gathering both of our plates up, and kissed me again. "You gotta get ready for work, or else you're gonna be late, naughty girl" he said as he planted a kiss on my forehead, and disappeared back into the kitchen with the dishes. I glanced at the clock on the shelf on the wall across from me. He was right, I was running out of time to get ready for work.

I hurriedly ran back upstairs, and into the bathroom, realizing I hadn't gone pee yet. When I stepped into the bathroom, I noticed he had laid out clothes for me. Black striped stockings, a solid black pencil skirt, my hot pink push up bra, and a sexy, skin tight shirt. I noticed that there were no underwear picked out, and thought he had forgotten about them at first.. and then I realized what he wanted me to do.

I pulled up the bottom of his shirt, sat down on the toilet, and began to relieve myself. I pulled the stockings up over my calves, and got them up to my knees, trying to keep the chunky stripes as straight as I could.

I noticed the handle of my hair cutting scissors sitting on the sink, after I had pulled the stockings up as far as I could. I finished relieving myself, and cleaned myself off as I stood up. I unbuttoned the dress shirt, shrugging it off, letting it fall to the floor, and pulled the thigh high stockings up the rest of the way. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, my real red hair falling down past my shoulders, resting in it's natural wavy form. I leaned against the sink, enjoying the cold feeling of the smooth porcelain against my unshaven mound.

I began to play with my hair, looking at myself in the mirror as I held it up, imagining it being different lengths, separating out chunks, thinking about cutting some off. The next thing I knew, my one hand had found the shears, my other was holding a thick lock of hair from right behind my ear, a place where no one would notice, if I kept my hair down.

I bit my lip and slid the cold scissors along my neck, the mouth of the scissors ready to gobble off the section of hair I had chosen. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and closed the scissors, holding on to my hair to keep it from falling and making a mess. It felt so much better, now that it was my real hair I was cutting off. I opened my eyes and looked at what I had done. In my hand was 7 inches of hair, 1 inch left on my head. I set the scissors back down on the sink, my heart racing, my mind unable to stop thinking about what I had just done.

I straightened the hairs I had cut off, and set them aside, deciding that I needed to stop now, before I cut more. It felt so good to cut off that little chunk, I couldn't stop thinking about how cutting the rest would feel. My wet pussy ached for release, thinking about it, but there was no time to take care of that problem, I would just have to be horny all day long. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too bad.

I finished getting dressed, sliding the skirt up over my legs, with no underwear, like I understood he intended. I fastened the bra, and adjusted my heaving breasts in it, making them as pert and large as I could. After slipping the shirt on and buttoning it up as well, I began to focus on my hair and makeup in the mirror. I ran my hair pick through my hair, detangling it as much as I could, leaving it to fall down around my shoulders. My makeup, I applied a little bit more than I usually do, giving myself more of an evening look than my usual understated look I go with, adding a little extra color to my cheeks, some lipstick, and smokier eyes.

When I was done, I ran into the bedroom to find shoes. He had left out his favorite pair of my high heels, a pair of pinstriped peek-toes with an ankle strap. As I sat down on the bed to put them on, I noticed myself in the full length mirror on the closet. Once the shoes were on, I stood up, and began admiring myself in the mirror.

He always told me I was beautiful, and, though I always just rolled my eyes, or laughed at it.. I could see it now. I felt so sexy in these clothes – he sure knew how to dress me up and make me look sexy. I stood there for a minute, modeling to myself, turning around, admiring my ass, noticing how far up the relief slit on the back of the skirt went – almost to my bare ass. I gathered up my hair into a pony tail in my hands, looking over my shoulder into the mirror. I hoped I wouldn't have anyone following me as I went upstairs, or else they would be getting one hell of a free show if they looked, I thought to myself.

After a couple more minutes were wasted in front of the mirror, I decided it was really time to get going. I headed back downstairs, my shoes clicking as I walked down. I heard him rush to meet me at the bottom of the stairs, and I saw him grinning like a fool as I reached the bottom.

"Have a wonderful day at work, you beautiful naughty lady," he said, and then pressed his lips to mine, his hands reaching behind me and exploring my ass – no doubt to check to see if I was wearing underwear or not.

"Be good!" I reprimanded him, giggling. "I have to go! I'm going to be late!"

"I hope so.. I want a baby." The grin on his face said it all. I forced a look of astonishment and spun around.

"Good day, mister!" I said, as I opened the door. He grinned even wider at me, and I couldn't help but laugh and smile back at him.

He closed the door behind me as I walked down the porch to my truck. I felt like everyone in the neighborhood was staring at me, even though no one was outside. I felt so exposed, but so sexy like this. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.

At work, I spent most of the day resting my head on my hand so that I could play with the short section of hair behind my ear. I swear, it was the longest day at work I had ever had. Thankfully, the office had ordered lunch for us, because as the day progressed, I had become more and more self conscious, thinking everyone could see my fiery red bush through my skirt, with no panties to hide my sex from the world.

Finally, when the end of the day came, I rushed home, trying to escape the eyes of the world. Halfway to my truck, I got a text message.

"hey we're out of some stuff can you run to the store?"

my heart pounded, and I contemplated what to do.. should I ignore it? Should I lie and say I'm already home? If he was home, he'd know I was lying.. and he knows I always check my messages. I decided on what to say.

"long day at work.. is it really needed?"

A long pause, then his reply.

"kinda, yeah. Shouldn't take long, though." followed by a short, seeming random list, but, that was him; random.

I sighed, and resigned myself to going. It really was only a few items, and couldn't take too long. Little did I know then...

"Ok, I'll be quick. See you later?"

"Yep. Love you lots, babe."

I pulled into the grocery store lot, gathered my wits, and rushed in, thinking I was going to be as quick as possible. As I got to the aisle for the first item, I realized that it was on the top shelf, and only a few left, shoved way to the back. I groaned as I realized that the short slit on the back of my skirt was going to show my ass off to the world if I reached for it. I looked around, realizing that there was no one around to ask for help, that there would also be no one to see if my ass did peak out. I quickly stretched up and snagged the item, then deposited it into the blue shopping basket, and readjusted my skirt.

On to the next item! I thought to myself. Click-click-clicking as I walked down the aisles, dodging shopping carts and other people, I made my way to the second item. It took me a few minutes to locate where it was.. they had been moved from their usual spot, onto the bottom shelf. This time, there were lots of people around, and it'd be crazy to ask for help to reach something low. My blood ran cold as I realized that if I bent over, that all the people behind me would get a nice clean view of my ass and pussy underneath my skirt. Trying not to make too much of a commotion, I bent at the knees, and practically had to sit on the floor to keep my goods covered, to reach it. I managed to, though, and stood back up with minimal bending as well, and glanced around. It seemed like no one had noticed.

Three items to go, thankfully. As I rounded the corner to where the next one should be, I realized that it, too, would be in a spot that would almost make me reveal myself to the world to get. I wondered if he had made this list on purpose. It seemed like something he would do, especially since the items were so random. He did like me to show off, maybe he was trying to see just how much I would be willing to show?

I gingerly gathered the last few items without much further complication.. having tall people get the things up high, and waiting for a clear moment to get lower things. As I was in the checkout line, I received another text from him.

"I had to run back to the studio. I won't be too late. Love you. :-*"

Oh thank goodness, I thought. I wanted to get into something a little less revealing, I was really starting to get uncomfortable. I paid as quick as I could, and rushed out to head home.

As I walked in the door, I noticed that he still wasn't home. I dropped the bag of groceries and rushed upstairs to our bathroom. I pulled up my skirt, and sat down on the toilet to pee, and removed my shoes, tossing them into our bedroom from the toilet. The nice thing about no underwear, was not having to pull them down to pee, I thought to myself. I stood up, wiped myself, and began undressing.

I had unzipped my skirt and unbuttoned my shirt, when I noticed that the scissors had been left out on the counter.. I had put those away, hadn't I? And my hair clippers.. they were plugged in, and sitting on the counter as well. I knew I hadn't had those out for a while. Was this him? Did he cut his hair after I had left this morning?

I quickly disrobed, losing everything except the stockings, and stood there in the bathroom, at the sink, staring at the scissors and clippers in front of me.

Should I do this? I thought, as my trembling hands seeked out the familiar grips of my scissors. I looked into the mirror at myself, imagining how short of hair I could have. I felt a warmth spread through my pussy as I ran my fingers through my hair with one hand, and worked the scissors with the other.

As I ran my fingers through my hair, I decided how short I wanted to go. I gripped a section of hair, and slid the scissors along my fingers. All I could do was think about how much I wanted to cut it. I closed my eyes, and squeezed the scissors shut, SNIP! There was no going back, now. The section of hair fell down the back of my shoulders, tickling my ass as it dropped to the floor. It felt so nice, the path it traced down my back. I readjusted my hand, sectioning out the next cut. I felt so naughty, so bad, cutting my own hair. I bit my lip as I continued to work.

Cut after cut, hair after hair, I felt more and more emboldened, working faster, cutting more at a time. Every cut made me wetter and wetter, looking at the pile of hair forming on the floor beneath my made my pussy quiver. I began grinding myself against the sink as I cut more, feeling the cool porcelain press against the wet lips of my sex.

I was almost in a trance, cutting, grinding, moaning, working myself towards orgasm as I cut my hair. I closed my eyes, cutting the back of my hair, feeling so close to release, my hair cut practically finished when I heard the bathroom door click behind me. I jumped, startled, and the scissors closed on my hair for the last time. Quickly, I turned, dropping the scissors and covering my bare chest and body as best as I could, my eyes settling on the intruder that was now walking towards me.

"What are you doing?!"

It was him, he had finally gotten home. I must have not heard the downstairs door close in my passion. His eyes studied my new hair, and suddenly I felt very naked and exposed. He reached his hand out, brushing against my cheek, and then carressed my hair.

"Oh, baby.. I like it. But I think you slipped."

I gasped, and turned towards the mirror, looking in horror at the huge chunk of hair that was missing from the side of my head. I reached up and touched it, making sure I wasn't imagining things. My heart raced as I realized what had happened. When he had made me jump, I must have moved the scissors. My eyes began to well up with tears as I set the scissors down on the sink. I was so angry I had messed up my beautiful hair, but at the same time, the feeling of cutting off more than I wanted made me feel so good. It was almost orgasmic, the feeling of chopping into my hair. I kept touching it, pulling on the section I had ruined.

I felt him stand behind me, and slide his hands up from my stocking covered thighs to my hips, then trace around the front, brushing against my pubic hair, up to my breasts, stopping there to cup and caress them.

"You better keep going, it will never do, leaving you looking like that."

He tweaked my nipples slightly, then released my breasts. He kept one hand on my waist, and the other grabbed the scissors from where I had dropped them in the sink. He placed the cool steel of them against my belly, and leaned his head in against my neck, his mouth near my ear.

"Cut it, baby.. cut it all."

I almost came from his words. He wanted me to do this. He loved my long hair, always telling me how sexy it was. He enjoyed braiding it, playing with it, smelling it.. but yet, he wanted me to cut it all off. My hand wrapped around the handle of the scissors on my stomach.

"Okay.." I stammered. What was I about to do? I was so hot, my face felt like it was burning, my chest heaved. The scissors felt like ice against my skin. The fire from my breast spread down my body, between my legs. I felt so horny, I couldn't believe it.

He ran his fingers up the back of my neck, and I closed my eyes as the goosebumps ran down my body. He placed his nose near my hair and inhaled deeply. His fingers locked in my hair, pulling my head back gently but firmly. His mouth was at my ear again.

"Chop it off, baby. I wanna watch you ruin your hair. Do it.. for me." he released my hair, and I felt him disappear from behind me, my body rocking back, wanting to feel him again. I opened my eyes, searching for him in the room. He was closing the toilet, and sitting down on it, his eyes never leaving me.

I realized that in one hand I held the scissors, the other was running through my pussy hair, teasing myself. He wanted me to hack away at my hair. I burned with desire. I raised my hands to my forehead, pulling a lock of hair forward, looking through it at myself in the mirror. I started to use my fingers as a guide, then stopped. I slid the scissors against the skin by my forehead, glancing over for approval at him. What I saw was him, smiling, massaging himself through his pants.

"Do it, baby."

As if his voice controlled my hand, I closed the scissors. My bangs were now crooked, half cut. It felt so good. I looked down in the sink at what I had done. I wanted to do more, I wanted to just take the scissors and go crazy.

"Come on, gorgeous girl. Keep going. I know you want to."

I swear, that man could read my thoughts. I readjusted the scissors, this time holding out a chunk of hair to my side and randomly snapped the scissors shut on it. I was left with a stub of hair in my hand. I was so excited, she couldn't believe she was finally doing this. I looked over at my husband, sitting on the toilet, and I offered the lock of hair to him. He smiled back at me, and held out his hand. Feeling frisky, instead of just handing it to him, I tossed it towards him, watching the hairs scatter all over, flying through the air.

"Oh, you naughty girl. Good thing I already have that souvenir you left out on the counter from earlier." His eyes twinkled with mischief, and I suddenly blushed bright red.

He knew. I felt so open, so vulnerable. I can't believe I forgot to clean up, earlier. That's why the scissors and clippers were still out. He wanted me to do this. I felt so embarrassed, but so turned on. It made me start to cut more and more. I wasn't even looking into the mirror, my eyes were locked with his. I hacked away at my hair, not caring what it looked like, just how it felt to cut and keep cutting. My pussy was getting so wet, I felt like my juices were going to start running down my legs.

I couldn't stop, I just kept on cutting. It felt so good, I felt like I was going to cum right then and there, without him touching me, just with my fingers running through my ever shortening hair. I squeezed my thighs together, my entire body tingling with intense sensations. I closed my eyes, cutting and cutting away.

After snipping away for what seemed like hours, he spoke to me. "If you keep going.. you're not going to have any hair left." I opened my eyes, and looked into the mirror.

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