tagRomanceThe First Day Together

The First Day Together


When Mary walked into the cafe, David knew she was the one! Everything about her was perfect. The shoes she wore were bright red. Her tight black leather skirt hugged her wonderful curves. When he looked at her top again, he wondered where she might have found such a shirt. Perhaps on a recent trip to Paris or Milan.

The beautifully cut red shirt had to be silk! And the way it complimented her figure was amazing. That little cap she wore, that was so 1940s, and gave her a real classic look; he had never felt his body so alive when looking at a woman.

He walked over to her table and smiled down at her. The thorns on the roses he grasped in his hand made his hand ache in shooting pain, but as he looked into her light blue eyes he asked her, "do you mind if I join you, my name is David?"

Mary felt a warmth spread across her whole body as the man in the casual well cut Armani brushed cotton suit she had seen sitting alone drinking coffee yesterday, approached her. When David stopped and looked into her eyes, she felt a tingle run up hers spine.

His simple request was a dream come true for her.

She smiled back at David and said, "my name is Mary and that would be wonderful, what will you have; apart from me that is." She laughed! He laughed too!

David said. "I'll have a short black coffee, with a glass of water, and when can I have you?"

Mary just smiled and left his question unanswered.

He sat down next to her; even though the chair opposite was vacant so that his leg would be able to slowly touch hers during their time together at the table. As they talked and told each other about the special things in life that they cared about, she thought how strange it was that fate had brought them together. When his leg was upon her flesh, she knew it gently touching her leg and that gentleness was a reflection of how caring and careful the gorgeous man sitting next to her was, in the way he conducted his life .

Although she had never done anything so bold; no never before in her life, she reached out slowly and placed her hand on top of his hand. Then she slid her fingers between his fingers, inter-locking their hands together in a symbolic embrace reflecting that she needed to be caressing his body to feel totally alive.

He felt her hand knowingly cover his flesh and take possession of his hand. It was like they had known each other for years, they were so like lovers who had been apart and had come together after a long absence.

Both felt the strong attraction and their immediate comfort in the twoness of their togetherness; because they were meant to be together as one. It was a ying and yang connection that they both felt. And so it meant their togetherness had created an immediate fulfilment of a longing that had been silently sitting in their hearts - but was now extinguished; something missing from their existence was now alive and singing like a canary.

Like a part of their being, which had been missing so long, had suddenly been completed.Now that they were whole they could create something beautiful together.

The wholeness they felt together brought a contentment, an instant relief and fulfilment that both experienced, and each knew from the other that they were experiencing the same deep inner feelings of contentment. The sharing danced between them, pulling them closer and closer together, so that the bond that fastened them would never undo.

David presented the delightful roses he had grasped in his hand to her. Watching her facial expressions so carefully as the roses came into her line of sight. She took the flowers with her free hand, and lifted them towards her face slowly. As they moved close to her nose she could smell the exquisite sweet perfume of the David Austin roses.

Her mind was taken back to her childhood, standing next to her father as he handed her the roses he was cutting in their garden, it was a sad memory, and a tear rolled down her cheek. David reached out with his hand to wipe away the tear on her cheek.

She smiled at David, and said, "a happy but sad memory. You know roses are my favourite, and David Austin roses are really divine. How did you ever know I adore them?"

He smiled and said, "I didn't but I do now."

He reached out carefully and tenderly brushed the hair that had fallen across her face away from her eyes as she was talking to him. Hearing her voice, it was hard to concentrate on her words. It was like an angel was singing to him. He wanted her to never stop talking, her emotions danced across her face as she talked to him.

Her voice was opening up a pleasure that he had never known before. To watch her emotions dance across her face, the sadness, moved to a smile, and then to elation. He always wanted to see that face. How easy it was to imagine himself a very old man, seeing that same precious face looking back at him with cherished love.

The years would flow past but that connection between them would flow across eternity. He could never image himself without her now. All he wanted was to be in her presence.

No-one had ever looked at her like that before! It was such an adoring look. A look that says, I see what you are, and that you are what makes me whole. His face was a mixture of adoration and delight. Like he had just seen a butterfly for the first time in his life, and experienced something so beautiful. Somehow life was more wonderful knowing that such beauty existed in the world.

Mary knew instinctively then that he was hers and she was his. Nothing would tear them apart, that they would live their lives together, end their days together, love each other through all the hard and fun times, and go to the next life complete for having been together.

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