tagNovels and NovellasThe First Foundation Pt. 01

The First Foundation Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

Warning: Parts of this series contain violence, coercion, extortion, blackmail, non consensual sex, same sex copulation, derogatory terms, interracial sex, political statements, cheating and a lot of other stuff good boys and girls should not read (on porn websites). If any of the above are not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading this. Just read something else or eat a dick, your choice.

Book 1: Roots and Culture.

Chapter 1

Dez or Desmond was born and raised in a small town in a small, insignificant Souther African country. The residents of his town worked in a nearby coal mine or an iron and steel plant. The town had been established during colonialism. The crowded settlement for the blacks was built on the windward side, to ensure that they breathed in all the factory gas emissions. The smaller, neater, roomier settlement for the whites was strategically positioned so that the wind passed from it, to the factory and then to the blacks, probably just to show them another example of European civilization and enlightenment.

Dez was born on the stroke of independence. Now, a mass exodus of white people took place, for they had lost their privileged positions and they were racists who did not want to be under black rule. Most of all, they feared that the blacks would want revenge for the evils that had been perpetrated against them in a century of colonialism. The whites who could afford it left. England was only taking back those whites that had money. The ones that didn't migrated to neighboring countries that were still under white settler rule, for Nelson Mandela was not yet released from bondage and raised to a world Hero, and the children of Adolf were still ruling Namibia. The whites who remained behind barricaded themselves behind their walls, sent their kids to exclusive, white only schools and kept themselves isolated from the blacks, even though the hand of reconciliation was extended to them.

The people in the black settlement where Dez grew up were proud of their African roots. The face of the settlement changed after independence. The white colonial settlers had put legislation in place, prohibiting blacks from building big, spacious brick houses, saying Africans were used to dwelling in trees and mud huts and anything else would confuse and destroy them. It was all part of the plan to keep the blacks underdeveloped, by these guys who acted as if they invented the wheel (Egyptians), mathematics (Arabs) and called tea their traditional drink although it wasn't grown in any province of England, unless India was located somewhere near Ipswich or Westminster, and belonged to a gentleman named Earl Grey or something. That legislation had since been overturned and some Africans were building impressive Villas with swimming pools and what not, leading one jealous white settler to say, "Shit! You cant keep a nigger down!"

However, the noxious gas emissions from the mine were a constant reminder that their land had once been colonized by the skinless, knee less people (as whites were commonly called locally) and that their people had waged a bitter guerrilla war for independence, a fact which filled all the black people with pride. However, they did not hate white people for it was not in the nature of Africans to hate another race. And watching TV and movies they were even brainwashed into believing that the white people were civilized and nice and that the streets of Europe, USA (huge island robbed by white men) and Australia (some island populated by the descendants of English convicts) were paved with gold.

The population of the town consisted of various national folks, as well as migrants from Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and practically every Southern African country.

They had different customs, cultures, religions and languages, but this was never a problem. Of course, people made jokes about each other. However, when it came down to it, either you were nice and respectful and they liked you, or you were funny in some funny way and they didn't like you. Dez grew up with so many kids from different countries that by the time he was 6, he could speak five different languages, which was normal for most people in town.

The locals, whether rich or poor, loved life and they were happy. The sun would shine all the time and the people were of a good disposition. They liked song and dance. They turned their music up loud, danced wherever they heard a nice song, laughed heartily and walked with smiles on their faces. They were very hospitable and friendly. However, they were very proud people; if you disrespected them, and they were sure it was intentional, the wise adults would avoid you, and the younger men or women could insult or even bash you, for they had the blood of warriors flowing through their veins.

Dez' dad owned a supermarket and Dez grew up helping out there. His mom was a secretary in a school. Mom was a tall, busty woman with a butt like Mama Africa, real big. She was good natured and happy, with a loud, cheery voice, but if you were cheeky and stubborn like Dez, she could get dangerous, and send a high heeled shoe flying after you at high velocity. Dez had a younger brother and sister, a set of twins, two years younger than him. His mom loved her children like a mother hen. In the evenings, she would feed them hearty food, tell them stories and play a drum, teaching them traditional song and dance. Some of the dances were very naughty and raunchy, with a lot of ass shaking and hip rolling.

Dez dad had a second wife, with whom he had two kids. It was normal that men could have as many wives as they afford it and satisfy. Sometimes his dad slept at his mom's house sometimes he slept at his other woman's. Dez called the second wife mom too and her kids were like his own siblings to him. His mom and the other wife got along well, and the kids moved freely between both homes. In fact, initially, the second wife had lived in their house and shared his parents bedroom. When he started knowing about sex, Dez would sometimes wonder if his dad had fucked both women at once. He never asked though and the old boy never told. This tradition was unacceptable for modernized, westernized young women, but some of their husbands had affairs or fucked whores behind their backs anyway, and they fucked the milk man or the post boy, so it seemed like a case of "Who is fooling who?"

The population of the town was split between several religious beliefs. There was a migrant community of Malawians who were Muslim, however, the majority were either Christians or traditionalists, though this could change quite easily. For example, when a Christian had problems, he quite often said a prayer with the pastor and then went to seek a shaman. By the same token, a traditionalist would visit a shaman and then go to seek a church Pastor's powerful prayer for him. The reasoning was simply that a two pronged attack was most effective.

Dez' mom was a Christian and took him to church every Sunday. His dad on the other hand would go to the beer garden, kindly asking his mom to slip in a prayer for him and his drinking mates. Dez' dad was an atheist. He always said,

"The white man came around, said lets close our eyes and pray and when we opened our eyes, he had given us the Bible and taken away everything else. So, don't tell me about a Kingdom way up in the sky, that you and I, can never reach till the day we die."

Dez' had a "wife", Patricia, whom everybody called Trish. In the old days, there had been a practice of arranged marriages, whereby a rich man could give a poorer family wealth for their new born daughter. When she had come of age, she would then have to marry him or one of his sons. This sometimes caused major fracases, if for example, the girl then fell in love with someone else, of her choice, or if she turned out to be ugly, lazy or undesirable for some reasons.

This was not however the case with Dez and Trish. The thing was, their moms were best friends, went to church together and had conceived them practically at the same time. Trish was a couple of weeks older than Dez. Her mom always jokingly called him her son in law, just like his mom called Trish her daughter in law.

Trish had an interesting history. Her dad was an expatriate German doctor. He had impregnated her mom, Aida, as she was training to be a nurse. That was back in the colonial days and marriage between whites and blacks was forbidden by law, though that did not stop white men from fathering many mixed race kids. Even white settler women had a reputation of diving into some dark meat, usually preying on the house staff, secretly of course. Nowadays, white tourists flocked from Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia just to get some black and pussy, raising the rates in Europe's oldest profession.

Anyway, Trish's dad returned back to Europe, leaving Aida, Trish's mom, pregnant. She moved in with Dez' mom, her childhood friend, who was also pregnant and they gave birth to their kids within a week. Trish had surprisingly dark, chocolate skin, for a mixed child. The only thing that gave away her European heritage was her sharp nose, the shards of green in her glassy, hazel eyes and her long, curly, ginger colored hair. The man who was to become Trish's step dad was a neighbor of Dez' family, and he was recently widowed. When he spotted the pretty, attractive, young woman with thick tits like ripe melons and an ass like two nice, thick, ripe halves of pumpkins glued together, left all alone with child, he didn't waste time, shooting game at Trish's mom and courting her. He married her and treated young Trish as his own child, and her mom treated his three boys as her own sons. Once in a while, Trish would fly to Germany to visit her dad, for short periods.

Dez saw Trish almost every day of his life. Trish was short tempered, proud and very stubborn and physically strong and tough. She was condemned to playing with the boys at an early age, for girls found her too quick tempered and violent. Dez and Trish were best friends. But sometimes she would piss him off and he would smack her. Trish would fight back like a lioness, but Dez would win, for he just could not see himself being beat up by a girl. He wasn't that kind. Then usually, Trish got her bigger, elder brothers to bash him, and they would be enemies for a couple of days, then they would make peace again.

Then they would go into the nearby forests on sunny days, hunting birds and rabbits, swimming in the rivers or disturbing young lovers who tried to get their fuck on in the bush.

Chapter 2

As they turned into young adults, Trish blossomed into a pretty, tall, curvy, busty young woman and Dez turned into an attractive, handsome, muscular man. He became tall, and his muscles became so thick and well defined and he became the fastest sprinter in the region. His Uncle ran a gym and he was boxing there regularly and having fist fights with other young men, for their people were come from warriors and a man had to know how to hold his own in a fair, clean fight. Now, Trish came along to see him fight in the beginning, and then she donned on the gloves and started boxing as well. Trish was in her element, throwing punches. She loved fighting and was hard hitting. Initially, some guys she sparred with took her lightly, for being a girl, until she floored them.

Dez got more involved in his dad's supermarket. He was hard working and had a talent for business. By the time he turned sixteen, he was doing the books, placing orders and paying the staff their wages.

Trish and Dez were close and inseparable. They started taking a keen interest in matters of sex.

When they had turned eighteen, the children of traditionalists attended an initiation ceremony, which was aimed at preparing the boys and girls for adult hood. It was an open secret that the main subject matter was sex.

Dez' mom did not want him to attend for she didn't want members of her congregation to know that she had sent her son to a pagan ritual, however, his dad said, "The boy must learn to fuck. He must make his wife scream with pleasure the way I make you! For you know our family totem is the King Cobra, the world's most dangerous snake!" he laughed heartily.

Dez was so excited. He couldn't wait to go and learn how to be wicked in bed.

The boys and girls left home and spent a month in separate camps, out in nature, living in the forest as their hunter and warrior ancestors had done. The boys' instructors were naughty elderly men, who were very experienced or rather, "s-experienced", as they called it. On the first morning, the youngsters all gathered before the elders.

"Hallo boys, my name is Mdara (Ole') Cobra. That name was not given to me by my parents but by grateful women who appreciated the sweet but deadly bite of my infamous champion snake; loved by women and feared by their men. Its impossible to make you all grow such a long, fat terrible serpent, but I can teach you to work with the modest tools you were given," he laughed playfully. "All right boys, we are going to learn about sex and fucking," Mdara Cobra, a naughty elderly man, who was the main instructor started. The boys blushed, giggled and laughed.

"Some of you are ashamed, I see. Don't be ashamed of fucking. Its what brought you into this world, your mom and dad fucked. Pussy is a very powerful thing. A man comes out of it, to enter this world. Then he spends most of his adult life trying to find ways and means to get back inside that hole."

The boys laughed.

"You guys, don't bloody laugh at the pussy. Respect it. The pussy is a very powerful thing. Adam and Eve got thrown out of paradise for it. Friends killed friends, brothers their brothers, fathers their sons. Holy pastors got run out of church, wars were started, and many men perished, just for that gorgeous, amazing piece of flesh. And let me tell you something for nothing, kids; a man who knows how to get and use the vagina can open himself doors that fate didn't give him the keys to. But a fool who cant fuck will get kicked out of his palace and a servant will take his place in the king's bedroom, enjoying the tasty honey between the queen's legs. How many of you have fucked, hands up?"

A few hands went up.

"Put your paws down. You guys haven't fucked, with your tiny little cocks. Fucking is when you can play the vagina like a sweet musical instrument. You have to produce Jazz, reggae, hi-life, Rumba, samba, black man music. A woman's body is not just a nice big ass and a hot, tight, wet pussy, its an object of beauty and the gateway to heaven on earth! And now, we are going to dance for the pussy."

The boys were taught traditional songs and dance, some of them warrior and hunter dances, some of them naughty, raunchy, marital dances. Dez suddenly understood why so many dances involved a shaking of the ass and a rolling of the hips. They were in worship of the pussy and praise of the dick.

The boys were taught how to woo a woman.

"You know, women can be fucked up. Sometimes I think, if they didn't have those beautiful breasts, those gorgeous asses and those amazing pussies, I wouldn't even talk to them. But they do. Oh yes they do. And they know it. From the moment women grow breasts and a little hair on their pussies, men try to get that wonderful treasure between their legs. So, women know that their pussies are precious and it gives them the power, to bamboozle a fool. How many of you think women are stupid?"

All of the boys hands went up.

"You fools. A woman can act like she is not interested, even though her pussy is craving to feel the bite of your snake. She can tease you, give you the cold shoulder, tell you she would rather fuck a hyena than you. Its just a game. A fool will get frustrated and give up. He will start a self help project, and his hand will be his best friend, even though the country is full of nice, fat, dripping, wet pussies, begging to be skewered on the Burning Spear of Africa."

The boys whistled and cheered.

"A fool has a sad, unhappy life, I tell you. He has to work like a slave, because he can only get pussy through power and money. A cunning man however can party, indulge in song and dance and enjoy life. He can be broke as a joke, and still fuck millionaires wives and make them raise his children. That is why so many men hate musicians. They see them on TV and call them losers, with no real job and no big money. Then they look at their kids and suddenly think, "Damn, those eyes, that nose and those lips look kind of familiar. Oh no!" Yes, my friend! Last time he came to town, he did the mating dance with your wife, you fool. When your wife told you, "Ah, our son looks like my dead granddad," she was lying. And don't blame him, its not his fault you don't know how to use the vagina."

"But, eh, sir, how do you get the pussy?" one guy, a dork asked. He added that he slaved hard at school just to get noticed by the girls and still never got access to the honey pot.

"You have to be a hunter and a warrior, for every woman desires a real man, a strong, cunning warrior and a lion in bed. You have to be confident and manly. Convince a woman that the best thing she can do is to open her legs and give you unrestrained access to that wonderful treasure between them, if she wants to wallow in astounding pleasure, and experience the paradise that Adam and Eve were kicked out of."

"But I am always nice to girls and they use me and never let me hit it," another guy complained.

"There is a time to fight and a time to dance. A cunning warrior knows when to be sweet and charming, and when to be aggressive and war like and grab that pussy."

"But you can go to jail for rape."

"Boy, if a woman really doesn't like you, you will know. The difficult ones are the undecided, who wonder, "Should I date this guy with an option to marry him, should I fuck him, or just tell him to go and fuck his mom's dog?" Anyway, what's a pussy? Whole countries have been taken by force, who gives a damn about a pussy?" he laughed. "Seriously boys, there is no need to rape a woman. Why? When the country is filled with beautiful women. If you do rape a woman though, make sure you fuck her so good that she will say, "Boy, if you don't rape me like this everyday, from now on, I will report you to the police," Mdara Cobra laughed heartily.

Through role playing, the boys exercised wooing women. They were taught how to speak with honey on the tips of their tongue and use charm and humor. They learned how to tune in on a woman's wavelength, read her like a book and give her what she was searching for.

Meanwhile, at the girl's camp, Trish was also being introduced to the amazing world of sex by some elderly women, headed by her naughty Aunt Rosie.

The girls sat on mats under a tree in the bright, hot morning sun. Auntie Rosie clapped her hands for attention. The girls cackled and giggled as they were told that they were now to learn how to conquer the sweet but poisonous snake between a man's legs, in other words, to fuck.

"You are laughing! Let me tell you something, a cock is the most amazing snake on earth. When a cobra bites and spits, people scream and die or go blind. When a cock bites and spits, little children come out screaming. Now, white people say, the way to a man's heart is through his belly. That is rubbish. If you believe that and sit on your pussy like a mat, you will feed your man delicacies and give him energy to fuck around. The worst torture for a man is to have a very beautiful woman who cant fuck."

"The way to a woman's heart is through her belly, the lowest part, to be precise. The way to a man's heart however, is through his cock. If you know how to fuck your man and drive him insane, he will love you like a princess and worship you like a queen. Because he knows, "hey, if I mess up with that woman, she will put me on sanctions and I will not get that honey! What can I do to make her happy so she can tie me up with her limbs and kill me softly, sweetly,again."

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